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  • 1. VCT Digital Type
  • 2. VCT Digital Type Basics • There are several types of digital fonts: • Adobe Type 1 (PostScript) (Mac or PC) • True Type (Mac or PC) • Open Type • .d (Dot ‘D’) (Apple Creation)
  • 3. VCT Adobe Type 1 • Each font consist of two parts:
  • 4. VCT Screen Fonts • Display type on the screen (monitor). • Stored and displayed as 72 dpi bitmaps (rasters). FFIL
  • 5. VCT Screen Fonts • Fonts reside in the Mac's Operating System, load into RAM. • They DO NOT move with the document unless embedded.
  • 6. VCT Printer Fonts • Consist of vector outlines of each character stored in PostScript code. • PostScript or Outline fonts. Printer FontGLYPH LWFN
  • 7. VCT Printer Fonts • Should be stored with matching screen fonts. • Both screen and printer fonts must be IDENTICAL matches to each other (manufacturer, version, etc.). • Mac OSX does not allow orphan fonts to be used
  • 8. VCT True Type™ • True Type™ was introduced by Apple with System 7.0. • True Type™ fonts handle both screen display and printing. • It allows for "non-jaggy" screen display.
  • 9. VCT True Type™ • Can have different character widths than Type 1 fonts of the same name. • Create with True Type™ print using Type 1 fonts can have re-wrapped text or bad Kerning.
  • 10. VCT True Type™ • TrueType Collection. • A .ttc file contains a number of related typefaces, such as the regular, bold and italic variants of a particular typeface, in one single font file.
  • 11. VCT Open Type • Newest font format • Cross Platform • Still comes in True Type or PostScript “Flavors” Open Type.ttf Open Type.otf
  • 12. VCT .d Fonts • Apple creation • Avoid if possible
  • 13. VCT Font Identification in InDesign
  • 14. VCT Font Usage • Using the Styles menu can result in unexpected output
  • 15. VCT Type Management
  • 16. VCT Font Legalities • Fonts are licensed • Illegal to use copied fonts • Piracy in business • Embedding fonts - PDF / Illustrator™ • Subsets • Embed yes/no Flag
  • 17. VCT Web Safe Fonts • Fonts common to most Window and Mac computers • Fonts designed specifically for web • Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, and Georgia
  • 18. VCT Fonts In Applications • Fonts in InDesign, Illustrator, & PDF are vectors • Fonts in PhotoShop are vector until flattened or saved as a file format other than .psd • When save from PhotoShop as a .tif or .jpeg the fonts become raster images