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  • Case Creation and patient registration
  • Patient Flow
  • Integration of Devices In HMS
  • HMS - Impetech IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.

    1. 1. Hospital Management System Impetech IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.
    2. 2. Introduction HMS is basically designed to cater the need of Fast growing health care industry. Hospital Management System combines electronic copies of all documents created from admission to discharge with electronic reports, usually clinical testing or billing information, into a single electronic folder.
    3. 3. Introduction Decision making support to the Hospital management. Generating MIS reports that helps in forecasting the seasonal Disease outbreak, epidemic outbreak thus be prepared for the availability of medicines and resources. HMS also helps in market research . Providing quality of Healthcare by: • Scheduling prior online appointments • Reducing the waiting time • In time billing • Medical history data base
    4. 4. Introduction Complete Solutions for  OPD  IPD  Special care  ICU  NICU  Obstetric ward  Pediatric ward The HMS basically consist of five users Management Administration Staff Doctor Patient
    5. 5. Hospital Management What management can do: Decision Making Increasing turnover Strategy framing Forecasting
    6. 6. Doctors What doctors can do • Check list and Keep track of patient records • Send sms /e-mail alerts to patient • Maintain their own profile • Manage In and out patient list • Get the list of total no. of patient visited by him/her at any particular day • Get the laboratory and diagnostic reports of the patient in electronic form. • Access the schedule and appointment list of other doctors and staff • Gain access to the medical store department to check information and availability of any medicine
    7. 7. Patients The patients can • Get online appointment and check their appointment status • Check out list of doctors available in the Hospital and view their profile • Get online assistance from doctors • Check and pay the hospital bill online • Place a request and complain to doctors and administration • Get information regarding various facilities available in the hospital • Check their laboratory and diagnostic test reports • Give feedback
    8. 8. Staff/Admin The staff and admin can • Can manage and fix appointment for patients • Store complete record of In and Out patient like their demographic information, their medical history record, their reports etc. • Schedule and reschedule appointment of doctors • Can check and allot rooms to patient • Can prepare and check patient bill • Can look after equipment and hospital maintenance and prepare reports accordingly. • Can send alerts to doctors in case of emergency • Can send sms/e-mail alerts to patient on the date of appointment
    9. 9. Benefits • Improved quality of patient care • Reduced waiting time • Increased nursing productivity • Better quality of care, procedures and service to Patients. • Control over the costs incurred by diagnosis-related groups. • Minimize hassles in appointment scheduling • Accurate and timely billing of the patient
    10. 10. Product Overview • A complete web based software which allows user to access it throughout the Globe. • Appointment scheduler • Bill generation • Prescription records • OPD/ IPD Medical history records • Laboratory reports integration • Annual auditing • Decision supportive Reports generation such as: daily cash collections, billing, patient turnover, and medical records related reports , In & out patient master reports. • Enhancing Quality of healthcare.
    11. 11. Modules • Patient Registration • Appointment Scheduling • Admission Discharge Transfer • Bed Management • Wards Management Module • Patient Relationship module • Doctors Workbench • Nursing Workbench • Operation Theater • Electronic Medical Record • Clinic Specialties • Laboratory Information System
    12. 12. Cont.… • Pharmacy • Blood Bank • Dietary (F&B) • Housekeeping/Laundry • Equipment Maintenance System (EMS) • Healthcare Packages • Patient Billing • Insurance and Contracts Management • Management Information System (MIS) • Hospital Administration • Financial Accounting
    13. 13. Clinical Module • Patient • Patient registration • Indoor Patient • IPD details • Admission • Medical case history • Treatment • Discharge • Outdoor Patient • Appointment • Medical history • Prescription • Follow up
    14. 14. Patient Emergency Patient Counseling Patient Registration Follow-up Ward ICU Other wards Discharge Patient Type Indoor Patient Inquest Outdoor Patient Counseling Prescription Follow-up If Patient don’t came within one week then case close Pregnant New Born Baby ? Register Baby Patient Discharge Follow-up Case Close Death Case Close Case Close Emergency Patient Care Unit Treatment Treatment Recovery Patient Flow
    15. 15. Fixed Asset Module • Identifying an item as a Fixed Asset • Allocating depreciation • Managing its movement • Maintenance • Revaluation and Disposal etc.
