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Agile labs 2011

  1. 1. byRaghunathan Perumal April 2008
  2. 2. Company profile  Pioneers in packaged application software in India providing Accounting software integrated with inventory, manufacturing and distribution  Built a national award winning product called Pro-FIT (one of the top 3 accounting/inventory software products) in India until 1998  Won awards for its small business products from industry leading publications such as PC World, PC Quest, Business Computer, Computers Today and Express Computer.  Developed a completely process independent and hence unique technology which is called Axpert for which patent is pending in the US.  Its corporate mission is to make IT really simple by providing solutions that are truly flexible in the face of ever changing business scenarios. Copyright(c) 2006
  3. 3. Tomorrow morning there will be a total eclipse of the sun at 9 o’clock. This is something that we cannot see happening everyday, so let the workforce line up outside in their best Managing cloths to watch it. To mark this occasion Director of rare occurrence I will personally explain to them. If It is raining, we shall not be able to see it very well and in that case the workforce should assemble in the canteen.Works Director
  4. 4. By the order of the Managing Director, there will be a total eclipse of the sun at nine o’ clock tomorrow morning. If it is raining we shall not be able to see it very well on the site, in our best cloths. In that case the disappearance of the sun will be followed through in the canteen. This is something we cannot see happen everyday. GeneralWorks Works ManagerDirector
  5. 5. By the order of our Managing Director, we shall follow through, in our best cloths, the disappearance of the sun in the canteen at nine o’ clock tomorrow morning. The managing director will tell us whether it is going to rain. This is something which we cannot see happen everyday.Works Generalmanager Works Manager
  6. 6. If it is raining in the canteen tomorrow morning which is something we cannot see happen everyday, our managing director, in his best clothes, will disappear at nine o’ clockWorksmanager Foreman
  7. 7. Tomorrow morning at nine o’ clock our managing director will disappear. It is pity that we cannot see this happen everyday.Foreman Shop Floor
  8. 8. IT Services Scenario
  9. 9. So…where is the problem? Technology? Skill? People? Infrastructure? Project Management? Client Management? Scope Management? Communication is the problem
  10. 10. Few years ago…Today
  11. 11. Business Apps… What we have done Requirement Specification Business Analyst Solution SolutionBusiness Users Developer Team
  12. 12. Our Invention …Axpert
  13. 13. AXPert Vs Other applications - Architecture GUI Transaction structure manager AXPert RTE Information view manager Labour Utilities manager intense Enterprise Algorithms Connectors (Interoperability) Application Server Business rules Events Deep domain & Business Rules as Expressions Process Structures technical skill GUI Definitions Database interaction Messages l needed. Event Definitions Access Control Work flow Access Control Work Flow definitions Queries/Report Definitions Tables DatabaseDatabase User data Stored procedure & triggers More Domain skill needed & less Technical skill Deep technical skill needed to write Copyright(c) 2006 database procedures and triggers
  14. 14. AXPert© - Introduction Agile Process Engine used for building Business applications without writing code Patent pending in US AXPert© developer allows to define the following blocks  Input forms  Queries / reports  Workflow  Background processes  Interaction with other apps  User access control The business logic is stored in database as “process Structures” Not a Code generator. Building / changing processes very easy. AXPert© is SOA compliant Copyright(c) 2006
  15. 15. Advantages of our technology Lean architecture & hence better performance, needs lesser hardware resources. Smart Client Architecture REMAP-LDB Model Database structures are transparent with adequate security & hence avoids vendor locking. SOA makes it highly interoperable . It can co-exist with other applications Simple to maintain & extend. The cost of maintenance is low. Better ROI. The time taken to build an application is comparatively less. So, a custom made application that suits the organization can be built in a short time. Hence, this could be cost effective solution. Highly reliable. The process engine is time tested & durable. This has been delivering results in more than 500 customer sites. There are sites that have been using the engine for over 3 years now. Copyright(c) 2006
