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Citizen's Response to the Ejipura Demolitions- Comments on the Change.org petition

Citizen's Response to the Ejipura Demolitions- Comments on the Change.org petition



Around 10,000 citizens have signed the petition to ask Garuda Mall to cancel the agreement it has with the BBMP to build a mall/commercial complex on land meant for low-cost housing for the poor in ...

Around 10,000 citizens have signed the petition to ask Garuda Mall to cancel the agreement it has with the BBMP to build a mall/commercial complex on land meant for low-cost housing for the poor in Ejipura Bangalore. This document is a collection of their comments, as of now.



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    Citizen's Response to the Ejipura Demolitions- Comments on the Change.org petition Citizen's Response to the Ejipura Demolitions- Comments on the Change.org petition Document Transcript

    • To: Maverick Holdings, Nandeesh, Customer Service, Customer Service, Vaidyanath , and Mahesh, Legal ManagerSubject: Step out of the Ejipura PPPLetter: Greetings, As owners of the popular Garuda mall in Bangalore, Maverick Holdings has a responsibility towards its customers and the citizens of Bangalore. More than 6000 people were thrown out of their homes in EWS quarters, Ejipura, Bangalore. They helplessly watched as bulldozers demolished their houses to make way for a new shopping mall. The land in question, however, was originally allotted and legally meant for building houses for the economically weaker sections (EWS). No rehabilitation has been done by either Maverick or the BBMP and thousands of people have been out on the streets, braving the cold, without shelter, water or sanitation. Many of them have lost their income as they are not able to go to work, children are not able to go to school and seniors citizens are suffering. The people living in Ejipura are lawful residents and the Government has issued them biometric cards, BBMP ID cards, Voter IDs and Ration Cards. However, they were not even consulted before a decision was made to commercially develop the land. I think this is unfair and this needs to stop. As owners of the popular Garuda mall in Bangalore, Maverick Holdings has a responsibility towards its customers and the citizens of Bangalore. We also demand that Maverick step out of this atrocious deal and cancels the agreement to build a commercial complex on land earmarked for EWS quarters.
    • CommentsName Location Date CommentSushil Kumar Katre Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Malls can not be build on the soles of poorVijay Anantha Murthy Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Money power should not muscle out basic Human Rights!Kantharaju P Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Hi BBMP, If you want to build shopping malls then do it on Govt allocated lands like politicans houses or any other lands. Dont show your cheap mentality on poor peoples.Sandeep Prakash Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Too many malls already ...Divya Tiwari India 2013-03-14 How many malls do we need and that too at the cost of so many homeless people!Bijoy Varghese bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Too much commercial development in bangalore has led to very imaptient and untolerable traffic situtations around these complexes. without well made traffic and congestion studies all projects need to be stopped.Reedhima Singh Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Because I care.Thenmozhi Arunan India 2013-03-14 Growth should be inclusive of all people in the society.Anantha Jois Bengaluru, India 2013-03-14 there is a saying in Kannada - innobbara samadhi mele soudha kattabaradu which means never construct your mansion on someones burial.Dhiraj Rajani Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Becuase we want these people to have a home, not these bastards setting up another useless piece of shit.satheesh kumar bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Allow people to liveDebbie Koshy Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Bangalore is my home town. To have this happen in what pretends to be a progressive city is appalling.Sivakama Sundaram Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 stop stealing from the poorRajan Srinivasan India 2013-03-14 Equity at all times to all sections of societyPraveeb R Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 More than a mall in every corner of the city, people require shelter.Prashant Dobhal Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Bangalore is already too much commercialized.. even the temples arent left out. Plus there already too many malls. We dont need another especially at this cost.madhusuden bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This is in indirect way of undertable business between the mall owner andvenkatasubbiah BBMP for sure. When there is a case pending, how come it was demolished! This is utter disturbing act.Sudheendra Deshpande Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This has to be protested, as again it bitterly shows the brazen nexsus between the government and builders....Akshatha Kamath India 2013-03-14 We have enough malls already in Bangalore. Time to do something useful in the available land.Mrinal Kamboj Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Poor of the country are not disposable, politicians are accomplice in such drastic and illegal activitiesRajesh Naik India 2013-03-14 God! Please save these poor people.Akanksha Yadav India 2013-03-14 Poors should not be neglected, they should be relocated at some place.
    • Name Location Date CommentMohammed Mujahid India 2013-03-14 Its a moral responsibilitymohamed rafiq Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 God! Please save these poor people.Ishwar Saunshi Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 It my Bangalore and any thing wrong happened here we are responsible to not taking actionsShiven Dimri Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Fed up with the corrupt BBMP destroying this beautiful city. They work hand in glove with such unethical builders to rake in the moolah and cause irreparable damage.Rahul Biddappa India 2013-03-14 The poor cannot be displaced to fit the agenda of the land mafiaHita Unnikrishnan India 2013-03-14 have worked with this community before, seen the hardships they face in those sheds and now this injustice because of an issue with poorly constructed houses for economically weaker sections. It has to stop!!Prakash KUndur Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Even Garuda Mall is built on BBMP land violating all rules and regulations of setback and on a Raja Kaluve., storm water drain.BBMP is keeping quiet obviously and the owners are laughing their way to the bank. Same thing will repeat with 10 times more violations and $$$ for the builder and the officials. And where are the displaced persons being relocated? STOP THIS BEFORE IT GETS TOO LATEArjun P Kishore Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Im not sure whether the transaction is legal or illegal. But, there is a responsibility to be taken for those poor people. They live in houses which do not have have the facilities as a single store in the malls. Their homes have to be given back to them.mohammed azam Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 If this is not taken seriously then definitely we will have more people on the Bangalore street begging for survivalDwarakanath J Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Cant be explained on short phrase here.Mohammed Zaheer Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This is horrible. Just for making a way making 1500 families homeless not aSaddapalli humanity. Please take action against them.Sukumar Raghavan Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Thani Oru manithanukku Unavu illai yenil Ijjagathinai alithiduvom!Chinmoy Nandi Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 why it is not, there are many malls in bangalore, so the number of poor are, if its given to them then make a way to help them than making more and more mall without any need of them, in the society..Amarnath Hosur India 2013-03-14 The poor cannot be displaced to construct a shopping mall. We citizens ofKrishnachari Bangalore want peace, love, not shopping malls.Sandeep Bhat bangalore, India 2013-03-14 To end corruption!santosh ramakumar India 2013-03-14 JusticeKrithika Yegnaraman Bengaluru, India 2013-03-14 Considering "Malls" are constructed to cater to peoples wants and needs, How can they snatch peoples needs then?Jayaprakash Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Politicians, builders, rich consumers and their cronies are not the only peopleSatyamurthy who exist in Bangalore. It is time our authorities stopped playing reverse Robin Hood, robbing the poor to boost the rich. What happened at the Ejipura EWS is both illegal and immoral and must be reversed.Tanmay Choudhury Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I stay just opposite the road (to this project), and i see the slum dwellers have literally come out to the footpath. They have nowhere else to go. I DO NOT want a swanky mall next to my house. I do not want people to be displaced for any reason whatsoever. No false promises of rehabilitation will work either. Stop this.
    • Name Location Date CommentKrishnan T S India 2013-03-14 This is not "fair".Prabhat Kumar Singh India 2013-03-14 for humanity and truthRAVINDRA RAO India 2013-03-14 These unfortunate people are fellow-Indians. Cant we treat them with the respect they deserve? Have humanity and justice disappeared from our city?S Jyothi kUMAR Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I cant simply see and ignore this type of atrocities as an INDIAN (AAM ADMI)Atif Siddiqui India 2013-03-14 This is not important to me, but important for families that are being forced in becoming homeless. We cant close our eyes to such unfairness. We can not grow our country by building malls on lands which people call their homes.L Krishnan Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Is THIS why Ejipura happened - for a MALL? Its a statement on the priorities of Bangalore.DR CHETHAN J D BENGALURU, India 2013-03-14 LIFE IS LIFE IF ITS OF THE RICH OR POOR, NEEDS CARE & RESPECT EQUALLY.Laura Jane Jane India 2013-03-14 Cancel the agreement a commercial complex in EjipuraNandini Chak Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 It is importantsrikanth s Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I am part of the society expecting for a clean city with no corruptionJos Conil bangalore, India 2013-03-14 We dont need more malls in that locality already saturated with shopping facilities, at the cost of injustice to these poor people.abha kumari Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 We as a society cant turn blind eye to corporate greed and government apathy ! This is nothing but goonda raj and ways for politicians to fill their coffers with BLOOD MONEYchitra balakrishnan Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 There was a time when those who governed kept the welfare of the poor as the highest priority. As a concerned citizen, I am deeply anguished at the callousness with which our leaders compromise the lives of those we should treat with the greatest respect. and thats why Im signing this petition.Shabbeer Hussain India 2013-03-14 I wanted to make the almighty happy by doing my bit for the very deserving people.kalpana.R R India 2013-03-14 Poor people need their home backAmit Sedai Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This is injustice. I oppose it.sayeed anjum India 2013-03-14 Its time for vested interests to feel the heat of activist citizen ire...Narendra Manchanda India 2013-03-14 High handedness must be stopped immediatelyRuchi Pandey Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 sometime people life is more important than building a mall. we dont want mall on the cost of 6000 people. if its really important for Maverick Holdings ask him to break his own house and construct a mall. we wont mind coming there.Mukesh Sheoran Palwal, India 2013-03-14 Bcoz home is important than a mallAnand K Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I supportDr. M. Ramakrishnan Chennai, India 2013-03-14 Humanity. Thats all.MuthiahVinod B S Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 its my countrymenSuresh Ramanan Chennai, India 2013-03-14 citizens before shopping malls, please, youre all that the common man hasDEVARAJALU KASTURI BANGALORE, India 2013-03-14 I am concerned with poor peoples predicament.Aabhaas Mallik Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 should try to ensure the happiness of more number of people..Shanmuga Sundaram Chennai, India 2013-03-14 A citizens basic needs are being disturbedSrinivasanKarthik G Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Bloody Money minded cut throat dogs !!! Down Down Maverick Holdings !!!
    • Name Location Date CommentVinod cartic bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Home are more important for the poor than mallsThomas Swaroop Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This section of the society, like us, also contributes to the economy of the State. It is responsibility of the State to safegaurd the rights of the people to live and protect them too.Vinay Bhatt Chennai, India 2013-03-14 While signing a petition is relatively easy, I would like to say that the people taking the initiative to take time out of their lives and to devote themselves to social development is a great sight to behold. However, I want to know what happens once a petition reaches the much needed 500 signatures? Why are we not kept abreast of where the petition has landed up?Pradiptamohan Basu Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 It is more important to provide the basic amenities to the poor than to cater to the artificial needs of the "haves".hv India 2013-03-14 if not stopped now, one day they may destroy my house too...house is a basic need...much more important than a stupid shopping complex...sibasish Bhattacharyya India 2013-03-14 as this is my country and every citizen is my brother and no one has the right to throw away my family out for their own business interestsSumit Kumar India 2013-03-14 i think Bangalore have enough shopping malls to cover up the need of Bangaloreans and people coming from out side, dont play this dirty games with the sentiments of poor people just becuase they dont have big daddy connection in assembly or parliament . This shopping mall will only increase beggars sitting outside helplessly just because malls are snatching their livelihood , their home and dislodged them from what they belong to its simple cruel inhuman action of BBMP and mall owner from human personnell .Aasma huzain India 2013-03-14 We dont want to have a shopping complex with out providing the poor some place to rest , there are enough places in Bangalore to build Malls and to shop.Vivek Thuppil Davis, CA 2013-03-14 Corporations should behave responsibly. This is not China where crony capitalism can run rampant. I personally will boycott Garuda Mall and urge others to do the same until a justifiable settlement is reached.Sherif kottapurath India 2013-03-14 As a citizen of India, and a resident of Bangalore, I do not want public spaces to be used for private profit and I do not want a large section of population sidelined just because they are poorAtul Agarwal bangalore, India 2013-03-14 The link between politicians, builders and mafia needs to be broken today its their house tomorrow it will be ours.nisha agarwal India 2013-03-14 i stay very far from this place but i seriously believe every one has the right to have a roof on their head. i could not bear the sight of women sitting on road with a child in her lap. Thank you karthik for initiating it. We all are with you,please don let this movement die. jai ho!!!Sainath Yeshagol India 2013-03-14 What is the use of making big infrastructures after crushing the weaker sections of the society? If we really want to progress in real terms Every Indian should be taken together in this progress path. Or Else False Claims of India Being Developing country should at-least be stopped.
    • Name Location Date CommentAkshay Shankar India 2013-03-14 To: Maverick Holdings Im signing this petition on behalf of the people of EWS quarters who are being bullied out of their rights as Indian citizens. I am part of a whole generation who have seen the original Garuda Mall(McGrath Road) become part of the social fabric of this city and I can guarantee you that if you do not stop to address the concerns of the people who have been displaced, your loyal patrons will become your greatest dissidents overnight. All we ask is for you to act responsibly as fellow stakeholders in this city. This is your chance to step up. If you choose to Ignore this appeal, please prepare for what the citizens of Bangalore will do to stand up for their peoples rights. Sincerely, Akshay ShankarDr Gloria Borde Pune, India 2013-03-14 The homeless should have their homes back.Ratan Miranda Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Justice and equityAdhitya Pancholi Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Its Brutally Brutalizing the minor/ permanent sections of Bangalore, who all were located here for decades. Most of them are Tamilians, is the primary concern, and not so important citizens of this state. If its was a MUSLIMS occupation in this same location, will the BBMP dare to do it. It so shame that the BBMP cant dare to take down / demolish just a wall structure next to BALDWINS Boys school on HOSUR road just near to Johnson Market, a MOSQUEs external wall, which could pave way wider, leading to towards Brigade road from FORUM mall in Koramangala & vice versa, because of FEAR, as they are MUSLIMS. Here its no one, as we are Tamilians, no INTEGRITY amougst our ownselves, like the Malayalee, Kannadigas of the Telugu sections, which are all the disected bretherens of Tamizh; No one will support / hear our voice, unless or otherwise, we get together to act, for the attrocities metted towards local Tamilians population. There will be a day when it will be answered. Down BBMP, we too pay tax, remember it. We dont get any free service.aman pratap Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 i live there, i know how things happened. If you think i am lying, live my LIFE for a day.Vinutha S N India 2013-03-14 House is more important to a Man than a mallTanya Sharma India 2013-03-14 Its pathetic what our country is doing just to "catch up". No one wants another stupid departmental store. Especially ones that wont even be built properly and another kid might die by jumping off the railings.Antony Henry India 2013-03-14 Shopping cannot happen over someones weeping!!! It is society thats weeping here!narendar reddy hyderabad, India 2013-03-14 with these kind of things, poor are being suppressed more and all the facilities are being holded over by the richest, even not govt, which is not working for the people. easily seenmohammed nazeem India 2013-03-14 Poorer section of society must be protectednagendra dwarakanath bangalore, India 2013-03-14 you cant take the land which belongs to Poor.Kallol Dasgupta Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Stop evecting poors. We want NO MALL
    • Name Location Date Commentdaniel christopher Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 dogs live on streets, humans have homes.....KUMAR RAY India 2013-03-14 Those of us who are having comfortable living have a social duty to see that others should have the same privilege.praful vyas India 2013-03-14 because it is social injustice to poorsChetan Krishnaswamy Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Its criminal to build a shopping mall after displacing families...I see them everydayPremanand Thirumal Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I stay in this area.Piyush Srivastava Allahabad, India 2013-03-14 Flouting of due process by vested interests must stop!Anees Abdul Rahiman Palakkad, Kerala, India 2013-03-14 Social Justice must prevail for the welfare and survival of our society as a whole.kamaal hassan Hyderabad, India 2013-03-14 All BANLORIANs should abandon this mall and all the other Ventures from MAVERICK Holdings as a protest against this inhumane act against civilisation. Govt should work for the people and not for the people with money. infact its the people who vote and not the rich ones.Abdul Lateef Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This is injustice and inhumanity and we have to stop it !!!Sudhakar Pandey Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I stay in Viveknagar. I saw when all this happened. Maid working in my house used stay at this place only. After hearing her plight we all financially helped her to get some house in the nearby locality. I was not aware that the place has been given to build some mall. I thought government is going to build some low cost residential building plus some mall. But giving whole land to build some mall is really sad. Pushing people out of their homes to build some mall is not acceptable.Venkatramani India 2013-03-14 Injustice of any kind to any one should be fought tooth and nail.Especially theNayakankuppam poor cant be victimised .VenkatMAHAVIR MITTAL Noida, India 2013-03-14 Brutal atrocities are being inflicted day in and day out on below poverty line persons in our independent country. There is a clear nexus between the politicians, bureocrats and business houses for their own sake and they have ruined the country in the name of poor. It is so shameful for all of us.Konark rai Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.Ritu Anand New Delhi, India 2013-03-14 Because i think we need to empathise with the poor and enable them, rather than disable them in such a horrific way. Ritu AnandPoornapragna Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Poor can not be displaced to provide luxury to rich. Let the goovernment buildGudibande homes for those evicted in the same <a href="http://place.gov" rel="nofollow">place.gov</a>ernmentViswa Ghosh NIPGR, India 2013-03-14 The weak and disenfranchised need full support and empowerment from their brothers & sisters, if our society is to achieve highest levels of humane standards.Kalpana kp Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Can one end up eating brick/mortar/glass??? We need humans first, rich or poor, each one contributes their might to the well-being of the society as a whole....so, this has to happen.Penelop Fidler Wetherby, United 2013-03-14 India has too many malls already.... invest in homes and jobs for the people Kingdom you dumped on the streets like cattle. When the people are taken care of then you should think about the extras!Indira Dani India 2013-03-14 This is plain inhuman. And sincerely, Bangalore has enough malls already.
