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marketing campaign planning for complan

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Group7 complan cp4

  1. 1. CAMPAIGN FOR COMPLAN Group No.7 Campaign planning (advertising, digital, PR, media budgets)
  2. 2. Brand Vision     Complan stands by the mother‟s belief system of providing the best in nutrition for her growing child Complan is the daily dose of nutrition that a child cannot complete his day without Lore says that the Holy Grail is the cup of purity and goodness, the holder of blessing and divinity Complan is the indispensable daily cup of health – The Holy Grail of Nutrition Where are we? Are we getting there? How will we get there Why are we here? Where do we want to go?
  3. 3. How will we get there? Where are we? Are we getting there? How will we get there Why are we here? Where do we want to go?
  4. 4. Target Audience The campaign aims to target young mothers who understand the needs and requirements of their children. Kids today lead a stressful life, compelled to achieve academic excellence as well as have a variety of extracurricular interests. Mothers are extremely concerned about the nutritional requirements of the child. They understand that the child is expected to be active through the day and they believe that HFDs are a good way to build energy and stay full of life.
  5. 5. Arriving at the campaign thought The legacy of Brand Complan  Presence of the brand in the mother‟s childhood A clarion call to bring back the divinity in the relationship of the mother and the child, the mother being the caregiver, the one who is always concerned with the growth of her child, whatever his/her age Be my Complan Buddy The choice of mothers for their children and for themselves The Brand‟s evolution to suit the needs of the child  Is at par with competition with Chocolate variants
  6. 6. Campaign Idea    “Be my Complan Buddy” The campaign aims to bring the mother and the child together to share a Complan moment – A time in a day where they both have a steaming hot cup of Complan, sharing the day‟s happenings with each other The mother wants the best for the child. But it will never be at the cost of the child‟s health. Complan aims to create this moment where the mother tells the child to sit, breathe and share a cup of health with her
  7. 7. PR (Reminiscence About Your Childhood)     Start a conversation about how today‟s generation of kids are bombarded with hectic lifestyles; their health gets affected It is of utmost importance that kids get the necessary nutrients in their daily diet Get media interested in the challenges faced by kids of today and how they cope; what they require to sustain in this highly competitive world Here we can connect with young mothers and create a nostalgia factor as they reminiscence about their experiences of drinking Complan as kids themselves; in the form of testimonials
  8. 8. Advertising – On Television (Complan Buddy)     Based on our target audience of young mothers, television is the apt medium for mass reach Complan has always advertised widely on television and we shall continue this trend Advertising via TV will be aimed at mostly Tier 2 and Tier 1 cities We shall advertise on GEC and English Entertainment channels such as Zee, Sony, Colours, Star; channels that are watched widely
  9. 9. Digital and Radio – Support Media    Taking into account that today‟s mothers are digitally active, we will make use of the digital platform to connect with them Make use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook to create interaction and trends using #MyComplanBuddy Radio will be an apt media to target working mothers on the go. The Ads can be broadcast during hours when young mothers travel to and from work
  10. 10. Media Scheduling Digital and PR compliment each other PR Advertising(*Lead Medium) Activation Digital and Radio Support
  11. 11. Budget allocation Medium Budget(In Cr.) Production cost Advertising(Television) PR & Events Costs 2 Genre: Hindi/Telugu/Bengali/TN/M arathi GEC Hindi/English Movies, Kids Retainer 4.53 0.03 Activation in School Youtube Advertising + Social Media Radio Spots Digital Radio Total 0.05 0.01 0.15 6.77
