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2011 Virginia Telehealth Summit presentation

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  • There have been some noticeable change within the past few months – Virginia HIT Regional Extension Center Grant Funding Opportunity was extended until Year 2014 to continue assisting 2,285 identified providers in efforts towards reaching Meaningful Use.
  • Affiliate Members receive: access to website, CoP call participation; newsletter; up to date ONC information and resources; and educational toolkits
  • In order to maximize organizational effectiveness, we structured VHIT into three tracts: Outreach and Sales, Implementation and Optimization, and Meaningful Use. This structuring enables us to mobilize the strengths of our experienced staff to more efficiently accomplish the core work of the extension center. VHIT Sales Team is comprised of a Sales Team Manager, supervising a sales team professional. The focus within this division continues to be VHIT Consulting Services sales, vendor selection solution partner promotion, and outreach activities. The VHIT Administrative Professional plays an instrumental role in assisting with CRM milestone entries, contract administrative support, and workflow management. Our Communication Team has worked diligently on website design, newsletter initiation, communication tool branding, reporting tool assistance, and MUVer program outreach. We had our first interview with a MU movers last week. Dr. Hughes Melton shared his success and will be highlighted in an upcoming e-newsletter. VHIT Implementation/Optimization staff continues to aid practices in education regarding vendor selection, offer implementation strategies including change management, self workflow redesign, and go live dress rehearsal strategies. Once Implementation/Optimization work is completed and practices have upgraded to a Meaningful Use certified EHR, our Meaningful Use staff meets with the practice to complete a thorough gap analysis to assess current status of each required Meaningful Use measure and determine actions steps required to achieve each objective. The Meaningful Use staff guides practices in makingfinal adjustments to practice work flows and internal processes in preparation to begin their 90 days of continuous Stage 1 Meaningful Use measure compliance. Once they complete and attest to this compliance, they will be eligible to receive EHR Incentive payments,allowing VHIT to achieve Milestone 3. All VHIT areas work together to ensure overall project success in assisting providers to achieve Meaningful Use.
  • National Survey found that over 90% of all physicians with EHRs are satisfied with their EHRBetter technology makes it easier to attract and retain provider talentPatients equate technology adaptation with quality and start making care decisions differently when new, replacement technology emergesPatient communication is greatly improved if the technology is used to its fullest.
  • Feb-11 701 572 63% 273 26898% 37 00%Total Goal for Grant 2,285 572 25% 2,285 268 12% 2,285 00%For those accounts that have been slow to reach a vendor selection decision, sales professionals will be creating an action plan and will work with our solution partners to facilitate and encourage a final EHR purchase commitment. Accounts that have been stalled secondary to contractual completion issues will be revisited to solidify final REC and provider partnerships. Our implementation/optimization staff are working on reducing contract to go live time periods by utilizing newly developed communication tools, including an EHR Implementation Roadmap defining a step by step process for providers to take ownership in meeting goals and timeframes to reach the Go Live milestone successfully and bridge to Meaningful Use.
  • All VHIT Contracted Provider Members are eligible to participate in Community of Practice call resourcesFull Membership/Affiliate Membership password logins to access educational resourcesProvider portal for self attestationReporting capabilities/data base maintenanceCommunication Team Professionals and Internal National Quality Improvement Organization Service Center Professionals will be consulted for adoption, integration, and facilitation techniquesEducational Tools are in Development for shared resource posting under the HITREC Portal Space
  • VirginiaHIT

    1. 1. Virginia HIT Regional Extension Center<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Transforming Healthcare<br />More than 50 years combined service to Virginia<br />Qualified healthcare information management professionals with real-world experience<br />We understand how primary care is delivered.<br />2<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />Who is VHIT?<br />Team of experienced local health IT professionals with clinical background, in-depth knowledge of Virginia’s PCPs<br />Part of a national network of select organizations designated to help providers modernize their practices with certified EHRs<br />Direct, rapid and reliable access to a pipeline of key information on health IT and EHR meaningful use<br />We help health care providers meet the criteria for incentive payments from Medicare or Medicaid for EHR meaningful use <br />
