Non-Generational Talent


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Non-Generational Talent

  1. 1. Recruiting the Top TalentHidden in Every Generation October 12, 2011 1
  2. 2. Tips for using your Control Panel• Audio Mode•How to ask a Question•Grab Tab 2
  3. 3. Recruiting Trends Best Practice Series Twitter hashtag: #recruittrends 3
  4. 4. Recruiting the Top Talent Hidden in Every GenerationPresented by: Metrics are Easy! – Analytics?’ Peter WeddleGeoffrey Dubiski • April 29, 2009 CEO WEDDLE’s Research & Publications SHRM Staffing Management Conference & Exposition 203.964.1888 4
  5. 5. WEDDLE’s Recruiting the Top Talent Hidden in Every Generation Peter Weddle WEDDLE’s LLC 203.964.1888
  6. 6. The War for Talent  Rare skill holders • Certain IT professionals • Machinists • Engineers • Nurses  Deter a performance deficit  Rare performers • McKinsey & Co. Report • “A” level talent • The missing cohort  Gain a performance edge
  7. 7. An Economic SingularityThe Globalization of Genius
  8. 8. The “Normal” YieldConventional Victory A Fair Share of the Best Talent C A/B Talent
  9. 9. The New “Normal”New Definition of Victory An Unfair Share of the Best Talent C A/B Talent
  10. 10. The Conventional Strategy • Boomers• Millennials • 76 million• 75 million • Gen Xers • 51 million Focus on Different Work Values
  11. 11. The Non-Generational Strategy • Boomers • Millennials • 76 million • 75 million • Gen Xers • 51 million Best Talent = Career Activists Focus on Shared Aspirational Values
  12. 12. Proof of Their ArrivalAmerican workers determined to excel at their work
  13. 13. Career ActivistsIndividuals who: See themselves not as a free agent, but as a “freed agent” • A different view of the work-life balance • Never look for a job See themselves not as a worker, but as a “person of talent” • A different view of talent • Always look for support • Keenly aware of their value
  14. 14. How Do You Recruit Them? Don’t focus on their work differences; target their shared A-values: • They never look for a job  Aspiration-based advertising • They care deeply about organizational support  Aspiration-based corporate career site • They expect to be respected  Aspiration-based recruiting process
  15. 15. Aspiration-Based Advertising Work-Based Aspiration-Based Job Postings Job Postings • A cure for insomnia • An e-brochure • Requirements & • What’s in it for Responsibilities them • Informational • PersuasiveWhether distributed to job boards, social media sites or both
  16. 16. An e-BrochureWI-C++ Programmer-$1.2M Bonus Best PracticesAre you looking for your next challenge at • A title that sizzleswork?  L-S-S For a great job and a great employer? For a chance to earn $75-95K/year? This opportunity has both. • A structure that Your personal privacy is guaranteed. captures them  S-ABC-SThe ABC Company is a leadingproducer of flat panel solar displays. We’re ramping up for major growth in • Content thatthe years ahead. inspires them Central to our strategy is a significantexpansion of our IT Department. • A format that works This Department recently won the on the Webprestigious …
  17. 17. Aspiration-Based Career Site  Personalization • Channels/villages  Content • Tailored to career fields & advancement  Social networking • Company-community
  18. 18. An Aspiration-Based Process3 integrated processes covering 16 touch points that influence 1 hire 1. e-Brand statement 2. Advertising venue selection Sourcing the 3. Non-advertising sourcing Candidate 4. Brand and Job advertising INTEREST 5. Application method/feedback 6. Career site design/mgmt 7. Pre-qualifying screen(s) 8. Assessment test(s) Evaluating the Candidate 9. Interview logistics 10. Interviews EDUCATION  11. Feedback/status information 12. Background checks 13. Relationship building Selling the Candidate 14. Offer communication ENGAGEMENT 15. Post offer communication 16. Reinforcement
  19. 19. An Expectation That Comes True “Our success dependson your success. Our ability  Touch Point #10:to accomplish what we set Interviewsout to do is based primarilyon the people we hire – we  Starbuck’s Waycall each other „partners.‟ Weare always focused on ourpeople. We provide  Touch Point #16:opportunities to develop your Reinforcementskills, further your career,  Starbuck’s Wayand achieve your goals.”
  20. 20. Three Truths We don’t hire people for their work preferences; we hire them to excel We can’t promote our organization’s success by focusing on people’s differences, but we can by focusing on their similarities The key to success in the War for the Best Talent is a non-generational cohort of the best in workforce
  21. 21. WEDDLE’s WEDDLE’s ( Publishing • WEDDLE‟s 2011/12 Guide to Employment Web Sites • WEDDLE‟s Guide to Association Web Sites • Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System Amazon • Recognizing Richard Rabbit: A Fable for Seekers • The Career Activist Republic • A Multitude of Hope (spring 2012) Research Consulting Sign up for my newsletters •Recruiting Training •Job Search •Career Activism “When in doubt, consider WEDDLE’s … an industry standard.” HRWIRE
  22. 22. Time for MetricsQuestionsAnalytics? your are Easy! – Now We’re April 29, 2009 SHRM Staffing Management Conference & Exposition 24
  23. 23. Thank you for joining us!We also invite you to join us at The Recruiting Conference Nov 1-3, 2011 at theInterContinental Chicago O’Hare, for a face-to-face exchange of knowledge andlearning among peers, and networking in a creative, professional environment. 25
  24. 24. Thank you for joining us!A copy of this presentation’s slide deck and session recording will be available within 2 working days. You can visit our previously recordedevent library at any time: send your questions, comments and feedback to: 26