    • Name Location Date Commentarun satsangi Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Rule of law of the land without any violation of any kind. On the contrary Garuda Mall magrath road need to be demolished for encroachment on the Nalla and other violations.Abhijith J.S India 2013-03-14 To help the poor people...Joshua James India 2013-03-14 Poorsaravanan s India 2013-03-14 Everyone has to be treated well and with dignity and given oppurtunity to live.faisal khan bangalore, India 2013-03-14 peoples lives are more important than another stupid mall to further our consumer greed.Gilbert Rodrigo Chengalpattu, India 2013-03-14 Peoples right to reside is more important than shopping mallsBISHNU CHARAN India 2013-03-14 It is high time the whole of India must wake up from its deep slumber to savePATRO the country from the tentacles of corruption which is the net result of collusion between capitalism and mindless polity.Royappa Louis India 2013-03-14 This is important to us as the demolition has been in violation of all principles of natural justice and such violations resulting from businessmen politician nexus should stop in our country.atanu nath Mumbai, India 2013-03-14 Injustice cant be tolerated anymore !ramachandran India 2013-03-14 As a humanitarian actionmahalingamdaya lakshmi India 2013-03-14 Rich keep getting richer and these malls serve only those rich people who apart from spending for their lives have enough and more to give and help the poor but they just keep accumulating material for what i am clueless.. No Malls should exist at all.Gnaniyar Zubair Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2013-03-14 This is very important to all human being. Let them live peacefully...ashok hallur Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 all for money ...just stop this BBMP projectkartik setty India 2013-03-14 It is important because i am a human and i cannot forget humanity.anita cheria Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 A community that cant take care of the basic needs of its citizens needs to rethink priorities, certainly housing should take priorities over malls. To displace the poor from the little they have is outright criminal.Prabir Chakraborty India 2013-03-14 Social obligationVineeth P Kaimal Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Tomorrow the same treatment could be meted out to meN D Hari Dass Chennai, India 2013-03-14 protesting blatant injusticeabhirami sunil Dubai, United Arab 2013-03-14 i know the pain of being homeless Emiratesbhavna shrestha Bondi Junction, Australia 2013-03-14 Responsibility! We live in a society where there are humans and not just bricks!Souvik Mitra Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Its simply unacceptable that 1500 families are driven out of their homes to make space for a mall.Ratan Sethi Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Justice is important alwayspraveen mn Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Exploitation of poor people should be forbidden. Would they do this in IAS colony.Rajani santosh Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 This is important since I do not want my city to have more malls than parks /homes for poor people. Where should the poor go? Why not just say u would build homes, hospitals and schools for the Slum dwellers - How dare Govt get into building malls - they dont even know how to build a decent road !
    • Name Location Date CommentYuko Saito Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Because I live close to this area and already a big mall called Forum is there, and why other mall is needed for the sake of Maverick Holdings, and those previous occupants are finding nowhere to live???abhirami sunil Dubai, United Arab 2013-03-14 its not the right way Emirates they should eitjer provide new place for the poor people pr they should not construct buildingYuvaraj Devaraj India 2013-03-14 for peopleGeorge Korula Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 why do you want the poor to get poorer in India and the rich to get richer? One day some day the have nots will rise and finish the haves.ananya misra KOLKATA, India 2013-03-14 this is my right to fight against severe wrong deedsSrikanth Santhanam Stuttgart, Germany 2013-03-14 Justice and Humantiyashim choudhury New Delhi, India 2013-03-14 Peoples livesRajani santosh Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I want Better roads, parks for children and spaces for adults to gather in spare time (in 100 years we still have same old Lalbagh and Cubbon park) . I want traffic to get better not worse on weekends with everyone rushing to Malls - Why not go the Western way - shift the Malls & Movie theatres (make zones like SEZs for entertainments as well) to the Outskirts .. It was their home for 20 years and you have no right to clean them out and build a mall even if u bought the land legally (which I doubt u did)Gopalaswamy D Chennai, India 2013-03-14 It is very unfair to open a Mall with so many families being evicted. We do not encourage such a business.Asma Nazim India 2013-03-14 we do not want a shopping complex in Bangalore built on land meant for the poor.shivakumar shivakumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Basic Human right for the poor and helpless children and people.Tanwir Hussain Khan India 2013-03-14 Rich become richer and the poor poorervikash kumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Its My duty to protest against any exploitation.Ajay Shenoy Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Bangalore is my city, I support this petitionGeetha Ramani India 2013-03-14 geetha.ramani@gmail.comIndra Laxminarayan India 2013-03-14 The picture says it all. What are we doing to this city and who takes of the weaker sections if corruption in land deals is rampant?Karuna Dasi Toronto, Canada 2013-03-14 India already faces issues of poverty and this demolishing of homes is exacerbating this issue. There should be more respect and rights for their citizens. This act of demolishing homes is atrocious and has succeeded in creating more poverty-stricken citizens for some stupid mall. The act degrades your country, your citizens and your culture. Shame on you!Venky rp Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Maverick Holdings: Cancel the agreement for building a commercial complex in Ejipura Why is this important to you? (Optional)viveka Jyotsna India 2013-03-14 coz I am a responsible Indian and a human beingPrashanth Rajagopal Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 People are suffering, there cannot be anything more important as a human being.Anirudh Santhiar India 2013-03-14 From the original article, the author recounts witnessing "how 1500 houses could be demolished abitrarily, without any consultation, resettlement and rehabilitation, to make way for a new shopping mall." This is just wrong, and not how things ought to be done in a democratic society.Pavan Vaidyanathan Arlington, MA 2013-03-14 Such a shocking travesty of justice needs to be stopped!
    • Name Location Date CommentKala sunder India 2013-03-14 A mall next to EWS housing? How insensitive can BBMP and Maverick be? BBMP can build decent homes for the poor if it stops swindling the taxes we pay.Nisha Misra Portlethen, United 2013-03-14 Do we really need another Mall? Seriously time to think about how excessive Kingdom urban development in Bengaluru that is already a conjested city bursting out of its seams and boundaries is alleviating problems with urban poverty! Pains me to see that there is absolutely no concept of moral conduct and civic responsibility with either the local / national authorities.Vinod Pillai India 2013-03-14 Eviction of the poor is unacceptable. India needs safe homes and basic necessities for everyone not obscene mails.ananda moola India 2013-03-14 Maverick has done this before in collusion with the then govt @ Garuda MallRadhika Vaidyanathan India 2013-03-14 Too high a price to pay for "progress"Madhu Reddy Hyderabad, India 2013-03-14 Enough in the name of development. Development does not only more for the rich. We dont need more malls.Baladutt Papne India 2013-03-14 I have a home, they dont i am sorry for themPrasanna Sundaram India 2013-03-14 You are compelling the society to turn violent! ... All these years when it was a govt agenda only, we had only talks of rehabilitation and taking down of the slums ... but never an action ... now all of a sudden a private party walks in and we tear the slums out??? I am not a supporter of the slums, I rather always wanted them out from there ... but not this way ... never this way!!!Mani Kalliath Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I agree with all the underlying reasons stated in this petition. Does money power and influence give you (owners ) of Maverick the right to disregard the rights of the marginal and powerless families and throw them arbitrarily into the streets (under the fig leaf cover of a judicial decision you have influenced? As for you BBMP decision making officials, you are seen through this episode, to be concerned only in making your personal purse fatter. You are violators of your duty to offer good governance especially to the most vulnerable. So what is the gain of having you and the shameless MLA occupying your seats? Get out of your seats, or more of your actions help all of us to become clear of your parasiticm and find ways of getting rid of you Mani KalliathGurunandan Mullerpaten India 2013-03-14 Oppressed people need help and if one can not they should not be adding to their miseries.Shivakumar Raghavan Vadodara, India 2013-03-14 It can happen any-where in India and must be stopped.sajith soman bangalore, India 2013-03-14 A roof on the head is more important than a amphitheatre for watching movie.Venkat Hari Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 EWS land should be used for its purpose not to make the rich, richerabhi soni India 2013-03-14 no Commercial complex plzzzzHarikrishnan Thambi India 2013-03-14 We dont have a mall shortage. We have a housing shortage. Priorities, anyone?Raghavendra KS India 2013-03-14 If the Govt thinks that the revenue can be generated only by having shopping malls in the city, then they are grossly wrong! And when it comes at the expense of such poor people at an age where 1 SqFt cost thousands of rupees, This is Ridiculous! Ther are already enough and more malls in the city, and I dont want this mall at the expense of 6000 peoples life!Stuti Gupta India 2013-03-14 For the growth of our nation.munaf ghori mumbai, India 2013-03-14 justice must be done
    • Name Location Date Commentumesh derebail Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 However illegal the housing has been demolishing it is inhuman, the structures are not temporary, state has the responsibility now to rebuild their houses in some other land alloted to these homeless peoplebns reddy India 2013-03-14 Bnsreddy2003@yahoo.comumesh derebail Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Unless these people are re located with pucca houses which have been demolished the mall should not come up, what are the courts doing why don t they take up the case Suo Motu to refrain Mall coming up unless alternative accomodation is provided.bulla siddarameshwar Hackensack, NJ 2013-03-14 HumanityVasudevan Ranganathan Chennai, India 2013-03-14 How can an organisation demolish the houses where poor people are having their dwellings. Did they sell the land . Is it govt. acquisition. Wwhos are the people behind this.Diganta Bhattacharjee Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Sad to here about it. Hope poor people land is not grabbed illegallyPradeep Misal India 2013-03-14 Well done Karthik for taking up this issue pertaining to the common mans fundamental right to living,... "makaan" that too of 6000 persons!! Similar cases abound in many Tier-I and Tier-II cities. I visited Ejipura in Bengaluru and saw the plight of affected persons.I belong to the Real Estate industry and guess that after signing the deal with BBMP, Maverick Holdings are probably in a fix businesswise. As per Industry experts, Malls are not doing good in any of the cities. They should cancel the deal on their own immdtly bcoz eventually, they stand to lose everything.....Corporate image, citizens goodwill, blessings of the poor, all money in the Mall...Wiser counsel should prevail. I am sure sooner or later Maverick Holdings will wake up to their Corporate Social Responsibility. Im sure Maverich Holdings have much better developments elsewhere in their portfolio.chitra dinesh bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Yeah I witnessed the plight of some of these women, and we definitely do not need another glitzy mall at the cost of these people.VINOD BEHAL India 2013-03-14 Why the BBMP has carried out eviction of the poor from the land allotted to them By the govt. How does BBMP justify their primafacie unethical/illegal action?William Marise shamokin, PA 2013-03-14 I couldnt imagine seeing so many children homeless.archana rao Hyderabad, India 2013-03-14 Because house is the basic necessity for everybody and demolishing it is injustice.Hence I support this petition.Haridas KPN Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Bangalorevinutha menon India 2013-03-14 I think the people need to be re-habilitated!!!its unfair and ruthless if nothing is done for the marginalized section of our society!swapna kollu cambridge, MA 2013-03-14 Development should be properly planned and not come at the cost of sacrificing the most marginalized people in society. Why dont the big shots at Maverick and BBMP give up their own homes to build a mall, if thats what they want?Ketan Goswami India 2013-03-14 Important to me because "silence is a powerful enemy of social justice" (Amartya Sen)Minakshi Prabhu India 2013-03-14 Do not like the commercialisation of thingsDakshina Murthy Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Because, we need to prevent every such senseless, inhuman and careless economic development activity wherever it happens.Ridhi Kalra India 2013-03-14 Right to housing and residence is part of our fundamental rights. We should not displace people just because they cant fight back.
    • Name Location Date CommentSumeet Choudhury Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Malls and industrialization have already finished Bengaluru. It has already lost most of its charm because of cutting of trees and now this inhuman caricature wont be allowed any more. STOP ITShivaprakash Hosur Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Since it was originally allotted for building houses for the economically weaker sections, please build and do favor to them. We do not want shopping malls in all areas of bangalore.kanchan arun India 2013-03-14 we cannot enjoy in a shopping mall which has left 1000 of families hoemless. How can a normal human being enjoi at the cost of poor people. and more over Bangalore has enough malls, do something for these people.Surendra Kedia India 2013-03-14 As responsible citizen, we should oppose such atrocity to downtroddenIhjaz Mohamed Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Because I care for those evicted from the land.Vikram Prasad Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 I am pro capitalism, but I dont think shopping malls serve any purpose in the betterment of the society. On the top of it you cannot evict people like this.Ravindra Kamath India 2013-03-14 Are we in a democratic country or a Dictatorial state?What the people of Bangalore doing ?a minimum of 1lac people should surround the BBMP and thrash the people responsible for this carnage.Mr.Karhik, you are doing a great job and my best wishes are with you in your devine work.shridhar bm India 2013-03-14 Its my responsibility to help the poor.....Krishnamoorthy Ramaier Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 LIVE BUT LET LIVE. Displacing 1000s no one can prosper.Garuda Mall can be located in any other place.Stop dislocating peopleVidya Nagaraj Edina, MN 2013-03-14 I believe in the causeRamiz Hasan India 2013-03-14 we definetely should return something to our societymanju mehta India 2013-03-14 i dont think anyone has a right to take away shelter...or throw people out of their habitat. Provide shelter and basic amenities and relocate these people...live and let live not live and destroy!Saravanan Sivakumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-14 Justice needs to be served to the poorDenise McFarland Edenbridge, United 2013-03-14 I regularly visit India and have many friends in India. When my child was Kingdom newborn I was made homeless in England. Thankfully, on the day the bailiffs arrived, the local Council rehoused me. It was terrifying! No one should be put out of their home, let alone these poor people with no voice in India. Its shameful!Bhupendra Yadav Bengaluru, India 2013-03-15 I live and teach in Bengaluru. My students were pained and they continue to do relief and rehabilitation work for Ejipura victims. Owners of Garuda Mall should listen to these voices of protest.Hariharan Jayachandran Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 It is important because, persons of dubious character are trying to encroach on the government and land of the poor and downtrodden by misusing and misinterpreting the law and with the help of corrupt officials and politicians. If we do not check this we will be in the list tomorrowKalpana Singh India 2013-03-15 because some of those displaced happen to be my students -Parikrma Humanity FoundationSwathy Ghattamaraju Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Strongly feel against this atrocious deal. There are enough malls in Bangalore already. Do not need one more.george joseph India 2013-03-15 The words of Gandhi never rang more true than today. "There is enough for mans need, not for his greed". We the public and informed citizenry do not want another mall - a symbol of conspicuous consumption and callousness to the large majority of our people who cannot afford 2 square meals a day.
    • Name Location Date CommentRamesh Rao Centerville, OH 2013-03-15 Govt. cannot throw people out of their homes without providing alternative accommodation; it is inhumane.Meera Huddar Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Because each of us needs a shelter first and each child needs to be safe.jagdish gusani India 2013-03-15 changeMerwyn Fernandes Quepem, India 2013-03-15 Those poor people r part of our bros & siss of our country.What Maverick Holdings is doing is absolutely atrocious!This is intolerable & the Lokayukta must penalise those responsible fr this dastardly act.ILLANA CARIAPA India 2013-03-15 Dislike the way the poor and powerless are increasingly not considered citizens of this countryHarish Harsoor Chennai, India 2013-03-15 It cud have been my own house #whattatragedyharish b India 2013-03-15 people shouldnt be thrown out of their homesSunjay Singh Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 People still think we live in the British raj. its high time we do something.Tejaswini Niranjana Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Rampant profiteering for some at the cost of the livelihoods of other citizens is unacceptable.Balaji A S Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I do not want a mall at the expenses of homeless curses. Let the poor be rehabilitated first and then think about the mall.Mitesh Lad Vapi, India 2013-03-15 Indians have to realize that in a democracy voting is of prime importance. Do not hide behind the excuse that everyone is same. A voting turnaround of 40- 50% leaves a lot of control in hands of political parities to exploit weaker sections of society for gaining power during elections. A 80-90% turnaround takes away this control from parties, and then they have to bend towards the will of the people if they want to win elections. So please India come out during the voting days, do not remain absent.ajit matthew Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 The high social cost. People forced into crime. Higher costs since we need to consider their transport and relocation costs when factoring their pay. There are already 3 big malls within 3 km of this site. Why not let the underprivileged have a roof over their head!Shridhar Rao Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Peoples lives are more important than profiting from illegal malls - BBMP should work for poor first.Vishesh Totla India 2013-03-15 I dont want to buy funky clothes, watches or gadgets from a mall; which has displaced thousands of people from their homes to come into existence! May the guilty be severely punished by the Lokayukta!Karthik Vijayakumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 The people who were displaced from EWS Ejipura were already living in a pretty poor state, they hardly had access to basic facilities like sanitation, and clean drinking water. Instead of trying to improve their quality of life, demolishing their homes is totally atrocious. And frankly another shopping mall is the last thing bangalore needs, and when its coming at the cost of rendering so many ppl homeless, its seriously unacceptable. I used to live in Koramangla near the EWS quarters, though I have never seen the place until the news broke out, I feel pretty strongly for them.Shashank Keshava Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 few more days of this menace and corruption continue we will soon be like our neighbor PakistanTemesh Dewangan Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Its high time that we unite together and protest such acts, not just in bangalore but everywhere else where high profiles, rich people, top builders make use of their power and rob poor of their belongings. I dont like visiting malls. Its just heck of a place where you loose peace and privacy.
