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Universal Service Rural Health Care Program Overview
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Universal Service Rural Health Care Program Overview


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2011 Telehealth Summit presentation

2011 Telehealth Summit presentation

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Put in the flow diagram instead of 8 steps
  • Transcript

    • 1. Universal Service Rural Health Care
      Program Overview
      Paloma Costa
      Program Manager of Outreach, Rural Health Care, USAC
    • 2. The RHC program is one of four programs of the Universal Service Fund (USF), administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
      The RHC Program provides reduced rates to eligible rural health care providers for telecommunications and Internet services used for the provision of health care so they pay no more than their urban counterparts for the same or similar services.
      What is the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program?
      USAC and the USF
    • 3. PrimaryProgramprovides discounts for monthly recurring costs for telecom connectivity and 25 percent discount for Internet Access
      Pilot Program supports up to 85 percent of cost to build broadband networks for health care (program closed to new networks)
      Coming Soon – Broadband support programs
      Rural Health Care Programs
      Rural Health Care
    • 4. Support for urban/rural cost difference for telecom connectivity or 25% of Internet (access, web hosting, e-mail)
      Service must be for the provision of health care
      Support of monthly recurring costs
      Support is for “standard” installation cost (excludes wiring, cabling, equipment, or “build-out”)
      What does the Primary Program fund?
      The RHC Program
    • 5.
      • Not-for-profit hospitals
      • 6. Rural health clinics
      • 7. Post-secondary educational institutions
      • 8. Community health centers
      • 9. Local health departments or agencies
      • 10. Part-time eligible entities
      • 11. Consortium of health care providers, consisting of rural not-for-profit hospitals
      • 12. Dedicated emergency departments of rural for-profit hospitals
      • 13. Community mental health centers
      What types of Health Care Providers are eligible to participate in the program?
      The RHC Program
    • 14. Eligible telecommunications providers (ETPs) may provide discounted telecommunications or Internet service.
      Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cable companies, or others, may only provide discounted Internet access.
      All providers must have a USAC Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN).
      Service Provider Eligibility
      The RHC Program
    • 15. DSL
      Satellite service
      Redundant circuits
      Partial List of Eligible Services
      Additional eligible services are listed on the RHC website at
    • 16. Special construction/build-out
      Maintenance charges
      Services provided by non-eligible telecom providers
      Ineligible Services
    • 17. Rural Health Care Overview
      Application Process
    • 18. HealthCare Provider (HCP)’s eligibility is determined
      HCP requests services, and Service Providers (SPs) provide bids for the SPs to evaluate (FIRST FORM-465)
      Once HCP has selected services/service providers, HCP notifies RHC of selection (SECOND FORM-466/466A)
      Once approved for support, HCP notifies RHC that services have been received (THIRD FORM-467)
      Four Steps to Receive Discounted Service
      RHC Primary Program
    • 19. Eligible location (rural)
      Eligible provider type
      Step 1: Determining Eligibility
      RHC Primary Program
    • 20. Step 1: Determining Eligibility - Rurality
      RHC Primary Program
    • 21. HCP submits a request for services form (Form 465) to the RHC, and once the HCP eligibility is confirmed RHC posts the form on the RHC website
      Service Providers (SPs) bid on requested services
      Step 2: HCP requests services
      RHC Primary Program
    • 22. HCP evaluates bids
      HCP notifies RHC of selection (submits Forms 466 and/or 466-A and supporting documents)
      Step 3: HCP selects services/service providers
      RHC Primary Program
    • 23. HCP notifies RHC that services have been received by filing Form 467
      SP credits HCP and invoices RHC
      RHC issues an electronic payment/credits SP
      Step 4: HCP notifies RHC that services have been received
      RHC Primary Program
    • 24. RHC Primary Program
      June 30
      • Last day of Funding Year
      • 25. Deadline for submission of Form(s) 466/466-A
      July 1
      • First day of Funding Year
      • 26. First day for which funding can be issued
      June 2
      Last day to submit Form 465 to receive a full year of funding. Support is pro-rated if Form 465 is submitted after this date
      April 4
      Prior to the beginning of the funding year, filing window opens so that HCPs may begin posting Form 465
    • 27. Live trainings
      Video tutorials, coming for FY2011
      Monthly conference calls
      Individual assistance from Customer Support Center
      RHC Primary Program
    • 28. (800) 229-5476 or
      Monthly conference calls on the second Thursday of each month at 2pm ET. To receive conference call notices, please e-mail
      Paloma Costa – (202) 772-6274 or
      For additional information about the Primary Program:
      RHC Primary Program