Voxeo Summit 2010: VoiceObjects Spotlight


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At Voxeo's Customer Summit 2010, Amy Downs, Voxeo's Director of Customer Experience, describes how Voxeo's VoiceObjects can significantly reduce the costs of building communication applications while creating a better customer experience. She explains what VoiceObjects is, the power it has to create personalized and multi-channel applications, VoiceObjects reporting and analytics and finishes explaining where you can learn more.

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Voxeo Summit 2010: VoiceObjects Spotlight

  1. 1. VoiceObjects – Significantly Reducing Application Costs Amy Downs, Director of Customer Experience
  2. 2. What is VoiceObjects? © Voxeo Corporation
  3. 3. VoiceObjects   Eclipse- and Web-based development environment   Offers high end application creation features   Highest-rated reporting and analytics suite   Rich internationalization support   Multi-Channel (IVR,Web,SMS) application support   Automatic documentation and prompt management © Voxeo Corporation
  4. 4. VoiceObjects - All in One VoiceObjects Analyzer Load Tester 1 End-to-end testing 6 2 testing Phone-less Design 5 Storyboard Manager Debug Viewer, 3 VUI Design Trace Viewer VoiceObjects 4 Desktop for Eclipse & Web Project Grammar Documentation IDE Storyboard Manager © Voxeo Corporation
  5. 5. Personalization Adapt-to-Preferences Language, input mode, persona, channel, ... Adapt-to-Caller Speaking style, synonyms, number patterns, ... Adapt-to-Experience First time caller / novice user / power user Adapt-to-Transaction History Self-service transaction history: predict reason for calling Adapt-to-Portfolio Reflect only products and services aligned with caller‘s subscription © Voxeo Corporation
  6. 6. MultiChannel It’s not all about the phone anymore! © Voxeo Corporation
  7. 7. Unified Self-Service   One application investment   Multiple communication channels   One deployment platform – or use your platform of choice   Improved, accelerated ROI   Any tool, programming paradigm or language   Voxeo compatibility modes for porting existing applications © Voxeo Corporation
  8. 8. The customer perspective
 A Consistent User Interface   Menu-driven Navigation Mobile Web IVR (Voice/DTMF) Text (USSD/SMS/IM) ... Please make your choice: Service plan manager, customer data, billing, or support. © Voxeo Corporation
  9. 9. Itʼs not all about the phone anymore http://www.flickr.com/photos/tavallai/2084954580/ Kids Don’t Talk on the Phone © Voxeo Corporation
  10. 10. Characteristics of Millennials   Always had the internet   Have seen the internet as a social not a business/ information access tool   Had mobile phone since they were 13 and can SMS faster than they speak   Often not interested in a relationship with a company or body   Always multi-task – often on the move (noise, no way to write things down etc) © Voxeo Corporation
  11. 11. Text is Generational Prefer to receive SMS alerts when checking order status, delivery updates, etc. 40.00% 35.00% 30.00% 25.00% 18-24 20.00% 25-34 35-44 15.00% 45-54 55+ 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neither Agree Somewhat Strongly Dont Know / Not nor Disagree Disagree Disagree Sure Source: Opus Research Consumer Preference survey (2010, n=985)  © Voxeo Corporation
  12. 12. Boost Productivity © Voxeo Corporation
  13. 13. Voxeo VoiceObjects Productivity Voxeo VoiceObjects Shows 2:1 and 3:1 Productivity Improvement In two studies by independent systems integrators Maintenance in Person Days Per Year 1149 1078 565 308 Study 1 Study 2 = No VoiceObjects = With VoiceObjects We’re up to ten times more productive with VoiceObjects. It used to take us 10 hours for a single maintenance operation. Now with VoiceObjects it only takes 1 hour. - Sven Klindworth, T-Com Voice Portal © Voxeo Corporation
  14. 14. Development Productivity   Personalization Layer concept for dynamic, personalized dialogs -  across multiple channels and languages -  for different customer categories, values, preferences, transaction history, …   Reusability -  Modularization facilitates team collaboration and maintainability -  Organize frequently used objects in shared Reused libraries   Consistency -  Inherit generic functionalities such as Defined once navigation commands and event handling to ensure a consistent VUI Applied everywhere © Voxeo Corporation
  15. 15. Most Robust Reporting Analytics © Voxeo Corporation
  16. 16. VoiceObjects Rated Highest By Opus Phone-Based Self-Service Reporting Analytics Packages Openness for Out-of-the- Real-Time Flexibility/ IVR and Box Logging Change Mgt Database Mgt BI Support Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Reporting Server Nuance/ClickFox Consumer Insight Vicorp xMP Reporter xMP Analyser, Reporter and Console VoiceObjects Analyzer Source: Opus Research (2007) © Voxeo Corporation
  17. 17. VoiceObjects Infostore and Analyzer   Out-of-the-box Data Capture by VoiceObjects Server -  Dimensional Data model optimized for BI analysis -  Integrates with data from ASR, CTI, and CRM   Analysis and Reporting -  Based on standard business intelligence tools -  60+ predefined Reports, based on real-time data -  Extends existing Data Warehouse -  Includes Customer behavior and business analysis   Highest Rated Analytics Package in the Market VoiceObjects Analyzer Infostore (Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy) CTI IVR CRM 3rd party Data Data Data Analysis Tools © Voxeo Corporation
  18. 18. InfoStore Data Capture Dominant Path Personalization Business Tasks Customer Analysis Statistics Transaction completion Behavior Interactive caller Service performance rates with detailed navigation pattern by customer segment failure analysis Intelligence analysis ASR Performance Utterance Utterance Application Speech recognition Statistics Recordings Grammar performance analysis Grammar coverage, Access to utterance Event counters Word count stats, recordings in Tuning Barge-in detection DTMF Fallback application context Statistical data sampling Server Statistics Session Details System •  Call concurrency, call duration •  Individual call time duration •  Technical metrics •  Aggregated ASR Statistics Usage •  Session partitioning analysis •  Reason for call termination Performance © Voxeo Corporation
  19. 19. Reporting on Business Tasks   Business tasks represent a business view „on top“ of the call flow definition   Task execution results are automatically logged to Infostore   Business task related metrics •  Number of attempts •  Completion/success rate •  Failure rate (by category) •  Task completion duration •  Caller behavior analysis during task completion •  Aggregated metrics on recognition quality © Voxeo Corporation
  20. 20. Where do we go from here? © Voxeo Corporation
  21. 21. Get started for free   Sign up for an account on Voxeo’s hosted Evolution Developer Portal •  http://evolution.voxeo.com   Download the Voxeo Prophecy Platform •  http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy   Download the VoiceObjects Developer Edition •  http://www.voiceobjects.com/free   Plus receive •  Free 24x7x365 developer support, •  Demos Tutorials, •  Free monthly Developer Jam Sessions, •  and a lot more. © Voxeo Corporation
  22. 22. Voxeo University   Instructor-led classes at a Voxeo University Training Center •  Orlando, US •  Cologne, Germany   Onsite training at your premises   Online certifications   Workshops and webinars   More information and registration: •  http://www.voxeo.com/university •  university@voxeo.com © Voxeo Corporation
  23. 23. Voxeo University: Curriculum FREE training offer: 5 days VoiceObjects development training and 2 days Prophecy overview, free of charge, in Orlando and Cologne © Voxeo Corporation