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  • 1. Hosting a MOM Project: A lot of work but a lot of fun! Anne Cressin CFC Director of Dental Operations
  • 2. TEAMS      Dental Medical Pharmacy Patient Registration Volunteers – – –     Scheduling and grouping Volunteer Registration T shirts and lodging Public Relations Food and Beverage Finance Logistics*** BE ON THIS TEAM
  • 3. WHO’s WHO   Dr. Terry Dickinson – Approves project – Works in the trenches – Provides the “ final answer” Barbara Rollins – Sends you information – Answers your questions – Provides Assurance
  • 4. WHO’s WHO con’t…    Bill Hall – The “Set-up” guy – Tells you what to buy & where (pipes and such at LOWES) – Give hints & ideas (like be prepared for no delivery) Dr. Cassidy Turner, Evan Sisson, Kim Isringhausen – The important folks from VCU – Dr. Turner: signs all the RXs & schedules students – Evan Sisson: pharmacy guy – Kim Isringhausen: schedules/works with students: how many, where they stay, what the rules are Your Area Folks – Contact from site – Local community members – Other folks (news, etc)
  • 5. VOLUNTEER SIGN UP – – – – – – 400+ Volunteers Needs and wants Offers and cancellations Sign up through Richmond site OR CREATE PERSONAL HAVOC List(s) and more and more hours… Setting limits (ON COLLEGE STUDENTS)
  • 6. Volunteer REGISTRATION  Where to sign in Where to go after signing in  Cliff and Mary Ann or else?  – JOHN DENNIS!!! STAR HERO with an iPhone (The wonders of technology…. and the trouble with too much going on!)  Knowing where they go to sign in and where they go from there
  • 7. Patient Registration   Everyone needs to be informed and everyone needs to be “on the same page” Process is one thing/ space is another – – – – (especially when it storms!) Dealing with conflict in the middle of things needing to be 2 (or more) of YOU Special exceptions: DR. DICKINSON Patients with and without Patience!!!
  • 8. Medical and Pharmacy     Medical Screening Vs Dental Triage Blood sugar/ blood pressure: what do you do Pre screening on Ticket Day vs not (oh yes!) On site vs off site pharmacy services – – Board of pharmacy laws vs don’t ask don’t tell Your own crew – not needed???
  • 9. Food and Beverage and Appreciation    Banquet or Pot Luck Volunteer Donations Work, work, and more work – Unless you’re spoiled with a caterer
  • 10. ***LOGISTICS****   *Physical Space Layout* Patient Areas – –  What’s the FLOW from start to finish Tables and chairs or bleachers SIGNS SIGNS SIGNS outside in the wind and rain inside clear designations
  • 11. VCU Set up logistics    The Trucks – pay for gas and driver Dental Chairs – and suction and electrical... SEE BILL HALL Sterilization and other special areas: – –  Bio-hazard materials Pharmacy Data collection – Very important for VDA
  • 12. More Logistics  Parking – on site vs on the street –        hired certified folks Food Porta Potties Eye wash stations Trash cans and dumpster Bio hazard material Office stuff Off limits areas
  • 13. COSTS AND DONATIONS        Facility Compressor and generator (See Bill) Gas and transportation NC X-ray van Lodging Grants In-kind donations--- and folks who want to come to your event
  • 14. THANK YOUS     Banquet??? Gifts??? Cards??? Emails???
  • 15. To Do or Not To Do  Visit and participate in a MOM or two or more before you take this on… – – – – – I learned a lot and had fun while doing so… I gave of my time and talents and felt what it was like to volunteer I felt much more prepared having seen/done an actual project QUESTION: WILL YOU DO THIS AGAIN Why or why not…