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  • 1. Volunteer Calgary the value of one… the power of many.
  • 2. Today’s Speaker
  • 3. Volunteer Calgary …is a non-profit organization that has over 450 member non-profit organizations looking for volunteers everyday.
  • 4. Volunteer Calgary …connects people to meaningful volunteer opportunities.
  • 5. Volunteering… What is it all about?
  • 6. Volunteers are people who: • Give skills and time • Help non-profit organizations and the community • …And do so without expectations of compensation!
  • 7. Who benefits from volunteering? • The Volunteer • The Non-profit Organization • You, Me, The Entire Community
  • 8. But what is in it for YOU? Contribute to the Share Your Skills and knowledge Achieve a Community personal goal Get Recognition Meet New People
  • 9. Discover new passions and Learn something talents Feel Great! new Have an Make a difference in adventure! someone’s life
  • 10. My own experience as a volunteer.
  • 11. Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. — Edmond Burke
  • 12. Think about it: Do you want to… • GIVE back to the community? • WORK for social change? • LEARN new skills? • HELP others? • MEET new friends? • GAIN work experience? • CREATE happiness in a hospice? • DANCE with special people? • LAUGH with little kids? • ENJOY life?
  • 13. What can YOU do? Do something you love.
  • 14. ONE Person can MAKE a Difference. YOU CAN.
  • 15. How to volunteer 1. CLICK 2. SEARCH & MATCH 3. CONTACT (Get the important details: address, contact person, time and date of meeting, what you need to bring) 4. VOLUNTEER (Voila…you are a volunteer!)
  • 16. How to volunteer The Volunteer Calgary website contains hundreds of local volunteer opportunities waiting to be filled at any given time.
  • 17. SAMPLE KEYWORDS Beauty & Fashion Entertainment Bingos Event Marketing Mentoring Casinos Planning Tutoring Boards Finance Music Camps Accounting Projects Adventure Audit Coach Speaking Kitchen Facilitation Referee Committees Gardening Administration Research Companion Computers Employee Analytical Networks Landscaping Retail Safety Consultant Help Grant Theatre Advisor Design Editor Hardware Recruitment Writing Software Web Proofreading Leadership Development Data
  • 18. Some Examples: Volunteer Positions • Labyrinth Inflatable Maze volunteers – Calgary International Children’s Festival • Recycling Roundup – Cerebral Palsy Association • Web Designer – WP Puppet Theatre Society • Bike Trail Monitor Volunteer - WinSport
  • 19. Got Time? If you have 5 minutes You could call an elderly shut-in. Drop by at any Carewest facility. If you have 1 hour You could give blood. Make a pit stop at the Canadian Blood Services. If you have 5 hours You could tidy up a city park. Join forces with the City of Calgary’s Adopt-A-Park. If you have 5 days You could build a home for a homeless family. Lend a muscle to Habitat for Humanity. If you have 1 month You could raise funds for cancer research. Brainstorm with the Canadian Cancer Society. If you have 1 year You could do all this and more! Check out Volunteer Calgary for hundreds of volunteer opportunities.
  • 20. Remember: Everyone Counts 1. 71% of Calgarians volunteer 2. 3.7 hours per week are spent volunteering, with an average of 15 hours per month. 3. Over 5,000 non-profit organizations are in the Calgary area. Most of them need volunteers everyday.
  • 21. The Value of Volunteering • Empowers individuals • Aids non-profit organizations in their missions • Strengthens communities
  • 22. The Value of Volunteering Priceless.
  • 23. Rewards of Volunteering It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can seriously help another without helping himself. — Charles Dudley Warner, 1873
  • 24. The Value of Volunteering To the community: Priceless.
  • 25. Volunteer Today, Calgary!