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Volunteer Police Information Check Program Information
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Volunteer Police Information Check Program Information


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Volunteer Alberta's information session about the new Volunteer Police Information Check Program. …

Volunteer Alberta's information session about the new Volunteer Police Information Check Program.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 2. Agenda
      • Introduction
      • Screening
      • Volunteer Police Information Check Program
      • Questions & Wrap Up
    • 3. Screening
      • Screening is about ensuring a “right fit” for the volunteer and your organization.
    • 4. Screening
      • Screening is an ongoing process designed to identify any person – whether paid or unpaid, staff or volunteer – who might harm children, youth or other vulnerable persons or who may cause harm to the organization.
    • 5. Screening
      • 10 Safe Steps to Screening
        • Determine the risk
    • 6. Screening
      • Determine the Risk
      • The client or individual participating
      • The person (staff or volunteer) administering the activity
      • The level of supervision available
      • The setting of the activity
      • The type of activity
    • 7. Screening
      • 10 Safe Steps to Screening
        • Determine the risk
        • Write a clear position description
        • Establish a formal recruitment process
        • Use an application form
        • Conduct interviews
        • Follow up with references
        • Request a PIC or other relevant checks
        • Conduct orientation and training sessions
        • Supervise and Evaluate
        • Follow up with program participants
    • 8. Screening
      • Ongoing Screening Activities
      • Probation Period
      • Buddy System
      • Random Checks
      • Telephone Check-in
      • Observation
      • Feedback
      • Client / Family Check-in
      • Support Sessions
    • 9. Screening
      • Screening is about an investment in the relationship that your organization has with people – paid and unpaid.
    • 11. Who?
      • Premier Ed Stelmach and the Government of Alberta has launched the Volunteer Police Information Check Program
      • Funding is provided by Alberta Culture & Community Spirit, through the Safe Communities Secretariat.
      • Volunteer Alberta is the Administrator of the program.
    • 12. Why?
      • Significant amount of money spent by Alberta nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations and individual volunteers to obtain PICs.
      • These administrative costs divert operational funding away from the core services of organizations.
      • These costs serve as a barrier to recruiting volunteers.
    • 13. What?
      • Three year pilot program, announced April 8, 2009
      • Provides funding to cover costs of obtaining police information checks for volunteers in eligible circumstances
      • Application process where organizations apply for a Volunteer Organization Authorization Number (VOAN), which will be used on PIC forms
    • 14. How to Apply…
      • To participate in the VPIC Program, your organization must fill out and submit an online application at:
      • Volunteer Alberta will assess the application and determine eligibility.
    • 15. What makes me eligible?
      • The organization must perform a community service in Alberta;
      • The organization must be a registered nonprofit organization under the Alberta Societies Act , the Alberta Business Corporations Act , Part 9 of the Alberta Companies Act , or a Special Act of the Alberta Legislature; and
      • The services provided by the organization involves volunteers in eligible circumstances .
    • 16. What are ‘eligible circumstances’?
      • … those who volunteer with individuals who are at greater risk of being harmed than the general population because of:
      • age (those under age 18, and those 65 years of age and older); or
      • disability (including a physical or mental disability, or a mental illness);
      • and the individuals the volunteer engages with are:
      • in a position of dependence on others; or
      • in the care of persons in a position of authority or trust relative to them.
    • 17. In addition…
      • In order to be eligible for a VOAN, your organization must be located in a community that currently charges for police information checks for volunteers.
      • Volunteer Alberta has no say about which communities do and do not charge for volunteer police information checks.
    • 18. Example 1
      • Jesse wishes to volunteer as a “Big Brother” with Big Brothers Big Sisters. In this capacity, Jesse would be spending time with a child who is under 18 years of age . Jesse would also be in a position of authority or trust relative to the child.
      • Jesse therefore would be volunteering in eligible circumstances. Big Brothers Big Sisters can use its VOAN to obtain a PIC for Jesse free of charge.
    • 19. Example 2
      • Sandra is a retired accountant who wishes to volunteer her time with Meals on Wheels, providing help with the organization’s finances .
      • Although Meals on Wheels may wish to obtain a PIC for Sandra, Sandra would not be volunteering in eligible circumstances.
    • 20. Example 3
      • Claresholm Animal Hospital would like to apply for a VOAN in order to get free police information checks for their volunteers.
      • However, Claresholm RCMP currently does not charge for PICs for volunteers; thus the Claresholm Animal Hospital would not be eligible for a VOAN.
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25. VOAN
      • If approved, your organization will receive official documentation, including a V olunteer O rganization A uthorization N umber, or VOAN .
      • The VOAN is a confidential identifier that is unique to each organization.
    • 26.  
    • 27. What if I am not approved?
      • If your organization’s application is not approved, your organization can appeal the decision.
      • Appeal options will be discussed at that time.
    • 28. This program does NOT…
      • Apply to every nonprofit/voluntary organization in the province
      • Change the way the sector currently applies for PICs
      • Impact any existing arrangements that nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations may have with their local police agencies regarding PICs for volunteers.
    • 29. Question 1
      • Q: Do individual volunteers need a VOAN?
      • A:
      • No, VOAN is assigned to a nonprofit/voluntary sector organization. The VOAN can be used only by the organization to which it is assigned.
      • The organization must use this VOAN when requesting PICs for volunteers in eligible circumstances
      • To ensure accountability, the VOAN must be presented alongside the organization’s name at the time a PIC request is made to a police agency.
    • 30. Question 2
      • Q: I am the Executive Director of a provincial organization. Can I apply for a VOAN on behalf of each local subsidiary of my organization?
      • A : No. A VOAN is a unique identifier that is to be used by each local organization and cannot be distributed by a provincial level organization to its local chapters. Local sections of a provincial or national organization must each apply on their own behalf. 
    • 31. Question 3
      • Q: Will this program increase the time it takes to obtain a PIC?
      • A: No. As part of the pilot program, police agencies will establish a target of processing PICs for eligible volunteers (accompanied by a VOAN) within 7 working days of the request.
    • 32. Question 4
      • Q: What exactly does this mean for my volunteers?
      • A : If an organization is eligible and receives a VOAN, that VOAN will be given to the volunteer to record on their PIC request form.
    • 33. Thank you Questions and Concerns? [email_address]