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College Degree for $0
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College Degree for $0


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Cheapest and Accredited College Degree in the US can be obtained by using specific techniques listed here. …

Cheapest and Accredited College Degree in the US can be obtained by using specific techniques listed here.

The entire Bachelors degree will cost you less than about $5000/-.

Also, you will get to study only what you love, and have all the freedom in the world when attending college.

We make use of all the free learning resources on the web to enable you to complete a highly affordable college degree, like you never dreamed possible.

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  • 1. How to complete a USBachelor’s/ AssociateDegree Simply & AffordablyPADMA SUBRAMANIANFRUGALDEGREE.COMThis eBook excerpt contains Copyrighted material and is made available to you forpersonal use only. It may not be reproduced or copied in any form.All information has been provided after extensive research. Since a lot depends onreader’s individual circumstance, the reader agrees to perform their own due diligencebefore embarking on any recommendation. The reader further agrees not to hold theauthor, or TEJATE LLC liable for any use of techniques or methodologies suggested inthis eBook.Note: provides assistance with completing an affordable collegeeducation, but does not directly award any college degrees or college credits.© 2012 FRUGALDEGREE.COM (A division of Tejate LLC) Page 1
  • 2. OverviewAlmost everyone I’ve met wants to have a good education, and a college degree from areputable institution. A college degree provides respect and recognition in all walks oflife, be it the workplace or local community. It also means that the college graduate isable to have a good career and afford a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, despite therising cost of college, no one can dispute the fact that a college degree adds status and agood foundation for one’s life.But can everyone of us afford college? People are alarmed at the high cost of a collegeeducation in the US today. I’ve seen numerous people who are crying out for a relieffrom the impossibly high price tag of a good college education. Earlier, many parentswould simply take a loan for their child’s college. But in the present economy, loans arefewer than ever before. Also, with the job situations, pay cuts and company cost cutting,most parents are either unable to afford it or are not sure if their child will have themeans to pay them back after graduation.In any case, it is my firm belief that college education “must” be affordable, even forthose who are able to somehow endure the higher price tags. Why should anyone haveto spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a US college degree? Even onlinecolleges are just too expensive, so are the really good fulltime time or parttime collegesand degrees.I’m here to tell you that it is possible to get a good college degree for a very affordablecost. This book is the result of my own personal experiences in getting an affordable UScollege education, combined with years and years of research into colleges and coursesall across the United States.Since you are reading this guide, it is clear that you or someone you know needs to earna college degree affordably. By far, flexible colleges are the most cost effective andquickest means to earning an accredited US college degree.© 2012 FRUGALDEGREE.COM (A division of Tejate LLC) Page 2
  • 3. Is a Flexible College right for you?Flexible colleges are great for a number of reasons: They are inexpensive (especially in comparison to the many colleges across the United States that charge tens of thousands of dollars, even excluding the cost of room and board) They are all accredited and mostly public universities that award degrees which are equivalent in reputation and course content to that of many other accredited US colleges and universities© 2012 FRUGALDEGREE.COM (A division of Tejate LLC) Page 3
  • 4. The degree can be completed sooner. This is because flexible colleges allow a variety of means to earning college level credits. The options include writing college level exams, transferring prior courses, credits for work experience and so on.Taking the above factors into consideration, flexible colleges are generally suitable for students in many circumstances, as follows:• A young adult who has completed high school• A young adult with some previously completed college courses/ credits• A working adult without a college degree, or with a degree in a different field• A working (or non-working) adult with an Associate degree who is pursuing a Bachelors degree• Adults whose personal situations require extensive travel (for work or family reasons). For these students too, flexible colleges are a blessing, as there are no specific location or time constraints to pursuing a degree from a flexible college (and you still get to attend local or online classes wherever you live)© 2012 FRUGALDEGREE.COM (A division of Tejate LLC) Page 4
  • 5. Cheap/ Affordable/ Flexible CollegesThere are a handful of flexible colleges that have been carefully selected for theiraffordability, flexibility, convenience and degree specialties.These flexible colleges are: Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY Excelsior College, Albany, NY Charter Oak State College, New Britain, CT Granite State College, Concord, NH Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH WGU (Western Governors University), Salt Lake City, UT SUNY Ulster, Ulster, NYNote: all these colleges are fully accreditedFOR MORE DETAILS ON FRUGAL/ FLEXIBLECOLLEGES, AND THE FULL VERSION OF THISEBOOK, GO TO FRUGALDEGREE.COM.© 2012 FRUGALDEGREE.COM (A division of Tejate LLC) Page 5