Voxeo Summit Day 2 - Voxeo CXP - IVR on Steroids


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  • Voxeo Summit Day 2 - Voxeo CXP - IVR on Steroids

    1. 1. Drew Allen Senior Trainer, Voxeo University Voxeo CXP IVR on Steriods
    2. 2. CXP makes it easy for you to design, develop, and deploy self service applications in a way that allows your customers to choose their method of communication. • Voice, Mobile Web, SMS/Text channels Reduce cost of ownership • Mature suite of tools • Enables collaboration among team members • Triple Cloud Business Proposition How you ask? Business Proposition
    3. 3. CXP for Development • Personalization through layers reduces development time and complexity “The layer concept in CXP gives a tremendous amount of flexibility. My team is much more efficient since moving to CXP.” Richard Wager, Rapid Response • Mature Application Life Cycle Suite • Rapid Prototyping allows for multiple teams to share projects, e.g., Dialog flow vs. Grammar design. • Reusability uses one object in multiple flows relieving the need to recreate those dialog steps • Speed to Deployment cut by 25%-40% “I’ve been using CXP for 2 years, compared to our previous platform, Time to development is often reduced allowing us to provide faster turn around and better code” Liz Dela Mora, VoiceNet Interactive
    4. 4. Mobile – a native Voxeo CXP channel Design Once, Deploy Anywhere
    5. 5. Defined once Applied everywhere Reused Personalization Layer concept for dynamic, personalized dialogs • across multiple channels and languages • for different customer categories, values, preferences, transaction history, … Reusability • Modularization facilitates team collaboration and maintainability • Organize frequently used objects in shared libraries Consistency • Inherit generic functionalities such as navigation commands and event handling to Development Productivity
    6. 6. Appl. Logic Dialog step generated for … Lisa BenPhone App. Logic Presentation Layers Efficient management of dynamic, personalized applications Layers Manage Complexity Features • Adapt system responses at call time • Examples: • Multi-persona design • Multiple languages • Caller history • Customer status • Voice / DTMF Benefits • Keeps development and maintenance costs down! • Simplifies management of complex services
    7. 7. Silos Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs with CXP Resources required to: • Design • Develop • Deploy • Maintain • Document • Analyze • Test Tools to develop: • VXML Dialogs • SMS/Text • Mobile Web • Prompt Design • Dynamic Dialogs • Industry leading Analytics Multiple tools to build one application across channels
    8. 8. Apps VoiceXML Service Creation Interactive Voice/Video Response Stats Apps Stats Interactive Mobile Web Response Web Application Server Mobile Web Service Creation Interactive SMS/Text Response Stats SMS/Text Service Creation Apps SMS/Text Application Server Voice Application Server Backend Systems Legacy Data | CRM | ERP | Billing | Content 8 More VoiceObjects Architecture Multi-Channel Support – Dissolving Silos
    9. 9. Multi-Channel Support – Dissolving Silos Reduced expenditures to maintain tools 9 More VoiceObjects Architecture Apps VoiceXML Service Creation Interactive Voice/Video Response Stats Interactive Mobile Web Response Mobile Web Interactive SMS/Text Response SMS/Text CXP Backend Systems Legacy Data | CRM | ERP | Billing | Content + Analytics
    10. 10. CXP Analyzer Grammar IDE Debugger, Trace Viewer, Phone-less testing, Load Testing Project Documentation Storyboard Manager CXP Developer CXP Commander Application Lifecycle Management
    11. 11. CXP Analyzer  Pre-built reports  Reporting engine with drilling, slicing & dicing …  Integration with CTI & CRM Need reports for developers, administrators and business, and in-depth analysis tools? InfostoreCXP Developer Back-End Systems Legacy | CRM | ERP Voice, Video Device AppsConnector Framework ASR, TTS, Call Control VoiceXML Browser Media Platform Driver CXP Server Application Lifecycle Suite - Architecture
    12. 12. CXP for Deployment • Operate applications on multiple dissimilar media platforms in parallel • Easier Migration • Capacity Planning • Redundancy, Failover • Central OA&M on Server Clusters • Operate multiple machines from a single Virtual Command Center • Safety features • One-click hot deployment & rollback • Administrative reports • Real Time Monitoring and notifications through SNMP, E-Mail and Web Services
    13. 13. • Media Platform Drivers • Operate applications on multiple dissimilar media platforms in parallel making migrating easier Design Once – Deploy Anywhere Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Risk CXP Server Media Platform Driver
    14. 14. Using Multiple Media Platforms Apps VoiceObjects Phone Application Server IVR 1 VoiceXML Browser Statistics On Premise Driver 1 Operating multiple dissimilar media platforms on premise IVR 2 VoiceXML Browser Driver 2 IVR 3 VoiceXML Browser Hosted Internet (https, VPN) Operating dissimilar media platforms on and off-premise Driver 3 Telephony Network
    15. 15. Back-end Integration Methods • Seamless, fle xible integration of business logic and data • Standards based XML data (or simple post) Server side CGI Scripts (JSP, ASP, Perl, PHP,...) HTTP Connector ... RDBMS J2EE Java RMI JDBC … .NET remoting RFC MQ SAP BAPIs MQ Series .NET Java Connector DB Connector Web Services Web Service Connector SOAP or RESTful CXP Server Connector Framework
    16. 16. CXP for OA&MCXP for OA&M Virtual Control Center • Number of sessions • Session by Service • Session duration • Status, active, finished, rejected, aborted Real Time Monitoring • SNMP • Email • Web Services
    17. 17. Cool new FeaturesCool New Features BUI – Business User Interface • Allow business users to make changes without a developer • Make changes to individual objects based on a multitude of reasons HSA – Hostspot Analytics • Allow developers to see real time analytics giving them more control and better insight
    18. 18. Give Business Users Control Change Prompts Enable Announcements Set Business Hours Configure Transfer Numbers Re-order Menu Items Enable Marketing Campaigns… BUI (Business User Interface)
    19. 19. • Performance metrics with threshold reporting • Available Metrics • ASR performance • Menu choices • Task completion • Trend Analysis 19 Hotspot Analytics Developers get real-time insight into service usage and caller experience
    20. 20. Business Tasks with bad performance are highlighted Drill-down by failure type Hotspot Analytics
    21. 21. Try CXP for FREE! http://voxeo.com/FREE/
    22. 22. Drew Allen dallen@voxeo.com THANK YOU!