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VolunteerMatch Solutions BPN Webinar: Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding


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How does your organization stand out and demonstrate your unique value? How do you raise more funds, engage more supporters and volunteers and promote your important cause? With over 2 million …

How does your organization stand out and demonstrate your unique value? How do you raise more funds, engage more supporters and volunteers and promote your important cause? With over 2 million organizations in North America competing for shrinking dollars and consumer share-of-mind, it’s vital that nonprofits have a compelling and focused brand.

A strategically built and managed brand is one of the most overlooked and cost-effective ways a nonprofit can create value, improve its effectiveness, and rise above the crowd in a complex and competitive marketplace. Learn how you can turn your brand into a strategic competitive advantage that will transform your organization and the way people view and support it.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Strategies to Stand Out and Win Volunteers February 22, 2012 Jocelyne Daw Co-Author, Breakthrough Nonprofit BrandingConfidential and Proprietary 1
  • 2. To Ask Questions Type questions into the box on the right side of the your screen Submit via Twitter to @VM_Solutions using “#VMbpn” We will pose questions at the end of the presentation A copy of the sides will be circulated after the event.Confidential and Proprietary 2
  • 3. VolunteerMatchBest Practice Network Webinar Series Strategies to Stand out and Win Volunteers Jocelyne Daw, Co-Author Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding
  • 4. TODAY’S AGENDA1. What is the latest thinking on branding for nonprofits?2. How are leading nonprofits using their brands to power extraordinary results?3. Why is branding critical for attracting and retaining the best volunteers?4. How you can use your brand to stand out and win volunteers for your organization? 4
  • 5. Our Goal – Increase Effectiveness and Impact• “Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding” book – Extensive research,11 case studies – What does it take for a brand to power extraordinary results? 5
  • 6. What is a Brand?“It is not the name, the tag line or pretty colors… a brand is the set of expectations and beliefs the marketplace has about you.” David Placek CEO, Lexicon Branding NatureBridge Board Member Reputation Identity Goodwill 6
  • 11. It makes an emotional and personal connection! BUILD A COMMUNITY11
  • 12. MANAGED OR IGNORED?• Every nonprofit organization, has a brand.• Have you strategically defined your brand value proposition?• Is your brand managed or ignored?• Does your brand help drive your volunteer engagement? 12
  • 14. Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding Principles1. Discover authentic brand meaning2. Integrate brand meaning across the organization3. Rally internal brand ambassadors4. Mobilize external community (including volunteers) by connecting them to your brand5. Develop 360 brand communications (geared to volunteers)6. Cultivate partners based on brand alignment to extend reach & influence7. Leverage brand for alternative revenue and value 14
  • 15. UNICEF – Discovering Authentic Brand Meaning 15
  • 16. UNICEF’s External Cluttered Market 16
  • 17. Brand TransformationWhatever it Takes to Save a Child…. “We spent two years defining the meaning of our brand and focus on childhood survival. We used the new focus as an energy force, as a guide to everything we do.” - Caryl Stern, President & CEO U.S. Fund for UNICEF
  • 18. Discovering Your BRAND VALUE Proposition ENGAGE THE HANDS CONVINCE THE HEAD Actionable Rational Invites people in Focused and distinct Relevant TOUCH THE HEART Emotional and personal Serves a higher purpose & cause 18
  • 19. Power of Research: Insights into Action1. Discover and articulate org. leadership position2. Elevate to cause and outcomes (solve issues)3. Unifies focus to drive strategy4. Rally communities to accelerate impact 19
  • 20. A breakthrough brand has an Authentic brand meaning• Base: Demonstrates what your ORGANIZATION does better than anyone else that delivers value• Build: Serves a CAUSE and has tangible outcomes• Breakthrough: Rallies internal & external COMMUNITY FRAMED “If we’re serious about ending needless child deaths, it can’t be about us.” - Jay Aldous, CMO of UNICEF 20
