Mobility - A Customer Self Service Party In Your Pocket (Or Purse)


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Mobility makes it incumbent to have the ability to serve customers on their channel of choice. Find out how to create true Social CRM by serving customers on all channels (voice, SMS, social media) and integrating data across these sources.

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  • Mobility - A Customer Self Service Party In Your Pocket (Or Purse)

    1. 1. MOBILITY –A SELF-SERVICE PARTY IN YOUR POCKET…(OR PURSE) Tobias Goebel Voxeo @tpgoebel #mobilecx
    2. 2. Multi-Channel Service @tpgoebel #mobilecx Today’s customers traverse multiple (self-service) channels until they decide to reach out to a human for help Company’s Website Web Search Social Networks Email, Contact Center: Fax, … Chat & Talk …Issue Email, Contact Center: Company’s (Web) App Web Search Social Networks SMS, … Chat & Talk
    3. 3. Mobile Customer Experience @tpgoebel #mobilecx There’s more to mobility than just “There’s an app for that!”
    4. 4. Vendor Landscape – before Mobility Revolution @tpgoebel Service Channels #mobilecx Chat Web Vendors C Email ResolutionIVR/Voice Vendors B Vendors A Time ? Self-Service Contact Center
    5. 5. Vendor Landscape – after Mobility Revolution @tpgoebel Service Channels #mobilecx Social Vendors E Apps Vendors D Chat Mobility Revolution has created cluttered vendor landscape Web Vendors C Email ResolutionIVR/Voice Vendors B Vendors A Time ? Self-Service Contact Center
    6. 6. Vendor Landscape – How it Should be @tpgoebel Service Channels #mobilecx Social Apps Chat Web Email ResolutionIVR/Voice Vendors A Time ? Self-Service Contact Center
    7. 7. #CustServ Macro Trends @tpgoebel
    8. 8. Solution: Multi-Channel Platform @tpgoebel
    9. 9. Design Once, Deploy Anywhere @tpgoebel IVR Mobile Web/Apps... Please make yourchoice: Service planmanager, contactdata, billing, orsupport. Texting (SMS, Twitter, F B, Chat)
    10. 10. IVR & Contact Center: Solve the Disconnect @tpgoebel Hello and“CTI” #mobilecx welcome back to Prime Insurance! Please enter your account number. 3–5–7–0 –8–7–1 Thanks. I can see you have an open claim in our system. Would you like to talk to an agent about this? Yes please! Good afternoon Mrs. Myers. I can see you are calling in to hear about your latest claim…
    11. 11. App & Contact Center: Solve the Disconnect @tpgoebel #mobilecx  Click-To-Talk  Context-sensitive, in-app phone experience • Do NOT leave app to make phone call into call center. Seamless experience  Send context of transaction history to agent via “CTI” bridge  Call volume concerns? Only offer button… • …to valued customers • …to those that have tried self-service already • …if queue status permits
    12. 12. Main Challenge @tpgoebel #mobilecx CRM ERP Challenge for successful multi-channel support: Cross-Channel CRM DB Common Access
    13. 13. Get Cross-Channel Reports & Analytics @tpgoebel #mobilecx
    14. 14. No one Channel to Rule Them All… @tpgoebel #mobilecx Confirm via SMS Use Channels for what they are best suited forBackendgenerates Switch channel toreminder perform more complex transaction
    15. 15. Can you rent a car in 13 seconds? @tpgoebel #mobilecxTwitter and SMS are the most convenient self-service channels out there Store customer’s Twitter ID in customer profile
    16. 16. Personalize your Portals @tpgoebel #mobilecx Not all customers are equal... ... ...but when it comes to self- service, we sometimes still treat them all the same
    17. 17. Personalization: Why? @tpgoebel #mobilecx Improve Caller Experience Optimize thru Reporting and Up-Sell and Analytics Cross-Sell Lower Increase Maintenance Automation Costs
    18. 18. Personalization on different levels @tpgoebel Group Level 1:1 Personalization • Customer segment • Account-specific • Customer value announcements • Language preference • Relevant menu choices • Address or region • Remember last transactions • ... • Shortener or longer dialogs • ... I can see you were trying to book a car using our app, but could not complete that We are aware of an outage in transaction. Would you like to your area. Would you like to speak with an agent?retrieve a call when power has been restored? Wie ich sehe haben Sie kürzlich It seems like you are calling in einen Schaden gemeldet. again to transfer money from Unsere Schadensabteilung wird your checkings to your savings sich bald mit Ihnen in account? Verbindung setzen…
    19. 19. Application Lifecycle ManagementDebugger, Trace Viewer, Control CenterPhone-less testing,Load Testing VoiceObjects Analyzer VoiceObjects Desktop Grammar IDE Storyboard Manager Project Documentation
    20. 20. Address Security Concerns @tpgoebel #mobilecx