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7 Critical Success Factors for Outbound IVR
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7 Critical Success Factors for Outbound IVR


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Do you want to learn how you can use outbound communication to build stronger relationships with your customers? Would you like to hear actual customer use cases of outbound communication? As your …

Do you want to learn how you can use outbound communication to build stronger relationships with your customers? Would you like to hear actual customer use cases of outbound communication? As your customers move into multi-channel communication across voice, SMS, IM and more, would you like how to use all those channels for outbound interaction as well?

In this presentation for a Speech Technology Magazine webinar, Voxeo's Dan York goes into all of this and more. Learn more at

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. 7 Critical Success Factors For 
 Outbound IVR" Dan York, Director of Conversations"! +1-407-455-5859! January 27, 2011!
  • 2. About Voxeo!  Founded in 1999  World’s largest hosted VoiceXML and CCXML platform – Over 82,000 hosted ports globally; thousands of premise deployments  Over 200,000 developers and 45,000 companies using Voxeo platforms and services  The Voxeo difference: Unlocked Communications, Customer Obsession Teams, Communications Passion© Voxeo Corporation
  • 3. Outbound Examples!  New customer welcome   Appointment notifications messages   Delivery confirmation  Personalized offers and   Telephone surveys promotions   Emergency notifications  Product availability updates   Conferencing solutions  Problem reporting   Voice instant messaging  Fraud prevention   Voice verification  Identify confirmation   Bill collection  Invitations with RSVP   Audio broadcasts  Community meeting notices   Real estate information  Transaction confirmations© Voxeo Corporation
  • 4. Case Study: Pepsi Bottling Ventures!  3rd largest Pepsi bottler in NA  Needed better way to call out to distributors to determine inventory needs  Solution involves integration of Voxeo Prophecy, Chrysalis Notification Service and SAP CRM software •  Daily calls – with option to transfer to a live agent •  CRM integration drives daily list of calls •  Call Progress Analysis ensures message delivery •  IP communications allows rich integration with no CTI middleware  Faster transaction times, reduced error rates, improved customer and agent satisfaction, one-call resolution, increased revenue© Voxeo Corporation
  • 5. Case Study: Clinical Trials!  Old system made calls to one number and required tone/DTMF interaction  New system: •  Include speech recognition option •  Connect out to multiple numbers simultaneously •  Use SMS as an additional channel to reach participants •  Allow participants to choose to speak with someone if necessary  Greater convenience for participants  Increased accuracy/info in results© Voxeo Corporation
  • 6. 7 Critical Success Factors!© Voxeo Corporation
  • 7. 1. Call Progress Analysis! Outbound Call Connects CPA Initializes Assume Human Logic - VoiceXML dialog plays instantly an eliminates “dead air” CPA Returns CPA Returns “Human” “Machine” Human confirmed Machine detected VoiceXML dialog continues VoiceXML dialog restarts at beep or alternate dialog is fetched and played© Voxeo Corporation
  • 8. 2. Standards And Interoperability!  VoiceXML  CCXML  SSML  SCXML  MRCP  SIP  XMPP  JSR-289, JSR-309© Voxeo Corporation
  • 9. 3. Security and Compliance!  PCI, HIPAA, SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, ISO 17799  Encrypted call recording  Voice biometrics© Voxeo Corporation
  • 10. 4. Capacity and Reliability!  Service Level Agreements  Burstability  Simultaneous Delivery  Worldwide Coverage  Premise / Cloud / Hybrid© Voxeo Corporation
  • 11. 5. Multi-Channel Support!© Voxeo Corporation
  • 12. 5. Multi-Channel Outbound!© Voxeo Corporation
  • 13. 6. Analytics and Business Intelligence!© Voxeo Corporation
  • 14. 7. Customer Experience Focus!© Voxeo Corporation
  • 15. 7 Critical Success Factors!  1. Call Progress Analysis  2. Standards and Interoperability  3. Security and Compliance  4. Capacity and Reliability  5. Multi-channel Communication  6. Analytics and Business Intelligence  7. Customer Experience Focus© Voxeo Corporation
  • 16. Easy to Get Started, Easy to Use  Learn about outbound IVR:  Learn how you can create outbound campaigns across multiple communication channels  Download our free whitepaper on Best Practices for Outbound IVR  Sign up for a free developer account to try it out!© Voxeo Corporation
  • 17. Dan York" !+1-407-455-5859!!skype: danyork!