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Slides of my seminar presentation
"Developing Multitouch Table Applications"

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  • My presentation will give you an overview of developing Multitouch Table applications
  • - At first is it important to understand - Ability to recognize two and more touch points - Interaction with machines by using multiple inputs. - Allows to create a more natural interaction - Main advantage – ability to collaboration - The information easily manipulated by many people
  • - Main goal of my topic is to show how the concepts can be implemented on a MTT - Therefore will my pres be focused on MTT - To impl the whole concepts of pg should a MTT - recognize objects on its Surface - the system should be able to communicate with mobile device - not all MTT installations support object recognition - there are a number of concepts to realize MT …
  • - But for purposes of our PG is the Optical technology the optimal choice - Generally consists all Opt MT Installations of three parts: - Furthermore are there a number of optical based technologies that can be used in a MTT installation -
  • - The whole MT HW can be represented as an IF Between User And The MT System - But we need some Processing SW That handles the user actions performed using the Hardware. - Therefore the are different kinds of MT SW according to the tasks it realize - Vision SW is used for Blob detection Client AppSW userd fot transformation the touvh events to real coodinates if that points - MT SW has an underlying architecture
  • As an example we now tale a look at TUIO SW Architecture
  • - Win 7 provides the administarative, security and directory func-ty - Visual system processes the visual data from HW to the data accessible by SF SDK - WPF&Core informs the applications about appearance of user touch, and is resposible to update the UI -Windows Integration the surface Applications should be integrated into a Windows OS -Surface Shell : This component manages applications, windows and its orientations.
  • Seminar presentation pg PUSHPIN

    1. 1. Developing Multitouch Table Applications
    2. 2. Developing Multitouch Table Applications● What is Multitouch● Multitouch hardware● Multitouch software● Microsoft Surface Platform● Prototype implementation
    3. 3. Multitouch?● Definition ● Recognition of two and more touches ● Simultaneously● More natural interaction● Allows collaboration● Everyone uses Multitouch technology ● Smartphones ● Tablets PCs Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 3
    4. 4. Multitouch Hardware● Focus on MT Tables● Requirements on MT Table application: ● Should support recognition of objects and fiducials ● Interaction between MT devices e.g. between MT table and mobile devices● Different technologies ● Based on different physical phenomena – Optical based – Resistance based – Capacitance based – etc. Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 4
    5. 5. Multitouch Hardware● Optical MT Table generally consists of ● Infrared light source ● Optical sensor ● Visual feedback● Technologies ● Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) ● Rear Diffused Illumination (Rear DI) support objects and fiducials ● Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI) ● etc. Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 5
    6. 6. Multitouch Hardware● FTIR ● Layered structure of touch surface ● Acrylic plate filled with light rays (total reflection) ● Contact reflects the light to the camera Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 6
    7. 7. Multitouch Hardware● DSI ● Similar configuration to FTIR ● Needs special type of plexiglass layer ● Contains microscopic mirror like particles ● Object reflects light to the camera Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 7
    8. 8. Multitouch Hardware● Rear DI ● Light source bellow the projection surface ● Object reflects light back to the camera Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 8
    9. 9. Multitouch Software● Hardware as an interface between user and system● Useless without processing Software● Different kinds of MT Software ● MT Vision Software – touch detection – Convert touches to point in with X and Y coordinate – object tracking ● Client Application Software – data from vision software → events triggered by touch points ● Simulation Software (Simulates the MT input on a desktop) Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 9
    10. 10. Multitouch Software● TUIO Architecture Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 10
    11. 11. Microsoft Surface Platform● Hardware and software platform for developing MT applications● Creating visual applications Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 11
    12. 12. Microsoft Surface Platform Architecture Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 12
    13. 13. Prototype Implementation● No real MT Table available for testing ;-)● Using Surface SDK as a client software ● Based on Windows Presentation Framework ● Using Visual Studio 2010 and C# for implementation● MT simulation with MS Surface Input Simulator● Allows to show co-authorship networks ● Based on EC-TEL Conference Database ● Different views on the network Universität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 13
    14. 14. PrototypeUniversität Paderborn - PG PUSHPIN - Vitali Voth 14