Nonprofit Insights: The Untapped Power of Volunteer Stories


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Your nonprofit's volunteers help at your events, organize your office, and perhaps even work virtually on grants and social media. They ask only to know that what they do makes a difference.

What you might not realize about your volunteers, however, is that they are a source of great stories to help your organization spread your message and build support. After all, who better to talk about the great work you do than those who are so passionate about it, they help for free?

But what's the best way to capture and share the stories of your volunteers? For the June 2013 Nonprofit Insights webinar, Toan Lam, creator and host of (GIG), and Villy Wang, Founder, President and CEO of nonprofit organization BAYCAT, shared ideas for volunteer storytelling, specifically using video.

Toan provided concrete tips that anyone can use to create poignant video stories, and Villy showed us how her organization has turned volunteer storytelling into an effective and impactful way to build support.

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Nonprofit Insights: The Untapped Power of Volunteer Stories

  1. 1. The Untapped Power ofVolunteer StoriesJune 19, 2013#vmlearn
  2. 2. Who are we?2#vmlearnToan LamCreator & HostGo Inspire Go@GoInspireGoGoinspirego.comVilly WangFounder, President,
  3. 3. Authentic stories + leverage social media = action• Multimedia platform to tell stories of everyday heroes that inspireaction• Action items at end of every video• Over four years with 40-60 volunteers worldwide contributing$500,000+ work• Content sharing with HuffPost & Deepak Chopra’s Intent.comAbout
  4. 4. Phoebe Food Bank• Kindergartner starts campaign to collect aluminum cans – goal$1,000• Raises $3,700+ for 18,000 meals• GIG creates video goes live
  5. 5. Phoebe:• Video goes viral: 32,000 views• Viewers contribute $20,200+ for80,000 meals• Tyson Chicken sees GIG video anddonates 15 tons (35,000 lbs) of chickenfor 150,000 mealsEffect• GIG Creates Video #2• Kindergartners replicate $3,500
  6. 6. Why Stories are Important*Storytelling part of every culture*Connects everyoneWhy tell your story?• Visibility• Volunteers• Funding
  7. 7. Find a Story• Dig around within your org. and those youserve• Use Social Media Tools: FB/Twitter tocrowdsource story ideas• Survey Monkey• Doodle
  8. 8. Telling a Good Story: BasicsStructure of a compelling story:
  9. 9. Telling a Good Story: Elements5 W’s and How!
  10. 10. Production Tips on how to create aCompelling Video• KISS – Keep it simple stupid• Light the Way• Can YOU hear Me Now?• Steady Hands/Tripod/World is YOUR Tripod• Hold shots for 15-20 secs.• Variety of Shots• See Dog, Say Dog
  11. 11. TheWangBunch
  12. 12. Yet, she thinks her story doesn’t matter.
  13. 13. One Story at a Time.Empower Youth. TransformCommunities.
  14. 14. AnimationDocumentaryFilmmakingVideo ProductionMusic ProductionVideo Gaming andAppsEducates
  15. 15. Professional Critique@ Pixar
  16. 16. Tiffany JonesSpeaking @ Yahoo! Worldwide
  17. 17. Employs
  18. 18. Entertains
  19. 19. Nick Quesada,JuniorColumbia CollegeFilm School& His Parents
  20. 20. Jose AlfaroBAYCAT StudioProduction ManagerMentor+ started as an intern+ 1st to graduate from college
  21. 21. villywang@baycat.orgfollow me
  22. 22. Questions?32#vmlearnToan LamCreator & HostGo Inspire Go@GoInspireGoGoinspirego.comVilly WangFounder, President,
  23. 23. Next month: BeingFearless with The CaseFoundation