DWCC 2013 - Your Job Is To Sell Wine


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In the wine industry, one meets more people driven by passion and calling than in any other business. Wine communicators – and other actors of the wine industry – tend to neglect their implication in wine sales. Though, the final consumer is the one financing the whole wine industry. Every wine communicator is involved in selling wine and keeping that in mind would avoid huge waste of money invested in useless wine communication funded by wine regions and wineries.

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DWCC 2013 - Your Job Is To Sell Wine

  1. 1. "So, you're in wine sales…"
  2. 2. If you're not contributing to a Wine Sale… • Remember this cover? – More great wine than ever – But too few consumers to drink it • It can't be that bad! – Wine quality is better than ever – And there are more choices available to the consumer than ever
  3. 3. 3 The wine sector's golden age • Between 1960s and 1980s, global wine consumption grew almost 50% from just over 20, to just under 30 Billion Litres. "If it was good (enough), the wine sold itself"
  4. 4. 4 The wine sector's crisis age • Between 1980s and now, global wine consumption fell back to 1960s levels to be just over 22 billion Litres "Wine needs help to encourage every sale"
  5. 5. Let's look at wine market size* trends (Euromonitor 2013) 5 USA +52% Aus +39% NZ +33% *Originally, incorrectly labeled 'Export'
  6. 6. Let's look at wine *market size trends (Euromonitor 2013) 6 *Originally, incorrectly labeled 'Export'
  7. 7. Growth in number of wine consumers in the US Image from: http://www.winebusiness.com/news/?go=getArticle&dataid=83196
  8. 8. Wine Consumers increased from 12 to 37% of Australian population in 50 years From: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/4307.0.55.001main+features72010-11
  9. 9. Less Wine Consumers, drinking less often in France From: http://www.franceagrimer.fr/content/download/19367/156077/file/SYN-VIN-conf%C3%A9rence-vinitech-%C3%A9tude-consommation-vin-A12.pdf
  10. 10. New consumers are the key • Wine producers growing their markets have increased exports and domestic consumption • Remember that these producers have also faced extensive growth in domestic competition – Eg. Wine producers in Aus increased from less than 300 in the 1980s, to 2600 by 2011 (WFA 2011)
  11. 11. 12 Explaining the disparity European selling • Fragment the offer – More levels of quality – More layers to regions • Regulate the product • Consumer qualification Growing Market selling
  12. 12. 13 Explaining the disparity European selling Growing Market selling • Fragment the offer • Transparency in offer • Link to wine's lifestyle • Encouraging new consumers – More levels of quality – More layers to regions • Regulate the product • Consumer qualification
  13. 13. 14 Wine selling tool-kit Wine communication don'ts… • Selling on quality • Focusing on loyalty at the expense of new consumers • Creating niches in the market • Emphasising uniqueness • Educating the customer The list of 'do's….. • Link to producer and… – Or retailer – Or restaurant/café/bar – Or brand • Think social – With imbibers, at location • Mention where found • Mention what for • Mention availability and price! • Show changes in viewer numbers over time
  14. 14. Why it will work in Europe "We used to sell almost all our wine in Spain. Now most of our wine is in export [new consumers]. This year we might even hit 70% of our wines being exported" - Santiago Vivanco Sáenz, DG of Dinastia Vivanco
  15. 15. Who are you communicating for? • Robert Joseph: "If you accept hospitality from a wine producer(s), you must be able to justify your value to them." • Digital media provides you with all the numbers you need • Use them!