    • Name Location Date CommentArun KM bangalore, India 2013-03-15 house for poor is important than a shopping mall... we have enough malls in Bangalore and there will be no problem if you demolish this one mall and make house for poor... i think Lokayukta is not currupt still... BBMP and our greate Govt. is not fit to be in toilets also ... such a corrupt people are there in these BBMP and politicians...Dorothy Rose Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Because I do not believe in development and economic growth at the cost of another human beings right to live especially if they are from the poorer and weaker sections of societyBrijdeep Bhasin India 2013-03-15 Do we really need more malls in this city? Dont we have enough already. Cant we developer communities, provide livelihood, healthcare and education for urban poor or precious land. Common!!Anuradha HR Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 It my city and i dont want it to turn out to be Mall city.priyanka handa India 2013-03-15 We wont allow this to happen,Bangalore already has too many shopping malls,who needs another?Pius Mishra India 2013-03-15 It becomes our social responsiblity to protect Poors from the capitalists and ensure that they get the basic necessities of life.Amit Fenn Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Families should not be split from land they have lived on for years simply because someone was bribed. They should have far less rights over a piece of land they may have never visited to make a quick buck.Sharad Kumar India 2013-03-15 enough of shopping malls in bangalore ...that too at the cost of poor people ...no waySelvarajan Rajeshwaran India 2013-03-15 Lifes of even poor people are equally valuable.Shwetha Ravi Chennai, United States 2013-03-15 I live closeby. I understand the pain of traffice nearby. Especially at the cost of ruining lives of people around. Bangalore shoudl stop its fetish for malls.Ashish Mishra Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We do not want another freaking shopping mall. Govt has to setup nice clean housing colony for poors with basic amenitiesKumaresh Rajagopalan India 2013-03-15 this isn shocking ..maverick and BBMP should be taken to task for this .. what is happening to our country ?Rahul Sindaghatta India 2013-03-15 We dont need no shopping complexes built on demolished homes of people. This is outright wrong !Sylvia Karpagam Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I visited the site (as a doctor), people lost their homes, children stopped going to schools, water tanks and toilets were destroyed - within one day. Maverick Holdings have constantly threatened the people with violence. I strongly support boycotting Garuda malls. MH and UG need to know that they will be held accountable for the way they treat the poor.Nagaraja Magonahalli Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 we need labour but not in our vicinity for their livingRadha Krishnan Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Never take away anything that is for the PoorPARTHA NARAYAN bangalore, India 2013-03-15 This clearly shows the nPolitician Builder Nexus. These are the people who own Garuda Mall. After switching Party loyalties they bag this prime peice of land meant for EWSSatya Sheela Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Because the root cause for all these problems is corruption.Balachandran KC Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 This is NOT the ONLY hawk eyeing every inch of land all over India. Collusion of capitalist and party politics is passe while we see them as partners hand in hand in the open now a days!sayed jalaluddin Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 .... On humanitarian groundsvishnu m Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 unequal distribution of human resources
    • Name Location Date CommentNaresh V Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Our greed will be the cause for our collective downfall. If we dont wake up now and eradicate this disease it will be too late. No country or society can build their castles on the graves of their poor and expect to thrive.Elizabeth V.S. Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Every citizens fundamental rights have to be protected and therefore it is the duty of us privileged ones to fight on behalf of the marginalised and powerlessswetaswapna paricha bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We are humans and its is sheer cruel to ask some one to move out from apatnaik place which is menat from them and build a mall . How does a Mall help me at all and to people over their when their a lot more options. Lets do it first before Politicians create a mess out of it and these people are still at a loss. I support this change.Ashok Channa India 2013-03-15 We give importance to human lives first than any otherJACOB MENDONSA India 2013-03-15 It is illegal to evict poor people.Before demolishing the poor peoples houses, BBMP should have arranged alternative accommodation for these poor people.Is this the way to alleviate poverty in Karnataka.Shame on these people.Justin Johny Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Poor have shelter and housing rights...Biju Nair Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We cannot have our citizens loosing their shelter just for some one else selfishness.Rashmi Singh India 2013-03-15 there is no point of suffering the poor for the comfort of the elites!..its insane..only for humanity I want this not to happenNiraj Srivastava Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 India is under attack by greed of few. We have to stop this. Human life has to be respected.Radhika Menon India 2013-03-15 Basic needs of human beings are more important than swanky malls.Bhuvana P India 2013-03-15 In my opinion, Bangalore already has sufficient malls and moreover there is no necessity to build a mall in a place where people have spent more than half of their life time. Moreover, building a mall in the center of the city would lead to further traffic congestion in Ejipura.Varun Raj Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Not only me, it is every citizens duty.Ambika Savitry Panicker India 2013-03-15 I feel that every Indian should have a secure place to live. It is not only the Governments duty, but of all the Indian citizens. As a citizen of India, I want to support the causeSumangala G M India 2013-03-15 I feel all the people have right to live with dignity, I dont want Malls everywhere. A residential area is more important than a mall, i am againist to mall and shoping culture.Bindu Binesh Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 The poor people who have been made homeless need all the help and support they can get to receive justiceMoosa Khan Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Shame on the GovernmentShyam P Ghaziabad, India 2013-03-15 People first.. Pompousness later!Bhagyavathi B.G Vathi India 2013-03-15 i am also common woman,i know the pain of homeless people,we want common life,Malls are not required for usGuruling Ammanagi India 2013-03-15 This city is for all -rich as well as poor. Poor cannot be robbed !Sriharsha Rao Italy 2013-03-15 This is so undemocratic! If the Government that is responsible for the welfare of all its People - more so the poorer ones who need desperate help, acts like a amoral, worse immoral business house that is blinded by its greed, it loses its ground to be the leadership - from the hearts of people. Its an opportunity to change - for everyones good.
    • Name Location Date Commentpoornima mohandas Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Because people lives and livelihoods are any day more important than another mall.Aisha S Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Enough of shopping malls, we already have so many. Why displace someone, that too, poor people, and come up with a swanky mall ??? If really interested in adding to the woes of the city, at least provide them a proper shelter, rehabilitate them, then go ahead with making Bangalore the city it never was....!!! Whats happening to our morals. Stop this...!!!Rahul Singh India 2013-03-15 I choose people over malls. I wish AAP was in power now :(Annamalai Gurusami Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 ஏழைகளையும் வாழவிடுங்கள்.Veda venkatesh Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Build the homes first and then the mall. If homes cannot be built here, retrain the people to make them employable close to where their homes are being provided.Ajay sachdev bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I say boycott Garuda Mall and the upcoming MAll. That will teach them....Anantha Dhanaraj Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Children on the road in India is a big risk to their safety given the abusesEkalavya Rao bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I believe everyone has the right to live with shelter over their head. If the government does not help these people we the people of the society should.Syed Abrar Afaque Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Being a Bangalorean means being a Kannadiga. Guests are more important than shopping, homeless people are more important than new curtains for our new home. Stop this madness, we have enough shopping complexes here!!!uma kumar India 2013-03-15 i want to support to poor peaplevani kantli bangalore, India 2013-03-15 i want to see the equal growth of the country and its people. not some companies and govts. its needed for my future generation.Mridula Pao India 2013-03-15 If the land has been allocated to build housing for the poor, then that is what it needs to be used for. Besides, I think we have enough of ugly malls in this city.Suneel Mohan Siri Giri Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 When people do not have a place to live who needs the shopping malls?? This is so unethical on the part of Maverick Holdings. Would they do the same if their Chairmans house would be bulldozed to build a shopping mall??Vijai Kumar India 2013-03-15 A mall instead of shelter, not justified.BM Agrawal Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 How long the public will suffer in the hand of corrupt financial forces. Why regulatory authorities do not take action at the time of problem growing up.Vijay Joseph India 2013-03-15 Its wrong on the part of the authorities to have unilaterally decided on using the land for building, of all the things, a shopping mall and have no resettlement plan to speak of.Naagesh Rao S India 2013-03-15 Hate that poor people are unrootedSujeet sahu Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Because it is related to commonman.Rituparna Ghosh Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 bangalore has enough shopping malls, if you have money to buy stuff from mall, you have money to pay for petrol.Nishant Raghunath India 2013-03-15 First home then mall.Nirupama N India 2013-03-15 Poor peoples housing and education.Venu R India 2013-03-15 I condemn the use of ruthless force against weaker sections for an illegal cause...
    • Name Location Date CommentShyama Narang BANGALORE, India 2013-03-15 The Garudas have done it again. The parking of "garuda Mall was meant for purely parking which got illegally converted into a mall just cos of no accountability to the public. BBMP is eqully accountable hatched up development projects. When will the governing bodies truely represent the peoples interest and not the HAVES. this is a clear violation of the residents right to live with dignity.reshma reshma Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Stop invading and violence against women, children and the elderly members in the slums. The urban deprived communities settled in this pavement only because of systemic failure. These capitalist, the liberal thinkers broken the life of marginalized communities and legitimaizing thier power in the reed carpet of the life of urben poor. It heart rendering to see the life of women and children and most of the deprived people. The High court decision ruled over the peoples aspiration towards the legal entity. The same court given order to bring effcetive policy programmes for the malnourished children. Do this court failed to assess the childrens right while negating the petition from the people about their survival. Is it a social justice?Shashidhar S Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We dont enter into a mall that is built on someones blood & tears!vedu vedanthan India 2013-03-15 for any concerned civilised ciritizen these are impotantchethan C Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Poorer echelons of the society are always under oppression and the administration should stop bootlicking to the richer classes.Vineeth C India 2013-03-15 Such things should not be encouragedsuvedha muthuvelu Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We dont need any more shopping malls. There are enough malls already congesting the city. Please provide land for needy people rather than creating mallsMoizuddin Syed India 2013-03-15 A shelter for everyone is a basic necessity for every citizen of IndiaKeshava Raghunathan Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 rAparna Shankar bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I hope this is one more step in the right way for a social revolution to take over in India, where all citizens are treated in an equitable manner.Ajay Bakhshi Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Things should be done transparently so that interests of all sections of the society are taken care off.Uday Bhaskar India 2013-03-15 We are humans, lets not get degenerated to being just mindless consumers of all junk.latha kannan India 2013-03-15 i want to supportprince m India 2013-03-15 let us throw big malls out of india. first we need to see our citizens get atleast place to stay.naresh sharma Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 as human beings, we belong to each other and need to take care of each other. We cannot have a society where people are thrown away because of a few greedy folks.Hrangthan Chhungi Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 homes for the homeless is what we need in stead of Mall, we have enough of Malls for the BangaloreansAbid Shah India 2013-03-15 Humanity is vanishing. If we dont do anything, at time will come When i will be homeless.Balasubramanian R India 2013-03-15 Let them build houses for the poor evicted people first before constructing the shopping complexSubodh Konhor India 2013-03-15 We already have so many shopping malls and multiplexes. Business houses are ruthless but BBMP should work in peoples interest. A roof for a poor is more IMPORTANT than a Shopping Mall
    • Name Location Date Commentjagadish kumar India 2013-03-15 i support your cause for the poor.gopala krishna Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I dont want amall on poor mans grave. The Mallians shoul have some ethics and they must be guided by Hearts Not Pockets...Jasir Mohamed Ali Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Were not animals to hurt the feelings of other human beings. We should beNalakath better than that.kaushal khunt kaushal, Gibraltar 2013-03-15 just for testingUdaya Bose Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 To shift poor and deprived people from land set apart from them for pecuniary gain is reprehensible and fails to recognise the BBMPs responsibilie and not just the well-to-do.ty which extendes to all citizens and residents of BangalorB J VAZ India 2013-03-15 we need to never lose sight that any & all humans are entitled to respect & dignityN.Subramanya N India 2013-03-15 To support poor peopleAmpat Varghese Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Those who build their fortunes on the dead bodies of the poor will have to reckon with the curse of God on their families.Mamta Bharadwaj India 2013-03-15 We have enough malls in bangalore. These poor people are being denied the the basic dignity one needs in life. Bangalore can do without an additional mall but Bangalores poor cannot do without housing and basic amenities.Kirthi Rao Chennai, India 2013-03-15 Houses cant be demolished without warning and due process of law! Especialy, those of the weaker sections and especially, when the land transfer is being inquired into.Anantha Rao India 2013-03-15 In any PPP project, there should be significant public service, how building mall can be treated as public service? It is a commercial. Karnataka Govt spends & BBMP spending crores on unwanted projects by taking loans and pleading BBMP/BDA properties. Why cant they build homes that may cost few crores. If Govt cant build them, allow those families to build for themsevles. This project glaring shows politicians-govt corruption nexus where govt land is given free. CBI investigation must.Vivek Krishnan Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 It is precisely these kinds of thoughtless acts that increase the crime rates in cities like this. There cannot be non-inclusive growthRemi Vaz India 2013-03-15 It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.Ashish Kole Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 The law should be allowed to reach its own conclusion before further action can be taken.Madan Kumar J India 2013-03-15 Displacing huge crowds of poor to feed the greed of a few is not at all acceptable.Dan Prabakar Arutkaiyan Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Poor must fulfill the basic needs in their life.Preetham U India 2013-03-15 I am against corruption and illegally hurting the innocent.kanthi arasu India 2013-03-15 this is important to me as a human being, for every human being roti, kapada & makan is very important.Shalini Yadav Bangalore., KS 2013-03-15 live is more important than huge buildingsKaran Golani Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Maverick should be penalised for this action.Ananthakrishnan India 2013-03-15 This should not just stop at stopping the demolitions or cancelling theJayaraman agreement but punish the officials who actually permitted this in the first place. That is where the rot starts.Panduranga H Ganapa India 2013-03-15 It is a need for country to provider shelter for poor.
    • Name Location Date CommentAmith Aragula Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 India is a poor country with rich people! Malls all over the city or country doesnt make us a developed nation! look outside, there are 100 thousand more fighting for one meal a day! this is rubbish economic development!kamesh puliyur India 2013-03-15 As it is there are so many malls. No need to build new ones at the cost of poor. Scene from an old movie of Amitabh BacchanPriyadarshini India 2013-03-15 Everybody has a right to live!LakshminarayananTanu Anand London, United Kingdom 2013-03-15 I lived in Bangalore till last month and I hate that the mall culture is killing our human instincts.anjali naik India 2013-03-15 This is outrageous.The govt is stealing someones home and livelihood.Dipika maiya India 2013-03-15 my cook lives in ejipura and she just asked me for a two lakh loan, which i cant afford to give. she needs to pay lease for a tin roof house elsewhere...very very sadMary Paul India 2013-03-15 There is no harm with development, however the question to ask is Is this done in an ethical manner?Avinash Suresh Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Bangalore needs to be for everyone, not just the rich!!!Nadeem Raza Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 All Indians whether rich or poor belonging to any caste or religion has the right of shelterVenugopalan Damodaran Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Everybody has the right to live in India. No body should be thrown out of ones own house like this.Akash Jacob Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 For the richs satisfaction, the poor should suffer. How meaningless this is. We are all Humans living for our own peace and happiness. This is one of the worst cases that have happened. Nobody wants a mall to SHOP on the houses of the poor. Hope those poor ones get a home to say.Ameer Badami India 2013-03-15 Without Social Justice for the oppressed our society and humanity will perish.julieanne prabhakar India 2013-03-15 I think its selfish to take what little they have when we have so much already...instead of taking away be should be helpingK.P.DINESHKUMAR Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 this is inhuman and against all ehics.before evicting alternative arrangementdineshkumar k.p. must have been made to these peopleBharadwaj kaushick India 2013-03-15 Social causeSarvendra Vikram S India 2013-03-15 Poor is as much as a citizen of India as so called "elite class" and basic livings of a poor can never be sacrifice for the sake of showing off of growth.Nanda K India 2013-03-15 Because I believe housing to economically weaker sections are more important than closed public spaces for BangaloreansAditya PATIL India 2013-03-15 I dont want the rich become richer and the poor become poorerMadhu Kumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Mall culture is bad and will increases the pressure on land by exploitation..Aditya PATIL India 2013-03-15 Its time to stop the atrocities. Its time to stop the people with vitamin I @ vitamin M (influence and money). Every person in Bangalore doesnt need these flashy MALLS by throwing out these innocent people. Investors and builders, get lost and do some ethical work.PRITAM KARADE India 2013-03-15 We dont want shopping malls at the cost of life of poor section of people. Further these people should be rehabilitate as soon as possible.Suresh Bhat Mangalore, India 2013-03-15 In todays India the priorities are completely topsy - turvy.Nirmala Hanabe Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Who wants another mall? Dont we have too many of them already? When the land was legally meant for building houses, how can this land be used for constructing a mall?
