IPv6 and How It Impacts Communication Applications


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What is all the IPv6 buzz about? And how will it impact your communications applications? In February 2011, the last IPv4 addresses were allocated to the global registries. While IPv4 addresses will be available for some time, the reality is that IPv6 addresses will be required in the future. Service providers, enterprises and integrators need to understand how IPv6 works and what impacts it may or may not have on applications. In this session, Dan York provides an overview of IPv6, how it impacts the SIP protocol and potential future action. Along the way he provides links for more information. This was part of a webinar found at http://blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/

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IPv6 and How It Impacts Communication Applications

  1. 1. IPv6 And How It Impacts 
Communications Applications"May 5, 2011! Dan York! Dir. of Conversations! twitter.com/danyork! twitter.com/voxeo! dyork@voxeo.com!
  2. 2. Logistics!  Please ask questions through the GoToWebinar interface.  Twitter hashtag(s): #ipv6 and/or #voxeo  Archive will be available at: •  http://blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/© Voxeo Corporation
  3. 3. Why IPv6?!
  4. 4. In The Beginning...!© Voxeo Corporation
  5. 5. Mobility! www.flickr.com/photos/kapungo/3396823518/© Voxeo Corporation
  6. 6. Global IPv4 Disparity !© Voxeo Corporation
  7. 7. A Plethora of Portable Platforms! www.flickr.com/photos/clonedmilkmen/5111779335/© Voxeo Corporation
  8. 8. Internet of Things! www.flickr.com/photos/dmje/5159177886/© Voxeo Corporation
  9. 9. EVERYTHING over IP© Voxeo Corporation
  10. 10. Prolonging IPv4 - NAT Today! NAT   Public  IP   Private  IP   Addresses   PC Home Internet Firewall Firewall Firewall IP ISP   Phone Home  © Voxeo Corporation
  11. 11. Carrier Grade NAT! NAT   Public  IP   Private  IP   Addresses   PC Home Internet Firewall Firewall Firewall IP ISP   Phone Home  © Voxeo Corporation
  12. 12. The Problem?! SIP NAT© Voxeo Corporation
  13. 13. Oh, and by the way... ! (sorry... we still have NAT with IPv6...)© Voxeo Corporation
  14. 14. The Basics!
  15. 15. IPv4!© Voxeo Corporation
  16. 16. IPv6!2001:db8:34a5:23:aa1f:12f4:9009:1234© Voxeo Corporation
  17. 17. IPv6 Address Compression!2001:db8:34a5:0:0:0:0:12001:db8:34a5::1© Voxeo Corporation
  18. 18. IPv6 Address Compression! -> :: -> ::© Voxeo Corporation
  19. 19. IPv4 Port Numbers in IPv6?! 2001:db8:34a5::1234:5060© Voxeo Corporation
  20. 20. IPv6 Port Numbers! [2001:db8:34a5::1234]:5060© Voxeo Corporation
  21. 21. IPv6 addressing!http://[2001:db8:34a5::1234]/index.html http://[2001:db8:34a5::1234]:8080 sip:dan@[2001:db8:34a5::1234] sip:dan@[2001:db8:34a5::1234]:5060© Voxeo Corporation
  22. 22. Subnet Masks! w/subnet mask 2001:db8:34a5:92::/64 fe80::/10 © Voxeo Corporation
  23. 23. IPv6 – Multiple Addresses / Interface! 2001:db8:34a5:92:21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 (global) fe80::21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 (link-local)© Voxeo Corporation
  24. 24. IPv6 – Auto-configuration! 2001:db8:34a5:92:21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 fe80::21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 Ethernet 00:1c:a5:12:3a:80 (Note: privacy extensions are available)© Voxeo Corporation
  25. 25. IPv6 – Neighbor Discovery! No More DHCP For Address Assignment (well, unless you really want it) Router Advertisements Also Replaces ARP© Voxeo Corporation
  26. 26. IPv6 – Address Creation! Router Advertisement 2001:db8:34a5:92:21c:a5ff:fe12:3a80 Autoconfiguration from Ethernet Address© Voxeo Corporation
  27. 27. IPv6 and DNS!example.com 3600 IN A 3600 IN AAAA 2001:db8:34a5::1234© Voxeo Corporation
  28. 28. IPv6 – Other Differences! IMCPv6 Heavily Used No More Packet Fragmentation No More Broadcasts Increased Use of Multicasts NAT Traversal© Voxeo Corporation
  29. 29. Get Started With IPv6... ! http://bit.ly/voxeoipv6© Voxeo Corporation
  30. 30. Logistics!  Please ask questions through the GoToWebinar interface.  Twitter hashtag(s): #ipv6 and/or #voxeo  Archive will be available at: •  http://blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/© Voxeo Corporation
  31. 31. IPv6 and SIP!
