Buzzed:A Caffeinated Experiment


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  • Both the FDA and the AMA to consider 300 milligrams the maximum daily dose of caffeine.
  • Focus Test:
  • Buzzed:A Caffeinated Experiment

    1. 1. BUZZED:A CAFFEINATED EXPERIMENTTeam CaffeineAleena JacksonDaniela LinKristin Baker
    2. 2. PURPOSE (WHY?) To test how caffeine affects consumers by having them ingest energy drinks.Basically, we want to see ifthe energy drinks live up tothe expectations promised to the consumers.
    3. 3. BACKGROUND INFO Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in the world. The average American ingests 4 gallons of energy drinks a year. Over eighty-five percent of Americans overuse doses of caffeine every day.
    4. 4. BACKGROUND INFO Caffeine can be both helpful and harmful to the human body, depending on how much is ingested.
    5. 5. BACKROUND INFORMATION Most energy drinks contain between 70 and 200 milligrams of caffeine. Common drinks, such as Monster Energy, RockStar Energy, and Red Bull, have around 160 milligrams.
    6. 6. QUESTION Do major energy drinks actually increase overall performance and, if so, which drink is the most effective?
    7. 7. HYPOTHESIS If the effects of Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar energy drinks onthe performance of thirteen-year-old students are compared to students without the beverages, then…
    8. 8. HYPOTHESIS …students consuming the energy drinks, especially Red Bull, will have a significantly greater performance than students without the drinks, and students drinking Monster or Rockstar.
    9. 9. MATERIALS (1) Focus Test (1) Laptop or computer with Internet (1) Performance Test: 30-Meter Run (5) 16 oz cans of Red Bull Energy Drink (5) 16 oz cans of Monster Energy Drink (5) 16 oz cans of Rockstar Energy Drink
    10. 10. MATERIALS - (10) Test Subjects[5 male, 5 female, age 13] - (40) 8 oz foam cups - (1) Stopwatch
    11. 11. PROCEDURES Have each of the test subjectstake the Focus Test. Record theirpercentage of the 6 Distractionrating.
    12. 12. PROCEDURES Have each of the test subjectsrun 30 meters. Record the time(in seconds) it takes for eachof them to complete the run.
    13. 13. PROCEDURES Pour 8 oz of Red BullEnergy Drink into eachof ten foam cups. Haveeach test subject drinkone full cup.
    14. 14. PROCEDURES Repeat Steps 1-3. Wait 24 hours before moving on to step 5.
    15. 15. PROCEDURES Pour 8 oz of Monster Energy Drink into each of ten foam cups. Have each test subject drink one full cup.
    16. 16. PROCEDURES Repeat Steps 1-3. Wait 24 hours before moving on to step 7.
    17. 17. PROCEDURES Pour 8 oz of Rockstar Energy Drink into each of ten foam cups. Have each test subject drink one full cup. Repeat steps 1-3.
    18. 18. OBSERVATIONS- At the beginning of the testing, the test subjects seemed tired and unenthusiastic.- Students seemed more excited by having the drinks than by actually drinking them.
    19. 19. OBSERVATIONS -A few test subjects claimed to have been nauseous with bad vision after drinking their energy drink.-The student’s results for the second test were extremely close to one another.
    20. 20. OBSERVATIONS The students drinking Rockstar had higher scores on the focus test. Students drinking energy drinks did better on the focus test than those without.
    21. 21. DATA
    22. 22. DATA
    23. 23. CONCLUSIONThe caffeine in the energy drinksonly affected the mental performanceof the test participants, and did impact their physical performance.The hypothesis was not supported bythe data.
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