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Know any great teens who would love to volunteer abroad? View this presentation to learn what Cross-Cultural Solutions has to offer our International Teen Volunteers.

To watch the webinar recording please visit:

Alexandra Raab, Program Enrollment Manager
Gwyn Knauer, Program Enrollment Manager

The topics of this webinar included:
Volunteer Placement - what volunteer work would be asked of me?
Cultural & Learning Activities - what activities would be/have been included?
Living Arrangements - what is a home base?
Safety & Security - how can I ensure my/my child's safety?
Presenter's personal volunteer experience

Learn more on volunteering abroad with CCS as a teen, and other programs:

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Become an International Teen Volunteer - CCS Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. Become an International Teen Volunteer! Volunteer abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions in China, Ghana, South Africa, Costa Rica, or Guatemala
  2. 2. Program Structure• 5th year Cross-Cultural Solutions has offered the Teen Volunteer Abroad Program!• Volunteer Work – Hands on, project-based, interact with local community• Cultural & Learning Activities – Cultural immersion• Supervised Free Time• Focus on teens interacting with other children/peers their own age in community
  3. 3. Safety & Supervision• Transportation – Airport pick up, transportation to volunteer work & activities• 27 hour supervision – During volunteer work, Cultural & Learning Activities, structured/supervised free time• Home base – Secure, gated, 24-hour security guard – Curfew/lights out• In-county staff – All members of local community
  4. 4. Value of being an International Teen Volunteer• Rekindles spirit, promotes volunteerism within community• Puts program locations on global focus – Teens part of Global Team of Leaders• Teens develop leadership skills by taking on responsibility roles – Grouping teens, establishing Team Leaders each day, opportunity for cultural exchange, promotes domestic volunteerism• Because teens traveling on their own – have reasonable amount of freedom/independence• College/job applications – Determine a major or career path – Increases cultural competency – High lights unique skills and experiences
  5. 5. Xi’an, China •Starting point of silk road •Meeting point of East & West China •Modern industrial city, rich history & cultural background
  6. 6. Xi’an, China •Volunteer in afternoons •Working with locals schools, teaching English, interacting with students, refinishing classrooms •Cultural & Learning Activities in mornings •Bike on city walls •Chinese painting & calligraphy “Xi’an is a great place to volunteer because, •Visit country sidehistorically and culturally, it is not as modern •Karaoke nightas Beijing or Shanghai. Volunteers really will •Market visitsbe able to feel the effect of their work withthe local community.” — Jerome Dong, Country Director
  7. 7. Hohoe, Ghana Established in 1996 West Africa, Volta Region Rural location The people! Focus on relationships, taking your time with one another
  8. 8. Hohoe, Ghana• Volunteer work in mornings – Hands on, painting hospital, planting mango trees – Visit orphanage some afternoons• Cultural & Learning Activities in afternoon – Visit monkey sanctuary – Traditional drum/dance ceremony – Batik lesson – Wli Waterfall hike
  9. 9. Noordhoek, South Africa
  10. 10. Noordhoek, South • New Program! • Suburb of Cape Town Africa • Beautiful coastal area • Volunteer work – Working with school holiday program, day care centers, orphanages – Interact with peers in community • Cultural & Learning Activities – Town tours – Discussion on Apartheid – Guest lecture on HIV/AIDS – Horseback riding – Youth group
  11. 11. Orosi, Costa Rica•1 week Program•Small, colonialtown•Agriculturalcommunity•Nature lovers! •Volcanoes, lakes, hiking, fishing
  12. 12. Orosi, Costa Rica•Volunteer work inmornings •Within local schools •Teaching English •Games, sports, activities with younger children•Cultural & LearningActivities in afternoons •Spanish language lessons •Dance lessons •Cooking lessons •Tour of Orosi Town & Orosi Valley
  13. 13. Tecpan, Guatemala•Diverse country, indigenouspopulations•Tecpan is the first capital ofGuatemala• Small, rural town inmountainous region•Large Mayan population inthe area
  14. 14. Tecpan, • Volunteer work in morningsGuatemala – Work with Mayan youth population – Teaching English, painting a mural • Cultural & Learning Activities in afternoons – Town tour – Cackchiquel & Spanish lessons – Visit markets, a local artist’s home – Iximche ruins and witness a Mayan Ceremony – Visit women’s groups developing organic coffee & honey
  15. 15. Home Bases
  16. 16. Home Bases
  17. 17. Home Bases
  18. 18. Volunteer Work & Activities
  19. 19. Volunteer Work & Activities
  20. 20. Volunteer Work & Activities
  21. 21. Volunteer Work & Activities
  22. 22. Volunteer Work & Activities
  23. 23. Application Process• Essay questions• Letters of reference• Parent/Guardian statement• Phone interview• Tips: – Be yourself! – Be open & honest – Get creative! Ex: video application
  24. 24. Enrollment Process• Pre-departure support – Work with Program Manager for your location – Support you with preparation for program – Liaison between volunteer & in-country staff – In contact with other teens in group• Placement information – Receive information about volunteer work assignment 1-2 weeks before departure
  25. 25. Questions? 1-800-380-4777 Program Enrollment Department Teen Volunteer Abroad