  32. 32. IPv6 Works Fine!! Linphone – http://www.linphone.org Open source, free and available for Linux, Windows and MacOS X© Voxeo Corporation
  33. 33. Linphone and IPv6! Linphone – http://www.linphone.org Open source, free and available for Linux, Windows and MacOS X© Voxeo Corporation
  34. 34. DNS is your friend!© Voxeo Corporation
  35. 35. SIP Architecture! IP-PBX SIP SIP Alice Bob Media© Voxeo Corporation
  36. 36. Typical SIP Call Flow! User Agent 1 SIP Server User Agent 2 INVITE INVITE 100 Trying 180 Ringing 180 Ringing 200 OK 200 OK ACK ACK Bi-directional Media between endpoints BYE BYE 200 OK 200 OK© Voxeo Corporation
  37. 37. SIP Architecture! SIP SIP Proxy Proxy A SIP B SIP SIP Alice Bob Media (RTP, MSRP, etc.)© Voxeo Corporation
  38. 38. SIP Reality! SIP SIP SIP SIP SIP Proxy Proxy Proxy Proxy Proxy A SIP B SIP C SIP D SIP N SIP Internet (or WAN) SIP Media Media Alice Proxy Proxy Bob Media A Media B Media© Voxeo Corporation
  39. 39. “SIP” = Multiple Protocols!  SIP •  Control channel •  Various headers for passing information •  Offer/answer model for negotiating media (RFC3264)  SDP (Session Description Protocol – RFC4566) •  Defines media channel(s) •  Passed inside SIP packets© Voxeo Corporation
  40. 40. SIP Clients and Servers!  IPv4-only  IPv6-only  “Dual-stack” – IPv4/IPv6  RFC 6157 (April 2011) •  http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6157© Voxeo Corporation
  41. 41. Discovery of SIP Servers!  User agents need to find SIP servers/proxies  DHCPv6 •  SIP Options in RFC 3319  DNS SRV, NAPTR and AAAA Records (RFC 3263)© Voxeo Corporation
  42. 42. IPv4/IPv6 Fun!  Choosing Which Address to Use •  What if DNS gives a AAAA but your system doesn’t have “real” IPv6 connectivity? •  Note: You can retrieve AAAA records over IPv4 •  Which address do you try and for how long? •  “happy eyeballs”  Note: RFC 3484 defines selection process – and operating system may make choice© Voxeo Corporation
  43. 43. IPv4/IPv6 Fun!  Communicating between IPv4 client and IPv6 client through a proxy •  Record-Route: <sip:2001:db8::1;lr> •  Record-Route: <sip:;lr>  Mixed communication across a path of proxies  Mixed communication: IPv6 for SIP, IPv4 for media© Voxeo Corporation
  44. 44. IPv6 and SDP!  SDP descripes the media capabilities  Only allows a single IP address per media stream (“c=“ parameter) •  c=IN IP4 •  c=IN IP6 2001:db8:34a5::1234  Multiple proposals for additional SDP parameters •  ex. ANAT - RFC 4091 & 4092 – now deprecated by ICE  The IETF way forward is ICE – RFC 5245 •  ICE involves a negotation between endpoints to determine the best address to use© Voxeo Corporation
  45. 45. NAT, NAT, NAT... ! STUN, TURN, ICE (RFC 5245)© Voxeo Corporation
  46. 46. RFC 6157! RFC 6157 “IPv6 Transition in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)” tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6157© Voxeo Corporation
  47. 47. Other IPv6 Considerations!  Other interfaces •  Web and management systems •  Logging •  APIs  Custom SIP headers  Multi-vendor interoperability  SBC and firewall support for SIP over IPv6© Voxeo Corporation
  48. 48. SIPNOC 2011 IPv6 BOF!  April 2011 BOF at SIPNOC 2011 in Herndon, VA  Identified potential actions: •  Migration plans: collecting and publicizing plans that are available, helping find others •  Identification of interoperability tests or test plans that include IPv6 and SIP •  Providing case studies of successful migrations •  Listing SIP-related tools/services/products that support IPv6 •  General education around IPv6 and SIP / real-time communication  Created new mailing list: •  sipforum.org/mailman/listinfo/ipv6© Voxeo Corporation
  49. 49. IPv6 and Voxeo Prophecy and 
 Voxeo PRISM!
