Michael Meade Presentations


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Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny - April 8th, 7pm-9pm
Creative Mentoring - April 9th, 9:30am-5:30pm

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Michael Meade Presentations

  1. 1. Join renowned storyteller, author, scholar of mythology, anthropology and student of traditional cultures for two presentations...Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny Creative MentoringFriday evening, April 8 ▪ 7:00 pm -9:00 pm Saturday, April 9 ▪ 9:30 am -5:30 pm (Intensive, day long workshop) Weaving stories within Creative Mentoring offers orientation and training in the core stories, lacing pertinent Creative Mentoring ideas and purposes of mentoring. psychology within cultural While Creative Mentoring naturally involves youth, it also helps analysis, Michael opens the re-imagine meaningful roles for elders. The role of the mentor can be territory of fate and destiny seen as a bridge which aids youth to find their way to a meaningful to new interpretations and life, while also preparing “olders” in the community to act as elders. deeper meanings leading to Mentoring also involves practices that help people survive crises and an undeniable truth: that the enter new stages of life. Thus, Creative Mentoring can help youth awaken from violence and apathy,only story we came here to live is our own. veterans return from war, addicts recover from dependencies. Through Creative Mentoring peopleIf a person doesnt face their fate, they may never can discover and clarify what they have to offer in the way of teaching, guiding, and mentoringfind their deep resources and natural gifts. If a person others. Typical outcomes of this workshop include: a deepened sense of personal identity as adoesnt risk their destiny, theyll never know who mentor; a greater awareness of inner resources for both individuals and groups; an understanding ofthey are intended to be. Fate and destiny are the two the spiritual components of mentoring; and new frameworks for understanding how learning works.agreements the soul must make and the core issues The process of Creative Mentoring can be applied to existing organizations and agencies and also bewe struggle with throughout our lives. used to fashion new models for developing community based projects.Join us for a surprising evening of poetry, stories Themes include: Genius Connections • The Psychology of Mentoring ▪ The Elder-Youth Connectionand discussion, an exploration of identity andmeaning, of purpose and passion, and wisdom and Creative Mentoring benefits teachers and counselors, practitioners of traditional and spirituallove. arts, parents, social activists, and those who work with nature and value community. Donation through ticket purchase ~ $12 Donation through ticket purchase ~ $75 "In troubled times youth are doubly threatened since it is through trouble that they find their way. It may take a whole village to raise a child, but it takes the trouble of youth to raise a whole village." -- Michael J. Meade Tickets available at: www.mosaicvoices.org ▪ 800-233-6984 ▪ Friday tickets available at Mendocino Book Company or at the door Proceeds support Voices of Youth, Voices of Veterans, and intercultural projects Presented in conjunction with the Mendocino County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission