Voxeo Jam Session: What's New in Prophecy 11 and VoiceObjects 11?


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In this developer jam session, Dan York, Director of Conversations at Voxeo, walks through the changes in each of Voxeo's core products, Prophecy and VoiceObjects, and explains what they mean to developers and how those new change can enable you to build even more powerful communications applications.


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Voxeo Jam Session: What's New in Prophecy 11 and VoiceObjects 11?

  1. 1. Whatʻs New in Prophecy 11 andVoiceObjects 11"August 24, 2011! Dan York! Dir. of Conversations! twitter.com/danyork! twitter.com/voxeo! dyork@voxeo.com!
  2. 2. Logistics!  Please ask questions through the GoToWebinar interface.  Twitter hashtag(s): #voxeo  Archive will be available at: blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/© Voxeo Corporation
  3. 3. About Voxeo!  Founded in 1999  World’s largest hosted VoiceXML and CCXML platform – Over 90,000 hosted ports globally; hundreds of premise deployments  Over 200,000 developers using Voxeo platforms  The Voxeo difference: Unlocked Communications, Customer Obsession Teams, Communications Passion© Voxeo Corporation
  4. 4. Applications!  Information retrieval   Customer self-service portals  Telephone surveys   Traffic and weather  Emergency notifications   Field technician enablement  Bill reminders, collections   Voice Portals  Account balance & transfer   Auto attendants  Order status   Voicemail services  Outbound notifications   Voice instant messaging  Package tracking   Voice verification  Conferencing solutions   Call recording solutions  Telesales   Political campaigning  Real estate information lines   …and many more© Voxeo Corporation
  5. 5. Self-service Channel Development!Multi-channel Premium services Apps Info-/entertainment Leverage the next generation of the mobile Web Mobile Web Sophisticated user experience HTML Flash New mobile channels to support channel of choice Text Cost efficient self-service on mobile devices and reduce cost 2-Way-SMS Social Networks USSD Instant MessagingVoice Voice More comprehensive applications with improved usability Enhancement of existing applications ASR Mixed-initiative NLU Natural dialogs Migration to VoiceXML- DTMF Simple, directed applications enabled platform End-of-lifeLegacy  Migration New functionality Personalization „Adapt to me“ Self-Service Lifetime© Voxeo Corporation
  6. 6. Unified Self-Service™!   One application investment   Multiple communication channels   One deployment platform – or use your platform of choice   Improved, accelerated ROI   Any tool, programming paradigm or language   Voxeo compatibility modes for porting existing applications   Cloud, premise or hybrid© Voxeo Corporation
  7. 7. A Key Difference! Identical Software© Voxeo Corporation
  8. 8. VoiceObjects 11!
  9. 9. Application Lifecycle Management Suite! VoiceObjects Analyzer Load Tester 1 End-to-end testing 6 2 testing Phone-less Design Storyboard 5 ManagerDebug Viewer, VUI DesignTrace Viewer 3 VoiceObjects Desktop 4 for Eclipse & Web Project Grammar Documentation IDE Storyboard Manager © Voxeo Corporation
  10. 10. Design Once – Deploy Anywhere! Real-time caller preferences, location, responses Voice Video Text Mobile Web IM Two-Way SMS Personalized Dialogs and Visual Display Account Activity User Purchase Other Information History Preferences History Information© Voxeo Corporation
  11. 11. Get rid of the silos!Interactive Interactive InteractiveMessaging Voice/Video WebResponse Response Response USSD/SMS/IM VoiceXML HTML Browser Browser Browser Service Text Service Voice Service Web Creation Application Creation Application Creation Application Tool A Server Tool B Server Tool C Server Apps Stats Apps Stats Apps Stats Backend Systems Legacy Data | CRM | ERP | Billing | Content © Voxeo Corporation
  12. 12. Get rid of the silos!Interactive Interactive InteractiveMessaging Voice/Video WebResponse Response Response USSD/SMS/IM VoiceXML HTML Browser Browser Browser Service Phone Creation Application Tool Server Apps Stats Backend Systems Legacy Data | CRM | ERP | Billing | Content © Voxeo Corporation
  13. 13. Analytics and Business Intelligence!© Voxeo Corporation
  14. 14. VO Analyzer mobile (iPhone)! Management-level KPI and trend analysis reports Using MicroStrategy 9 Mobile (iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry)© Voxeo Corporation
  15. 15. VoiceObjects 11 – Go Large!!