  50. 50. The Prophecy Platform!  Downloads and installs in minutes  Scales from 2 ports to 10’s of thousands of ports  World’s most compatible and compliant VoiceXML implementation  World’s most proven CCXML implementation  CTI support (Cisco, Aspect, Genesys, Avaya, others)  Prophecy 10.1 adds support for IPv6, wideband (HD) audio and fax© Voxeo Corporation
  51. 51. Prophecy Applications!  Information retrieval   Open enrollment  Telephone surveys   Traffic and weather  Emergency notifications   Field technician enablement  Bill reminders, collections   Voice Portals  Account balance & transfer   Auto attendants  Order status   Voicemail services  Outbound notifications   Voice instant messaging  Package tracking   Voice verification  Conferencing solutions   Call recording solutions  Telesales   Political campaigning  Real estate information lines   …and many more© Voxeo Corporation
  52. 52. Unified Self-Service™!   One application investment   Multiple communication channels   One deployment platform – or use your platform of choice   Improved, accelerated ROI   Any tool, programming paradigm or language   Voxeo compatibility modes for porting existing applications   Cloud, premise or hybrid© Voxeo Corporation
  53. 53. Prophecy and IPv6!  IPv6 Support added in 10.1 in March 2011  Download free 2-port version for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X at: •  www.voxeo.com/prophecy/  Configuration process currently involves some manual editing, but that will change: •  docs.voxeo.com/prophecy/10.0/ipv6.htm  Note: Voxeo Designer and Prophecy Log Search do not currently work over IPv6.© Voxeo Corporation
  54. 54. Prophecy 10.1 – IPv6!© Voxeo Corporation
  55. 55. Prophecy 10.1 – IPv6!© Voxeo Corporation
  56. 56. DEMO© Voxeo Corporation
  57. 57. PRISM 10! SIP & XMPP Application Server + = Media Server + IM and Presence + Carrier Grade57 © Voxeo Corporation
  58. 58. What is Voxeo Prism for?!  High demand call control applications, such as softswitch  Complex call control and media control applications, such as call center  3GPP IMS services and applications platform  Innovative multi-channel converged IP communication applications© Voxeo Corporation
  59. 59. Real-time Communications App Server!   Prism Supports Converged SIP, Web and XMPP applications.   Carrier grade high performance platform   Scales to hundreds of call setups per seconds and 10’s of thousands of active sessions per server   Rich SIP Registration and Presence support.   Full support for high availability and session replication allowing deployment of mission critical applications59 © Voxeo Corporation
  60. 60. PRISM and IPv6!  IPv6 Support added in 10.1 in May 2011  Download free developer version for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X at: •  www.voxeo.com/prism/© Voxeo Corporation
  61. 61. Next Steps!
  62. 62. Get Started With IPv6... ! http://bit.ly/voxeoipv6© Voxeo Corporation
  63. 63. SIP Forum “IPv6” Mailing List! sipforum.org/mailman/listinfo/ipv6© Voxeo Corporation
  64. 64. World IPv6 Day! June 8, 2011 isoc.org/wp/worldipv6day/© Voxeo Corporation
  65. 65. Next Jam Session! “How Do You Hear Me Now? The Power of Wideband (HD) Audio” •  Thursday, June 9, 2011 •  http://blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/© Voxeo Corporation
  66. 66. Next Steps!  Visit our IPv6 resource page and read our IPv6 blog posts: •  http://bit.ly/voxeoipv6 •  blogs.voxeo.com/speakingofstandards/tag/ipv6/  Sign up for Jam Sessions or view archives: •  http://blogs.voxeo.com/jamsessions/© Voxeo Corporation