    • Name Location Date CommentK.MUTHU KUMARAN chennai, India 2013-03-15 STOP THIS..Pooja Voladoddi Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Because lives are more important than malls!venkatesan palanisamy bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Poor peoples, Dalits, Tribles are most affected in the name of "Growth".Karthik Babu K B India 2013-03-15 This is not fair when there is enquiry by Lokayukta. All the actions which is causing trouble the public should be opposed by default.Ayushi Malik India 2013-03-15 government has been and will continue to be unfair to its people untill we speak up..I support it because I believe that govt is wrong.Shobhana Verghese Bangalore, KS 2013-03-15 to stop Greed.manoj murulinath bangalore, India 2013-03-15 I wouldnt go to a mall that has made many homeless.SATISH Addanki Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 This is a purely a case of the fence eating the crop! Its nothing but a gross violation of the poor citizens right to shelter. Politicians are hand-in-glove with influential and unscrupulous builders. This nexus needs to be halted for the good of our great city of Bangalore.bobby o bangalore, India 2013-03-15 greedy corporate bastards and corrupt bribe begging officials.Abhinav Raj Delft, Netherlands 2013-03-15 It isnt fair.N Shenoy Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 This outcome evolved from the mafia of polticians and builderskapeel kamat India 2013-03-15 we are a society and poor or not, people have a fundamental right to shelter. We know how fucked up our system is, and i would like to fight this system every opportunity i get. Let us not alienate people in the name of progress.Siga ARLES BANGALORE, India 2013-03-15 Bangalore has enough enough shops and shopping malls for the citizens. We do not need more shops, but housing for people. Hence, I support this plea. Ejipura poor should be protected with legally provided housing to the poor people.bhushan narang India 2013-03-15 i hate exploitation and corruptionChidambar Kulkarni India 2013-03-15 I have seen the residents stay at the site for than 5 years, and now they are suddenly homelessDigvijay Singh India 2013-03-15 every indian citizen has a right to live with respect and capable part of society should make sure this for deprived one.Shreyas BT Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We dont need useless, stupid malls at the cost of poor, helpless peoples lives!Chelur Seenappa India 2013-03-15 Our happyness should not be at cost others life.SeshadriNAGARAJ VEMULA Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 My dear rich and mighty, please control your greed. Please be informed that you are not invincible. By accident of luck, you are better placed as compared to the downtrodden. They are your brothers and sisters and they have every right to share the wealth of this nation. DO NOT ACT LIKE MONSTERS. SHARE AT LEAST SOME THING WHAT YOUR HAVE. GOD WILL BLESS YOU. OTHERWISE, HE WILL CURSE YOU AND ANY AMOUNT OF PRAYER WILL NOT SAVE YOU IF YOU CONBTINUE YOUR MISDEEDSPradeep raj urs Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Poor should be supported.Prasad Kumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 This what we call as back stabbing . Still people choose waste leader for them just because of money provided by them. They dont even know that their leaders are the damn reason for their situation. Until they understand this, its not going to change.. I challenge our govt to live these peoples life for one day...!!!
    • Name Location Date CommentRENJITH LAL India 2013-03-15 Let us boycott Garuda Mall, which is already there in other parts of Bangalore. Let these big sharks understand (and of course we people who are having homes, money, job & all) that there are still homeless, hapless population languishing out there in the midst of our so called swanky population. Not just spare a thought to those hapless, by boycotting we are making a point, sometimes that may work also positively for those evacuated from Ejipura. Let our Local Admn may also understand, strong voices are still there favouring those voiceless.Rikin Gandhi India 2013-03-15 For real development.Jahnavi K A India 2013-03-15 Everyone in India should have a home!! We have enough malls already!!Zahir Akhtar Ahmed Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 What BBMP (for reasons we all know) is doing today to the needy ones, is no better than what Britishers did to us. This is a very dangerous trend, involving mafia in disguise of govt, and has to be brought to book at any cost.Prashanth Puranik India 2013-03-15 Reason? Are you kidding me? Luxury goods can never be more important than a roof over ones head. Does this have to be explicitly stated? Have we become that cruel?Zahir Akhtar Ahmed Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Do we eally need another nonsense of a mall? Is it any good for us? Or ist it for the mafia in disguise? No ways shall you deprive the needy of their very fundamental right. This is nothing short of terrorism and Maverick and its shadow owners have to be dealt accordingly.Nirmala Iyengar India 2013-03-15 It is inhumane to evict these poor people.Vikram Bhat Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 We dont need shopping mall on land meant for the poor. We cannot enjoy luxuries when 80% of India is poor and suffering.Anant Samuel Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Peoples lives and homes are more important than making one more of the already many malls! please give them a home!Sreejesh Suresh India 2013-03-15 cos Im a humanFritz Mascarenhas Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 The Govt must first and foremost safeguard the interests of the poor hence it is unjustified in destryong their homes and evicting them.Bhaskar Emperumal Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 Cant see poor people robbed of their shelter &...right to live...!Edilbert Fernando India 2013-03-15 As a fellow citizen of Bangalore and as a witness to their plight I demand that they be given homes that are of standard quality. Profit for the sake of the greed of a few men will only lead to hate and violence. This is the time for emancipation. I am sure commercial buildings and apartments can co-exist within the same premises. Dont let the people down!rawan tokpam Bangalore, India 2013-03-15 One day before when pass through the road the houses are there and the next day,i saw it been demolished.i was shocked,And the helpless people are ewsiding in the footpath nearby..This is against human nature..A roof iis important!!!Shiva Prasad Bengaluru, India 2013-03-15 This is bloody example of HYPOCRITE govt., and ANTI-DEMOCRACY system in this country. Kick the bloody Garuda mall out of that place and we should make the government pay for it by constructing new lovely homes for the victims!!Darren Rodrigues India 2013-03-16 Building shopping malls by throwing people out of their homes is not development........Vinod Mahalingu Miami, FL 2013-03-16 Because I am a Bangalore resident and I care for my people.Fed up of these corrupted officials.
    • Name Location Date CommentSreenivas YV Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 We the citizens have put up with being handled as objects and it is time to say enough is enough. What is happening here is just a example excessive greed. Is there no limit to how much one can consume. Mindless greed kick a high when large amount of money flows in initially starts an addiction for more and more money, more land, more bigger cars..more...more and more....There should be a counselling for this highly additive kick. Meanwhile economically weaker humans have to suffer innumerable hardships, sweating out in 10x10ft tin sheds..Even prisoners in war torn countries live in better shelters. I am very pessimistic that your signing will work in these days of so much evil.Bhavana Naik India 2013-03-16 Every person has a right to liveShiv Shankar Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 It is not fair to deprive the poor of the roof over their heads in this manner.RanganathanVinay Kumar India 2013-03-16 SO SAD BUT BBMP HAS TO CARE THE POOR PEOPLE EVEN GARUDAMALL BUILDING OWNER MAY BE CARING DURING THE CONSTRUCTION REGARDING PROBLEMS WHICH MAY OCCURS IN FUTURE AND ITS THE TIME TODAY OVER ALL BUT WE CANT JUDGE WHO IS WRONG?Natraj Achar Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 Please follow business ethicsDomnic Dsilva Doha, Qatar 2013-03-16 Because every human deserves a roof above him or herArchana Bhasme India 2013-03-16 its my neighbourhoodchandan nagaraja bangalore, India 2013-03-16 cause this is my city and it needs to be reclaimedGovindarajan N India 2013-03-16 Mall is luxury.No luxury at the cost of basic necessityjennifer jackson India 2013-03-16 Becuase that is someones home.Shalini Ukunge Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 I visited the place. Not only are the people displaced, their pet dogs are also starving along with the owners. Maverick should rehabilitate the displaced first before they undertake any development.Amrutha Valli Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 Any person with human values will definitely act on this. Government cannot keep quite or become tails of these capitalists for their benefit.Jay S London, United Kingdom 2013-03-16 Because it is immoral to treat the poor as if they are not human beings.mira pinto Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 We have enough Malls, we dont want more. The poor cannot be thrown out, with the excuse that the BBMP does not have the funds to build. Why were such poor quality dwellings put up in the first place? Who was responsible for that?Anoop Chhabra India 2013-03-16 Justice should be done.karthi k India 2013-03-16 I live in bangalore... & i wish to stand up for the underpreveilidgeed ppl around me....sanish cs Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 let them have their basic rightAuditi De Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 Because it is wrong!Naveeda Irshad Bangalore, India 2013-03-16 I strongly want to STOP this. Were under moral obligation to support this strata of our society to avoid the imbalance. There will be an increase in crime n voilence if these slum dwellers are not taken care of.shubha khare India 2013-03-16 it is heart breaking to see these poor peoples pathetic condition on the foot paths .How one can imagin the luxury of a mall built on the curses and tears of these helpless people.ashish B India 2013-03-16 I live nearby. Can see their plight.
    • Name Location Date CommentSwami K India 2013-03-16 I dont see a mall to be built in PPP model not at the cost of housing for the really poor who need it. If the mall comes up, I wont step in to this or any other Garuda mall.shabir wani India 2013-03-16 This is totally injustice and as a human this is my duty to support these uprooted people.Srinivas Gowda banaglore, India 2013-03-16 After witnessing so many plunders and frauds by our shameless Government the sensitivity certainly drops, but the least I could do is to sign this petition.govind singh India 2013-03-17 because it is injustice to poor and urbanization in bangalore for rich should not come with a cost of demolishing dreams of poorSudhakar Bhopi bangalore, India 2013-03-17 society a t large should provide home for all section of people,we can modernize the city not at the cost of peoples shelter, but plan the city and monitor so that such things do not happen, do n ot allow illegal land grabing, land owners interest should be protected. First make alternative arrangement to shift these families to new houses with compensation if project is for betterment of city developmentand to improve poeples life.Ankit Jain Bangalore, India 2013-03-17 By constructing commercial complex these people stealing homes from poor peopleRonald Almeida Brahmavar, India 2013-03-17 Because it is inhuman!Laad Governor India 2013-03-17 Be Human.. I dont think malls are so necessary for our living.. the same place that are used to build such huge malls can be a shelter for the needful..Mala Kumar India 2013-03-17 The poor need houses in the city more thatn the rich need a mall.Siddharth Manoharan India 2013-03-17 Today its them, pretty soon theyll come after everyone. Aint gonna happen.Arvind Badrinarayanan Bangalore, India 2013-03-17 Commercial interests should never take precedence over the interests of the average citizen, especially where they are incapable of defending themselves.Praveen Kumar Bangalore, India 2013-03-17 we can live without mall but those people cant live without their housesVivek Gupta Mumbai, India 2013-03-17 Because this is my country and i cant allow development in my country depriving poors from their rights...Gurubasavaswamy K M India 2013-03-17 Food and shelter is prime factor than a mallAnanth A S Mumbai, India 2013-03-17 The government can waste hundreds of crores on futile projects - cant spend on common man ? What a shameBHAIRAVI KS India 2013-03-17 I do not want people being displaced from their homes, childern losing their education for the sake of a luxurious mall. STOP THE WORK NOW!!!!Naga Varun A Bangalore, India 2013-03-17 People without notice or their permission cannot be displaced to construct a shopping mall in such an illegal way for just their business purpose. Citizens of Bangalore want peace, love, not these shopping malls by making poor homeless in these ridiculous way. Please stop this.Saadia Tonse India 2013-03-17 Dont we already have enough malls !!!!! I have been to the Ejipura slum and have seen the pathetic condition the slum dwellers lived in and now its only WORSE ! If this is the price I pay for a brand I want to own from a mall thats built over the ruins of the poor, hungry and desolate Id rather choose to keep my conscience alive than KILL it. What better pleasure than to see a smile or a twinkle in the eyes of the men, women and children of the Ejipura slum who are not homeless and helpless. STOP IT this instant !Juanita Jayant Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 Because we need to be concerned about people more than about development or material things.
    • Name Location Date Commentparameswaran Kanchipuram, India 2013-03-18 If no houses for people to live then why we need a shopping complex??shanmugamGURUPRASAD RAO Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 A nation can be considered developed only if it provides for all its citizen. I dont take priide in having 100 billionares in my country because we have lakhs of people whose daily needs are not met due to poverty. I will be proud of my country when all citizens are treated equally and not a soul goes hungry.Manohar Rao bangalore, India 2013-03-18 This is always happens when politician and businessmen joined hands.....Nalini Varadharajan India 2013-03-18 not fair to make these families suffer.Jalpin Bhimani Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 I m human...mahesh m Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 Supporting yo poor peopleAkash Gupta India 2013-03-18 Maveric - You already have tons of money which can feed 10 generation of yours. why are you taking their homes. Do some good work for yourself, In your childhood days you might have thought to help poor people, so here is the time to do something for poor people. In the end its upto you what you decide, but think twice before taking any decesion because your decesion can affect thousans of lives.Pran V Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 why is it that always the poor have to suffer...let the rich with luxurious cars drive to the outskirts and enjoy their shoppingDivya Thangamani Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 This is atrocity to the limite. A true advanced city should first give preference to its citizen and then aid development. Otherwise development makes no sense.Riaz Basha India 2013-03-18 Because the homeless need to be re-instated. The greedy must provide for the needy !krishi g India 2013-03-18 HumanitySujit Ghosal Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 I am shocked. What Bangalore is becoming eventually!!Catherine Harry India 2013-03-18 They have stolen the public lands. They have grasped all to themselves, and by their unprincipled greed brought a crisis of unparalleled distress on 6000 people, who have neither shelter or salve!We cant their malice get by....Ramesh vasudevan Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 Human life is important than commercial money.sk kumar bangalore, India 2013-03-18 I m against injusticekaushal khunt kaushal, Gibraltar 2013-03-18 just testkaushal khunt kaushal, Gibraltar 2013-03-18 test 2Mohan G Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 -Pramod Kumar Marlboro, MA 2013-03-18 The powerful cannot collude to further marginalize the already poors.Lies Vijf Bangalore, India 2013-03-18 Dont treat people like this.Aryt Alasti Cambridge, MA 2013-03-19 Destroying lives and livelihoods - a business plan based upon egregious human rights violations!Shraddha P India 2013-03-19 We dont need new malls. Seriously. This land is meant for the needy, do not snatch it from them.naresh kamath MUMBAI, India 2013-03-19 This is important because, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my country and its poor underprivileged people. A sense of responsibility which the collective governments of this country clearly lack and instead favour big corporate houses, making huge profits at the expense of these poor people.shri priya vikram Dubai, United Arab 2013-03-19 bangalore is my home town, and i care for it Emirates
    • Name Location Date CommentDeepak Sridhar Sunnyvale, CA 2013-03-19 Each and every life, every human should be treasured and treated with love. To cause misery and suffering to these people for the sake of a Mall where one can decide between Nikes and Reeboks can only be termed as inhumane.Sadiq Mohammed Bangalore, India 2013-03-20 SAVE POOR PEOPLE from SHAME, SAVE HUMANITYSadiq Mohammed Bangalore, India 2013-03-20 This needs immediate attention!! These business men require a moral lesson of life that a poor persons need for ROTI, KAPDA & MAKAAN is far more larger than a Mall to churn out huge bank accounts for the already Rich in our society. Lets spread this far & wide ASAPShailendra Ajmera India 2013-03-20 Injustice should tolerated leads to scams hence all citizens should fight for the rights of our deprived brothers and sisters.Today is International Happyness Day ,let us all do our part to make all living beings Happy,if everyone on earth is happy there shall be no war,no misery.Bhushan Malgaonkar Mumbai, India 2013-03-20 Systematic infringement of Human Right to Housing by the oppressive government.Ravi Gupta Bangalore, India 2013-03-20 You cant keep doing this!!!Nitin Gujaran Boston, MA 2013-03-21 Blatant misuse of power and money. A complete disregard to the poor. It is not just a fight for people of Ejipura but a fight against injustice that is seen everywhere.ashwin a Bangalore, India 2013-03-21 In support of restoration of houses for EWS people who are at present on streets. Not against the modernization of the city though but not at the cost of EWS people living.Anil Kumar India 2013-03-21 This kind of blatant trampling of the rights of the poor needs to be stopped wherever it happens. Disgraceful that we have sunk to these levels where the survival, forget well being, of our fellow citizens is treated with such contempt.subrata sinha India 2013-03-21 The basic need for human being is annya(food),bastra(cloth) & basasthan(shelter).any action for denial the same without alternative better arrangement is a criminal offence.prior satisfactory resettlement to an alternative nearby location should have been made.Vijayasingh Ronald David Kushalnagar, India 2013-03-21 Malls are not going to produce food,it cannot clean,give services or keep the city going.Somanna Kalappa India 2013-03-21 Everybody deserves to live in a decent home and not everybody requires thousands of sq. ft. of retail space for purchase of items that add no real value to life.Pawan Gaur India 2013-03-22 Just for humanitydeekshith filmy India 2013-03-22 nthngilango rajan India 2013-03-22 citizen of indiamohan krishna Lingisetty India 2013-03-22 to make hand to helpAshish M India 2013-03-22 We have enough Malls !!!! Dont need another at the cost of displacing poor people. Whole project reeks of corruption !Deepanjali Naik Bangalore, India 2013-03-23 I dont want to stay in the city with bright shopping mall but humans living on the streets..........Lets all turn human and save our species from aggressive economic growth.Doris Bammi Franklin, United States 2013-03-23 All citizens of India have rights and the poor should not have to suffer because a maill has to be built. Let them find another place to build a mall.Berenice da Gama Rose Bangalore, India 2013-03-24 Justice for the poorest in the country is a must, for us to claim to be any kind of superpower!