  16. 16. How Large?! 20,000+ ports! (and could be MUCH higher)© Voxeo Corporation
  17. 17. VoiceObjects 11 !- Whatʼs New!  Support for large scale deployments across multiple data centers •  Central operations, administration and management (OA&M) through Virtual Control Center and Infostore Broker Architecture •  New Analysis Capability for Back-end availability and performance metrics •  One-click deployment, one-click rollback  Enhanced Efficiency  Reduced Risk  Substantial Cost Saving  Large Customer Wins •  EMEA Service Provider - 9,000 ports •  NA Large Enterprise – 15,000 ports© Voxeo Corporation
  18. 18. Virtual Control Center!  High Availability: VoiceObjects clusters in multiple data centers with central OA&M •  Manage multiple regional VoiceObjects clusters with many 10k ports •  Connections of any type (WAN, VPN, Internet) •  Full cross-site failover •  Single point of control •  Fully synchronized service deployments ensure consistency •  Automatic consolidation of Infostore logs through Infostore Broker Architecture •  Resilient against network outages/latencies of connections between data centers© Voxeo Corporation
  19. 19. VCC: OA&M of Multiple Clusters!Control Center Control CenterLas Vegas Orlando Virtual Control Center © Voxeo Corporation
  20. 20. Multi-Site OA&M and Reporting!© Voxeo Corporation
  21. 21. Back-end Performance!  Identify performance issues of back-end systems  Real-time monitoring and post-mortem analysis  Define performance metrics and alerts •  Take action before errors start to occur in live system© Voxeo Corporation
  22. 22. Back-end Performance!  For each back-end access, Infostore tracks •  Success/failure •  Processing time •  Timeout or error code •  Data volume •  Time & Session context© Voxeo Corporation
  23. 23. Get Started with VoiceObjects 11!  Download free developer version for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X at: developers.voiceobjects.com© Voxeo Corporation
  24. 24. Prophecy 11!
  25. 25. The Prophecy Platform!  Downloads and installs in minutes  Scales from 2 ports to 10’s of thousands of ports  World’s most compatible and compliant VoiceXML implementation  World’s most proven CCXML implementation  CTI support (Cisco, Aspect, Genesys, Avaya, others)© Voxeo Corporation
  26. 26. Prophecy 11 – Wideband Audio
 (a.k.a. “HD Audio”)!
  27. 27. Audio!© Voxeo Corporation
  28. 28. PSTN – “Narrowband”!© Voxeo Corporation
  29. 29. Why Wideband?!  “Being There”  Better understanding – p, b, t, s, f  Multi-lingual  Longer conversations, less fatigue  Speech recognition accuracy  Transcriptions  Voice biometrics© Voxeo Corporation
  30. 30. To Move Beyond the PSTN?! VoIP© Voxeo Corporation
  31. 31. Human Hearing! 20Hz – 20,000Hz© Voxeo Corporation
  32. 32. PSTN – “Narrowband”!© Voxeo Corporation
  33. 33. PSTN Frequency Range! 300Hz – 3,400Hz vs 20Hz – 20,000Hz© Voxeo Corporation
  34. 34. Wideband Frequency Range! 50Hz – 7,000Hz (or greater)© Voxeo Corporation
  35. 35. Sampling Rate – 8kHz (Narrowband)!© Voxeo Corporation
  36. 36. Sampling Rate – 16 kHz (Wideband)!© Voxeo Corporation
  37. 37. Codec Examples!Codec Sampling Bit Rate Notes Rate (kHz) (Kbps)G.711 8 64 “standard” narrowband audio (PSTN)G.729 8 8 compressed narrowbandG.722 16 64 common in IP-PBXsG.722.2 16 6.6 – 3GPP, mobile carriers(AMR-WB) 23.85Speex 8, 16, 32 4 – 44.2 open sourceSilk 8, 12, 16, 6 – 40 Skype (proprietary) 24OPUS 8 to 48 6 – 510 work-in-progress standard in IETF© Voxeo Corporation
  38. 38. Prophecy and Wideband Audio!  Supported Codecs: •  G722 – 16 kHz •  Speex – 8, 16, 32 kHz •  AMR-WB (G722.2) – 16 kHz •  16-Bit PCM  Wideband conferencing supported© Voxeo Corporation
  39. 39. Wideband Audio in P11!© Voxeo Corporation
  40. 40. Configuring Wideband in P11! config/config.xml config/config-reference.xml© Voxeo Corporation
  41. 41. Configuring Wideband in P11!  Default priorities: g711u|g711a=1; speex_8000|speex_16000=2; g726=3; g729|g722=4; g729b=5; amr-wb|gsm|speex_32000=6; pcm16_8000|pcm16_16000=7© Voxeo Corporation
