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Tech + CCSS = Engagement …

Tech + CCSS = Engagement
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  • 1. Tech + CCSS = Engaging Lessons Valerie R. Burton, M.Ed LACUE 2013
  • 2. Tech + CCSS = Engaging Lessons Tuesday - 12:15pm - 1:45 pm Oak presented by Valerie Burton, West Jefferson High School Description: What does it look like when you integrate technology into your Common Core classroom? ~Google Docs to activate background knowledge or serve as an exit ticket. ~Piclits and Images to identify tone and provide a deeper meaning ~Wikis to examine author’s style or collect student made materials ~Blogs to analyze and reflect upon text (written or visual). ~Padlet to post questions about nonfiction or fiction ~Publishing ePortfolios.
  • 3. In order for students to become college and career ready, they must learn to read and comprehend complex texts independently and proficiently. To develop these skills, students must be presented with many opportunities to read and re-read complex, layered texts and be provided with numerous strategies and activities.
  • 4. Why just write with pen on paper when you can post to your own website?
  • 5. Name the different ways you use technology daily.
  • 6. Survey Says….
  • 7. Verbs (what we DO Online) browse comment create download link message navigate organize pin play post publish read receive recommend record search send shop tag tweet upload view
  • 8. Nouns (CONTENT we use Online) comment game greeting image message opinion photo url video website
  • 9. Tools/Applications (tools we USE) avatar blogs cellphone chatrooms computer digitalcamera email FaceTime Google Instagram ipad laptop mp3player online~games Pinterest Skype Twitter videogame~technology
  • 10. Have you finished posting to your site?