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  • 1. • Social Mobile Gaming • Peer – 2 – Peer and no hazzle! www.portaplay.dk
  • 2. What is PortaPlay? Games for Mobile Phones, which supports interaction in social networks PortaPlay develops turn-based multiplayer games for mobile phones, which uses a unique SMS-based technology.
  • 3. How does it work PortaPlay develops Java (JME) program, that installs on the phone. Each program can communicate with other programs, by sending encoded data in a special SMS. The unique SMS technology permits true Peer-2-peer interaction between phones, without using game servers or relying on GPRS connection. The only thing the user needs, is the phone number of his/her friends and a phone which are able to send and receive SMS’es (no surcharge).
  • 4. What does it do? Asynchronous gaming Gaming across borders Gaming between friends and relatives No handset or operator dependencies Playable even without network coverage Because PortaPlay uses the existing SMS techonology in a new fashion, the games are not dependent on location (Bluetooth/GPS games), coverage (GPRS based network games), handset performance (Flash Lite) or handset combability (e.g. Nokia vs. SE). Our games work on 90% of all European phones, across vendors, operators, countries and languages.
  • 5. How does the game work? • The typical game flow: The game sends the Start here move + Player 1’s text Game receives the move + text Player 2 makes his move + Player 1 writes text mobile Player 2 Player 1 sees mobile the replay of the move + text Player 2 sees the replay of the move + text Player 1 make a move + writes text Player 2’s game recieves the move The game sends + text the move + text
  • 6. How does the distribution work? Invitation (normal SMS) Challenge (Data SMS) Download Accept+move (Data SMS)
  • 7. Extra features • Incoming move triggers program-start •Add a message to a move • More than one ongoing game at a time • Games with more than 2 players •Persistent games (MMORPG style) •Update with pull-push functionalty • Integration with online communities
  • 8. Cases Solutions from PortaPlay: •Danskhistorie.dk -history education made fun, educates danish schildren in the national history and creates trafiic on existing website. •Sporten.Dk -Penaltykick game, which generates leads and traffic for natioanl newspaper (Berlingske.dk). –se online download and highscore at http://prtpl.com/ext/goal.php •Sex og Samfund •-”Scor Factor” edutainment game for the tenagers about love, sex and safe sex habits (launches primo Feb 09). Try our games for free – SMS ”pp” to 1231 for danish versions or ”pp” to +45 276 22222 for international versions.
  • 9. Contact PortaPlay Aps Dybbølsgade 4.th. DK.1721 København V Denmark Tel. +45 702 69 702 info@portaplay.dk www.portaplay.dk