    • Name Location Date CommentPuduvail Ashokan India 2013-03-24 Every Indian is entitled to share the resources of this land.We cant have one percent enjoying 95 percent of Indias wealth.Even the poor have a right to be happymayank gupta Bangalore, India 2013-03-26 Because I think this is the right thing to do.Richa Desai Mumbai 2013-03-26 Because it represents, tragically, just what our system has led us to believe after years of governing, which seems true as our lives witnesses and experiences such events, that there is no value of life in this country. And that as world progresses we keep going back wards forgetting that a nation or any place, as an entity and identity in itself, is built on trust, equality and respect to one and all. Dignity and morality shouldnt be the price for achieving commercial aspirations in a country.anantha anantha Bangalore, India 2013-03-27 Ghar needs for poor.! not malls..! need to stop mall..sisum..!Kishore Dumblekar Bangalore, India 2013-03-28 All prmises of "rehabilitation" are false and this is not going to happen. This is clear case of collusion between some people in the Govt and a private party for "mutual" enrichment.Aditya DM India 2013-03-31 yes this people belonging to garuda have no rights to acquire the poor people landsSiddalingesh Beedinal Banga, India 2013-04-03 I am signing here - Supporting youSaranya Sathish Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Social InjusticeAbhishek S bangalore, India 2013-04-03 MY Property is mine, how can Govt or any Co take it with out my permissionAllwyn Prabhu Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 All of us have rights to demand for our basic need.Shankari S India 2013-04-03 Why the Poor people are throw out cos of ur commerials.. These poor people are staying for more than 25 yrs, and you people demolished their houses and they dont even have food shelter.. Think of small children without food or etc.. Will you leave ur children outside without giving food and shelter.. Even they are also human being.. Have humanity and then think of constructing malls and making money.. Enough of MALLS in Namma BENGALURU..Raj Mitra India 2013-04-03 I had read in the newspapers about the sudden demolition. This place was notorious for its filth and crime, for which I think BBMP is to be blamed for not providing clean and sanitary conditions for people to live in. While the creation of a mall will improve the cleanliness of the neighboring area, the inhuman demolition cannot be accepted. It should be a law that if a group of people are being moved, then alternative living place must first be created for them. If the Maverick group is building the mall, then maybe it should be their responsibility to first build a living quarters for the existing people before building the mall itself.Geetha Menon Manila, NCR, Philippines, 2013-04-03 Welfare first... I think we can breed consumerism later. IndiaArun V S Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 A luxury like a mall which caters to a small section of society, should not be constructed at the cost of leaving the poor homeless.Ramesh Nair Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 illegal application of might has to be checked and culpirits taught a lesson!Panchasheila Qadri Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 I am a teacher and I think every child has a right to study. If the child has no home, where will she study? Where will she keep her books? We are Indians must help these kids. They are our "tomorrows"! At least alternate dwellings for these kids!Jackson Chinnappan Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 jackson_pu2005@yahoo.co.inMohammed Affan Gawai Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 already more then 60% are below poverty line then why....
    • Name Location Date CommentRam Varma Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 I would not like to see any more ugly concrete structures coming up around namma Bengaluru. We have more than enough already. And at the cost of rendering the poor and needy homeless? NEVER.shalini menon India 2013-04-03 Business has to be built on ethics. And one must be sensitive and work towards inclusion of communities we operate in.ankit kumar sinha India 2013-04-03 urbanization cant be done by leaving poor behind....it take lot of effort to build a house....if these people(Maverick Holdings) destroy there(slum dwellers) house then they have to get them a new one....Usha Abraham Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Usha Abrahamka Chary Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 common humanity Common sense which is rare in babus & netas.Yashaswi Sugatoor India 2013-04-03 More than malls, we need Childrens education first. Relocate the homeless first.Sandhya Nagaraj India 2013-04-03 because i careShane Jacob Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 A mall replacing 1500 homes/families is not acceptable. Bangalore does not need another mall.Alok Chakravarty Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Home is such a fundamental right. Cant imagine a mall coming in the way of this right. We need development but an inclusive one involving all sections of society.Ranjeetha Wakeling Toronto, Canada 2013-04-03 Because it us absolutely unfair to those now homeless and also to the tax payers as their money was supposed to be used to build homes for these people . As a previous tax payer it is my right to demand this of my govt and whoever else involved! I m disgusted that even though I paid my taxes promptly the govt fails to provide basic amenities which decent enough. When is the India govt ( politicians) get some moral conscientious ?!!! Will they ever !Anit Kurian India 2013-04-03 Leisure venues for some should not be at the cost of shelter for another.Joydeep Sen Sarma Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 This is awful - we dont want to shop on the backs of displaced poor people.Freeda M India 2013-04-03 Being HumanManjunath M P Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 A humane approach is needed and shouldnt be selfish.vipul singh India 2013-04-03 roof on the head is more important than a amphitheatre for watching movie.Ajay sachdev bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Shame on Garuda Mall...boycott them I sayRka Subrahmanya Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 I consider that Governments should be humane and whatever decision they take should not hurt peopleJyothis Pulinthanam Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 I live in National Games Village, a complex right next to this area. Whenever I walked towards Ejipura, I used to always look into this place and appreciate how happy everyone living there was among themselves and wasnt bothered much about how much money they have. I used to just stand across the road and stare at how people used to live there. One fine day I get out of my compound only to see this whole area destroyed and people scattered around the area. It was just...sad. I dont see how stopping the construction would do any good to people whose houses were destroyed. But I do believe they should have allotted another place for the EWS to stay before doing this.Krishna D S India 2013-04-03 concerned ffor fellow Human beingGaurav Roychoudhury India 2013-04-03 We have to end this blatant greed rampant in the country.Adithya Madangallu Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 what happened to them can happen to anyone if big builders join hands with politicians ..where the hell should residents go ??!!!
    • Name Location Date CommentAsif Mohamed Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Living of the poor has become a way of life for the politicians and corrupt of this nation. The promises of doing things to help the poor are in reality veiled orders to plunder and make them poorer and more dependent!Sandeep Giri Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Such constructions and acquisitions represents the mass human right violations. It is time to intervene.Joseph Shields Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 You cant make money by robbing the poor.Mohan Raju Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Im residing nearby and Ive seen the demolition and the resultant sufferings. It was totally inhuman. They should have first constructed homes for shifting, arranged for shifting and then the demolition! So sad it happened in a barbaric manner!Krishna Bhatia Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Anyone with a bit of decency should support this cause.Zac Thomas Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 This city does not have affordable housing for the poor.irene goveas India 2013-04-03 My heart goes out to these homeless people with children. Govt. should have made arrangements to shift these people to a safer place first and then take over the land if at all they have illegally built their homes. First of all when the people started living in those houses, I dont think they got these houses free, where was the govt.? They should have informed or restricted the people building their homes there or started living there that they are committing crime by encroaching on govt land, if it was illegal. Someone made money by selling these few square feet for houses without proper ownership papers, it is not that the place is out of site of BBMP administration. Let the administration take action against the real culprits first.These things happen during broad-day light and govt. machinery does not work.abhishek singh Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Sheer unjustice to the poor and weak and the Biggis think they can get away with almost anything. NOT HAPPENING!Indumathi Manohar India 2013-04-03 Basic human rights are in violation here.Chandrasekhar M.K. India 2013-04-03 unable to see the plight of the younger generation in their yearnings to grow and be capable of living a normal life.Aditya Bharadwaj India 2013-04-03 I dont want a shopping mall at the cost of peoples homes.Dharam Pal India 2013-04-03 I want everyone to be a +ve human being all togetherRajasekaran K India 2013-04-03 At no cost, people be deprived of their dwellings, to create commercial wealth.Simi Ahmed gujrat, India 2013-04-03 We have enough malls already. This is sick, making people homeless for pleasure.Sivaranjini Manohar Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 I want to work for the well-being of the nation which is my top priorityAnand Matthan India 2013-04-03 Because of the inhuman way the BBMP and Maverick Holdings have acted. BBMP have acted in similar ways in several places at the behest of their political mastersAnjana Pillai India 2013-04-03 We must try and stop this kind of blatant misuse of power so that the rich can become richer and the poor can go to hell. there are enough malls in bangalore and i dont think there is enough justification to displace 6000 people for another mall...let them (BBMP) focus on building roads and improving infrastructure rather than building more malls!Anand Babu Banglore, India 2013-04-03 Maverick Holdings, what you are doing is WRONG ! VERY VERY WRONG !!Manjunath B India 2013-04-03 home for the homeless first and then malls/complexes for the rich to waste the money earned by depriving the weaker section of their right to education and right livelihood
    • Name Location Date CommentMohammed Fateh Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 shelter is a basic need of a human!... if the government cant provide shelter toAhmed its citizens then it shouldnt destroy d shelter atleast!! it has got no rights!!... therefore we the bangloreans urge the government to give their shelter back to them!Madhusudhan Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Being in Bangalore, i know their problems.VishwanaathMarolla Meneaud India 2013-04-03 Together, hopefully, we could make the difference by turning heartless people into being more humane. Besides moving from a Garden to a Garbage city, this once upon a time beautiful city is now HEARTLESS. The authorities need a wake-up call.Shreya Sethi New Delhi, India 2013-04-03 because its about people. and this is not a fair situation at all .Syed Anwer Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 How long these sufferings of the innocent poor people continue in free India? Is this the Bharath that Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad dreamt? There are many Malls and shopping arcades in Bangalore but where will this poor families go? Please stop the shopping mall and rehabilitate the people in their homes. This is in the interest of justice.Liji Thomas Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 I feel we have enough shopping malls in this city.Suraiya zulaikha chennai, India 2013-04-03 For a good cause.suresh pc Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 lets atleast minimal the corruption, as we have seen this government and corruption has reached its peak.Dakshina Murthy Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 This is blood trade - worse than flesh trade. The moneyed people are out to convert poor peoples blood into money. This trend is here to corrupt and corrode our society. Enough is enough. We need to boycott Garuda Mall and all such blood-suckers in right earnest.Gill Cooper Brighton, United 2013-04-03 because Im a human being! Kingdomshama dhanwani India 2013-04-03 no one wants mall over so many poor peoples homes. Stop this.Maithri P India 2013-04-03 Because its injusticeSumesh Anand Bangalore, India 2013-04-03 Due to social causePreeta Naveen Cox Town, India 2013-04-03 Today, consumerism and cut-throat strong arm tactics have become the order of the day and money is the god and mantra. This is eroding our values, and making people worse than animals. At least animals seem to have a sense of ethics and will not indiscriminately hurt another animal for pure pleasure or to hoard something. Only we humans have this disgusting, disgraceful attitude. It is high time we started developing a conscience and treated other human beings as humanss.Arun Prakaash R S India 2013-04-03 Humanity.. thats the bloody reason. Already Bangalore lost its charm. Its half baked Concrete Jungle now. and human becoming animals.. 80% of the ppl go for window shopping, we have enough malls and street shops to do that.. one more f** mall? that too hurting the hearts of poor people.. it wont stand long.. guys... "Curse" already started falling strong as a basement there from 6000+ affected people and 5000 supporters.Mirza Mohammed Mehdi India 2013-04-03 Mirza mehdiMathad Basavarajaaiah India 2013-04-04 Large number of people looses their life, should not happen.Swamy
    • Name Location Date CommentNeelima V Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 We do not need any malls at the expense of someone elses misery.thyagaraj c Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 I want them to be happy.Prakruthi Banwasi Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Dis exploitation of the voiceless should stop... dat is only when a noise like dis is created!Niranjan Panjwani Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Why cant commercial interests go hand in hand with a modicum of humanity?? This should have been handled with a little more restraint & some thought for the displaced poor...build them some habitation before destroying their homes .. Its not too late even now...do something for them ..PLEASE!!shivsharanappa yelsangi India 2013-04-04 should provide something for them .. else we all will throw you out from your houseRajeev Muralidhar India 2013-04-04 This is one the most ridiculous things I have seen happen in my hometown Bangalore. Heartless, beyond reason, and all in the name of "development". Who wants malls if we cannot help educate our people?Ingrid Everall India 2013-04-04 Children should have a chance they are the future of IndiaJawahar Abraham India 2013-04-04 All people should have a roof over their heads and food.This is BASIC.Angshuman Karmakar Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 It is very very inhuman to destroy all those house to build a mall. I live near ejipura, Bangalore. I pass through the site everyday, and it really makaes me very sad to see their ordeal everyday. Specially the children and women. Some of them are living inside large construction pipes. I plead BBMP and the owner of the Garuda mall to please look into the situation. You have no dearth of money you have much more than you need. But these over the thousand people have nothing even a place to live.shankar konnur India 2013-04-04 Schooling ,Not demolitionumesh kymar Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 i can realise the plight of thosedisplaced, though i could not do any thing in personAnup Aditya India 2013-04-04 Incidents like these are the ones which move us further away from the dream of a perfect society.prasadh kumar Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 a chance to help the poor and needSumved Shami Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 I firmly believe that education can bring all the good things missing in this nation. And, you are the real people of India and I want to make sure I always support them in their good/bad days. I will be really oblige to provide my helping hand to these people in anyway.Jaisim Rao India 2013-04-04 Human immigration into cities is the only way the city can have life and economic growth. This the first lesson of Human settlements and EKISTICS, every one one day in his life as he immigrated into the urban fabric was a squatter. however mighty he she may be todaySyed Farooq Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 It is important from the humanitarian point of view.Ahalya Kumar Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 We certainly do not need anymore Malls in Bangalore but certainly people who lost their homes should get back their homes pronto. How long can they live on Footpaths! please ACT.Aarabi Madhavan India 2013-04-04 to help them fight for what they deserveSivakumar mj Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Every people should understand that Modern living is costing many livingBarnita Biswas Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Money should not be able to buy one rich company the homes, lives and futures of 6000 BPL citizens. Its been 2 months since this nonsense began, and these people are still living on the streets. BBMP has a duty to even the poorest citizen of Bangalore and even the poor have rights. This must be taken to court.
    • Name Location Date CommentAnuradha Govind India 2013-04-04 Poor people also need homes, a place to liveArzu Mistry India 2013-04-04 We definitely do not need more malls. What we need is equity. A city that is valuable for all.Sandeep Nandlal India 2013-04-04 This is not important to me, but with full due respect its important for the families who are homeless / will get homeless. Would like the government to take steps to find a better solution for the homeless, else the people, the janta of india will lose hope on the government forever. My support is to people who need help.SHASHIDHAR MS India 2013-04-04 INDIAN CITIZENAmrith Mohandas India 2013-04-04 Being a fellow Human who lives in this planet.....sonia lal India 2013-04-04 Hi! look am against demolition too. But i also feel that encroachment isnt right either. Its the poor handling of the situation that i am against. The end use of the land is the right of the land owner...he sets up a mall or makes an old age home/orphanage should be none of our concerns. We should only fight for better treatment of humans.Anantha MURTHY U R India 2013-04-04 I am against mindless development to help only the richSandipan B Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Malls are not just destroying our culture but also luring our govt/corporators to drive out poors - unfed , unclothed & without a shelter. Where is Roti, Kapda & Makaan ??Sandeep K S Angul, India 2013-04-04 I cannot stand for the development of bangalores economy while the state of the weaker section gets worse.Bedamati Mohanty India 2013-04-04 Being human is not a bad thing...To show humanity to others can prove us that we are humans.chetan prasad Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 because even i am a human being soHrishikesh Bhat India 2013-04-04 Fight against real estate Mafia! These guys are purely evil!Shashi Kamal Garg Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 its importent for me becouse if everyone think not me, then who will solve problems.Faizan Iqbal Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 The welfare of the people is my priority !Aruna Jathar Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Because people have a right to basic needs Roti, Kapda and MakanShiva Chinnasamy Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 I will not support a business that steals land from poor without appropriate compensation and rehabilitation. I will advise all my friends to not go to Garuda mall until they fix this wrong.Veena Chatti Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Sucks to see power, money and influence pick on poor and downtrodden people. Where will they go now? And really, Bangalore needs another mall? For what? I feel increasingly sad to see Indian urban culture becoming all about conspicuous consumption, and the mall is one of the ugliest of symptoms that this is so. That these poor families are being cast onto the road is despicable.Ambareen F Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 It is more important for people to have homes and a decent roof over their head rather than having more places to roam and shop!!!Deepti Chatti India 2013-04-04 I pass by this site all the time, and have seen the lack of any housing provided to these residents. The first few days they sat with all their belongings close to the site, unsure of what to do. Now they have created makeshift tarpaulin covered shelters across the road, and in the large sewer pipes lying in front of the site. I do not understand how the construction of a mall can justify this- we are constantly privatizing gains and socializing losses. This is completely unacceptable to me.Arnab Roy India 2013-04-04 Stop this nonsense. No more proud of my country...no more.
