July2009 London ICT ebulletin


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Aimed at smaller voluntary and community organisations, managers, circuit riders and accidental techies.

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July2009 London ICT ebulletin

  1. 1. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx Cannot read this email? Click here About Lasa Dear Sean, La sa is a cha rity which de live rs inno va tive se rvice s in the fie lds o f we lfa re be ne fits a dvice , IC T As someone with an interest in voluntary and (info rm a tio n a nd community sector ICT we hope you find our monthly co m m unica tio ns te chno lo gy) London ICT e-bulletin useful. Our bulletin is aimed at a nd a dvice po licy. O ur clie nts smaller voluntary and community organisations, a re m a inly fro m the vo lunta ry managers, circuit riders and accidental techies. It will se cto r a nd sta tuto ry se cto r but we a lso wo rk with so m e priva te keep you up to date with the latest news for circuit se cto r o rga nisa tio ns. riding, ICT events and training, ICT accessibility and more. You can also forward it to a colleague or Lasa publications unsubscribe at any time. La sa 's monthly London ICT e-bulletin pro vide s up to da te IC T ne ws, e ve nts, funding, Lasa Information Systems Team to o ls, tips a nd re so urce s fo r sta ff in sm a ll to m e dium -size d In this London ICT e-bulletin for July 2009: vo lunta ry o rga nisa tio ns. P ublishe d in co lla bo ra tio n with ict news Supe rhighwa ys Circuit Rider Conference report, mobile phone tariffs, Ge t La sa 's m o nthly Lo ndo n IC T greener electronics, SMS fees waived and Lasa ICT e -bulle tin by e m a il. Learning. La sa 's m a ga zine Computanews pro vide s stra ight-fo rwa rd, cle a r events & training info rm a tio n o n the use o f IC T NetSquared NetTuesday meetup, Government green fo r sta ff in sm a ll to ICT, Data Protection and Collaborative Working m e dium -size d vo lunta ry events. o rga nisa tio ns. Ge t C o m puta ne ws by e m a il funding Funding Central and government funding websites C o m puta ne ws is publishe d and fundraising tools. qua rte rly a s a fre e Acro ba t pdf file do wnlo a d a t www.la sa .o rg.uk /co m puta ne ws resources ICT in Lambeth, CiviCRM book, telephony for the ICT support in your area deaf, improving support, outcomes monitoring, new managing technology book and legal issues around London ICT Champion T he Lo ndo n R e gio na l IC T 1 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  2. 2. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx the cloud. C ha m pio n suppo rts VC O s to be tte r unde rsta nd IC T to a chie ve the ir practical tips m issio ns o f de live ring qua lity Upgrade your memory and creating an se rvice s m o re e ffe ctive ly. organisational chart Lasa ICT Knowledgebase T he se cto r le a ding IC T tools & applications Kno wle dge ba se co nta ins o ve r Google's toolbelt, new Lotus office suite, Spiceworks 300 a rticle s in ja rgo n fre e pla in update and making movies. English o n a ll a spe cts o f IC T . Discuss the a rticle s a nd m o re a t the IC T C a fe . Go to top Lasa Suppliers Directory ict news Fro m we b de signe rs to suppo rt co m pa nie s, use the Supplie rs Dire cto ry to lo ca te Lasa Circuit Rider Conference Report published inde pe nde ntly ve rifie d high Lasa recently ran its fifth annual Circuit Rider qua lity IC T suppo rt in yo ur Conference in London. Supported by IBM and CTX a re a . the conference attracted over 50 voluntary sector UK riders email list ICT support and development workers who took UKR ide rs is a discussio n gro up part in a varied programme of debates, breakouts fo r circuit ride rs a nd o the rs who and showcase sessions. Download the report (PDF suppo rt vo lunta ry a nd co m m unity se cto r te chno lo gy. 450Kb) Superhighways Comparing mobile phone tarifs Supe rhighwa ys is a n IC T Ofcom has accredited BillMonitor, a price comparison Suppo rt a nd De ve lo pm e nt So cia l Ente rprise run by a nd fo r service that allows consumers to get cheaper mobile the vo lunta ry a nd co m m unity phone deals. BillMonitor uses advanced statistics to se cto r in So uth Lo ndo n, a nd find the best monthly mobile price plans across the co lla bo ra te s with La sa in the five network operators. It is planning to increase the pro ductio n o f this e -bulle tin. scope of its calculator to include pay as you go services as well as tariffs for virtual mobile network operators. Source: Ofcom Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics Greenpeace's latest guide criticises major PC manufacturers for backtracking on promises to reduce the hazardous materials used in their products. Find out more SMS provider waives charity text donation fees About 30 per cent of every text donation made to third sector organisations in the UK is taken in charges by third-party service providers and mobile networks. However, Win, a company that handles 2 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  3. 3. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx texts between charities and donors has announced that it will waive the fee for charities and other not-for-profit organisations using its services. Source Third Sector Online Lasa ICT Learning Programme Aiming to develop Circuit Rider skills in the non-profit sector, Lasa's new ICT Learning Programme is now open for applications. Our first phase is for Circuit Riders both working in capacity building organisations and independently. More information and applications Related Knowledgebase articles: Reaching out through mobile Mobile 2.0 Go to top events & training 4 August: NetSquared NetTuesday meetup More information and sign up You can also get a flavour of the event by watching videos from the previous meetup. 15 September: Government ICT goes Green @ Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London, SW1 - Key presentations directly relevant to the Greening Government ICT agenda and analysis of green issues, technologies and industry best practice. £171.35 to voluntary sector delegates. Register now 24 September: Data Protection and Communications for the Voluntary Sector @ NCVO, London N1 - Find out how to ensure your organisations' communications are lawful. Prices from £95, more information and booking. 29 September 2009: NCVO's Collaborative Working Conference 2009 @ NCVO, London, N1 - NCVO’s fourth annual Collaborative Working Conference will discuss current practice in 3 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  4. 4. