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Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
Request For Quotation (Rfq)
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Request For Quotation (Rfq)


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Request for quotation (RFQ) First step for external procurement process is making a RFQ.
  • 2. Collective number
    • Collective number is used for linking various RFQ created
    • Collective number can be given in the header data of RFQ
    • Collective number is a alpha numeric key
    • Collective number can be maximum ten digits.
  • 3. One time vendor
    • One time vendor is also called CpD vendor
    • We approach one time vendors with request for quotation for supply only once or very rarely
    • One time vendor account is used to account several vendors who are not regular for the organization to avoid creating unnecessary master records for them
  • 4. One time vendor
    • Address and bank details of one time vendor to be entered in documents only and not in vendor master records
    • Address of one time vendor is required to be entered in purchase document if these vendors are used any time later.
    • If we make the vendor name as search item we can also make one time vendor subject to vendor evaluations.
  • 5. Quotation
    • While entering quotation if we do not enter plant in the first page, we can use the same quotation for other plants also
    • RFQ and Quotation are same documents in the SAP system
  • 6. Info record
    • An info record can be created automatically from quotation
    • Set the info update indicator in the item details, for auto updating of info record. (double click on material)
  • 7. Rejection letter to vendor
    • Set rejection indicator for the quotation which does not suit your requirement
    • Send the rejection letter to the vendor
  • 8. ME41 – Create RFQ ME42 – Change RFQ ME43 – Display RFQ
  • 9. ME47 – Maintain quotations ME49 – Price comparison list ME9A – Print rejection letter