    • Name Location Date Commentshah Qhurrum Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 As my heart goes out to da Under previleged n da Deprived Childern!!!krishnan m s India 2013-04-04 without alternative how can authorities demolish their hutmentsCheryl Priscilla Manuel India 2013-04-04 We dont want the poor to get poorer and the rich richer. Enough is enough. Stop robbing the poor and lower middle class of their right to a decent living.Shrividya S Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 I think complete injustice has been done to these people.Vivekananda Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 It does not make constructing a mall at the cost of rendering people homelessNingthemcha and students education less,Bernadette Devaraj Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 We have to care for the homeless and specially the women and children.Abhijeet Tambe Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Builders and politicians cant just bulldoze their way through thousands of human lives with profit being the only motivation. Its sick.Frederick Barboza India 2013-04-04 I always sympathize with the poor.(Optional)Vasudev India 2013-04-04 Because no one should be evicted from their home especially not forBalasubramanian something as trivial as shopping mall. Im a big fan of capitalism and all that it offers us, but freedom and growth need to be tempered by social responsibility.PRATHEEP India 2013-04-04 Bangalore has been the best place to live irrespective of your economicGUNASEELAN standing. A place where there is an oppurutnity for all skills.Please stop this venture, there are lots of other places in and around Bangalore for malls and people with cars and bikes can afford to travel a bit to reach malls.But we cannot afford to demolish our fellow citizens homes to raise malls.shahid salman bangalore, India 2013-04-04 so many malls have come up in Bangalore what is the need for a other mall around ejipura , koramangala?? does not make sense at all . it is not fair to snatch the houses of people and build a posh mall , which would also increase the traffic congestion around that area .Riyaz Merchant bangalore, India 2013-04-04 They are citizen of india and we follow demeocracy so they have the right to live and Maverick Holdings cannot throw them on road like dictatorshipManjari Gupta Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 It is now time to speak against the misleading idea of so called "development" that is being widely publicized by media and some of the state governments.Saroj Nandi France 2013-04-04 Justice for citizens and human beings in general.Udayakumar Kadirvel India 2013-04-04 Its important for any one to respect human values and these are the people are working hard for the city. They should be treated as equals.Sara Adhikari India 2013-04-04 We need to house the homeless not more shopsAmardeep Jagtap India 2013-04-04 First rehabilate the people and then give permission for construction.Monique Oudejans- Singapore, Singapore 2013-04-04 Care about the less privileged in this world. Please help them.OpreijSeetharama Raju India 2013-04-04 This is Important to help and support the underprivileged and neglected section of this filthy society which is filled mostly with the Corrupt and pathetic people, who only cares about money and not the human lives. This cause should also help to punish the law breakers who forcefully vacated thousands of people in Ejipura without providing them the alternative shelter and proper assistance for those evicted people. I feel ashamed to live in this filthy and corrupted society.Chandra Ravikumar India 2013-04-04 A mall is not a necessity. Nor a comfort. Not even a lixury. oT is just ugly disease, humanity can be happy without. But 4 wallsand a roof called a "home" is essential to life.If placed on the weighing scale of the Fundamental Rights enshrined in our Constitution, pray tell me which will outweigh the other?
    • Name Location Date CommentPATRICK WILSON Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Because the residents there have been ill-served by successive governments, and now you are usurping residential land.....you did the same at Garuda with a corrupt local authority, ....that was supposed to be a multi-storey car park ...!!You consort with corrupt officials, I fear......PATRICK WILSON Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Maverick did the similar shifty deal on the Garuda site.....the BDA clsimed they were closing that amenity to build a multi-storey car park to service MG Rd and the dearth of parking.......next thing we have a Mall.....!!Nithin Ravi Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 Homes FIRST, Malls LATER!shivani rana Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 coz m indianshivani rana Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 are there less malls here dat they need to build up one more for moneySaritha Auti Bangalore, India 2013-04-04 I want to support the young children who are homeless and deprived of schoolingAnand S Bengaluru, India 2013-04-04 The poor deserve shelter as much as we do. Do not build a mall by displacing them. I want to stand for their rights and voice my protestRavi Shankar India 2013-04-04 Its not Humandenver pinto India 2013-04-04 on moral groundsAnshuman Dhar Banglore, India 2013-04-04 Hi Guys I have been a loyal viewer of this site because i think this website can make difference but this petition is wrong and has one sided voices. May i please ask Karthik why is that when ever Govt. tries to do something good (which it rarely does) we the public of India(which barley opposes anything wrong) will suddenly wake up and start crying What is wrong with this project. Its PPP project. Please dont get me wrong i am also signing this petition because i think our govt should have allotted these people another land or another housing complex. Please note this website can and has become a tool for people to raise voices and demand explanation form the wrong doers but when this tool falls in wrong prospective a lot can change for the worse please dont let this happen regards Anshumansaptarnab naskar bangalore, India 2013-04-04 you never know how deep these land holdings and projects go in terms of people and money involved in right or wrong ways. Be it BBMP or Maverick holdings or the "respected" people from the government, it is high time you value responsibility over your petty materialistic profits.Omar Farook Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 I have seen the plight of the people there after the second day of demolition. Heartless people are the ones who are making this happen.Zaheeru K Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 Lets work better for the better ethically organized system.prakash krishnan India 2013-04-05 BBMP is so prompt in doing legal things illegally when big backers like Malls are involved. Let them put up the account of unrecovered taxes of people like Mallya for instance. total B***** they are. Look at the list of scams stacked in their offices and all they could do was this shameful act!harish kumar India 2013-04-05 Important
    • Name Location Date CommentMiriam Jacob Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 the last thing we need in bangalore is another mall. what is more urgently required is assistance for those who have been left behind by the crazy inflation and spiralling prices. shame on you, maverick holdings! where is your social conscience?soujanya masiamde India 2013-04-05 Justice n equalityAkram Mohammed Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 Humanity grounds have to be stronger and this needs awakening now in India also.Deki Y India 2013-04-05 I support the petitionRajeev Kumar India 2013-04-05 I have seen the trouble and pain what they have faced.Ramesh Lulla India 2013-04-05 The poor are being meticulously destroyed in have no one to support them. Needs action.Aneesh Correa Mumbai, India 2013-04-05 Increasing Urban Poverty and Displacement.shashi pandey indore, India 2013-04-05 MY COUNTRY, NATURE AND RELIGIONNancy Pereira Panjim, India 2013-04-05 So the poor people have a voice and get justice.Love Tiwari India 2013-04-05 Just one question i want to ask our government is this u call the largest democracy in the world ,congress dosent finishes poverty they finishes poor people like this from ages so if no poor people no poverty.poonam sawhney India 2013-04-05 Why people who have big money got the default right to do anything.Faisal Thazhathe Palliyali Kochi, India 2013-04-05 More than 6000 people were thrown out of their homes in EWS quarters, Ejipura, Bangalore between 18th and 21st January, 2013. Many residents have been living there for more than 25 years. But in a matter of a few days, there was nothing left as their houses were forcefully demolished to make way for a public private partnership that aims at constructing a shopping mall and a housing complex.S Janarthanan Hyderabad, India 2013-04-05 becuase Human Values should be honoured and harrassement to downtrodden should be curbed !Sunita Nair India 2013-04-05 First and foremost is home for everyone and then comes shoping. You cant snatch someones home for shoping.Gagandeep Singh Chandigarh, India 2013-04-05 Arent there enough complexes already. Demolish bungalows and penthouses, those people sure can afford new onesRam Pra India 2013-04-05 As living is a basic need and it is Governments responsibility to provide shelter before demolishing houses and favouring big industrial houses.There are about 1500 families living and there is difficulty to move outside with babies and children.Ayesha Kazmi India 2013-04-05 A home for a poor is definitely important than a MALL!!!Vinamarata Kaur Patiala, India 2013-04-05 Cancel this deal and provide houses and remuneration to the families who have been displaced.MANOJ RAM India 2013-04-05 Society is made for Human to live... not malls.HARSHAD PANDYA Vadodara, India 2013-04-05 WHY MORE THAN 6000 PEOPLE WERE THROWN OUT OF THEIR HOMES.?I DO NOT AGREE.S V Ramakrishnan Chennai 600020, India 2013-04-05 The govts run by the politicians, the rich and powerful, continue to remain the most cruel, heartless and selfish to the core. The Yeddy was horribly corrupt and Karnataka people should teach him a lesson by defeating his party in toto. You can definitely remove the unathorized occupation after providing them alternative houses to live. Where humanity is gone? Has no one filed a PIL to fight this cruelty?
    • Name Location Date CommentKasturirangan TK India 2013-04-05 Any infrastructure development which takes away legal home of poor is condemed.Alethea Lobo Goa, India 2013-04-05 Mans greed and apathy towards his fellowmen knows no bounds.Shyamsunder Hejib Aurangabad, 2013-04-05 Bread, shelter and clothes is the basic concern spelled in the constitution for Maharashtra, India every citizen by the ruling government. The affected should get fast justice.Nisha Shetty Mumbai, India 2013-04-05 Because it gives voice to the ignored marginalisedBipin Dubey India 2013-04-05 Homes & Agriculture both are important, So business is important, but they to have some limitations when it comes to society and cultural devlopment.Dhan Singh Moradabad, India 2013-04-05 Poor ews peoples right of living is being snatched in the name of urbanization n development .No alternative arrangement of their living is made . My demand is to give compensation of demolished properties n losses to all affected poor people.Sathya Subramani Vellore, India 2013-04-05 Houses firstSHREYASI India 2013-04-05 I can feel the pain the residents are passing through, whose houses have beenCHATTERJEE demolished. Authorities have to be more humane in dealing with such sensitive issues.Muralidhar Kamidi Kodaikanal, India 2013-04-05 Because I believe I am human.vaibhav mishra Lucknow City, India 2013-04-05 because i am a responsible citizen of IndiaRuth Sonam India 2013-04-05 The state needs to protect those who are most vulnerable from the predatory behaviour with business interests and those in power who connive with them.Shamsul Islam Delhi, India 2013-04-05 What is Indian democracy today? For money-bags, of the money-bags for the money-bags!ANIKENDRA GHOSH India 2013-04-05 Malls cannot be allowed to built by trampling down peoples home.Alka Tyagi India 2013-04-05 Why should the basic human rights be denied for some buisness venture. I am strongly against this Mall.Col virendar Chauhan India 2013-04-05 greedy have no right to destroy other humans lifeMohit Kumar India 2013-04-05 I cant help people economically cause im nt that much wealthy but if i can help them this way then ill be more then hapy..:)A K Bhargava India 2013-04-05 How can we allow infrastructures for the rich at the cost of the poorMartyn Brown India 2013-04-05 The rich should not be able to bulldoze there way over the lives of the poor.Anurag Nath Tezpur, India 2013-04-05 I like helping people in need for justiceMohit Agarwal Agra, India 2013-04-05 How come the localities can be demolished like this just to favour someone special??Ankur Mehta India 2013-04-05 Its cruealty to human beings & poor persons.Ram Gopal Shukla India 2013-04-05 Because it destroyed the home of many people...Atul Joshi India 2013-04-05 Poor should get justice always, we cannot trample on them to growVISHAWAJEET NEW DELHI, India 2013-04-05 No development can replace life with lust.SHARMAGurjusjit Singh India 2013-04-05 Aam aadmi is made homeless. No one has right to do that and that too to make a shopping mall is disgusting.dumpala prasad Solapur, India 2013-04-05 make homes not homelessAyushman Mishra daman, India 2013-04-05 comparing homes to a shopping mall is heartless and no re-settlement plans is unjust.
