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2011 Virginia Rural Health Summit presentation

2011 Virginia Rural Health Summit presentation

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  • 1. Changes to Medical Underservice Designations What it Could Mean to Virginia
  • 2. Presenter
    • Ken Cook, Director of Technical Assistance
    • Virginia Rural Health Resource Center
    • 1314 Peters Creek Road, Suite 230
    • Roanoke, Virginia 24017
    • (540) 904-2509
    • [email_address]
    • www.vrhrc.org
  • 3. Current Designations
    • HPSA
      • Based primarily on physician-to-population ratio, including availability of physicians in surrounding areas
      • Variations for areas with high needs, specific populations that do not have adequate access to primary care physicians
  • 4. Current Designations
    • MUA
      • Based on weighted score for four criteria
      • Considers area only, no contiguous area analysis
      • Never expires
      • Variations for specific population groups
  • 5. Previous Attempts to Change
    • Attempts have been made to change to a single system
    • Proposed systems have attempted to minimize impact (i.e., loss of designated areas)
      • In most recent attempt, better than 96% would have remained
      • Proposal still rejected
  • 6. Negotiated Rule Making Committee
    • Formed to bring biggest users together to try to solve the problem
    • Decision have been made to keep two existing designations
    • Decision has also been made to include non-physician practitioners into the mix
      • Complicates the Provider:Population ratio
  • 7. What’s Being Done in Virginia
    • Designations are applied for through the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity
    • Contracting with VRHRC for assistance
    • Ken Studer – MUAs, Dental and Mental HPSAs
    • Ken Cook (VRHRC) – Primary Care HPSAs, facilities
  • 8. What’s Being Done in Virginia
    • Designations completed this year will be grandfathered for several years
    • Therefore, efforts are being made to update ALL HPSA and MUA designations
    • Currently have 23 HPSA applications in to HRSA for updates, have had 9 approvals, 20 more awaiting additional data
    • Over 20 MUAs have been updated, another 7 applications filed with HRSA
  • 9. What’s Being Done in Virginia
    • We are fielding requests for review of areas not designated
    • Only one HPSA is up for renewal next year
      • Should be sufficient time to renew others ahead of schedule
    • Goal is to everything we can designated before the new regulations go into effect
    • As new regs are released, we will begin to study impact on existing areas
  • 10.
    • Questions