    4. 4. 4<br />Serving the Commonwealth<br />Assist Priority Primary Care Providers (PPCPs) throughout Virginia, including:<br /><ul><li>Internists, family practitioners, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, PAs and NPs
    5. 5. Outpatient clinics associated with Critical Access Hospitals
    6. 6. Community Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics
    7. 7. Health system employed physicians
    8. 8. Other care settings treating uninsured, underinsured or disadvantaged populations</li></li></ul><li>5<br />Providing a Clear Path<br />
    9. 9. 6<br />What is VHIT’s Added Value?<br />Access to training, tools and information designed specifically for REC participants, plus best practices from other RECs<br />Opportunity to participate in an EHR learning network with other Virginia PCPs<br />Option to purchase discounted EHR systems from one of four carefully selected solution partners<br />
    10. 10. Meaningful Use<br />7<br />Stage 1 MU criteria focuses on…<br /><ul><li>Electronically capturing health information in a standardized format
    11. 11. Using that information to track key clinical conditions
    12. 12. Communicating that information for care coordination processes
    13. 13. Initiating the reporting of clinical quality measures and public health information
    14. 14. Using information to engage patients and their families in their care</li></li></ul><li>Stage 1 Objectives for EPs<br />8<br />Menu Set: Must Do 5 of 10<br />Core Set: Must Do All<br /><ul><li>Use CPOE
    15. 15. e-prescribing
    16. 16. Drug-drug & drug allergy checks
    17. 17. Medication list
    18. 18. Allergy list
    19. 19. Problem list
    20. 20. Decision support
    21. 21. Record demographics
    22. 22. Smoking status
    23. 23. Vital signs
    24. 24. Clinical summaries to patient
    25. 25. Electronic exchange
    26. 26. Health info to patients
    27. 27. Clinical quality measures
    28. 28. Protect health information
    29. 29. Incorporate clinical labs
    30. 30. Medication reconciliation
    31. 31. Implement drug-formulary checks
    32. 32. Generate patient list
    33. 33. Patient electronic access
    34. 34. Send reminder
    35. 35. Patient-specific education
    36. 36. Clinical summaries to provider
    37. 37. Submit electronic data to immunization registry*
    38. 38. Submit electronic syndromic surveillance data*</li></ul>*At least 1 public health objective <br />must be selected. <br />
    39. 39. Guiding to Meaningful Change<br />9<br /> “Meaningful use leads to meaningful change.”<br />EHR Incentive Programs enhance meaningful change.<br />Under Medicare: maximum of $44,000/provider, over 5 years<br />Under Medicaid: maximum of $63,750/provider, over 6 years; $21,250 within the first year<br />
    40. 40. Medicare & Medicaid Incentives<br />10<br />The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is making available up to $27 billion in EHR incentive payments, or as much as $44,000 (through Medicare) or $63,750 (through Medicaid) per eligible professional. <br />
    41. 41. Who is Eligible?<br />11<br /><ul><li>Doctors of medicine or osteopathy
    42. 42. Doctors of dental surgery or dental medicine
    43. 43. Doctors of podiatric medicine
    44. 44. Doctors of optometry
    45. 45. Chiropractors</li></ul>Medicare EPs<br /><ul><li>Physicians
    46. 46. Nurse practitioners
    47. 47. Certified nurse-midwives
    48. 48. Dentists
    49. 49. Physician assistants (PAs) in PA-led Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or rural health clinic (RHC)</li></ul>Medicaid EPs<br />Source:<br />
    50. 50. Improving Care Delivery<br />Culture Change<br />Improved<br />Practice and Care<br />VHIT<br />VHIT<br />Plan<br />Office Workflow<br />Redesign<br />ClinicalDecisionSupport<br />Providers<br />Act<br />Patient<br />Do<br />Care Team<br />Study<br />VHIT<br />Improved<br />Health<br />Outcomes<br />VHIT<br />Meaningful <br />Use of <br />EHR<br />12<br />
    51. 51. Cumulative Sign-Ups and Go-Lives <br />13<br />
    52. 52. VHIT Website:<br />14<br />
    53. 53. 15<br />Contacts:<br />Sallie Cook, MD<br />Chief Medical Officer<br /><br />804.289.5320<br />Letha Fisher, MSN, RN,CHC<br />Director, VHIT<br /><br />804.289.5320<br /><br />Virginia Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center is funded by grant #90RC0022/01 from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, US Department of Health and Human Services.<br />15<br />