ClueCon2009: Exciting Advancements in Open-Source Telephony Applications in the Cloud


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At ClueCon 2009, Jay Phillips spoke about exciting new developments in cloud telephony, specifically around Adhearsion, Asterisk, Voxeo and

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ClueCon2009: Exciting Advancements in Open-Source Telephony Applications in the Cloud

  1. 1. How many heard of Adhearsion before? How many heard of Tropo before? Exciting Advancements in Open-Source Telephony Applications in the Cloud
  2. 2. Adhearsion AGI AMI Asterisk
  3. 3. Asterisk Fun • AGI has no SIP-level control • AGI is synchronous. Can’t cancel command. • AMI protocol format has NO enforcement • No good bridging API • Simple features cause crashes (e.g. parking) • features.conf is not dynamic Just to name a few!
  4. 4. It’s all for a good cause! Right???
  5. 5. There are just some things I can’t fix with Asterisk
  6. 6. Most innovators don’t care about telephony
  7. 7. Innovators care about human communication
  8. 8. Hosting will make telephony fun (for once)
  9. 9. I set out to build an Adhearsion hosting company
  10. 10. was following two nascent communities FreeSWITCH Java telephony JSR 289, JSR 309, etc
  11. 11. then I found Voxeo
  12. 12. Adhearsion is now officially sponsored by Voxeo
  13. 13. Jason Goecke and I have founded Voxeo Labs in Silicon Valley
  14. 14. First major project:
  15. 15. Tropo Tropo Today Tomorrow will also support Very much like a robust, high-level Google App Engine protocol for application frameworks
  16. 16. Tropo Tropo Today Tomorrow Your Framework App Engine Internet Language Shims Tropo Protocol TropoServlet TropoServlet SIPMethod SIPMethod Java Java
  17. 17. Most of Tropo will be completely open-source
  18. 18. What about Adhearsion? • Adhearsion will have built-in Tropo protocol support • Can always use a FOSS stack with it • Don’t want to build a cluster? Use Tropo! • Lots of new features coming! • First cloud-friendly telephony application development framework
  19. 19. What to watch for • Telephony hosting will become FOSS-friendly • New communities for pre-written, cross-engine open-source telephony applications • The Java world will become an enormously important citizen in open-source telephony • Adhearsion support for Tropo, FreeSWITCH, etc • New protocols designed for app frameworks • Influx of new talent from the web world