Andreja Zulim - ERC Starting Grant and Advanced Grant 2011/2011 call


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Andreja Zulim - ERC Starting Grant and Advanced Grant 2011/2011 call

  1. 1. Funding for excellent IDEAS! Andreja Zulim de Swarte, EG-Liaison ERC starting Grant information day 1 Sep 2010, VU Amsterdam
  2. 2. IDEAS programme EU (FP7) funding for excellent ‘frontier research’ •centered around an excellent Principal Investigator- investigator-driven •no need for transnational partners ERCEA( European Research Council Executive Agency) funding agency •Scientific Council designes the strategy •Agency implements the programme ERC STARTING grants ERC ADVANCED grants 2-12 years post-doc research leaders Calls in summer (july) Calls in autumn(oct) deadlines in autumn deadlines in spring 1/2 annual budget 1/2 annual budget 50% of time on project 30% of time on project 2
  3. 3. Guiding principles of the ERC Grant Scientific excellence is the sole selection criterion Projects in all fields of research are eligible for funding PI Individual research teams led by a single PI are supported • Any nationality or age Significant funding is provided to attract exceptional research leaders • up to StG- 1,5 (2,0) or AdG-2,5 (3,5) M€ per project/5 years Grants are awarded to the host institution that engages the PI The host institution guarantees the PI’s independence and provides the research environment 3
  4. 4. STARTING grant Who is a Starting Grant PI? • Future research leader • shows the potential for research independence and evidence of maturity with: independently produced at least one important publication without the participation of their PhD supervisor promising track-record of early achievements appropriate to the field and career stage • Significant publications (as main author) in major international peer-reviewed multi/disciplinary scientific journals • invited presentations in well-established international conferences • granted patents, awards, prizes etc. • 50% of his/her time spend on ERC funded activity 4
  5. 5. STARTING grant 2 streams: starter or consolidator? "starters" (award of PhD 2 - 7 years prior to the Starting Grant call publication) "consolidators" (award of PhD over 7 - 12 years prior to the Starting Grant call publication) Extensions to eligibility window: before/after PhD Maternity leave: 18 months per child; Paternity leave: accumulation of actual time taken off Long-term illness, unavoidable statutory leave, obligatory national service after PhD Extensions possible only up to a max. of 16.5 yrs after PhD award 5
  6. 6. ADVANCED GRANT Who is an Advanced Grant PI? •30% of her/his working time spends on ERC funded activity Track record CV of the last 10 years (active scientists!) *: •10 publications as senior author in major international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journals and/or in the leading international peer-reviewed journals of their respective field •3 major research monographs, of which at least 1 translated into another language (if relevant for the field) •5 patents •10 invited presentations in well-established internationally organised conferences and advanced schools •3 research expeditions led by the applicant •3 well-established international conferences or congresses where the applicant was involved in their organisation as a member of the steering and/or organising committee •International recognition through scientific prizes/awards or membership in well-regarded Academies 6 •*) not necessarily all is required. Depends on the research field
  7. 7. ADVANCED GRANT Leadership profile of the PI A list of career achievements • content and impact of the major scientific/scholarly contributions to the research fields and, if applicable, their wider societal impact • the international recognition and diffusion that these major contributions have received from others publications, citations, funding, students, international prizes, institution-building… • evidence of efforts and ability to inspire younger researchers towards high quality research research mentoring record, information on the careers of supervised graduate and postdoctoral students proven ability to productively change research fields, to establish new interdisciplinary approaches 7
  8. 8. Only FRONTIER RESEARCH projects are funded… other words… …the pursuit of questions at or beyond the FRONTIERS of knowledge, without regard for established disciplinary boundaries… ... proposals of an INTERDISCIPLINARY nature which cross the boundaries between different fields of research… ……PIONEERING proposals addressing NEW and emerging fields ….… and …introducing unconventional, innovative approaches and scientific inventions is encouraged… …expected IMPACT on science, scholarship or engineering is significant.. …HIGH-GAIN/HIGH-RISK profile (the payoffs will be very significant) 8
  9. 9. MONEY HOW MUCH AND WHAT StG-1,5 M€ (2) or AdG- 2,5 (3,5) Purchase of equipment Start up costs when moving from third country Co-Investigator (AdG ONLY) GRANT: 100% direct costs + 20% indirect costs Personnel Costs; Equipment Costs; level of the grant = need of the project Consumables; peer reviewers make a final decision on Travel and Subsistence Costs; the level (may apply budget cut) Publication Costs (page charges and related fees for publication of results) 9
