Richard Siddle: #DWCC Workshop on How to Shine Online


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Whether you’re a blogger or brand manager, a journalist or comms consultant, wine producer or content creator, we all need to look in the mirror regularly and ask: am I looking good? Is my brand image all that it should be? This group will examine PR and how it can help or hinder. We are all brand managers. Because everything you do is part of building Brand You.

This presentation is copywritten and owned by Richard Siddle

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Richard Siddle: #DWCC Workshop on How to Shine Online

  1. 1. Most exciting time since Printing Press
  2. 2. Most exciting time in communications • Days when newspapers and magazines decided what your read and when are over • Digital news and information is constantly changing, open to all, where no-one is in charge • Never had so much opportunity, ability to communicate • But New World is just return to Old World. A world before print. A world of word of mouth…
  3. 3. Readers: no longer just an audience
  4. 4. Join in…take part…set the agenda
  5. 5. Audience now tells the news
  6. 6. It is not as easy as A…B…C…
  7. 7. A master in wine, but not in writing • Just because you know about wine does not mean you can communicate about it • World of wine does not need any more wine specialists • It needs people who can communicate about it • It needs people who know about PR • PR can help you tell the story you have
  8. 8. Have you the right skills to be heard?
  9. 9. Mirror, mirror on the wall…
  10. 10. How to stand out from the crowd “SHOW US A SIGN…ANY SIGN!?”
  11. 11. How to stand out from the crowd • You have to know how to “sell” your story. How to use PR • 80% of stories in press are from press releases/wires/ • Only 12% is original research • But majority of press releases are deleted. No story. • Not what you say but how you say it • Winery invests in a new water plant. Not a story • Winery’s new water plant provides water for local community. Good story
  12. 12. What makes you special? • One thing being a specialist • How you tell your story • Analyse your user traffic/ Google analytics • Go where your audience wants you to go • To be heard you have to be a DIGITAL SPECIALIST
  13. 13. Digital Future: Old and New Worlds working together • • • • • • Journalism working with audience/users/blogs “Audience” using journalism to tell their story Blogs yes. But live blogging from events Video yes. Video diary from wine trip/vintage Vintage news. Live data feed of harvest WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER
  14. 14. Have your say on HARPERS • Join in with Harpers online • Start your own blog on • You just have got to have something to say • Contact me @richardsiddle