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Using a customer advisory panel to instantly test your business and marketing ideas.

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Volt Marketing Panels

  1. 1. Volt Marketing manages your customer advisory panel todeliver game-changing insights and build your brand. Clients
  2. 2. Let’s build a customer behavior predictor Your customer advisory panel is a group of selected customers who become a reliable sounding board and brainstorm innovative new ideas for your business.
  3. 3. Your panel is an active listening platform Online SurveysIdea Crowd Sourcing Focus Groups Brand Perception Maps Usability Studies Ethnographic Deep Dives
  4. 4. Why panels are the #1 research resource for top brands Get statistically valid answers in just a few days – at a fraction of the cost of traditional research With crowd source idea voting, collect customer- submitted ideas you never thought of before You no longer constantly pester customers with email surveys No longer rely on social media chatter where you hear from just about anyone on just about anything.
  5. 5. Rapid research on any topic you need Test messaging, ad concepts, visuals, promotionsPredict customer interest in new features Anticipate market trends before competitors doHave panelists send you photos forethnographic profiles Brainstorm with customersBrand equity research, key performanceindicators, marketing plan research, logo testing
  6. 6. Volt is the leader in full-service panel research You own your panel, but Volt builds it, manages it, designs surveys, conducts all research and creates reports at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.
  7. 7. The basics of your panel Pre-screened customers. WeWho is on the Panel capture their key demographic and behavioral data. We recruit panelists through email,Recruiting a Panel social media, viral campaigns and other methods.Incentive Options Free or discounted products, drawings or other incentives. All surveys are online. 45%+ usualSurvey Format response. Surveys can contain images, streaming media etc.
  8. 8. A Volt researcher custom builds each survey report
  9. 9. Crowd Sourcing - customers post and vote on ideas 1 - Panelists submit ideas.2 - Others vote on the ideas. 3 -The best ideas bubble up.
  10. 10. Benefits of your panel Volt does all research and panel Turn-Key maintenance. Just tell us what you want to know and get a report days later Removes the “bias to agreeing with No Bias others” engendered in focus groups Credible Only qualified customers are admitted so you can trust their feedback It’s like instant access to a massiveInexpensive focus group, but much less expensive so you can research more often
  11. 11. Canon USA Ad Concept ScoringCanon wanted to know if their print ads were connecting with moms who celebrateand share family memories with digital photos. They tested campaign concepts with apanel of 350 female heads-of-household for believability, relevance and purchaseimpact.Because panel research results come back so quickly, Canon knew in six days thatfemale heads-of-households between 25 and 35 who live in the Western US and havechildren under 10 were most likely to react positively to their brand and campaign. Thefeedback also taught Canon how to improve the response with other demographicgroups. User ExperienceAudible.comAudible.com, the leading source of downloadable audiobooks and program content,made a major site redesign in December of 2005. They tapped their panel of 300Audible customers to measure the reaction.Results told them how subscribers vs. non-subscribers reacted to the changes andwhich areas of the site were now better or worse off. Audible is acting on the feedbackto strengthen weak areas of the site affected by the redesign. Product Ideation Disney Resorts and Disney Interactive Anaheims Disneyland Resort teamed up with Disney Interactive to develop a Millennium Mouse Celebration. Park guests could buy a brick in the Main Street USA plaza with their names etched on it and have photos from the day uploaded to a family website for easy sharing. An online panel’s feedback helped shape this program to make guests feel like a special part of the park’s history.
  12. 12. Dentrix, Leading Dental Practice Software Broad Feedback Dentrix Dental Systems formed a panel of dentists and dental office managers to provide feedback on everything from the design of their software interface to the type of promotions they run. Dentrix runs regular surveys to their panel as a way to keep a pulse on new trends in dental practice management and find the right products and messages. They have discovered new software features to design and learned how dentists seek out and purchase office technology, greatly improving marketing and product success.3M’s Post-it Brand Test Ideas3M wanted to know if the Post-it Brand could expand into the digital realm by launchinga Post-it Branded smart phone. Using a panel and other methodologies, 3M researchedwhether consumers would embrace a Post-it branded smart phone.Response to the idea was apathetic, but consumers did say they wanted a smart phonecover case that could carry Post-it Notes alongside their phone. 3M launched the case togreat success and shelved the smart phone idea, saving itself from a market failure. See New TrendsMaking Memories (small-cap craft supply marketer)Making Memories needed to liven up its product line. It asked its consumer panelistswhat they thought MM should make next and a consistent answer came back—Consumers were tired of generic greeting cards and wanted to make their own.MM designed and launched a handmade card line that sold almost $3 million in its first sixmonths–a huge success for a company the size of Making Memories.
  13. 13. Client testimonialsOur customer panel played a central role in helping us program the right Parenting and Family Channelfeature content. Our panel members gave us clear direction on what they wanted to see, and moreimportantly what they didn’t want to see. Our success driving more traffic to the channel was due in largepart to understanding the right content to publish from our panel.-Jennifer Harmer, Marketing Director at AOLVolt Marketing played a key role in helping my team at Disney optimize our Millennial Mouse campaigns.Their ability to take complex customer research data sets and distill them down into bite-sized, actionableinsights was a huge driver of the campaign’s success.-Tania Fagen, Market Research Program Manager, DisneyThe panel that Volt built for us actually became a profit generator for our magazines. We upgradedadvertisers to bigger accounts and let them conduct their own research with our readers through Volt. Voltwas responsive and great to work with.-Tony Golden, Publisher at Primedia Inc.The market research we conducted helped set our course in our mission to re-launch the Post-it Brand inthe digital age. Without hearing the voice of the customer, we wouldn’t have been nearly as successful inpositioning the brand beyond paper.-Linda Branch, Marketing Director at 3M Corporation
  14. 14. Pricing and getting startedFull service is $1,950 per month for up to 3surveys/month. Idea crowd source environmentsare priced separately based on size and usage. Your panel can be ready in 4-5 weeks.
  15. 15. Volt Marketing Contact Information320 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, UtahPhone: 801-209-4879Fax: 801-994-5256justin@voltmarketing.comchandler@voltmarketing.comwww.voltmarketing.com Volt Marketing built and proudly uses PanelBlue panel research technology.
  16. 16. Additional Information
  17. 17. Sample Report ImagesClient name or data has been changed
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  23. 23. Sample Survey ImagesWe can custom design a panel portal to But in most cases we design panellook sleek. portals to be simple and feel like research, not marketing.
  24. 24. Crowdsourcing Idea Center Example
  25. 25. Our survey platform can deploy dozens of question formats.Multiple Choice Ranking Audio/Video/Images Cloud Tag semantics Matrix Constant Sum Open-ended Piping Branching Etc.
  26. 26. Sample Survey Images Our survey designs take cues from Google’s design. They are simple, functional and fast.
  27. 27. Volt Panel vs DIY Web Surveys Volt conducts all research for you so you can don’t have to stop working to start research. Volt designs unbiased surveys and delivers professional analysisRespondents are more candid when surveys areadministered via a third party research firm You don’t have to constantly pester customers with email requests to take surveysVolt Panels are screened respondents so you knowyou’re hearing only from respondents who matter A year of Volt panel research costs as little as $23,500 for almost weekly custom research