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Iowa budgetcommitteev4

  1. 1. Building the 21 st Century Iowa EconomyDare Mighty ThingsEconomic Development Appropriation Subcommittee Daniel Reed and David Hensley Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development
  2. 2. The world in which we compete …Rapid, unrelenting globalization•  Social, economic and technological disruption•  Economic disintermediation and consumerization•  Supply chain optimization and cost managementMobile, global workforce•  Freelancers follow the opportunities, often working remotely•  Rising educational attainment needs and expectations•  Global competition for the most talented and well educatedEmerging economies in the East•  Majority of middle class expansion is in China and India•  Huge global debt saddling the U.S. and the EU•  Slow and painful recovery from massive deleveragingRising natural resource competition•  Emerging economies driving scarcity•  Global environmental and economic impact
  3. 3. Change beings opportunityPerpetual, “generational” change – every five yearsThe challenges and opportunities•  Increasing competitiveness•  Translating research into practice•  Fostering entrepreneurship and creating jobs•  Training and educating our workforce•  Addressing critical societal problemsWe can do this. We can build the 21st century Iowa economy – together.A new, more muscular engagement from the University of Iowa•  Based on end-to-end strategic engagement and broad partnerships
  4. 4. Public research universities: a new compact Government Academia IndustryKnowledge creation and global reach Global and regional competitivenessLifelong education and skills refresh Complex problems collaboration & insightsEconomic development and innovation New partnerships with business
  5. 5. Rethinking university economic developmentEmbrace business sensibilities•  Recognize the value of money, business cycles and timelines•  Implement business metrics/processes for economic development•  Educate faculty/staff/students appropriately•  Distinguish economically valuable from intellectually interestingEnhance technology transfer•  Coordinate licensing/patents and entrepreneurship•  Rebalance shallow and deep intellectual property development•  Increase creation of rapidly commercializable intellectual property•  Triage licensable technology lists and make assessable and connected•  Recognize the value of grouped licenses and patent fences
  6. 6. Rethinking university economic developmentBuild applied R&D partnerships•  Target real world business problems•  Develop staff and trade secret protections•  Support student internships and company evaluation of studentsAccelerate entrepreneurship•  Encourage faculty/staff/student startups via culture and policy•  Leverage incubation facilities and UI Research Park•  Increase cross-fertilization across assetsTake the engagement across the state•  Project skills, expertise and information•  Partner with local, state and regional economic development organizations
  7. 7. Springboard to the future: FY12 accomplishments UI Ventures program launched •  Integrated, simplified access to resources and programs for inventions and startups •  Support for faculty, staff and student entrepreneurs/inventors University of Iowa Research Foundation (UIRF) intellectual property management •  102 inventions disclosed and 72 U.S. patent applications filed •  Simplified license terms for more rapid technology uptake (UI/ISU partnership) University of Iowa Research Park technology company hosting •  MediRevv opens new office with ~100 employees University of Iowa STEM education partnership with Kirkwood Community College •  Real world STEM experiences for students •  2015 building opening in UI Research Park
  8. 8. Springboard to the future: FY12 accomplishments Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory programs •  44 student business participants University of Iowa business plan and startup competitions •  Over 400 students, staff and faculty competed John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center support •  51 Iowa companies received over 6,700 hours of faculty/student consulting
  9. 9. Aspiring student entrepreneurs
  10. 10. Life changing technology commercializationA native of Seekonk, Massachusetts, Ben Clark was named ChiefOperating Officer of IDx in 2012. He comes to the company after ahalf decade of work in Rhode Islands non-profit sector, most recentlywith The Providence Plan – a “think-and-do” tank that facilitates data-driven policymaking and models innovation in social service delivery.Mr. Clark’s thought leadership on marketing emerging technologieshas previously been deployed in projects for Best Buy, the Universityof Iowa Research Foundation, and Local to Local. Mr. Clarkgraduated with honors from Brown University and is currentlycompleting his MBA at the University of Iowa. He serves as the Ben Clark, COOTippie College of Business’s Board Fellow for the United Way ofJohnson County.
  11. 11. Accelerating economic developmentThe UI’s strategic entrepreneurship initiative will
  12. 12. Building the 21st century Iowa economy Play a new game •  Unique assets combined in innovative ways Believe and be bold •  Embrace change and act at transformative scale Think globally, act locally •  Success is not defined just by the borders of Iowa Collaborate and share credit •  Coordinated state, university and private partnershipsA new, more muscular engagement from the University of Iowa•  Based on end-to-end strategic engagement and broad partnerships
  13. 13. For additional informationUniversity of Iowa Vice President for Research and Economic Development•  http://research.uiowa.eduUniversity of Iowa Research Foundation (UIRF)• of Iowa Ventures• Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory• Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center•  http://www.iowajpec.orgUniversity of Iowa Research Park•  http://researchpark.uiowa.eduKirkwood Community College/University of Iowa STEM initiative•
  14. 14. Discussion