  16. 16. AXPert Vs Packaged Applications Packaged Applications AXPertReady built processes No ready built processes. All processes built for specific requirementProcess Gaps exist and so “work- No process Gaps and so no “work-around” / customizations required. around” / customizations required“work-around” / customizations take lot no “work-around” / customizations andof extra effort, cost and time. hence no extra effort, cost and time.Some third party solutions may be No third party solutions requiredrequired and hence EAI effort, cost andtime required.Unwanted processes and data fields Only required processes and data fieldsmake application heavy affecting the make application very lean and henceperformance. performs betterHigh-end H/W infrastructure required for Average infrastructure is adequate forgood performance good performanceLook and feel cannot be changed Look and feel can be changedModifications and maintenance difficult Modifications and maintenance easyand need to depend on “implementers” and can be done by in-house staff Copyright(c) 2006
  17. 17. AXPert Vs .Net / Java development .Net / Java AXPertDeep Technical skill required for Only business process knowledge withdevelopment little technical skill is adequate for developmentLot of effort required for detailed design Less effort is required as these mundaneincluding database design, GUI design, programming tasks are eliminated. (effortwork flow design, transaction reduction is to the extent on 80%)management and coding.Higher level of skills required for Facilitates easy adaptation of Agileadapting to Agile methodologies. methodologiesNewer technology adaptation is difficult Technology adaptation is easy as theas the business logic is part of process definitions are part databaseapplication layer. layer.Change management is difficult Change management is easy. (do it yourself!)Maintenance is expensive as technical Maintenance cost is low as there isdependency is high lesser dependence on technical resources Copyright(c) 2006
  18. 18. Effort Comparison (Traditional Vs. 5RM) % Effort in Man R days e 800 d u 700 ct io 600 SDLC VB / SQL 5RM nMan days 500 Scoping 10 10 0% 400 300 SRS 20 20 0% 200 System Design 180 65 64% 100 0 Coding 720 50 93% Scoping SRS System Coding Testing Training Design Testing 180 30 83% SDLC Training 30 30 0% VB / SQL 5RM Total 1140 205 82% Copyright(c) 2006
  19. 19. Our Value PropositionFor Software product vendors  Can use this engine for product development  Reduce the “go to market” time considerably for the new product.  Reduce the product development cost significantly thereby increasing the profitability and reducing the “payback” period.  Incorporating newer functionalities will take lesser time.  Can use this as platform for CRM, Product support  Can use this as end to end ERP for project management, timesheet management, HR, finance & accounting etc, asset management etcFor software service providers  Can use this as platform for CRM, Product support  Can use this as end to end ERP for project management, timesheet management, HR, finance & accounting etc, asset management etc  Can use this engine for building custom built application for end customers. (can save on development time, effort and cost)  Can be our solution partner for taking this to market and build practice around this technologyFor eGov  Faster execution , Lower cost, with poor connectivity  Lower cost of Change management and maintenance Copyright(c) 2006
  20. 20. Our customer says… Copyright(c) 2006
  21. 21. What Mr.Sivasailem, IAS, MD says….Agile Labs are our our main Technology partners implemented through M/s BluechipMarketing Pvt Ltd. They have set up the e-infrastructure for our operations that spansmore than 53 depots spread over 29 districts, more than 6000 products of over 180suppliers spread over Karnataka, India and the world. They have enabled the practicalapplication of the concept – Decentralised operations withcentralized control – enabling a seamless blend of operational and strategicdecision-making to be done on the same information platform. The systemsolution is solid, secure, robust and reliable. It isamenable to integration with other software systems. Theirability and willingness to integrate systems developed by other developers (inour case by the NIC-Karnataka) confirms the versatile nature of their systemsand profusely speaks volumes about their confidence in their technologicalsolution and their willingness to work with other technologypartner organizations that our company is associatedwith. What is particularly striking about the Agile Labs team is their attitude ofmaintaining continuing relationship with their customers on a long term basis not throughimposing themselves with software and systems that make them indispensable but bytheir friendly support services which is not just desirable but affordable. Simply put,they are good people to be friends with but even betterbusiness partners………
