Communication Enabled Business Process- CEBP


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Communication Enabled Business Process- CEBP

  1. 1. Communications & Collaboration Enabled Business Processes Leveraging Unified Communications and Collaboration plus Smart SOA Strategies for Integrated Text, Voice, and Video
  2. 2. UC Continuum – Telephony Model
  3. 3. The Need For Communications Enabled Business Processes CRM ERP Industry Apps. Back OfficeCurrent RealityCommunication/collaboration required! Exception: Who should I ring ?! Approval: Who is available and Where ?! Teaming: Who do we get together ?! Expertise: Who and how do I reach them?! Location: How do I reach the sales rep ? Unified Communications Streamlines Business Processes Embed UCC and SOA tools into process to ! Increase Contextual Collaboration ! Reduce decision latency, ! Speed up teaming ! Improve Expertise Location Back Office CRM ERP Industry Apps. ! Improve Customer Service
  4. 4. The DNA of Communications Enabled Business Processes Enabling simple and rapid integration of communication services within applications and business processes for intelligent communications that incorporate text, voice, and video Common services Common services and tools and tools Unified Communications Service Oriented and Collaboration Architecture Rich clients with integrated Agile enterprise text, voice, video services
  5. 5. Tenets of the Strategy• The UC2 principles, technologies, and partner ecosystem help drive Services include: the integration of text, data, voice, and video in CEBP • Messaging services: IM, e-mail, calendaring• The SOA programming model is our technical common ground integrating text, audio,• While many of these communications technologies and components and video; using Web 2.0, exist today, there exists a large opportunity to deliver a set of Eclipse, OSGi, XML, common communications services and tooling for CEBP portlets • Presence services:• We need to adapt these services to how people prefer to work, using desktop presence, mobile rich clients as well as agile servers presence, telephony• Web services can be built and deployed within existing infrastructures presence server-side (using WebSphere) and/or client-side (using Lotus) • Profile services: Rules, including communications• APIs, services, and widgets available through WAS, Process Server, profiles defining how best Commerce Server, Portal Server, Sametime, Notes, and Expeditor; to establish and using a common set of tools through Rational; implementing a intelligently route common SOA approach communications• Communications enablement applicability across industries and • Voice services: Voice and speech services across vertical applications (CRM, PLM, SCM, ERP, etc.) using VoIP, TTS, ASR, VoiceXML • Video services: Video integration in Web conferencing and rich desktop collaborations
  6. 6. Implementation Stages in Communications Enabled Business Processes Beginning to Explore Integrated Interacting Collaboration One way notifications via Allowing the computer and text, speech, and video users to interact in a variety of ways as they would in a conversation The Onramp to Next GenerationCommunications Communications Notifications Collaboration Basic presence, IM, Integrated in process Integrated in process Utilizing all forms of telephony, speech, communications with video the applications simultaneously Simple Complex Communications Communications Separate from process Integrated in process
  7. 7. Expand the Business Value Communications Capabilities Where and When You Need ThemOpen & intuitive real-time communications for data, voice, & CEBPFlexible access to information and expertiseIntegrated and adaptable with the way you want to work Line of Business Applications Intelligent Communications & Collaboration Services
  8. 8. Reference Architecture for CEBP Services Inventory HR Business Processes TechnologyDeveloper and Business CRM Finance E-commerce Insurance Transportation Rational Application WAS Process Portal Commerce Expeditor Competitive Platforms Modeler Communications Enablement APIs and Widgets Telephony Voice Messaging Video (i.e., Presence & Interaction (TTS,STT) (IM,e-mail) Conference) Routing Services Services Services Services Services WebSphere Lotus Partners Enterprise Unified Communications Network Service Provider Network
  9. 9. IBM Unified Communications and Collaboration Strategy Vision: Foster innovation and business agility by making it easier for people to find, reach and collaborate through a unified user experience " Open & Extensible " Plan, Deploy, Manage " Intelligent Integration " Reduce Risk " Unified experience " Faster Time to Value " Multi-vendor support " Broad ecosystem " Business Process Optimization " Customer Choice " Responsiveness & Agility " Leverage existing investments " Competitive Advantage 9
  10. 10. Enabling Abilities Through Linked Value UC2 EnvironmentsLotus Sametime Standard Lotus Sametime Adv Lotus Expeditor Lotus Sametime UnifiedLotus Sametime Unyte Lotus Connections Expanded UC business TelephonyLotus Notes/Domino Lotus Quickr process profiles Advanced presenceEnhanced IM Persistent chat Communications Advanced call controlsVoice/Video integration Broadcast suite enablement for LOB and managementOpen, extensible platform Communities applications Soft phonefor plug-ins Profiles/Blogs/Wikis Composite Application PBX management andWeb conferencing Repositories Development integrationIntegrated in e-mail Mobile support Mobile supportIntegrated desktop WebSphere Process WebSphere Voice WebSphere Portal Server WebSphere Application Server Server Portal interface Server Enterprise Service Bus Text-to-speech IM and collaboration inside WebSphere Commerce Business Process Speech-to-text portlets Server services leveraging SOA Voice services for Portlets integrated at the Web application serving Process modeling speech recognition, glass Web services providers Business Integration voicemail, Interactive Easy portlet development Server-side application Adapters Voice Response Dashboard access management and Human Tasks systems deployment Business Rules VoiceXML SOA Environments
  11. 11. CEBP Services within the SOA Reference Model Business Innovation & Optimization Services Facilitates better decision-making with real-time business information Modeler, Application Developer Development Interaction Services Process Services Information Services Management Ease of development IT Service Services Enables collaboration Orchestrate and Manages diverse Communication Enablement between people, automate business data and content in a processes & Widgets Business Process enablers APIs and information processes unified manner Integrated Facilitates communication ESB between services Manageenvironment and secure for design services,and creation applications of solution Partner Services Business App Services Access Services & assets Build on a robust, resources Facilitates interactions Connect with trading scaleable, and with existing information partners Unified Communications secure services and application assets environment Infrastructure Services Communication Services Optimizes throughput, Unified Communications availability and performance
  12. 12. Scenarios and Use Cases ! Integrates communications ! One-way notifications (text, with business processes voice, video) initiated from and applications business processes ! Collaboration initiated from ! Flight status notifications business processes ! Multi-modal ! Order Status Change ! Text or speech based communications Notification notification with ability to and collaboration update information synchronized with ! Account balance information (accounts, insurance, etc) business processes ! Business Process status ! Purchase order approval ! Customer service notification systems injected with representative & collaborative capabilities customer shares a ! Low Inventory notifications dynamically! Communications & updated view of the collaboration application separate from ! Complete a claim business processes through voice! Click to Call Notifications Collaboration responses while Commerce to place verifying input on orders or request mobile device customer service ! Mobile voice search! Portlet based chat & ongoing interaction Simple Complex Communications Communications
  13. 13. Contextual Presence Lists
  14. 14. Flexible Media and Conference Switching
  15. 15. Intelligent Notification Services
  16. 16. Insurance Claims Adjuster DemoDemonstrating Business Value• Integrates communications with business processes and applications• Openness and heterogeneity provides us with a huge advantage• Enables increased productivity & time savings• Provides fast and accurate responses to the customer• Shows: – UC services across desktop and mobile environments – Uses same, open programming model – Line Of Business Application (Insurance Adjuster) augmented with Click-to-call, presence, chat (gateway), file transfer, and user profiles – Secure enterprise access and database interactions from a mobile device (update claim info, access client profile) – Communications from anywhere (searching, discovering, communicating, collaborating, getting answers)
  17. 17. Bank Customer Services DemoDemonstrating Business Value• Integrates communications with business processes and applications• Supports better decision making with faster access to accurate information• Share knowledge among broader and dispersed teams• Provide preferred and customized customer service• Shows: – Personalized and preferred customer service – Easy access to bank services information – Improved productivity and customer response
  18. 18. Summary• The UC2 principles, technologies, and partner ecosystem help drive the integration of text, data, voice, and video in CEBP• The SOA programming model is our technical common ground• While many of these communications technologies and components exist today, there exists a large opportunity to deliver a set of common communications services and tooling for CEBP• We need to adapt these services to how people prefer to work, using rich clients as well as agile servers• Web services can be built and deployed within existing infrastructures
  19. 19. References• Three Killer Business Communication Applications Gartner (June 2007)• CEBP and the Unified Communications Continuum• Ayava & CEBP us/portfolio/communications_enabled_business_processes/index.htm• Nortel ACE
  20. 20. ® Thank YouVincent PerrinSW IOT IT SpecialistMail : 20
  21. 21. Some Other Things to Consider …• Integrated Development Environments (what skills • Common Services (which ones can be synchronized can be leveraged?) and integrated within the business processes) – Rational Application Developer – Telephony Interaction Services – Rational Business Process Modeler – Voice (TTS, STT) Services – Lotus Expeditor (plugs into RAD) – Messaging (IM, e-mail) Services• Application Development Toolkits (what tooling – Video (i.e., conferencing) Services resources are available?) – Presence and Routing Services – Expeditor Toolkit • Application Types (what fits best within the business – Sametime SDK processes?) – Sametime Advanced SDK – Web 2.0 Applications – Sametime Unified Telephony SDK • Ajax-based – SOA Toolkit • XHTML • RSS/Atom feeds• Business Process Tools (how can I model and • Mashups integrate my existing processes?) • Wikis – WebSphere Process Server • Blogs • Business Process modeling – Composite Applications • Human Task management – Web Services • Business rules – Portlets • WebSphere Business Integration Adapters by industry • Enterprise Service Bus • APIs (which APIs are most relevant for my• 2 UC Foundation (rich client solutions) environments?) – Lotus Sametime Standard/Advanced – Web 2.0 APIs (REST, XML, JavaScript) – Lotus Sametime Unyte – Web Services APIs (XML, SOAP, WSDL, BPEL, UDDI) – Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony – Real Time Communications APIs – Lotus Notes/Domino • Community Services API (chat, presence, location, logging) – Lotus Connections • Meeting Services API (whiteboarding, object sharing) – Lotus Quickr • STLinks – Lotus Expeditor – Telephony APIs (SIP, H323, TCSPI, JTAPI)• SOA Foundation (agile server solutions) – Voice APIs (VoiceXML) – WebSphere Application Server – Portal APIs (Java Portal API, JSR 168 and JSR 286 for – WebSphere Voice Server portlets) – WebSphere Portal Server – Java APIs (Java SE/EE APIs, Eclipse SWT, Eclipse JFace, – WebSphere Commerce Server JDBC, JMS, Web services, OSGi services) • Partner Ecosystem (how can this be leveraged?)
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