Volunteer Management for Today’s Generation


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Social media and technology best practice guide for nonprofit organizations. Learn how to communicate with today's generation.

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Volunteer Management for Today’s Generation

  1. 1. Volunteer Management for Today’s Generation A nonprofit organization’s best practice guide for technology and social media
  2. 2. Demographics Affecting Volunteer Rates Peak for adults in their 30’s and 50’s Education level Reside with their own children under 18 Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering: Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of Research and Policy Development Authors
  3. 3. Reducing Turnover Type/nature of activity Greater time commitments Asked by the Organization Involved with multiple organizations Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering: Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of Research and Policy Development Authors
  4. 4. Millennials 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials by 2025 http://www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2013/09/04/why-you-cant-ignore-millennials/
  5. 5. http://www.gen-we.com/
  6. 6. Thinking Positive Tech savvy Diverse Connected Activists Desire to make difference Desire to push business forward Grown up with: cell phones, Internet, connected devices 18% Hispanic, 14% black, 4% Asian, 3% Other, 59% White 24 hour news cycle, websites as everyday part of social life Cause awareness, online activity, conscious consumers Service hour requirements, Teach for America, AmeriCorps Social enterprises, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing
  7. 7. Negative Stereotypes Narcissist Entitled Lazy Coddled Delusional No attention spans
  8. 8. Love of Technology Sent or received text messages in the past day 69% Believe new technologies make people more efficient become involved in philanthropic endeavors via the Internet 2% 51% 33% find their online philanthropic involvement satisfying http://www.forbes.com/sites/larissafaw/2012/10/23/are-millennials-lazy-or-avant-garde-social-activists/
  9. 9. Millennials would rather… Give up sense of smell Than give up a connected device Have a flexible work environment & access to social media Than have a higher pay check http://www.huffingtonpost.com/russ-warner/millennials-jobs_b_2566734.html
  10. 10. Millennials Giving Back 81% Donated money, goods or services 70% Educated others about a cause or issue 68% Participated in volunteer work or service 60% Signed an online or written petition 56% Fundraised for a cause 52% Expressed an opinion on positive social change issue by commenting online 49% Joined/created a group for a positive social change issue on a social network 45% Organized or united friends/neighbors to work together for a particular cause 43% Provided leadership skills to an organization related to positive social change 41% Wrote to or called a politician 36% Attended a political rally, speech or protest of any kind 35% Texted to make donations, voted, or organized a demonstration http://www.waldenu.edu/~/media/Files/WAL/about/walden-university-social-change-impact-report-summary-report.pdf
  11. 11. *  Beliefs for the Future Due to digital technology, people are getting involved in positive social change issues faster and more frequently than ever before. 84% *  Digital technology can turn interest in a cause into a movement more quickly than anything else 88% World will continue to be more integrated Think globally, act locally http://www.waldenu.edu/~/media/Files/WAL/about/walden-university-social-change-impact-report-summary-report.pdf
  12. 12. Volunteer Management Cycle Assessment Position Design Retention Recognition Recruitment Supervision and Feedback Intake and Screening Orientation and Training
  13. 13. Assessment Changing Workforce Blurring work and life Goals achieved vs hours worked Performance review cycles Coworking and collaborative workspaces Working for more than a paycheck Flexible shifts and after hours Emphasis on social interaction and shared learning Place people at the center No more “top-down”
  14. 14. Assessment Millennial Values Collaboration Teamwork Openness Transparency
  15. 15. Assessment Organizational Culture Open & Transparent •  How do you operate? •  How do you generate money? •  How do you make impact? Release control •  Be open to others working on your behalf •  Create true personal connections Requires cross-departmental institutional involvement Solutioninspired •  Empower volunteers to create own solutions and execute strategies
  16. 16. Position Design Pathway To Get Involved Self-organized group Event-based Young professional group Leadership opportunities