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx collaborative working across civil society organisations and look at new opportunities offered by collaboration. Prices from £121.52 for NCVO members. More information and registration Event/training organisers - if you are planning an event please send us brief details so we can include it in the e-Bulletin by emailing ictbulletin@lasa.org.uk Go to top funding Funding Central site launched Funding Central will provide access to thousands of funding and finance opportunities, plus a wealth of tools and resources supporting organisations to develop sustainable income strategies appropriate to their needs. Find out more Government Funding In these times of economic downturn, having the latest funding information can prove vital. Managed by the Directory of Social Change, this subscription services provides access to government, local government, regional and European funds. Find out more E-Gateway London Funders (ELF) ELF provides various tools and resources to help you fundraise. Find out more Discuss Do you use the Internet to fundraise? What resources do you find useful? Have you had any funding success after using them? Share your experience over on the Lasa ICT Cafe. Related Knowledgebase articles: Writing a Winning Grant Proposal 4 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  5. 5. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx Fundraising and the Internet Funding for ICT Download: How to Cost and Fund ICT (PDF 1.2MB Go to top resources Lasa - Accessing and Using ICT in Lambeth A new report by Lasa suggests that many voluntary and community organisations are still failing to maximise their use of ICT, and are struggling to engage with funders and policy-makers. Download the report (PDF 2mb) CiviCRM book This book will help you evaluate and get to grips with installing and using the open source, web based database. Download the PDF for free. Telephony needs of deaf people Ofcom has published an independent study into the communications needs of people with hearing impairments. The study considers the extent to which these needs are met by existing telecommunications services and how new text relay services might deliver increased benefits. Source: Ofcom Improving Support website Capacitybuilders Improving Support website has received a soft (unofficial) launch. The new portal is a one-stop-shop combining information on Capacitybuilders various workstreams – Campaigning, Collaboration, ICT, etc – with visitors to the site able to search for information and resources by region or topic. Source: Improving Support website Outcomes Monitoring & ICT Resources from the recent conference are now available. Also on the Charities Evaluation website 5 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  6. 6. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx you will see useful information relating to software, IT systems and how to get started. There is also a Using ICT to improve your Monitoring and Evaluation Workbook available for £12 plus a free downloadable worksheet. Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission Billed as a strategic guide for non-profit leaders this book has been put together by NTEN, the Non Profit Technology Network, based in the United States. Find out more Legal: UK Government commits to cloud computing for public sector The Government has asked all public sector bodies to make future IT purchases consistent with cloud computing so that it can move all its digital services into a private, secure 'cloud' called 'G-cloud' for government bodies. Source: Out-Law.com Related Knowledgebase articles: Web Based Services - Tales Of the Unexpected Identifying Your Telephony Requirements Go to top practical tips Each month we look at some practical tips and techniques to help you get the most out of using ICT. Upgrading Memory Applications running slow? If you think you may need to upgrade your PC's memory, download the Superhighways factsheet which explains how to identify what additional memory is required and then how to install it. Creating Organisational Charts 6 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  7. 7. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx Instead of adding text boxes and lines in Word or Publisher, use the Organisational Chart feature in PowerPoint. Follow the Superhighways guide to produce a staff structure diagram in no time at all. Related Knowledgebase articles: ICT Equipment Replacement Strategy Go to top tools & applications Each month we look at some handy tools to help you get the most out of your technology: Google Toolbelt Google’s new “show options” feature (code named Toolbelt) lets you restrict results to just pages from the past 24 hours. You can use this feature in combination with Google’s “site” and “link” operators, too. Just click "Show Options" on a Google search results page. Lotus Symphony IBM's free office suite is now available for download. Compatible with Microsoft documents, it features document, spreadsheet and presentation tools within a tabbed browser environment. Find out more Spiceworks 4.0 released Spiceworks has released the latest version of its popular free network inventorying and helpdesk tool. Download Windows Movie Maker Many people don't know that Microsoft Windows includes this movie editing program which can be accesseed via Start / All programs / Accessories. Find out more information about Movie Maker. Discuss As a collaborative project between Lasa and 7 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM
  8. 8. July 2009: London ICT e-bulletin http://lasanews.org.uk/4KS-1CP2-78GK9T W6B/cr.aspx Superhighways, we are using Google Docs to compile the London ICT e-bulletin. Are you using any web office tools in your organisation? What are the pros and cons of using them? Do you have faith in the cloud to store your vital documents? Discuss at the Lasa ICT Cafe Related Knowledgebase articles: Web Office Tools Sample ICT Inventory Documenting Your Network Go to top Co p yrig ht: This w ork is licensed under a C reative C ommons Attribution- non-commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License Sub scrip tio ns: Manage your Lasa subscriptions here or stop receiving all Lasa publications and bulletins here. Please feel free to forw ard this bulletin to a friend, and be sure to add our from address into your address book or safe senders list to help guarantee delivery of our email. Co ntact: Lasa, Universal House, 88-94 Wentw orth Street, London, E1 7SA • Phone 020 7426 4473 • Fax 020 7427 4725 info@lasa.org.uk or w w w .lasa.org.uk • C ompany registration number 1794098 • C harity R egistration No. 800140 8 of 8 07/15/2009 10:27 AM