    • Name Location Date Commentanil goyal India 2013-04-05 majority of builders behave like mafia with no public concern or social responsibility. this needs to be curbed on priority.Pankaj Mishra Chandigarh, India 2013-04-05 Thats why they call us poor.Victor Vijayakumar India 2013-04-05 it is injustice towards poor in India. The present India is not for poor, but for rich and power. India must change or we, students will bring a change in IndiaTaaneya Balaji Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 Not only is this injustice, this is a depletion of lives for the sake of a shallow retail experienceChandra sekhar Mumbai, India 2013-04-05 This fascist attack on the hapless poor should be opposed .Sarvesh Kaul Bhopal, India 2013-04-05 Commercial complexes should NOT be built at the expense of human life and the basic amenities/ambiance needed for survival and environmental purity. Progress and advancement should mean enough food for everyone, decent places to stay in, productive recreational activities and a verdant environment, full of pure life giving oxygen.Tanya Rasquinha India 2013-04-05 basic need overrules feeding greedLaila Vaziralli India 2013-04-05 Its Important because as a citizen of Bangalore I feel like my neighbors in Ejipura were evicted without any rehabilitation and this is inhumane. I also strongly believe we not require another mall, what we need in better housing and health care for every person in bangalore.sudhakara belur ramarao Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 As a human being i am ashamed. No man should deprive his fellow men the basic needs for satisfying his limitless greed to grab wealth. It is simply inhuman. I cannot be party to the exploitation of the poor, the week and the helpless and ignorant fellow human beings. If we do, it makes us beasts.Dr. vinod Sonkar Delhi, India 2013-04-05 on Humanitarian groundsSarika Singh Noida, India 2013-04-05 Peoples right!Nihad Syed Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 Because as an architect, I have tried to do case studies about housing for the EWS and its getting ridiculous to see how less we care about the less fortunate people of our country and feed our greed constantly! Even in cases where they do build house for the EWS, they end up giving them away to the highest bidders! Who makes poor ppl bid for houses?!saravanan tamil puducherry, India 2013-04-05 to make them livesubashika govindan Geneva, Switzerland 2013-04-05 I lived in bangalore and i feel i should give back some thing to the people in the city. all the people spending money in malls to make the rich, richer just to see the poor getting poorer. sorry i cant stand itVikram Rao Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 There are already enough Malls in bangalore, why you want to build some more malls. Build a School, plant some trees or do something constructive. A Mall may give employment to thousands of ppl, but that doesnt mean you should demolish the existing house and build.... Stop it!!!!Hriday Desai India 2013-04-05 Injustice to the citizens is not acceptable! Sufficient provisions should be made for the citizens being removed from their homes if such private - public projects are to be carried out!mohd mohsin Hyderabad, India 2013-04-05 im against this act..murali prasad India 2013-04-05 how can we live, without shelter
    • Name Location Date Commentgopal tallamraju vizag, India 2013-04-05 politicians are just giving LIP SYMPATHY..... some in the ruling party and opposition parties raise a hue and cry for the record , which would enhance their vote bank in their next elections.... NO SERIOUS HELP FOR THE DOWN TRODDEN.... from any quarters....it is a shame for the entire nation....praveen kumar ponugoti India 2013-04-05 feeling shame to even think that we are demolishing 1500 homes for a mall.Rishikanta Sharma India 2013-04-05 +919179570873Ashwani Sood India 2013-04-05 Only shelters and no shattersOlinda Lobo Goa, India 2013-04-05 Human life and basic lively hood are much more important than commercial enterprisesHarishkandan S India 2013-04-05 I think we are humans and not animals in disguise of humans.SUBHASH LOMTE AURANGABAD ,INDIA, 2013-04-05 RIGHT OF HOUSING FIRST IndiaClayton Dsouza Bombay, India 2013-04-05 Stop this. Are we humans anymore?Akash Madhavan India 2013-04-05 development should never be at the cost of the innocent people pls !Sujit Kumar Shaw Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 These idiots have to be punishedFabian Pinheiro Bangalore, India 2013-04-05 It is to give a voice to the marginalizedjavid ahamed India 2013-04-05 Maverick Holdings: Cancel the agreement for building a commercial complex in EjipuraSurya Narayana Murthy India 2013-04-05 Land mafia should be hanged.DuggiralaSneha Jha New Delhi, India 2013-04-05 shelter for people is more important than the entertainment.balbir sharma India 2013-04-05 This is my India where Malls are more important than human lives !divya singh India 2013-04-05 Just a supporter of every basic rights!Thenmoli Rajendran Wallington, United 2013-04-05 Injustice should always be challenged. KingdomSreshtha Banerjee kokata, India 2013-04-05 spent hours with the people, shed tears of anger. Helpless they are, but not me I want justice for them..Sayed Mohammad Faiz India 2013-04-05 In support of financially weaker section of society who have been robbed of theHaider only shelter and their savings of life.smita r navi mumbai, India 2013-04-05 If we dont come together, the evil forces will taker us over.Sunil Kumar S India 2013-04-05 home is important to everybody.Amrit Sangma India 2013-04-05 We work for the poorKHANDADHI Mysore, India 2013-04-05 It is most unfortunate even after 65 years of Independence Government failedBALAKRISHNA to give shelter in spite the people made their own have demolished the homes to hand it over to the wealthy by miss using the legislative power is an outrageous act.Pravallika Reddy India 2013-04-05 Because I care!saroj abraham London, United Kingdom 2013-04-05 These are our brothers and sisters who are suffering for no fault of their own -we need to stand up for them in this , their hour of need.Walter Mendoza India 2013-04-05 These people were shifted because their original homes were constructed shoddily. They cannot be moved until they get their original homes built properly. The land they have been resettled on temporarily for years cannot be privatised
    • Name Location Date Commentsashaa ganeriwal India 2013-04-05 As this is absolute injustice. And I feel really bad people have lost their homes to a mallRashmi Gera Bombay, India 2013-04-05 This is the new Marie Antoinette - if they dont have houses, let them have malls.namita tekuru India 2013-04-05 Cauz i am human, An humanity is foremost..!!gambhir singh ambala cantt, India 2013-04-05 1500 families * 4 members in each family=60000 persons when they will sit on the road who will help them GARUDA OR BBMP NO NO NO!saidanaik dhanavath Pune, India 2013-04-05 Just for the sake of one/two companies, hundreds of people should not be thrown on the roads. India will not become an under developed country if we do not have this commercial complex. But, if the people come on the roads then, the living environment will show the adverse impact on kids and youth and hence Mother nation.Aparna DesrajUrs Bangalore, India 2013-04-06 The last thing we need are MORE malls -besides I have understood rehabilitation to mean - build alternate accommodation first/ then shift the residents/ and finally demolish - what happened in this case?Apoorv Bhargava India 2013-04-06 its a fucking thing,Prabhuaraj Harakangi India 2013-04-06 Its illegalPrashanth Anthony Navi Mumbai, India 2013-04-06 Housing is the fundamental right of each and every citizen.Shruti Das India 2013-04-06 Human rights and human values are more important than consumer craze. Exploitation of the poor must stop!Sekhar Khanna Calcutta, India 2013-04-06 The Govt is crying & trying to eradicate Poverty , so why these HOMES for the RICH.Gaurang Joshi Gandhinagar, India 2013-04-06 people of india is more important then business house, not indian they are just businessmenBalakrishnan Kochi, India 2013-04-06 it affects the poor people , our own fellow citizonsPadmanabhanSharmila Guptha India 2013-04-06 Poor people should not get affected for shopping mall cultureAnkit Khetan Kolkata, India 2013-04-06 Rehabilitation Programme should be initiated..Such an commercial project should be accepted only on pre-plan rehabilitation within the same contract or by Govt.ramakant dani bhilai, India 2013-04-06 every human being in this Country has Fundamental Right to Live Independently,in any part of d Country & so-long he has not occupied anyones personal land,he cant b evicted d way BBMP+Mevarick have done.Its a grievous Criminal Offence committed by authorities of Local-Self Govt.,that makes it more severe & Karnataka State High-court shall & even Supreme- court of India shall take an urgent Cognizance,to STOP such happenings,anywhere anytime by any authority-Dr.Ramakant Dani,Bhilai MBBS LLBramakant dani bhilai, India 2013-04-06 Because governance in our country has reached in d hands of White Collar Criminals,almost at every level-right from President to Panchayats.Whatsoever they r,our fault is No-less.We r not behaving as Live-Aware Human-beings,so we r being treated as Human-cattle, thats what very truly expressed by Chairman-Press council of India,past sitting judge of Supreme-court Shri Markande Katju.Earlier,a cabinet-minister of UPA govt-Shri Shashi Tharoor had expressed.Cattle dont react to thrashings,so they suffer & driven by-Dr Ramakant Dani
    • Name Location Date CommentNazneen Tonse Bangalore, India 2013-04-06 I for one will no longer take my wallet to the Garuda Mall! We have already seen quite a lot of maverick behaviour from them - from the substandard safety and accidents, crowding and violations etc. Im surprised more people are not starting to boycott them as a way of protest.George Vellapani Jamshedpur, India 2013-04-06 I believe more living quarters than shopping malls are needed in our country.Aniket Manik India 2013-04-06 We cannot neglect the poor and the helpless just to fill the pockets of the rich.Anoosha Nadsar puttur, India 2013-04-06 This is important because, i need a proper legal solution for this.ashish menon New delhi, India 2013-04-06 How can anyone with a lil bit of conciousness can ever shop in that mall..?? We dont need more malls, what we need is infra for poor and the needyMadhuri Ravishankar Bangalore, India 2013-04-06 We have forgotten that it is our moral duty to try as hard as possible to help the needy. Nobody needs a mall in a place where 6000 people can have a chance at leading a life with a roof over their head.nilofer arshad India 2013-04-06 We want homes for people not mallsvinay rajput India 2013-04-06 lives are @ stake and i support humanityAnjali Aswal India 2013-04-06 To build Indias future we need to protect the precious lives of its citizens.Bishnudatta Jena Hyderabad, India 2013-04-06 for justiceNeeraj Krishnan India 2013-04-06 The most important thing in life for a human being is to have a place to live in.A home.And no one can deny it.Vinod Devi Chennai, India 2013-04-06 Social injustice has become too omnipresent lately in our country and its high time something is done about it.santhosh kumar Pondicherry, India 2013-04-06 Home is the basic Need for every human beingANOOP ThAKUR India 2013-04-07 I feel for themsanchita rajvanshi India 2013-04-07 someone has to come forward to raise voice for the people who have been suppressed by the influential people of the societyAshwin Ram Chennai, India 2013-04-07 Social ResponsibilityDipak Ashar Mumbai, India 2013-04-07 we need foreign Investment for Hitech Products and not for retail. Secondly , there are lot more priorities for the governments which should be attended tokaushy Lal India 2013-04-07 Behind all their work is corruption and We All are against this These ROBBERS!!Hemant Nagpure India 2013-04-08 If anyone is claiming your land for any reconstruction/revamp...its their first responsibility to sought the permission of the original residents and also do proper provisions for their relocation.udaya kumar chennai, India 2013-04-08 Authorities say it is for Social development but infact the common people pay the entire cost -common man is not part of these developments hence it should be illegal. get the consent of the people living there then do according to what people want. any enforcement is anti social activityDevangi Ramakrishnan India 2013-04-08 Cannot condone violation of fundamental housing rightsMohammed Aleemuddin We support n demand 2013-04-08 a mall is not much important if it makes 1500 families homeless release of Akbar uddin owaisi, IndiaRohan Shetty Bangalore, India 2013-04-08 In respect for fellow students and Indians
    • Name Location Date CommentSumeeta Roby mumbai, India 2013-04-08 I cannot even begin to comment why it appalls me to see that one set of people are displaced to bulit something that another set of people can enjoy !!!! When have we lost prespective of what is important . A mark of a progressive civilsed society is that all groups of people get equal rights to Housing , Medical facilities and Education AND NOT MALLS at every corner , not at the cost of someone losing their home !!!!Elavarasan Raja Chennai, India 2013-04-08 More Tamils people are affected by this..shantha maria India 2013-04-08 mall is not my need. I like the old bangalore.Digu Aruchamy Bangalore, India 2013-04-08 I will boycott Gaurda mall in Bangalore till these people get rehabilitation. Will encourage my friends to do so.Shivaji Mahendra Sri Ganganagar, India 2013-04-09 Crime. Crime. Crime.Gayathri Bangalore, India 2013-04-09 Thousands of people have been thrown out of their homes and forced to live inUdhayakkumaran pavements, so that one more mall can come up. This is not fair. Let us live and let live!Amruth Govindas Bangalore, India 2013-04-09 Humanity concernReshma Chadha India 2013-04-09 because it has been their home for so many years, it is their home now, and it would have been their home where their home ......pratibha khan India 2013-04-09 This is one more example of how the government is up against its own people. And lack of transparency in government contracts is core reason for mismanagement of public funds.Rishu Huria chandigarh, India 2013-04-09 why the hell these things are happening in india... der is somthin called humanity and injustic . what our govt. is doin ..!!shreya a n India 2013-04-09 it will create a loos of livelihood for a hell lot of people !!!!!!! let them live and have a life of their own!!!! don make them homeless !!!!keerthii reddy India 2013-04-09 Displacement of the marginalized and the poor without adequate and concrete rehabilitation is a heinous crime - the perpetrators better not get away !!vasantha Kumari India 2013-04-09 Icare for our children and their educationSantana Pereira India 2013-04-10 Quest and thirst for Money is making us Heartless, heeding not to the cries and pain of the poor in our country.Achla Ashok India 2013-04-10 We needs homes first and malls last. It is inhumane and blind to kick the poor out of their homes so that the rich can shop and laze in luxury. These people need the basic human right of having a shelter .. How would India like it if a first-world country just demolished the country to build, lets say a space research centre.. Think in perspective.Devesh Vashishtha India 2013-04-10 houses are more improtant than mallDeepika Sadasivan Bangalore, India 2013-04-10 Because we need to be humane in everything.Penny Tarrant Huntsville,, Canada 2013-04-10 The people need their own homes and their freedom!!!devanka ghosh India 2013-04-11 im human. i feel. i empathize.Vinitha Agarwal India 2013-04-11 Passing by Ejipura Road, seeing people on the footpath is a sad sight. The slum dweller living in the water pipelines on the footpath, desperate for shelter. This deal is disgusting.bimlesh bisht New Delhi, India 2013-04-11 I care for my countryRajat Gupta delhi, India 2013-04-11 Students should not be discouraged from giving exams just they didnt give their fees. Such students should be given scholarships.Smrity Arora Delhi, India 2013-04-11 One need to undersatnd the basics.... one can live without mall mall bt nt a shelter...
    • Name Location Date CommentSamar Jit Mumbai, India 2013-04-11 Because we need to look after each other without money having to be part of the equation and any government that doesnt understand this needs to be put in its place (out of power).Rohan Ghalla India 2013-04-11 India is not China.. people need to have a voice.. rehabilation expenses should be worked into the mall commercials..Anand Tumuluru Chittoor, India 2013-04-11 Education should be the first goal for anyone.Ninad Patil India 2013-04-11 Its sheer cruelty..swati verma India 2013-04-11 I cant even imagine being on roads like this. How can anybody bear the loss of their home. Please give them their home back.santhosh kumar c India 2013-04-11 pls think about the girl studiesJasmin Ahirwar Delhi, India 2013-04-11 It is important that every child get education and is not deprived of their rights.Nishi Kant Mukerji India 2013-04-11 nishikantm@yahoo.comRaghav Saraswat New Delhi, India 2013-04-11 It is a fight for the rights of the poor. The construction should stop unless a solution is found to the situationVikash Raja Samuel Chennai, India 2013-04-11 Are we saying now that malls are more important than education and lives? If yes, that makes us sick!Usha Maheshwari New Delhi, India 2013-04-11 These incidents happen because there is a connivance between politicians and big builders and industrial houses.These people are constantly playing with the lives of common man for thier own benefits which they do not really need.They already have tons of money and enjoy most luxurious lives but still look to hoard more.Common man will have to become more powerful and vocal to make itself heard and get things changed.Everybody who has power including media is available for sale! They have lost thier conscience.biru dash Mumbai, India 2013-04-11 because Education is a fundamental right of everyone of us.Narendra Kumar Jaipur, India 2013-04-11 One is entitled to basic amenities by virtue of being a human being.Paul Joshua Mathew Tiruvalla, India 2013-04-11 Everyone has a right to live and be educated. These capitalists will kill everyone in their path if thats what they need.Kedar Kulkarni Mumbai, India 2013-04-11 Kicking people out of their homes is a shameful move and doing it to build a mall is even more shameful.Rajan Vayakkattil Thrissur, India 2013-04-11 For justice and civility for common manShariq Jamal Kanpur, India 2013-04-11 Because I am convinced that justice is of utmost importance in our lives.Mohamed Athaullah CHENNAI, India 2013-04-11 I fully agree with MalaKumar and also emphasize Shelter is moe important than anything else...Sai Chandravadhan Gurgaon, India 2013-04-11 Development cannot be unscrupulous. Builders need to be accountable.Dipak Bhattacharya India 2013-04-11 I believe in higher education for allRaghav Mundhra Indrapuram, India 2013-04-11 because I love my country despite its shortcomings and want to make it a better place for everyoneVAHID ADIVARAM CALICUT, India 2013-04-11 Support these peoples..Deval Kshatriya Ahmedabad, India 2013-04-11 Because no one should be homeless in this world.Khalid Khan India 2013-04-11 If you have money build them homes... If you have less money dont demolish theirs.vishal sharma India 2013-04-11 they required my voiceHaneef Mohammad India 2013-04-11 Any alternate sources are to be provided or any compensation was to be allotted. Without any intimation do this is very much heartlessly bad.
    • Name Location Date CommentCyril Kuhn India 2013-04-11 Everybody deserves an education, and especially young women.Ajay Pathak India 2013-04-11 i want to help them.Aravazhi P Chennai, India 2013-04-11 I value a human life more than all the malls combined in Bengaluru.jyoti chopra pune, India 2013-04-11 Its heartless and criminal to take away somebodys home to build a fancy mall.the promoters should put themselves in the shoes of those they have uprooted and rendered homeless and see how it feels.vaishnavi macdonald mumbai, India 2013-04-11 Because its very imp for us that the weaker people ,we support their cause.Narasimha Baliga India 2013-04-11 Why such things happening these days in spite of Governments slogan for Aam Aadmi? Such acts of govt. should be opposed by every citizen of Country and Bangalore.Vijay Bohara Ajmer, IN 2013-04-11 I was involved in volunteer activity for rehabilitation as Aam Aadmi Party volunteer along with Vakeel and other NGO and saw there pain closely and heard police atrocity how they have thrown 4 yr child from hand of mother. Politicians made false promises local MLA was involved with Mavrick groupmukesh Kumar India 2013-04-11 SUCH PROGRESS HAS NO MEANSRamesh K Perumalsamy Kovilpatti, India 2013-04-11 As a responsible "Human-Being", I support and respect the "Right to Live" guarantee of each and every Human in this world.anil goyal India 2013-04-11 justice and compassionPranay Soni Mumbai, India 2013-04-11 its not right.Saurabh Agrawal India 2013-04-11 Because as per my opinion a human being cant do this type of behavior with other human being.Himakshi Piplani Noida, India 2013-04-11 HOMES before you build yet another MALL!Amudhan K U India 2013-04-11 The poor in India have long been trampled upon, their rights taken away in the name of the rich. Its time we started standing up and saying stuff like this is not acceptable.Nisha Shenoy India 2013-04-11 Mans greed never ends!!ripudaman mann India 2013-04-11 there being a mall or not will not matter that much , as much as bringing so many lives to the footpath without food , shelter and clothings , where and how will they will , why unnneccessarily increase indias povertymohammad shamim Gaya, India 2013-04-11 because this is mattter of life and death.Srinivasan M India 2013-04-11 Poor and destitute people, need not be taken for granted and their rights should not be violated. Demolition should only take place after proper court orders.veda Zachariah India 2013-04-11 Because I care for children and women!Ramaa Ramesh Chennai, India 2013-04-11 People are more important a mall.Nagesh Vengal India 2013-04-11 It is worst thing in Indian government most of the politicians gives important to the malls...why no one is thinks about human lives........human life is more important than the mall...... its is better to get them into custody who gave the permission to the malls......saranya duttaluri India 2013-04-11 I want evry1 to be safeDebasis Mohanty India 2013-04-11 Economically Weaker Sections are already deprived of equality.We should not let them to suffer from another malign social disease named "injustice".swaminathan chennai, India 2013-04-11 Let us not whip up emotions based on castes and communities. They are poorbalasubramanian people and definitely need help from the affluent section of the society. If anything is going on in an illegal way, try to help them handle this legally
    • Name Location Date CommentRajkumar Ramasamy Dindigul, India 2013-04-11 Its wrong to take away peoples homes for the sake of profits to huge companiesGita Nair India 2013-04-11 People can do without malls, but a roof above ones head is a basic necessity. There is too much cruelty in our country towards people (and animals) who cannot fight back. These inhuman acts should stop. Our governments seem to be our worst enemies without any accountability. I cannot live with myself when I see what I am allowing to happen all around me.Ravindran Kongattil India 2013-04-11 citizens who have the power to elect representatives need to muster this power at forceful intervention to prevent misuseSantosh Mohanty Baripada, India 2013-04-11 The nexus of politician.localbody & police along with the local administation is the cause of such incidents not only in Ejipura but in many parts of our country .Such anti people activities be stopped.Iwhole heartedly support the noble cause.Thanks.Santosh Mohanty,Baripada,Mayurbhanj,Odisha,Gurmeet Pal India 2013-04-11 India is a socialist economy and not a capitalist economy. The Congress Party at the Center seems to have not only lost its way but become incompetent playing into the hands of the richy-rich just for political gains. Money is being worshiped in holy India rather than human values. I am an ardent supporter of Aam Aadmi Party and Anna Hazare. India is foremost for Indians. India is not for sale. Most Indian profit making companies are being acquired by multinationals. Luminious Power Technologies Pvt Ltd was acquired by Frances Schneider Electric in April 2011 for Rs1400 crores. Why did not Luminous go out with a public issue to be subscribed by Indians if it needed more capital rather than selling itself off to Frances Schneider?Chiara Rossetto India 2013-04-11 Because I belive in justice and education for everybodyChandana Mandal India 2013-04-11 It is very important. No one has right to trouble the poor people for their selfish reason. There is no need of more malls in Bangalore. Its enough now. First take care of its citizen.shreeparna mitra India 2013-04-11 this having is such a big impact on education.. nothing should come in between children getting educated... this is important for me.. for every citizen in the nation..Jeyaraj Gna Tiruchuli, India 2013-04-12 Cancel the agreement for poor girls education ...Vijay Karnad India 2013-04-12 It is affecting the lives of people.PARMJIT SINGH zira, India 2013-04-12 because children are the future of indiaRangaraj Manian Chennai, India 2013-04-12 The disparity will cost us more than we can ever imagine. Please stop this cruelty.MAHALINGAM Coimbatore, India 2013-04-12 Humanitarian concern, and thousands of children education were get spoiled,SANJEEV KUMAR rather than malls, our brothers and sisters must have place to livePradip Pathy Pune, India 2013-04-12 Dark side of capitalism and its political nexusSubrata Bhattacharyya NOIDA, India 2013-04-12 I want justice to be extended to the people who have lost their homes because of the luxury of some interested quarters.Lakshmi Rani Iyer New Delhi, India 2013-04-12 children are the future of India. and atleast those children who are making a valiant attempt to continue their studies despite all odds should be helped fulfill their aim in life.Inqilabi Naujawan Sabha Chandigarh, India 2013-04-12 Right to shelter is fundamental right of every citizen, even Article 21 of Indian Constitution holds that. If government cant provide the housing, it has no right to demolish the arrangements made by poor people. No demolish-en is justified till the alternate house is provided to the ppl living there. A house is thousand times more important than any mall. Ek umar lagg jati hai ik chotta sa ghar bnane mein, inhe sharm nahi aati bastian girane mein.