  17. 17. Position Design Creating Volunteer Opportunities * Purpose * Commitment level * Date, time, location * Staff contact * Job description * Benefits to the volunteer * Prerequisites (training)
  18. 18. Position Design Types of Volunteer Activities Micro volunteering / crowdsourcing One-time event volunteering Group volunteering Board/committee / event planning Using background experience
  19. 19. Recruitment How Millennials Find Opportunities To Serve
  20. 20. Recruitment Reaching Millennials Use social media with strong call to action: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube Have a good website mobile friendly, search engine optimized, well designed
  21. 21. Recruitment Reaching Millennials Send e-mail campaigns with clear call to action optimized for mobile ConstantContact, Mailchimp List opportunities online VolunteerMatch.org, Idealist.org, Networkforgood.org catchafire.org, christianvolunteering.org, meetup.com sparked.com/content/nonprofit, craiglist.org, createthegood.org, Eventbrite.com
  22. 22. Recruitment How to Use Social Media •  Discu ss issue s you are deali ng with as an orga nizat ion •  Ask ques tions , ideas , and ways to impr ove wee kly 1 2 •  Post video blogs , stori es, and phot os of peopl e you serve •  Provi de direc t conta ct info (pho ne, email , socia l medi a) for all key peopl e 3 •  Creat e at least one share able actio n on each page of your websi te •  For exam ple, “If you like this articl e, pleas e share with your frien ds on Faceb ook” 4 •  Searc h social medi a conte nt (posts / tweet s) and com ment / provi de feedb ack on relev ant conve rsatio ns to your cause or issue
  23. 23. Recruitment Social Media Tips Make a complete Profile •  Photos, information about your programs, links to your website and blog •  Introduce people managing the account Listen •  Get to know your followers •  Learn from what others are doing Chat •  Build relationships •  Don’t lead with an ask or promoting •  Offer to help, share links, retweet others, and engage in conversation Identify influencers •  Engage the people who have trusted relationships Call to Action •  Build relationships, engage with people, be a good resource, connect others, and then ask your network to support your cause
  24. 24. Technology Tools Making a website/blog •  Tumblr, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Weebly, Squarespace Listen •  Get to know your followers •  Learn from what others are doing Receiving Online Donations •  Paypal integration, donation widgets, VolunteerMark Volunteer Management Software •  VolunteerMark! Signupgenius.com, volunteerspot.org, etc. Project Management Tools •  Asana, Google Apps, AgileZen
  25. 25. Intake and Screening Volunteer Onboarding Simplify the process Be responsive (within 24 hours) Give frequent updates Make sure the volunteer is the right fit Preferred communication Method (txt msg, Facebook) Value volunteer’s time
  26. 26. Intake and Screening Clear Process From Start To Finish ols e To Onlin Volunteer Management Software Your Website
  27. 27. Orientation and Training Organization Overview Micro volunteer 1 time volunteers Group volunteering Leadership roles Tell your story Behind the scenes, open, honest Engage Millennials to solve specific challenges Relationship building
  28. 28. Supervision and Feedback Value Feedback Welcome all types of feedback Ask what you can do to be better Invest in tools and resources to position volunteers for success Provide contact information everywhere Be open, transparent, and accessible and always listen Do not take down negative social media posts, try to resolve the concern Encourage reviews on GreatNonprofits.org
  29. 29. Recognition Recognizing Volunteers Create a spotlight/blog post for highest impact volunteer Recognize collaborative efforts Recognize individuals for being team players Show the impact of their work Assess volunteers’ strengths and make deliberate connections Say “Thank You” and “Happy Birthday” Build personal relationship and ask about their interests/life Volunteer Appreciation parties and social events
  30. 30. Retention Retaining Millennials Maintain regular communication through varied channels Have a skills bank that maps the competencies of your volunteers Know and understand who they are and how they are contributing Provide opportunities for Millennials to involve their friends and family Provide career-building opportunities – develop a new skills set
  31. 31. Key Takeaways Social experience Skills-based volunteering Solutioninspired Call to Action
  32. 32. Thank You! Andrew Stanley (913) 735-7520 andrew@volunteermark.com VolunteerMark – Maximizing The Volunteer Experience www.volunteermark.com www.facebook.com/volunteermark @volunteermark 5250 W. 116th Place, Suite 200 Leawood, KS 66211