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Getting your data into salesforce 5 30-2012


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  • 1. CONFIDENTIALGetting your data into A focus on migrating data from various sources into
  • 2. Getting your data into• What is the process? – Understanding and exporting data from source systems – Consolidating data – Cleaning and organizing the data – Importing – Check and validate dataGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 2
  • 3. Profiling/Exporting Data from Source Systems• Pain points – Data in various systems – Can involve multiple people/departments – Process can be time consuming• Key Questions – What are the sources of data? – Who is going to use the data? – What data is relevant moving forward? – Will any custom fields need to be added?Getting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 3
  • 4. Profiling/Exporting Data from Source Systems• Solutions – Plan and prepare – Communicate to others what you are planning to do with the information – Build templates for others to use – Conduct as few exports as possible – Understand the business needs and processesGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 4
  • 5. Consolidating Data• Pain points – Multiple files – Many different file formats/layouts – Possible variations in field names – Data formats could vary from file to file• Key Questions – Has all the data been gathered? – Are field formats consistent? – Does each file contain all the required information/data points?Getting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 5
  • 6. Consolidating Data• Solutions – Have teams return files rather than individuals – Enforce the use of templates – Communicate the importance of the process – Get management on board – Remove any irrelevant fieldsGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 6
  • 7. Clean the Data• Pain points – Not an easy process – Can be time consuming – Maintaining consistency across record types – Determining which information is correct• Key Questions – Have all the duplicates been removed? – Are naming conventions consistent? – Is the data complete? – What defines a winning record in the case of duplication? – Has the owner for each record been identified?Getting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 7
  • 8. Clean the Data• Solutions – Use a data management tool if available – Develop and agree on rules that determine what stays and what goes – Work with the people that are closest to the data – Conduct data quality analysis – Check for missing data and fill in where possibleGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 8
  • 9. Import• Pain Points – Can seem overwhelming – There are many different parts that need to end up matching correctly – Making sure data is loaded in the correct order• Key Questions – Have the import file fields been mapped to fields in – Is the order of import defined? – Are test batches ready to import? – Is a process laid out for loading related items?Getting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 9
  • 10. Import• Solutions – Take a step back and review all the information – Map out a relational diagram and start from the top – Use a data management tool if available – Import a small test batch to verify the process is working – Make any adjustments to the import file before importing the complete fileGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 10
  • 11. Check and Validate• Pain Points – The reality check – Time consuming• Key Questions – Have data quality reports been built? – Are all the relevant data points accounted for? – How do the reports in Salesforce compare to the source data? – Do any changes need to be made? – Have key stakeholders approved of the information?Getting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 11
  • 12. Check and Validate• Solutions – Build reports and test summaries – Work with others that understand the data and can offer possible explanations for any variations – Make sure key stakeholders sign-off – Save back-up copies of original data – Don’t worry, it can be cleaned-up if need beGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 12
  • 13. Lessons Learned• Do your research ahead of time• Gain a deep understanding of the data and how everything is related• Communicate the process with both users and management• Set firm dates and schedule (build in some flexibility)• Ask for help if you need it• Remember that everything can be correctedGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 13
  • 14. Resources• Learning Center – 5 steps to getting your data into Salesforce CRM – Salesforce CRM Getting Started Guide – 5 steps to a successful implementation – Apex Data Loader user guide• Our user groupGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 14
  • 15. QuestionsJohn T. Boney770-712-4750John.Boney@us.agc.com404-483-9701johnboney@yahoo.comGetting your data into CONFIDENTIAL 15