  12. 12. Comparison with Competitors‟ Ad Spends KEY MONTHS 250 RS. IN MN 200 150 Complan Bournvita 100 Horlicks 50 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  13. 13. Month 1 - August Aug Media Week 1 Week 2 Week3 Week4 PR Start conversations about children's demanding schedule/lifestyle Start conversations about children's demanding schedule/lifestyle Talk about nutrition for children Talk about nutrition for children/Healthy living Advertising(Television) Digital Radio My Complan Buddy' TVC Articles/Blogs on childrens' lifestyle Articles/Blogs on childrens' lifestyle Generate buzz on social media leveraging the TVC Radio spot on 'My Complan Buddy'
  14. 14. Top publications for PR(Readership) PUBLICATIONS READERSHIP English Dailies (AIR) The Times Of India (All Edn) * 4446 Hindustan Times (All Edn) 2553 Mumbai Mirror 873 English Monthlies (AIR) Readers Digest C 535 Health & Nutrition * 74 Femina C 59 Hindi Dailies (AIR) Navbharat Times - (All Edn) * 1984 Hindustan (All Edn) * 1110 Dainik Jagran (All Edn) 595 Hindi Monthlies (AIR) Meri Saheli * 130 Grehlakshmi 116 Vanitha (Hin) 94
  15. 15. Start conversations about children's demanding schedule/lifestyle – Week 1 and Week 2  Print Media: OPed pieces by leading nutritionists and paediatricians in leading dailies and magazines covering news related to health and wellness Name of Print Column Name of Reporter Times of India * Speaking Tree Oped Pieces Times of India * Health & Fitness Sheryl Salis Lisa Antao DNA * Health Nirmalya Dutta Readers Digest C Magazine - Health & Nutrition * Magazine Smrithin Satishan Lora Complete Well Being C Magazine Shiv Joshi Ashwini Ranade Mumbai Mirror * Health Lata Mishra Jyoti Shelar Hindustan Times * OPed Rachit Vats Navbharat Times * Health - Dainik Jagran * Health - Meri Saheli* Magazine - Grihlakshmi * Magazine - Femina * Magazine - Ccomplimentary channels *Supplementar y channels *-Lead Channel
  16. 16. Articles by Top Nutritionists and Paediatricians – Week 3 and Week 4 NAME OCCUPATION Raksha Changappa Dietician-Nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee Nutritionist Dr. Nupur Krishnan Nutritionist Dr Kondekar Santosh Venketraman Paediatrician
  17. 17. Social Media Engagement     - Create talkability on the blogs and articles mentioned earlier Engage with influencers on social media to generate virality Get Twitter celebs to talk about the importance of child nutrition and health Budget Allocated: INR 3,80,000 Payments to Digital Agency : INR 3,00,000
  18. 18. TVC & Radio Spot
  19. 19. TV - Selection of Genre Genre Channel Share Avg. TVR Hindi GEC 32.91 0.58 Hindi Movies 7.6 0.14 Kids 5.65 0.04 Telegu GEC 5.61 0.06 TN GEC 4.63 0.05 Marathi GEC 3.79 0.06 Bengali GEC 2.25 0.02 Eng Movies 1.06 0.01
  20. 20. Channel Mix- Based on Channel Share 6 Metros Channel Hindi Speaking Markets Channel Share Avg. TVR 7.33 0.77 Colors Viacom18 * 7.18 0.76 Star Plus Z Zee TV C 5.91 Sun TV Channel Share Avg. TVR 8.58 0.9 * 8.04 0.84 0.62 Z Zee TV C 6.67 0.7 2.94 0.31 Sun TV 2.22 0.23 SONY MAX 1.98 0.21 SONY MAX 2.18 0.23 Z Marathi C 1.8 0.19 Z Marathi C 2.2 0.23 POGO 1.52 0.16 POGO 1.57 0.16 Disney Channel 1.21 0.13 Z Bangla C 1.36 0.14 ETV 1.18 0.12 Disney Channel 1.3 0.14 Z Bangla C 1.15 0.12 Movies OK 0.89 0.09 UDAYA 0.84 0.09 ETV 0.62 0.06 Movies OK 0.78 0.08 UDAYA 0.51 0.05 * 5.5 0.6 Sony TV 8.01 0.75 Colors Viacom18 Star Plus Sony TV * Channel * C-complimentary channels *-Supplementary channels *-Lead Channel *
  21. 21. TV Plan Channels Avg TVR Dur(Avg-30/20) Rate # Spots FCT Cost Colors Viacom18 0.77 25 15000 60 1500 22500000 Star Plus 0.62 25 9000 20 500 4500000 Sony MAX 0.23 25 2000 44 1100 2200000 Zee TV 0.2 25 4000 47 1175 4700000 Z Marathi 0.19 25 1000 30 750 750000 POGO 0.16 25 1000 50 1250 1250000 Disney Channel 0.13 25 2000 50 1250 2500000 ETV 0.13 25 600 50 1250 750000 Z Bangla 0.12 25 500 50 1250 625000 Sun TV 0.31 25 5000 20 500 2500000 UDAYA 0.1 25 573 30 750 429622 Movies OK 0.12 25 1000 60 1500 1500000 Total 511 12775 44204622 Net Cost 44204622 Agency Fees 1105116 Net Cost + Agecny Fees 45309737 Service Tax 5600284 Cost to the client 50910021 Cost to the client Exc Service Tax 45309737
  22. 22. Radio Plan Channel City No. of slots per day Radio City * Lead Delhi 5 1100 220000 Mumbai 5 1100 220000 Bangalore 4 900 144000 Chennai 3 800 96000 Delhi 5 1100 220000 Mumbai 5 1100 220000 Bangalore 5 1000 200000 Chennai 3 900 108000 Kolkata 3 800 96000 Radio Mirchi Total Cost per slot (In Rs.) Total Cost (In Rs.) 1524000