  • 21. College Forward’s Brand Evolution “We didn’t give our brand much “Our brand is not just a way tothought. It seemed good enough at communicate; it’s what we do, how first , but it didn’t take long to we live and breathe within our realize that it was truly doing us a organization and engage our disservice.” stakeholders at every touch point.” - Lisa Fielder, Executive Director, College Forward 21
  • 22. The Value of Introspection 2006: $200,000 2010: $1.8 million 22
  • 23. Breakthrough Brands Mobilize Volunteers STAND FOR SOMETHING AND PEOPLE STAND WITH YOU FOCUS: Stand for something that people care about, connect with RELEVANT: Make a personal and emotional connection ENGAGE: Invite people to be part of them and they become part of you. Join like minded community.
  • 24. Brands Mobilizes External Community
  • 25. Sub-Brands Drive SupportMaster BrandOverarchingBrand Platform Learn and LiveOverarching Women and Heart Disease Adults (35-54)Issue Stroke Heart Disease & Stroke Physical ActivityCause Stroke in Childhood Heart DiseaseFocus Heart Disease Minorities Obesity & StrokeCauseSub-Brands
  • 26. Marketing at Connecting with •Focused, compelling, relevant •Reframe, relevant issues •Experience the brand Build a community around women and heart disease 26
  • 27. Community: Engage and Experience1. Cultivate a brand community  Understand your volunteers and engage around THEIR needs  Give them something of practical value  Don’t ask, link them to brand in way meaningful to them2. Foster the community  Provide deeper experiences  Show how they are making a difference  Meet people where they are3. Grow the community  Empower brand champions  Create truest sense of community by introducing them to others  Offer creative ways for them to be brand champions 27
  • 28. Rallies volunteer community“We know our organization will only be successful if we engage acommunity of people who will join with us… We invite them to be part ofus & aim to be part of them.” – A Cimolino, Stratford Shakespeare Festival
  • 29. CULTIVATE A COMMUNITY OF VOLUNTEER ONWERS“We don’t merely raise money for breast cancer, we empower women & givethem voice around the issue of breast cancer. We mobilize individuals to join us& be champions in their communities.” Nancy Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen For the Cure
  • 30. FOSTER AND GROW THE COMMUNITY “Our philosophy is to be a catalyst to connect people to the brand in a way that isrelevant and meaningful to them.” – Susan Carter Johns, Susan G. Komen For The Cure
  • 31. WHEN GOOD BRANDS FALTER“Komen has lost sight of what made them a success – their community.”
  • 32. Brand as a living value proposition • Creates a sense of purpose • Drives direction and higher performance • Attracts, motivates and retains best staff/volunteers • Deepens relationships with supporters • Generates new supporters and resources • Fosters innovation & impact • Changes perceptions, reputation 32
  • 33. TRADITIONAL BRAND BREAKTHROUGH SHIFTLogo, look, line What you stand forRaising funds Mission, vision, values in actionCampaign CommitmentOrganization Cause & higher purposeDeliver programs Deliver impactMarket at Connect withVolunteers Community of believersEmotional reaction Shared valuesGive time Join usPower of a few Voice of many 33
  • 34. Does your brand break through?• United around clear leadership position• Stand out as cause• Articulate & demonstrate your value• Foster loyal communities• Accelerate social impact
  • 35. Let’s Continue the Journey!Visit: First chapter of the book Recent “Advancing Philanthropy” Article Interview with authors Jocelyne S. Daw Twitter:@jocelynedaw Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding 35
  • 36. Stay Informed Blog (new look!): Twitter: @VolunteerMatch Learning Center: profits/learningcenter - Educational Webinars - Help Videos - ResourcesConfidential and Proprietary 36
  • 37. Upcoming BPN Green The Team: How To Create A Healthier, Happier, More Profitable Workplace Through Effective Employee Engagement Programs Guest Speaker: Raphael Bemporad Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer BBMG Register: Wednesday February 29, 2012 10-11 a.m. PT (1-2 p.m. ET)Confidential and Proprietary 37