Fearnall platform update


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Fearnall platform update

  1. 1. <ul><li>Platform Update </li></ul>Adam Fearnall
  2. 2. Expanding the HUCSC Loop Monthly HUCSC Update First update to go out in October Branding our Intramural Teams Intramural registration has occurred and uniform options are being explored
  3. 3. Expanding the HUCSC Loop Grapevine Commitment from editor to cover Huron events and to recruit a new group of contributors Decrease in printing costs, increased visibility Restructure Clubs Week Tent has been ordered to provide professional environment for Clubs Week Clubs provided with poster boards and some design materials to help with recruitment Offered space on website and assistance with brand development Club President’s Meeting already held
  4. 4. Expanding the HUCSC Loop O-Week Executive members were all present each day during O-Week Executive attended mini-golf day with International students First annual Executive Event held HUCSC welcome package scrapped due to cost benefit analysis UWO frosh kit was infused with Huron merch Two frosh gifts (bandanas and flashlights) Huron notepaper, pens, cell phone trinket
  5. 5. Expanding the HUCSC Loop Presidential Class Tour Postponed until 2 nd Semester
  6. 6. Students are the Shareholders Tutor Database Application completed. Waiting to finalize Dam the Stress Mentor details with Academic Commissioner before launching program. Replace Computers in the SAC Computers to be installed by Oct. 1 st
  7. 7. Students are the Shareholders Newstand in the SAC Funding secured from Huron Damage Fund. Design will be contracted out by Oct. 1 st Resurface or Replace Pool Table Pool table resurfaced by All Pro Billiards Permanent sign advertising availability to be installed by Oct. 31 st
  8. 8. Students are the Shareholders Explore Possibility of Light Switches in SAC Further explored options with Joe French (Head of Maintenance and determined that this project would not be feasible. Currently exploring energy saving light bulb options. Music Room Refurbishment Room has been painted Piano from the Great Hall has been moved into the room Piano will be tuned by mid Oct. Posters will be hung after Poster Sale Lamps to be purchased by mid Oct.
  9. 9. Students are the Shareholders HUCSC Speaker Series Commissioner at Large Shaun Ashley will be organizing the first event for Oct. 19 th Topic will be Youth in Politics Afternoon Tea Commissioner at Large Shaun Ashley will also be coordinating this program Aiming to have first the first Afternoon Tea in October
  10. 10. Live it Up, Huron Style Upper Year Welcome Event Decided that a low key welcome event was a better idea so as not to detract from Halfway to St. Patty’s Day Hosted a welcome dinner at the Wave to welcome back upper years. Approximately 30 attended Provide Support for Clubs First Club President’s Meeting Held on Thursday Promotional materials will be supplied to clubs for Clubs Week
  11. 11. It’s Your Community Lobby Administration on Green Initiatives Will form Environmental Committee led by Environmental Commissioner Pooja Jain to evaluate our environmental impact. Lobbying efforts will be based on the recommendations of this committee Developing Environmental Partners Developing a relationship with EnviroWestern. Will establish a satellite station at Huron starting in October Exploring relationships with Jane Goodall Foundation and other community organizations
  12. 12. It’s Your Community Promote Council Volunteerism Volunteer program still being finalized. Details will be provided at a later date. Increase Visibility of Huron Student Image Emphasis on branding and promotion of myHuron brand. Entered into discussions with the United Way regarding the possibility of hosting a conference at Huron Preliminary stages of developing outreach to London and area High Schools
  13. 13. We’re Not There Yet, But We’re On the Way We Need More Ideas We realize new things everyday about our Council. Please let us know if you have new ideas, no matter how extravagant you think they are.
  14. 14. Template by: Vivek Prabhu