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Kalyani Bharat Forge

  1. 1. Hello<br />my name is<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. History of the Company<br /> Bharat Forge is the world&apos;s second largest forging company. The company is based in Pane, India and has 9 manufacturing plants in India, Germany, Sweden, United States , Scotland, United Kingdom and mainland China. The company&apos;s international operations are carried out by its subsidiary Carl Dan Peddinghaus GmbH. The company was founded by Indian billionaireBaba Kalyani in 1961. In 2006, Bharat Forge had total sales of US$ 659 million and has a market value of US$ 1.8 billion. It was rated as one of the best companies in Asia by the Forbes magazine because of its high growth rate. The company increased its sales by more than 50% in 2005.Bharat Forge Ltd is one of the most innovative and exciting companies to emerge in-to his of the forging industry. <br /><ul><li> The Indian Automotive Industry in the 50’s was more like the story of imported kits. Ancillaries were nominal and infrastructure was scarce and inadequate. It was then, that Bharat Forge came into existence in 1961 to meet the forging needs of the Indian Automotive Industry.</li></li></ul><li>Continue…..<br /><ul><li> Today, the art of forging metal is a tradition at Bharat Forge, and all of our products are built with the expertise necessary to accommodate various industries. Each customer specification is carefully transformed into a cost-efficient reality. Every part we create is a representation of our overall dedication to craftsmanship.
  4. 4. An outstanding reputation for customer service coupled with the Management commitment to quality has made Bharat Forge the preferred domestic and global supplier for major OEM’s. Under the intense and caring supervision of the Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Babasaheb N. Kalyani, the company continues to expand and its markets continue to grow, while the goal remains the same : to deliver competitive, quality products and services - time after time.</li></li></ul><li>Philosophy<br />
  5. 5. Vision and Mission of the Company<br />Mission of the Firm: -<br /> “To be the no.1 forging Company in the world by 2008.” <br />Vision of the Company:-<br /> “The greatest strength of Bharat Forge is ability to understand customer needs. Its ability to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliable products & services to their customer’s globally can be attributed to strong teamwork, continuous R&D and the dedication and commitment of each and every member of the BFL family.”<br />
  6. 6. Strategy of the Company<br /> In expanding global markets, technology based innovation is the most important driver of growth.<br /> The Bharat forge have been building world class manufacturing plants and reaching global scale capacities in there line of businesses. They now building partnerships with major global OEMs and Tier all companies around the world, offering full service supply capability.<br /> Innovation runs through everything that done by Bharat Forge. They goal is to move fast in the direction set by they highly focused strategies. They believe that fast execution of they strategies imparts tremendous velocity for company, and company’s customer’s progress.<br /> <br />‘’ To maintain better Quality is also over objective as well as strategy.’’<br /> <br />
  7. 7. Other Strength and Strategy<br />They believe that it’s historical success and future prospects are directly related to a combination of strengths, including the following :<br />State-of-art, global scale facilities <br />Global Dual Shore Manufacturing Capability <br />World Class Technology <br />Full Service Supply Capability <br />Largest single location capacity worldwide <br />Wide product profile across Auto & Non Auto segments <br />Best ‘Speed to Market’ in Industry <br />Cost efficiency <br />Comprehensive CAD/CAM/CAE and product development capability <br />Highly Qualified & Motivated, Engineering Talent Pool <br />
  8. 8. Other Strategy for Bharat Forge Pvt. Ltd.:-<br /> <br /><ul><li>To become Leader at all sector of Forging in the World.
  9. 9. To Cover 100% of total shares in the Market of Forging industry.
  10. 10. Try to be and become more and more strong and powerful in economic condition in World wide.
  11. 11. To use the Brand name and enter in other sector, like manufacturing and Automobiles, Agricultural industry, Service Sector etc.
  12. 12. Try to become and be a no. 1 for a long time.</li></ul> <br /> <br />
  13. 13. Thanks For Watching<br />Please Share<br />Check out more great forwards at<br />vparakhiya@rediffmail.com<br />vparakhiya@gmail.com<br />Mo.No. :- 94279-13540<br />