  22. 22. Awards galore “Champion of Innovation Generations Ahead” “The most Flexible Package, There is no report or feature that you cannot get from this” Editor’s Choice Award 1997 Editor’s Choice Award 1998 Copyright(c) 2006
  23. 23. Partial Customer ListManufacturing and Engg Industry International Clients• Apollo Hospitals •IOC, Srilanka• KSBCL •NCR corpn, US• KSRTC •Everstyle Trading Corp, Dubai• Bhoruka Gases •Quick Electricals, Sharja• Ace Manufacturing Systems •Edna Chocolates, Srilanka• Hwashin Automotives •Ceylone Business agencies,• Elkayem Auto industries •Lanka Nippon, Srilanka• Intergarden India •Haikawa, Srilanka• Sutures India •Prof Computers, Srilanka Service Industry •Uniworld Logistics •Sundaram Fasteners •Ambassador Travels •TVS Infotech •Fast Inc •Institute of Mathematical Copyright(c) 2006 Sciences
  24. 24. Case studiesSl No Client Solution1 Large Beverages Co  End-to-end ERP (Fin, SO, PO, Inv, BI)  Smart Client  55 Branches connected to HO  Daily Data synchronization2 Large Logistics Solution  End-to-end ERP  SO,PO,SCM, Doc Mgmnt Co  I/f with external Trace&Track system  CRM3 Large Hospital Chain  Pharmaceutical Div  Fin, inv and MIS  300 Outlets, 4 Reg. Offices, and HO4 Hwashin Automotive India  MRP, Shopfloor Management, Inv  I/f with SAP system of customer Copyright(c) 2006
  25. 25. Our customers Speak We have got all our reports just like the ones we got from SAP at our Korea operations at much less than what it cost us In Korea. - Mr.Lee Sang Rae, Sr.Manager Hwashin Automotive India (Hundai’s Prime Supplier) The very concept of this technology is was so attractive that we Decided take a plunge….We have still not used its full potential… There is virtually no time lag between our business requirement and IT - Mr.Chandrashekar, MD, Sutures India (Healthcare Manufacturing Company) Copyright(c) 2006
  26. 26. Our Aim Our technology is unique and has been proven through the patent search and customer acceptance. “Process Independent Business application” is a next generation growth paradigm and has excellent potential for the next 5-7 years. SME investments in software are growing and this is a focus area for us. We would like to be clearly recognized as one of the top 3 product innovators from India in the next 4-5 years. We would like to empower domain experts to build their own solutions through our technology. Copyright(c) 2006
  27. 27. We are very eager to workwith you….. Copyright(c) 2006
  28. 28. Thank you
  29. 29. Large Beverages Distribution CompanyClient Requirement• 55 Branches, daily branch data consolidation at HO, daily corporate MIS / DSS, daily dataflow from HO to branches, all this at affordable cost, very short time for implementationChallenges• No broadband at many branches, even dial-up links are weak, low skilled operators & no tech skill at branches, 1000+ transactions from each branch daily (Huge volume of data)Solution• Smart client deployment, robust “remote data-sync” with huge volume on a dial- up achieved, low skilled operators made comfortable with absolutely user- friendly GUI, no maintenance at branches, only 1 member at HO for branch support, all these at an affordable costResult: Absolutely delighted customer Copyright(c) 2006
  30. 30. Solution architecture 55 Branches HO - BLR Profit 5RM Central Server Corporate MIS / DSS Broadband / Dial-upSmart Clients at Branches Internet Tech Support PO, price change, and other instructions Daily sales, Purchase reqs, Stock receipts, inventory, and cash, Back Copyright(c) 2006
  31. 31. Large Logistics Solution CompanyRequirement5 Branches, Integration with 20+ partners across the globe, Documentation, Centraldatabase, Corporate consolidation, tracking shipment status, 100% processcoverageThe ChallengesUnique business process, Complex EAI reqmt, Medium Skilled employees, Tracking& Tracing of shipmentsThe SolutionCentral database, Smart – client deployment, EDI interface with partner systems,Track & Trace over the Web, Over simplified UI Copyright(c) 2006
  32. 32. Solution Architecture Smart Client Database Servers Customs / Branch 1 Partners Head Office Database Servers Branch 2 Local Client Database Local Mail Servers Client Server Central Server Branch 3 JSP / HTML Internet Web Server CustomersPartner 1 Internet EDIPartner 2 Back Copyright(c) 2006
  33. 33. Large Hospital Chain in India Requirement Centralised purchase process, centralised inventory control, Consolidation reports Challenges 3 tier Org Structure, Multiple retail stores, Weak connectivity, Solution Smart Client, Over simplified UI, Copyright(c) 2006
  34. 34. Solution Architecture Reports • Inventory • Movement • FinancialsPharmacies Regional Head Offices Office Back Copyright(c) 2006