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Voicemailboard manual for students
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Voicemailboard manual for students

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Voicemailboard manual for students

Voicemailboard manual for students

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  • 1. Recording with voicemailboard: Explanation for students Thanks to Paul Goossen, Dalton Voorburg. This instruction is written for a voicemailboard with an English interface. Please visit the voicemailboard of your school. Under Section 8 you will find a glossary in various languages. Although it looks quite tough below, it's really very simple. What you need is a computer with an internet connection and a headset or a separate microphone. 1] Go to the voicemailboard of your school. In the example we use an English forum of the 'Vaklokaal Engels' in the Netherlands. 2] Click on the thread that applies to you, e.g. 03 Pronunciation I. 3] Ready to record? Is your headset connected properly? This means that your speakers (green plug) and microphone (pink plug) are connected?
  • 2. 4] Have you practiced and do you have your text in front of you? Click 'Reply' to begin. 5] Congratulations, you are now in the recording screen! Perhaps you see a screen with the question whether you want to install the software of Vimas first. Check 'Always trust content from the publisher' and then click RUN!
  • 3. 6] Enter your name under 'Name'. You don't need to fill in the email address. Click on the red Record button to record. Recording has started when you see the clock running. Insure that your microphone volume is not set too high (Windows sound settings). When you are done, click the Stop button. Click Play if you want to listen to the recording again. If you want to you can also record again. The new recording will overwrite the previously made recording. When you are satisfied with your recording click below on Post Message. Until that moment your voicemail message is not saved yet!
  • 4. 7] The message is not sent? The message is not sent but instead of 'Post message' you see 'Please wait' and an circle image is running? You probably clicked on CANCEL instead of clicking on RUN under point 5. Unfortunately you have to close your browser, re-launch it and record again. Note: click on RUN when the Warning - Security appears! 8] Glossary English Nederlands Deutsch Français new topic new topic new topic new topic home home home home Subject Onderwerp Thema Theme Answer Antwoord Antwort Répondre Click the red Klik op de rode Klicken Sie die rote Click the red record button knop voor een Taste für eine record button to to start opname Aufnahme start recording recording Name Naam Name Nom E-mail E-mail E-Mail Email Message Bericht Nachricht Message Post message Plaats bericht Sende Nachricht Poster un message
  • 5. Please wait Even geduld Geduld bitte... Um peu de svp... patience svp...