    16. 16. Finance Module Purchase Cash Flow Payroll Inventory Purchase -Procurement -Requisition -Invoices - Purchase Order Inventory -Stock Management - Asset Management Payroll -Salary Calculation - Leave Management MIS - Monthly Salary Expenses *Purchase Reports -Purchase Order Report -Procurement Report -Requisition Report *Payroll Reports - Salary Report *Inventory Reports -Stock details Report -Asset details Reports *MIS Reports - Monthly Salary Reports
    17. 17. Laboratory Module
    18. 18. Laboratory report generation
    19. 19. Supportive Services Module
    20. 20. Indoor Patient Module • Admission Cost Estimation • Admission Approval • Admission Request • Doctor Transfer Details • Nursing Notes • IP Medical Observation • Pending Drug Request • Surgery Scheduling Details • Discharge Notification Summary • Expected Date and Time of Discharge
    21. 21. Outdoor Patient Module • Medical Alerts Details • Diagnosis Detail • Patient’s Appointments • Clinical Service Details • Doctor’s Diagnosis Statistics • Daily / Weekly Schedule Summary • Appointment Scheduling / Rescheduling Facility • Outpatient Medical Observation Details • Investigation / Treatment History • Group / Package Registration Facility • Common Billing Clinical Services •
    22. 22. General Stores & Inventory Module • Stock management • Stock Purchase through Enquiry generation • Sub stores issues and receipt of stocks • External hospital stock issues and receipt • Stock requisitions from sub- stores and corresponding management • Quotations and Purchase Requisitions • Purchase order generation and processing- Emergency Purchase order • Goods Receipt Note and Purchase returns
    23. 23. Cont… • Automatic stock updates on receipt of goods • Stock returns and destruction tracking • Invoice verification • Supplier management and supplier payment bucket facility available • Supplier invoice management
    24. 24. New technology Introduction Integration of Devices In HMS Purpose: Attendance Time  In Time  Out Time Access control Personnel Priority Security Safety Key areas in Hospital: Staff entrance OT CSSD IPD Stores  Gen. stores  Sub stores  Pharmacy Billing department
    25. 25. Identification devices Biometric Identification devices linked to the HMIS  Modes:  Finger scan Face scan Eye scan  Human resource management  Ease and streamlining the administrative operations.
    26. 26. New born Identification system • New Born Safety system • As theft and interchanging of new born babies is a concerning issue for hospitals and administration. • Monitoring and tracking babies based on wireless technology • Scanning foot prints of babies and mother to pair . • Ease to pair and confirm the correct mother’s baby in case of interchange . • Biometric matching • Advanced security and protection system
    27. 27. Transportation Module Ambulance services Providing Timely treatment by reaching the patient to the hospital at the earliest is the core function of Ambulance services. Keeping a track of these ambulance is an important task to keep up with the quality of service provided.
    28. 28. GPS Tracking GPS installed in the HMS for the Transport module enables to • Track the route of the vehicle • Status of the vehicle • Speed, Mileage • Vehicle no. • Details of the driver It will help to bring the more patients in time to the hospital. Capture more no. of RTAs
    29. 29. Remote Healthcare kits Healthcare at your door step- • Help reduce hospital admissions • Bed availability for acute cases increases • Chronic diseases treated at home • Life style diseases • Diabetes • Hypertension • Round the clock monitoring • Tele monitoring 24X7 by nurse , healthcare provider.
    30. 30. Remote Healthcare kits Features: Small Portable devices at patients home Collects data from connected Glucose meters BP monitors Pulse oximeters The data is sent over a secure server to an online portal Physicians can view the reading at the healthcare facility
    31. 31. Health code • Assigning a unique Health Identification code for every individual on national scale • Integration of medical records of every individuals centrally. • One Central database Nationally. • Offers access to any Hospital without carrying any medical documents for medical history. • Help to forecast the disease trends all over the country • Estimate the Healthcare turnover nationally. • Help in healthcare strategy planning.
    32. 32. Thank You !!
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