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P&G Com. Ltd


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This is new version of P&G Data

This is new version of P&G Data

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Presented By
    Parakhiya Vasantkumar
    Since 1837 P&G has built a rich heritage of touching consumers Lives with brands that make life a little better every day. This simple Purpose has enabled us to become one of the world’s leading consumer products companies – and will continue to guide us as we seek to improve lives now and for generations to come.
  • 4. Vision
    Be, and be recognized as, the best consumer products and services company in the world.
    Three billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. And P&G people work to make sure those brands live up to their promise to make everyday life just a little bit better.
  • 5. Mission / Goal
    The Company’s goal is to win consumers for its products by virtue of the products’ quality and value, and not by creating unfair disadvantage for its competitors.
  • 6. Purpose
    We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.
  • 7. Values
    P&G is its people and the values by which we live. We attract and recruit the finest people in the world. We build our organization from within, promoting and rewarding people without regard to any difference unrelated to performance. We act on the conviction that the men and women of Procter & Gamble will always be our most important asset.
  • 8. Principles
    These are the Principles and supporting behaviors, which flow from our Purpose and Values.
    We Show Respect for All Individuals
    The Interests of the Company and the Individual Are Inseparable
    We Are Strategically Focused in Our Work
    Innovation Is the Cornerstone of Our Success
    We Are Externally Focused
    We Value Personal Mastery
    We Seek to Be the Best
    Mutual Interdependency Is a Way of Life
  • 9. History Picture
  • 10.
  • 11. 1837 James Gamble Founder
    1837 William Procter Founder
    1850 James A. Folger
    1859 Central Avenue First P&G Plant
    1870's Distributor
    1879 Visual From First Ivory Ad
    1882 Harley Procter Marketer
    1886 Folgers Card
  • 12. 1886 Ivorydale
    1890 First Analytical Lab
    1896 First P&G Color Print Ad
    1896 Ivory Print Ad
    1896 Ivory Print Ad A Busy Day
    1898 Ivory Ad
    1900 Ivorydale Train
    1907 William Cooper Procter
  • 13.  
    1908 King Gillette
    1910 Ivorydale Workers
    1918 Gillette Print Ad
    1919 Factory Workers
    1919-1920 Ivory Soap Salesman
    1920 Max Factor's Society Make-Up PR
    1920's Ivory Bar
    1973 Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo
    1973 Herbal Essence Package
    1995 National Medal of Technology
  • 14. 1931 Neil McElroy
    1932 Gillette Blue Blades Product
    1933 Dreft First P&G Detergent
    1933 Dreft Production
    1933 Popular Ma Perkins Radio Show
    1934 Drene First P&G Shampoo
    1937 Products
    1926 Camay First Package
    1926 Camay Print Ad
  • 15. 1930 Early Radio
    1930 Fairy Soap Truck United Kingdom
    1930 Market Research
    1930 Max Factor Sr.
    1930 Salesman
    1939 First TV Commercial
    1946 Early Tide User
    1946 Tide First Package
    1946 Tide Print Ad
  • 16. 1950 Max Factor Print Ad
    1950 Oil of Olay Package
    1952 Miami Valley Labs Research
    1955 Crest First Package
    1956 Crest Norman Rockwell
    1956 Miss Clairol Print Ad
    1956 Miss Clairol Print Ad
    1957 Charmin
    1960 Downy First Package
    1960 Downy Print Ad
  • 17.  
    1960 Pantene Print Ad
    1961 Pampers First Package
    1961 Pampers Print Ad
    1967 Ariel First Package
    1970 Bounty Print Ad
    1970 Bounty Product
    1970 Oil of Olay Print Ad
    1972 IamsEukanuba Carton
  • 18.
  • 19. PRODUCT
  • 20. Baby Care
    Beauty Care
  • 21. Fabric & Home Care
  • 22. HealthCare
  • 23. Pet Care
  • 24. Snacks and Coffee
    Tissues and Towels
  • 25.  
  • 26.
  • 27.  
  • 28.
  • 29. Marketing Policies
    C. Respect in the Marketplace
    Product Safety
    Bribery and Improper Business Dealings
    Fair Dealing with Suppliers and Customers
    Confidentiality and Consumer Privacy
    Communicating with the Media
    Research Involving Animals
  • 30. We are passionate about continuing our progress in alternatives to research involving animals.
    P&G is committed to being a leader. We want our brands to lead their categories. We want our company to be a leader in our industry and our communities. And we want P&G to be among the best places to work.
  • 31.
    • 169 years of providing trusted quality brands
    • 32. The world's largest consumer products company
    • 33. Sales of approximately >$80 billion
    • 34. Fifth largest company on the S&P 500
    • 35. Over 135,000 employees in operations in over 80 countries worldwide
    • 36. 5-7 % Sales Growth
    • 37. Double-digit Earnings Growth
    • 38. One new $100 million business every week!
    • 39. Historical Growth Through Internal Connections Bar
  • Not Sustainable for Most Companies In Our Benchmarking
    “Do more less with less and get more.”
    P&G Internally
    9000 researchers
    150 technologies
    40 communities of practice
  • 40. External Innovation Assets
    • 1 million researchers
    • 41. Top emerging technologies
    • 42. plus world-class expertise in P&G sciences
    • 43. 1,500 science universities Venture Capital
    • 44. P&G Suppliers: >100,000 R&D people among our strategic suppliers
    • 45. Government Labs: > 100,000 Scientists
    • 46. >50 Technology Entrepreneurs Worldwide
    • 47. 1,100 Leads in the First Year
    • 48. Product Pickup in 126 Countries
    • P&G has grown into the world’s largest consumer goods products company that today markets brands in more than 180 countries. P&G’s product lines are diverse – we sell over 250 brands.
    • 49. With on the ground operations in more than 80 countries. Sales more than $83 Billion.
    • 50. The company’s total expenditures for research and development for fiscal 2007/2008 was more than $2 Billion.
    • 51. P&G also recognized as on Barron’s list of “world most innovative company” received top ranking on the Dow Jones Sustainability index from 2000-2008, and was named the “Advertiser of the year” at the 2008 Cannes international advertising festival.
  • Corporate Location
    Iams Headquarters Sign, Dayton, OH
    Iams Headquarters, Dayton, Ohio, USA
    Miami Valley Innovation Center - Cincinnati, Ohio
    P&G General Offices and World Headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    P&G General Offices Cincinnati, OH
  • 52. Thank You