  10. 10. Funding rules • 100% of direct eligible costs, up to the maximum granted per project • Plus 20% flat-rate for general costs (overheads) • N.B. • equipment: depreciation rules apply • personnel costs: include increase in pay level • subcontractors: no 20% overheads • portability 10
  11. 11. STARTING GRANT CALL for proposals  ERC-2011-StG – 20 Jul 2010 CALL 3 deadlines, 3 domains, 660 M€ PE: Physical Sciences and Engineering 14 Oct 2010 • LS: Life Sciences 9 Nov 2010 • SH: Social Sciences and Humanities 24 Nov 2010 • Single submission – two-step evaluation • Electronic submission only! ( RESUBMISSION Eligible applicant to previous call may apply to this call if proposal has met the quality threshold at the end of step 1 of evaluation 11
  12. 12. ADVANCED GRANT CALL for proposals  ERC-2011-AdG – 2 Nov 2010* CALL 3 deadlines, 3 domains, ~660 M€ • PE: Physical Sciences and Engineering 9 Feb 2011* • LS: Life Sciences 10 Mar 2011* • SH: Social Sciences and Humanities 6 Apr 2011* • Single submission – two-step evaluation • Electronic submission only! ( RESUBMISSION Eligible applicant to previous call may apply to this call if proposal has met the quality threshold at the end of step 1 of evaluation 12 * expected
  13. 13. Info pack: Work programme Guide for Applicants EPSS Pick a panel 13
  14. 14. 3 domains - 25 panels Physical Sciences and Engineering 40% Life Sciences 35% Social Sciences and Humanities 15% Cross-panel proposals 10% Budget division within domains based on No. of applications received per panel within domain 14
  15. 15. Examples of (interdisciplinary) PANEL Choose the right panel details in the Guide for Applicants SH4: the human mind and its complexity: cognition, psychology, linguistics, PE10: Earth system science philosophy and education Physical geography, geology, geophysiscs, atmospheric sciences, oceanography, climatology, ecology, global environmental change, LS8: Evolutionary, population and biogeochemical cycles, natural environmental biology: resources management evolution, ecology, animal behaviour, population biology, biodiversiy, biogeography, marine biology, ecotoxicology, prokaryotic biology 15
  16. 16. EVALUATION – what is evaluated EXCELLENCE is the only criterion Peer review * 2 step evaluation 4: outstanding 3: excellent 2: very good 1: non-fundable 16
  17. 17. Evaluating the PROPOSAL PART A web forms ANNEXES – A1-A3 PART B1 –as .pdf as .pdf forms Section 1 Track Record of PI PART B2 –as .pdf Letter of Section 2 1.Scientific Leadership Potential support by Scientific proposal host 15 p 2.CV (including “funding ID”) institution!! PhD 3.Early achievements track record + Ethical issues table and certificate description (StG ONLY) 4.Extended synopsis 5 p. (+ supporting documents – extension) (StG) Eligibility check step 1 step 2 interview grant 17
  18. 18. The evaluation PROCESS Proposals submitted Step 2 evaluation Allocation to Panels (25) Reading by Remote Referees Reading and Assessment by Interviews of applicants Panel members (12-15) Panel meetings Panel meetings Panel chairs meetings Proposals retained for step 2 Proposals selected 18
  19. 19. THE PROCESS- from proposal to project Remote+Panel evaluation 3X Interview (StG) Proposal writing 9 -12 months Preparing the grant agreement Ranking 19
  20. 20. Overview funded projects 20
  21. 21. Collaborating with others? ‘traditional networks or research consortia should not be submitted to ERC’ • ‘additional participant’ – receives and spends share of the budget. Justify scientific need and limit number. • ‘team member’ – may be located at different organisation. HI can cover research expenses and in certain situations salary expenses (‘secondment’). Check HI internal rules. • ‘subcontractor’ – only for well defined and limited share of the work. Not expected to co-author publications. • Non-remunerated collaborations • N.B. ‘participant’ refers to organisation not to individual 21 HI = host institution
  22. 22. RESULTS 1st CALL Submitted Funded Success 290M€ rate All 9167 299 3% NL 542 27 5% StG share 5.9% 9% 2nd CALL Submitted Funded Success 290M€ rate All 2503 244 10% NL 134 19 14% share 5.4% 7.8% 3rd CALL Submitted Funded Success 530M€ rate All 2873 ? 12-15%?? NL ? share ? 22
  23. 23. RESULTS 1st CALL Submitted Funded Success 517M€ rate All 2167 282 13% NL 108 20 18% AdG share 5% 7% 2nd CALL Submitted Funded Success 490M€ rate All 1584 243 15% NL 80 17 21% share 5% 7% 3rd CALL Submitted Funded Success 590M€ rate All 2009 ? NL ? ? share 23
  24. 24. More INFORMATION.. CORDIS website ERC website: ERC News Alert: ERC helpdesk (link HELP on ERC website) EPSS helpdesk technical support on electronic proposal submission ERC National Contact Point 24
  25. 25. Don’t know how to do it? ASK NCP EG-Liaison /Agentschap NL Information Advice (technical, legal, financial) @: Training session and courses Andreja Zulim de Swarte 088 602 5070 Daphne van de Sande 088 602 5959 25