Voxeo Summit Day 2 - Using CXP hotspot analytics


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  • http://www.google-analytics.com/ga.js
  • http://www.google-analytics.com/ga.js
  • Voxeo Summit Day 2 - Using CXP hotspot analytics

    1. 1. ... And some info about Google Analytics. USING CXP HOTSPOT ANALYTICS
    2. 2. The CXP Analytics Story Portfolio Overview CXP Analyzer Google Analytics Hotspot Analytics
    3. 3. Portfolio Overview • Full fledged reporting and analysis suite • Cross-channel usage & performance analysis • Ad-hoc analysis & scheduled reporting • Based on Business Intelligence platforms and CXP Infostore data CXP Analyzer The CXP Analytics Story Target groups: • Business • Developers • Operators
    4. 4. Portfolio Overview • Pre-configured for CXP Mobile Web apps • Adds Web-specific stats on • Region (country/state/city) • Mobile Devices & Browsers • Traffic Sources Google Analytics The CXP Analytics Story Target groups: • Business • Web Developers
    5. 5. Portfolio Overview • Actionable Insight in CXP Developer based on statistical data from Infostore • Cross-channel reporting on service usage and performance Hotspot Analytics The CXP Analytics Story Target group: • Developers
    6. 6. Actionable Insight for Developers HOTSPOT ANALYTICS
    7. 7. Actionable Insight for Developers Problem: • Developers often don’t have access to the BI platform. • Or, they don’t see reporting as part of their job. Solution: • Provide Actionable Analytics right within their development environment! Hotspot Analytics
    8. 8. Analytics in CXP Developer
    9. 9. Analytics in CXP Developer
    10. 10. Analytics in CXP Developer Production Metrics right in the IDE Highlighting Input states with usability problems
    11. 11. Availability Hotspot Analytics • First introduced with VoiceObjects 12 • Available on premise (VO 12, CXP 13) and in hosting (VO 12 and CXP 13 on Demand) 12
    12. 12. Production Development Metadata Infostore CXP Server CXP Server Metadata Create Applications in Development Environment (Metadata Connection) Fetch Usage Data from Production Environment (Infostore Connection) Hotspot DB Tables Data That Matters
    13. 13. Hotspot Analytics Get Started – Service Manager in CXP Commander 14
    14. 14. Infostore Hotspot DB Tables 2 Setup Options for Hotspot DB Tables Data That Matters Hotspot Analytics Setup Option Dynamic DB Views Tables (Oracle: ‘materialized views’) Best for … Dev/test systems Production systems Data Access Real-time data Historical data (e.g. updated daily) Aggregation Data aggregation on the fly Pre-aggregated data Respone Time Depends on Call volume Very quick Setup in VOD Staging Env. Production Env.
    15. 15. Where do Users Struggle? Input States Stats on ASR Performance In-depth info in tooltip Input States where users struggle are highlighted
    16. 16. Business Task Completion Rates Business Tasks with sub-average performance are highlighted Drill-down by failure type Success Rate Duration and interaction count Do Users Achieve Their Goals?
    17. 17. Customer Segmentation? Layer State Frequency Stats 62.73% New Callers
    18. 18. Trend Analysis • Has service performance improved? • Compare Data from current deployment with previous deployment • Compare Last 7 days (“Recent”) with data from entire service life time (“Total Time”) Is It Getting Better? Current - (Previous) 39.58% - (27.76%)
    19. 19. Absolute vs. Relative Ranking • Relative Ranking and Quartiles • Absolute Ranking • Compare metrics to predefined SLAs for key metrics SLAs
    20. 20. LIVE DEMO 23 Hotspot Analytics
    21. 21. Digging deeper into the Web Channel GOOGLE ANALYTICS
    22. 22. Reporting on the Mobile Web Channel Why add Google Analytics to the Mix? • CXP Infostore captures cross-channel data about user navigation & experience • But it doesn’t capture web-specific data such as … • Browser and Device Types • Demographic / Regional Information • Traffic Sources
    23. 23. Browser Info Google Analytics
    24. 24. Google Analytics Device Info
    25. 25. Location Info Google Analytics
    26. 26. How Does It Work? Google Analytics 29 CXP Server Secure Web Proxy HTML5 (via http) Fetch Content Google Analytics Server Internet Internet
    27. 27. How Does It Work? Google Analytics 30 Google Analytics Server http://www.google- analytics.com/ga.js Log Data CXP Server Secure Web Proxy HTML5 (via http) Fetch Content Internet Internet
    28. 28. Google Analytics • GAWeb*.xml RenderTemplate snippets imported by all web based render templates • GAWebJQ*.xml for jQueryMobile • GAWebXHTML.xml for all others • Is imported only if Google Analytics Web Property ID is defined Behind the Scenes
    29. 29. Object Level Integration w/CXP Google Analytics
    30. 30. Input States and Modules Google Analytics
    31. 31. Business Tasks Google Analytics
    32. 32. Setup at Google • Register with http://www.google.com/anal ytics/ and get a Google Analytics Web Property ID, e.g. “UA-906495043-1” Google Analytics Setup
    33. 33. Setup in CXP • Provide your Google Analytics Web Property ID in the Service object (Logging Parameters) Google Analytics Setup
    34. 34. CXP Analytics tools for Developers • Use the full power of CXP Analyzer for in-depth analysis of system and service performance and user experience • Use Hotspot Analytics on a day-to-day basis to stay abreast of performance and usage trends • Use Google Analytics to gain additional insight into usage of mobile web services powered by Voxeo CXP CXP Developers! Wrapping up 37
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