  42. 42. Configuring Wideband in P11! <category name=”Rtp"> (... existing items ...) <category name="SDPCodecs"> <category name="speex_32000"> <item name="Priority”>1</item> </category> <category name="speex_16000"> <item name="Priority”>2</item> </category> <category name="g722"> <item name="Priority”>3</item> </category> <category name="g711u"> <item name=”Priority”>4</item> </category> </category> </category>© Voxeo Corporation
  43. 43. Wideband Conferencing in P11!  By default, Prophecy mixes conferencing audio streams in narrowband (8 kHz)  Add setting to config.xml to mix in wideband  Connections will be downsampled or upsampled <category name=”Rtp"> (... existing items ...) <category name=”Mixer”> <item name="DefaultConfSampleRate">16000</item> </category> </category>© Voxeo Corporation
  44. 44. Configuring Wideband in P11!  Restart Prophecy and start talking in wideband  Wideband conferencing requires additional config.xml change  Download free 2-port version for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X at: www.voxeo.com/prophecy/© Voxeo Corporation
  45. 45. Learn More About Wideband!   blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/2011/05/© Voxeo Corporation
  46. 46. Prophecy 11 and IPv6!
  47. 47. IPv4!© Voxeo Corporation
  48. 48. How IP Address Allocation Works! Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) You© Voxeo Corporation
  49. 49. Oops... as of Feb 1, 2011...! All Gone! Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) You© Voxeo Corporation
  50. 50. A Plethora of Portable Platforms! www.flickr.com/photos/clonedmilkmen/5111779335/© Voxeo Corporation
  51. 51. Internet of Things!© Voxeo Corporation
  52. 52. IPv6!2001:db8:34a5:23:aa1f:12f4:9009:1234© Voxeo Corporation
  53. 53. Prophecy and IPv6!  Industry’s first native IPv6 support in a commercial application server  “Dual stack” – can work with both IPv4/IPv6  Configuration process currently involves some manual editing, but that will change: docs.voxeo.com/prophecy/11.0/ipv6.htm  Note: Voxeo Designer and Prophecy Log Search do not currently work over IPv6.© Voxeo Corporation
  54. 54. Prophecy 11 – IPv6!© Voxeo Corporation
  55. 55. Prophecy 11 – IPv6!© Voxeo Corporation
  56. 56. Get Started With IPv6... ! http://bit.ly/voxeoipv6© Voxeo Corporation
  57. 57. Learn More About IPv6!   blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/2011/04/© Voxeo Corporation
  58. 58. Prophecy 11 and Fax!
  59. 59. Prophecy 11 and Fax!  Receive or send faxes using T.38 protocol over IP and TIFF files  Can be set to detect fax tone in audio and reinvite to a T.38 session  Works with T.38 gateways from vendors such as Audiocodes  More information, config settings and sample CCXML code at: docs.voxeo.com/prophecy/11.0/fax.htm© Voxeo Corporation
  60. 60. Prophecy 11 – Additional Changes!
  61. 61. Prophecy 11 – More Changes... !  Full release notes: docs.voxeo.com/prophecy/11.0/appendixfreleasenotes.htm  Automated backup and restore  New user role for provisioning  Stronger user security controls and audit trails  New page in Prophecy Commander to track conference sessions  Enhancements to SNMP support  Much, MUCH more...© Voxeo Corporation
  62. 62. Get Started with Prophecy 11!  Download free developer version for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X at: www.voxeo.com/prophecy/© Voxeo Corporation
  63. 63. Prophecy 11 – Hosted Cloud!
  64. 64. Prophecy in Voxeoʼs Hosted Cloud!  Prophecy 11 now default for new applications  Free developer accounts at: evolution.voxeo.com  Benefit of all the performance improvements of P11, but IPv6, wideband and fax not yet supported© Voxeo Corporation
  65. 65. Next Steps!
  66. 66. Next Best Practices Webinar! Best Practices in Voice Biometrics: Creating an Effective Strategy for User Authentication or Identification •  Thursday, September 15, 2011 •  http://blogs.voxeo.com/bestpractices/© Voxeo Corporation
  67. 67. Next Steps!  Sign up for Jam Sessions or view archives: •  http://blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/  Download Prophecy 11 or VoiceObjects 11: •  http://www.voxeo.com/free/© Voxeo Corporation