5 Questions When Analyzing Your Analytics Options


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What questions should you ask when considering analytics options for your IVR and communications systems? In this presentation for a Destination CRM webinar, Voxeo's Dan York walks you through the five questions you should ask when looking into analytics and business intelligence options.

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5 Questions When Analyzing Your Analytics Options

  1. 1. 5 Questions When Analyzing Your
 Analytics Options" Dan York, Director of Conversations" dyork@voxeo.com twitter.com/danyork! +1-407-455-5859! January 26, 2011!
  2. 2. About Voxeo!  Founded in 1999  World’s largest hosted VoiceXML and CCXML platform – Over 82,000 hosted ports globally; thousands of premise deployments  Over 200,000 developers and 45,000 companies using Voxeo platforms and services  The Voxeo difference: Unlocked Communications, Customer Obsession Teams, Communications Passion© Voxeo Corporation
  3. 3. improve customer experience! increase customer loyalty! increase revenue!© Voxeo Corporation
  4. 4. What actionable insights can your analytics deliver?!© Voxeo Corporation
  5. 5. Understand caller behavior!Question: How do callersnavigate through the application? 1 2 3 5 4 Sequence: Prime Telecom Portal, Service Plan Mgr, Present Single Add-On, Billing, [End of Dialog] © Voxeo Corporation
  6. 6. Know how callers exit the application!Question: How docallers exit the application?Question: ... andwhere do they exit? © Voxeo Corporation
  7. 7. Know your callersʼ loyalty!Question: Do our customerscall in only once, or do we havemany frequent callers? Most callers (34454) called only once during the past 4 weeks Almost 4% of the callers called at least 10 times © Voxeo Corporation
  8. 8. Understand caller behavior! Dominant Path Analysis: Assess quality, identify problems Why do only 9.6% order an Add-On after the promotion? About 80% of all callers that had selected “Service Plan Manager” were presented a In absolute tariff “Add-On” promotion. numbers, the promotion was still a success!The order rate is much higher(33.5%) after browsing througha list of Add-Ons than after thepromotion! Why do most callers who selected to change an Add- On hang up? © Voxeo Corporation
  9. 9. Hotspot Analytics!   Caller behavior analysis in •  Highlights for sub-average the service creation recognition performance environment •  Navigation analysis •  Layer usage (Personalization) •  Quickly find and fix application issues •  Business Task performance© Voxeo Corporation
  10. 10. Can you get your analytics in real-time?!© Voxeo Corporation
  11. 11. Real-time Tuning!  Understand what callers are doing right now in your application  Make changes right now to improve customer experience, increase conversion rate© Voxeo Corporation
  12. 12. Example: Real-time Infrastructure! Production Environment Writing data VoiceObjects at call time Infostore Analyzer (Operational) „Tactical“ real-time Reporting VoiceObjects Periodic sync via Server Cluster loading scripts VoiceObjects Infostore (Datamart) Analyzer Business Intelligence CTI IVR CRM Data Data Data Data Warehouse Analysis Environment© Voxeo Corporation
  13. 13. Mobile Access! Management-level KPI and trend analysis reports Using MicroStrategy 9 Mobile (iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry)© Voxeo Corporation
  14. 14. Are you locked in to specific systems or choices?!© Voxeo Corporation
  15. 15. Leverage Existing Investment!© Voxeo Corporation
  16. 16. Extend Your Linkage To Other Systems! Learn more about your Application-specific customers from their interactions logging with your self-services Infostore CRM Custom DB Database Infostore System DB CTI Logs IVR LogsFollow calls through their Extend applicationphases in the environment tuning capabilities(Cradle-to-Grave) © Voxeo Corporation
  17. 17. What deployment options do you have?!© Voxeo Corporation
  18. 18. Premise or Cloud!© Voxeo Corporation
  19. 19. Can you analyze customer interactions across new communication channels?!© Voxeo Corporation
  20. 20. Changing Consumer Preferences!© Voxeo Corporation
  21. 21. Analyze Channels Side-by-Side! Cross-channel Reporting Business-level statistics on Task completion rates … but 82% actively aborted the “Order” transaction … … and there were recognition problems and hangups while entering new credit card data“Update ExpirationDate” was verysuccessful …© Voxeo Corporation
  22. 22. © Voxeo Corporation
  23. 23. Analytics Life Cycle!© Voxeo Corporation
  24. 24. 1. What actionable insights can your analytics deliver?!2. Can you get your analytics in real-time? !3. Are you locked in to specific systems?!4. What deployment options do you have?!5. Can you analyze customer interactions across 
 new communication channels?! © Voxeo Corporation
  25. 25. Easy to Get Started, Easy to Use  Learn about Voxeo VoiceObjects Real-Time Analytics: www.voxeo.com/crm-analytics  Learn how you can: •  Capture real-time analytics across multiple communication channels •  Use analytics and business to drive app improvents and improve efficiency  Download our free whitepaper on VoiceObjects Reporting  Understand how you can link to Business Intelligence systems  Download a free version of VoiceObjects to try it out!© Voxeo Corporation
  26. 26. Dan York"dyork@voxeo.com !+1-407-455-5859!twitter.com/danyork!skype: danyork!