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Project Lily Pad: Sponsorship for Women Lawyers
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Project Lily Pad: Sponsorship for Women Lawyers


Published on

Why we haven't reached wage and leadership parity yet and how we can.

Why we haven't reached wage and leadership parity yet and how we can.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Half an equity partner a year – another 30 years we’d get to 32%, right?
  • One additional week -- the lily pads double in size weekly; the pond is already half-filled, hence, next week the lily pads double and the pond is full.
  • Transcript

    • 1. ColoradoWomen’s BarAssociation 2013ConferenceProject Lily PadPower of by and for the 21st Century Woman LawyerVictoria Pynchon, Esq., Founder,She Negotiates Consulting and Training
    • 2. There is nothing wrong with you!!!!!!!!!
    • 3. If men couldn’thave careers andfamilies at thesame time, wewould have solvedthe “work-life”problem a longtime ago
    • 4. ProjectLily Pad• 50% associate hiressince 1981• 1st partner 1983• 16% equity partnerstoday• 14% Fortune 500senior executives &3% of CEOs
    • 5. • 1 water lily in earlyspring• Next week, one pad• Next week, two pads• Next week four pads• 16 weeks later, halfcoveredWhen will whole pond becovered?
    • 6. • 15% takeonewoman• 30% takeonewoman• 60% flip acoin
    • 8. Physicality
    • 9. • The Performer: Mick Jagger --"This is a classic expression offeeling powerful in themoment-it causes you tophysically expand."• The CEO: Oprah Winfrey--"Thebody language naturallyprojects dominance. Itsunusual to see a woman in thisposition."• The Classic: Wonder Woman--"Shes really opening up. Thefeet spread, the hands on thehips. Shes taking up space."• The Loomer: Lyndon Johnson--"Johnson was 64", and heused his stature verythoughtfully-to both intimidateand seduce."
    • 10. Stand Up!• Self-soothing• Powerposes• Cursing• Crying
    • 11. POWER• What are your superpowers• What is your authority• What resources can youdeploy• What punishments canyou employ• How willing are you touse your power• Is it power-over or power-to and power-with• Where is the power inyour firm• How can you accretesome of that power toyourself?
    • 12. • Connection explains men’s, but notwomen’s, probability of beingvoted “star” analysts• For women, educationachievements and accurateforecasts explain “star” award• Men reap higher returns fromconnections than women• Investors are more willing to relyon soft information such asconnections to evaluate men thanwomen.
    • 13. Social Capital•Do youhave it?•Can youuse it?Women analystshave as much asmenRecommendations on aconnected firm haveimmediate impact that isabout 25% bigger for buy andsell recommendationsWhile social capital is converted intobusiness savvy/knowledge for men, thesame is not true for womenWomen’s career advancement is moredependent on measureablecompetence, men’s on social capital
    • 14. Flirting
    • 15. = ?
    • 16. Measuring the value of legalservices by the time it took toprovide them is like putting athermometer into an oven toread the temperature
    • 18. If you complain,you won’t havethis client’sbusiness everagainNEWCOUNSELme
    • 20. • Women droppedmore quicklythan their malecounter-parts– Superiorsafraid ofgiving womenfeedback– Superiorsafraid ofhurtingwomen’sfeelings
    • 21. Own theproblem/be thesolution/ask forfeedback
    • 22. Think horizontallyThese women are not competing among themselves
    • 23. We will circle thedrain of the wage gapas long as it exists forany woman.ANCHORFIRST ANDHIGH
    • 24. • Use the strategic “no”• Network• Know what power youhave• Translate power intoauthority• Use authority toadvance your careergoals• Sponsor Women• Refer to WomenPower unused ispower useless.Gloria Feldt, Former NationalPresident & CEO of PlannedParenthood
    • 25. EXERCISE• Ask your negotiation partner for something youwant and haven’t been able to get• Tell her who she is; why she keeps saying “no” (orwhy you haven’t asked)• Start the conversation by offering her somethingyou know or believe she wants• You asked that I leave something with yourwomen that they could use after I was gone. I’dlike to make my book available to them at adiscount instead of may I sell my book to yourwomen?