  23. 23. Month 2 - September Sep Media Week 1 Week 2 On-ground activation PR Advertising(Television) Week3 Week4 Health Awareness Week in Schools by Complan Building stories on 'My Complan Buddy' Generate talking points on the activations and school drives My Complan Buddy' TVC Digital Social media engagement on brand communication of 'My Complan Buddy' Engagement on social media regarding the activations and school drives Radio Radio spot + Coverage of Mall Activations Radio Spot + Coverage of School drives
  24. 24. Building Stories on My Complan Buddy – Week 1 and Week 2       The best form of communication is through story-telling If you can communicate your desired message in the form of a story, it not only helps people relate to it but also allows people to connect with your story and thus builds a relationship Keeping this in mind, we will start building stories around mothers and their children sharing a cup of Complan at the end of a long tiring day Called „Be My Complan Buddy‟, these stories will revolve around the moments of companionship, closeness and sharing that a child shares with his/her mother over a cup of Complan after a long tiring day It will be in the form of testimonials as mothers describe the tender moments they share with their child over a steaming cup of Complan It will also feature stories from mothers as they fondly reminiscence about their childhood when they used to drink Complan and the memories associated with those moments –
  25. 25.   These stories and testimonials shall be featured on various blogs related to child care, women-centric topics, online child-rearing forums etc The blogs can also be written by mothers themselves – the real influencers of Complan and a healthy lifestyle for children NAME OF BLOG LINK Indian Healthcare Foundation For Mother and Child Health Nutrition for Kids Health The Life and Times of An India Homemaker Indian Mommies Mommy Gyan Kids Health ealthy_eating/drink_healthy.html Health Everyday Health
  26. 26. Social media Engagement       #MyComplanBuddy A 5 day long hashtag contest for young mothers Tweet the buddy moments they have had with your kids The most poignant tweets will receive gift hampers or discount coupons The Hashtag can also be used on Facebook to generate conversation Budget for prize money: INR 80,000
  27. 27. Brand Recall      YouTube Advertisements will be showcased simultaneously with the advertisement on television It will be the same AD run on the Television The Ads will be micro-targeted based on our TG Budget Allocation: INR 6,20,000 No of Views: minimum 500 (in one month) Cost per View : INR 1,240 (approx.) The budgets can be revised based on the success of our viewership.
  28. 28. Health Awareness Camp in Schools by Complan – Week 3 and Week 4      Keeping in mind that Complan supports a healthy lifestyle for children and encourages mothers to ensure the same, Complan will host a Health Awareness Camp in schools around the city On the day of parent-teacher meetings in schools, Complan will set up a small stall within the school premises with due permission A representative from Complan will initiate and host conversations with mothers visiting the school, asking for their opinions and thoughts on their children and their hectic lifestyles Then with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle, the representative will discuss the importance of a wholesome diet in the child‟s routine and will also mention the role health food drinks, especially Complan, plays in providing the necessary nutrients A pamphlet in the form of a refrigerator magnet containing a nutrition chart will be handed out to mothers to increase
  29. 29. Simulations for the Health Drive
  30. 30. Month 3 – October Oct Media Week 1 PR Post event coverage Advertising(Television) Week 2 Week3 My Complan Buddy' TVC Digital Radio Radio Spot Week4
  31. 31. Post-Event Coverage – Week 1 Onwards   Coverage of the Health Awareness Camp At Schools by Complan shall be covered through press releases in the major dailies such as Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Pune mirror, DNA, Asian Age, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran and Lokmat The press releases will talk about how Complan is not just a health drink but a brand that actually cares about the health of a child in this most formative years – the growing years
  32. 32. THANK YOU
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