    • Name Location Date CommentNANDAKUMAR M S India 2013-04-12 Is not this basic necessity?Hiranmay Karlekar New Delhi, India 2013-04-12 Because human beings and their aspirations are not dispensable. Malls are.Harmik Saini Thane, India 2013-04-12 Please stop this bullshit and build their homesAbhinav Saxena New Okhla Industrial 2013-04-12 They are messing up with the present and future generations for their own Development Area, India benefits. They are taking away agriculture supporting lands. They should be stopped. If advantage you get in present are futures sorrow, it should not be considered at all.Senthil kumaran S India 2013-04-12 "Live and let live". Others life is as good as important like ours. Without them, we cannot survive. I request the concerned to understand the woos of affected people and do the needful immediately.Jagmohan Singh India 2013-04-12 The indian freedom struggle was fought with a simple slogan of Kulli (hut) , Gulli (earning to feed) and Julli ( the covering cloths) , Now after 65 years these acts of displacement , destruction of homes is injustice perpetuated which must stop.Suhas Kachru delhi, India 2013-04-12 right to education.dekhang samsang Delhi, India 2013-04-12 Education for all!Sabiha Sultana India 2013-04-12 roti, kapda aur makaan sabki basic zarurat he. Everything else is required only after thisMohammad Mustahsan Patna, India 2013-04-12 This is a matter related to basic human rights and dignity.Devvrat Singh Rathore Pune, India 2013-04-12 We have no place for "malls" built over homes of other people, legal or illegal. It is too much to expect from our government to make housing complexes for them, but the least they can do is to create a workaround for a situation as this.MUTHU India 2013-04-12 poors in india suffering day to day basis and which increasing day by day whoRENGANATHAN have power and money , they do not face any problems in india which should be changed to better indiasasi kumar Chennai, India 2013-04-12 because i am an human.............pls try b like a human and sawe the world......the natchure going to fuck very soon this kind human disturbing devels !!!!!!!!!!..........Muhammad Iqbal India 2013-04-12 This criminal activity against innocent poor peolpe must be stopped and their rehabilitation ensured.Teji Grover Hoshangabad, India 2013-04-12 Malls are a curse.Dr.RAVINDRANATHAN UTRUKUZHI, India 2013-04-12 its just atrocious.We have to support the weaker who couldnot raise their voiceSADA against this illegal demolition if its alloted legally by the BBMP !JAIGANESH KANNAN India 2013-04-12 Education block for a poor girl is injustice as she didnt do any mistake, whatsoever the valid reason may be.Handy Seo India 2013-04-12 I am with youMustafa Mahedvi India 2013-04-12 What on earth this development is for? Where do we stand on human development........shame...shameRajan Sood Noida, India 2013-04-12 lets not destroy the social fabric of our society. No one sensible will visit such malls. Such demolition in the name of growth has to stopRajnikant Chaturvedi Hisar, India 2013-04-12 why govt is so insensitive.Promila Kakra Gurgaon, India 2013-04-12 I believe in human dignity and am against oppression.satyarth rai India 2013-04-12 its related to some 1s future....
    • Name Location Date CommentNeelam Mittal India 2013-04-12 For supporting the weaker who could not raise their voice against the illegal demolition. This type of criminal activities against innocent and poor people must be stopped. Education for a poor girl is injustice as she didn’t do any mistake.................... Neelam Mittal, DelhiKrishna Ghose India 2013-04-12 Krishna GhoseDhairiyarayar Jayaraj India 2013-04-12 It is duty of the state to ensure food, shelter and education. All three basic needs are denied for commercial interests of a private party. The state should be forced to act in the interests of its citizens rather than a companyAugustine Mendonca Pune, India 2013-04-12 We must support all the underprivileged individuals who do not have recourse to legal aid and expensive redressal services. Justice must prevail to each and every citizen of India.mahesh mahi India 2013-04-12 help em outAnand Rakkanath India 2013-04-12 Sign the petition for the homeless people, nobody here to make voice for poor people appreciate Karthik for this.chandru jadhwani India 2013-04-12 do not play with future of our next generationsShriram Raghu India 2013-04-12 I refuse to accept people thrown out to make malls. This is our country and our responsibility to make sure everyone is given their rights.Monalisa Thapa India 2013-04-12 because these children should get education as it is their rightChandan Mahapatra Bhubaneswar, India 2013-04-12 Because its for my countrymen!! Because its for the cause of humanity!! Because its the cause of thousands of people are are rendered homeless!!Sudipa Roy India, India 2013-04-12 I wish to support the cause of rehab first then development.Ramabadran Srinivasan India 2013-04-12 In a democratic India, If there is no place for a person to live, is a Mall so important to improve the economy? Then what the meaning of voting and selecting a democratic goverment?Bhavan Jasani India 2013-04-12 Education cannot be valued against a shoping complexANIMESH DAS DELHI - 110096, India 2013-04-12 Food , Shelter and Education of our growing children are of Prime Importance which cannot be an alternative to creation of Malls for Elite.Senthil T CBE, India 2013-04-12 Such a Lavish Mall is not needed when they had made around 10,000 people Homeless. The Mall Owners can Build houses for the Homeless.Anjan Basak Wardha, India 2013-04-12 Government and the greedy Private players are playing with the lives of Citizens of India with hands-in-gloves.martin anand Tiruchirappalli, India 2013-04-12 people are people! no body wants to suffer this is just of mankindArun Kumar Pandey Delhi, India 2013-04-12 The Roof over the Head is the sole responsibility of the State.I support the demand of these 8000 people.Sabir Kazi India 2013-04-12 what is illegal must remain illegalrahul chauhan New Delhi, India 2013-04-12 i have not issues with a mall coming up, however it must be done transparently and the residents need to be rehabilitated if they are legally entitled to it.sunetra more mumbai, India 2013-04-12 all builders are goonsArulselvi Nachiyar India 2013-04-12 Its the cause that inspires me: Education for kidsArun Stanley Joshua Chennai, India 2013-04-12 Im tired of hearing about Stinking Corporate greed spoiling the life ofAmalraj downtrodden.shailesh sharma Mumbai, India 2013-04-12 Justice is important for me & stopng builder mafiaTom Thomas Chennai, India 2013-04-12 Our cities are made by the poor and they have every right to its resources and can not be treated as a use and throw commodity.
    • Name Location Date CommentJoy Smith India 2013-04-12 Everyone should be equal before law.tanveer ahmad Pulwama, India 2013-04-12 as a basic necesitysugandh sood delhi, India 2013-04-12 girls education is important not only to me but everyoneBala krishnan India 2013-04-12 Pls Help These Students for their studies by signing this petition....!rupali khurpe India 2013-04-12 Children should not be stopped from giving exams,just for non clearance of fee......its a shame on our education system.Jasmeet Singh India 2013-04-12 Having being a witness to such a vulgar display of arrogance by the state (Delhi demolished many of such colonies when it needed land for the commonwealth games), I know how it feels to have ones home demolished, to then collect any remaining solid piece of brick from the rubble. The government-builder nexus is gobbling up every little inch of public space that in fact belongs to the people. And they are doing it in the most unscrupulous way, this being one. The government has forgotten that its responsibility is first to its people and their development needs not the builders who wants to build a mall and addict people into mindless consumption.Meeran Mydeen Tirupur, India 2013-04-12 why bcoz it is 1500 family, Government has to taken a proper activity for their lifesPraveen Ravindiran India 2013-04-12 I understand the need of young ones education and life for people.issahaq azeem Kakinada, India 2013-04-12 as a human being, it is important to me.Juby TU Bangalore, India 2013-04-12 Bangalore has so many malls already dat too one within every 5 or 10 kms. Noone other than rich landlords / builders benefit from building a mall.. only rich becomes more richer. I can see so many people living out there on the streets. They have been living in such a small huts for so many years and it all went down in hours!! We dont want another mall by throwing out 5000+ people on streets!! They are one among us ! Let them live peacefully with whatever they had !Siva kannan India 2013-04-12 Humanityarul arul Coimbatore, India 2013-04-12 Villanutkarsh jain Secunderabad, India 2013-04-12 Because Im a human living in the 21st century.Rajeev Kumaramkandath Thrissur, India 2013-04-12 A system where rich and upper middle class can enjoy all the privileges at the cost of the downtrodden is no longer acceptable. Whether we call it development or by any other name, it is high time we stop it now.Amogha V India 2013-04-12 Namma Bengaluru is my hometownabhinav unnan India 2013-04-12 The nexus between bureaucrats and crony capitalists is plaguing the country and need to be checkedRoshni R India 2013-04-12 I really dont think the country needs more & more malls at the cost of SHELTER to people who cannot afford to be without it. I stand up for INDIA.Nishat Hussain Jaipur, India 2013-04-12 It is violation of principal of justice. It is important as the life of family is disturbed and study of children is hampered.shamit das KOLKATA, India 2013-04-12 CAUSE PARENTAL INJUSTICE HAVE RESULTED IN SPIT FROM MY SON WIFE & MA.....Dhanaseelan Vadivel Namakkal, India 2013-04-12 i am always support like this petitions.Lenin Edward India 2013-04-12 need justice
    • Name Location Date CommentKapil Juneja Ludhiana, India 2013-04-12 I once read- even to build a temple a school must not be closed. If its true, can we justify demolishing homes for building malls? For commercially developing a land thousands of life cant be put at stake. Therefore signing this petition is not only important but an obligation. Along with this petition their you people can start a revolution. Start a Gandhian type of movement. Boycott the mall. Fill the roadside with hoardings saying- we buy clothes from you, wont dine here, we wont watch movies here, until you get back our lives.A.K Sharma India 2013-04-12 I support the petition and suggest the local authorities to rehabilitate the people lost their house. Jai Hind!A.K Sharma India 2013-04-12 I support the petition and suggest the local authorities to rehabilitate the people affected.Sheel Parekh India 2013-04-12 The greed of some people can take away even the little that others have! We need to change this and have a more equitable distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities.rahul kumawat India 2013-04-12 dont build empire on dead bodies and bloodshedkovarthean s India 2013-04-12 The poors cannot be displaced to construct a shopping mall.GAUTAM DAS Numaligarh, India 2013-04-12 I fee lcompassionate about her.ABU MOHD MIRZA mumbai, India 2013-04-12 only because help for people over thereAnupam Bhattacharyya Kolkata, India 2013-04-12 Ive seen sky kissed by great highrises domes,/ and right below scores of people living without a home.Abhilash Nair Chennai, India 2013-04-12 Because everyone deserves justice.JAYACHANDRAN CALICUT, India 2013-04-12 This is extremely important to me because the right of a citizen to live in hisCHANDRASEKHARAN tenament is more crucial than the greed of business tycoons to erect skyscrapers to provide entertainment and posh shopping facilities to the more privileged sections of the society.Abdul Rahiman E M India 2013-04-12 It is an atrocity done on poor and helpless fellow IndiansMithilesh Dangi India 2013-04-12 This type of land grabbing should be stoppedarun kumar India 2013-04-12 all are equal ...........Abhinav Bondalapati Hyderabad, India 2013-04-12 The other Garuda malls should be boycotted until justice is served.Manoj Kumar India 2013-04-12 Humanisamaditya gupta India 2013-04-12 humanitySuresh Verma Delhi, India 2013-04-12 hey saheens send me your contact details and school address i would like to review this case on personal level Send me Info@wohrco.orgJohn Pacheco Salcete, India 2013-04-12 How can we deny any human with the basic necessity of a secure roof over ones headMalay Aggarwal India 2013-04-12 Its unethical to demolish someones house & making malls to earn money.srujani denchanala India 2013-04-12 i care.....cos is humanity.... dis day there r humans left with no humanity....Sancia Sequeira India 2013-04-12 Because the Govt is exploiting the poor and appropriating land for themselves.dost arora India 2013-04-12 coz dis is inhuman and it must endKumar Ikshwaku Hyderabad, India 2013-04-12 No society grows if it has to step upon the heads of the weaker elements that comprise it...we are only as strong as our weakest points...why build a commercial centre when you are taking the roof off of the poor and teh weak...!?...as responsible citizens it is our duty to strengthen our own community...not cut out teh sections that weaken us...
    • Name Location Date CommentSuha Salim new Delhi, India 2013-04-12 Dislodging people from their homes is unethical and unacceptablemohammed wadood hyderabad, India 2013-04-12 So sad :(Mohammad Akmal Allahabad, India 2013-04-12 It is crime against humanity ,which is not tolerable. It is same that someoneKazmi building his house on deadbodies. So that kind of construction is 100% illegalfaiza rehman calgary, Canada 2013-04-12 No one deserves to be treated like this. Put your self in their place and think.sunand kumar India 2013-04-12 This is very bad and where these poor people can live without home.If, there is a rehabilitation process, then first that should be provided before any such type of projects, so that people can have some trust.Anand Rishi New Delhi, India 2013-04-13 Every one needs a decent shelter to go on in life.ananya pan Udaipur, India 2013-04-13 as India is a developing country spreading of education among the youngsters is very much important for following developmental trend, so I want to fight against drop out from school.dhanasekaran bhavani India 2013-04-13 living or lavishingsundaranSyed Asif Raza Chennai, India 2013-04-13 They are our future and please let them grow.Dhaval Chauhan India 2013-04-13 For HumanityAshish Kohli India 2013-04-13 Keep up the good work or lets say " GODs WORK " -Mr. Karthik Ranganathan .mathan sathiyanesan Bhopal, India 2013-04-13 she attend to classmehul mehta India 2013-04-13 its my pay back to society for all what i have received from them.Arvind Kumar India 2013-04-13 Yes, development of a place is surely required, but definitely NOT at the cost of making the people homeless. Arrangements should be made by the Builders, FIRST & FOREMOST, to rehabilitate the evictees and then dig the foundations of Mall or any other construction.imtiyaz ahmad lone India 2013-04-13 justice should be given to herMahadevan B India 2013-04-13 It deals with the growth of our nation as well as the justice for the needy.Mariyappan Ramasamy chennai, India 2013-04-13 Demolishing existing EWS houses for giving way to construct new shopping mall and housing complex is not Good.Goverment should rethink and dont give the way to make rich people more richer.Aditya Bhargava Chandigarh, India 2013-04-13 If Something Wrong Goes with anybody Today....Tomorrow that "Somebody" Could be "Me".....If today they have a company against the wrong doers... tomorrow I may have.A P Naik India 2013-04-13 Treat human life as life only do not treat it as rich or poor. With greed and avarice our so called leaders and business men are destroying the ethical fabric of India. Let us be thankful that the poor are still decent and humble in our country. By excluding them from development we are doing grave injustice. Thank God they are still not up in rms like elsewhere and in neighbouring countries.Akshay Pandit Mumbai, India 2013-04-13 To help the needy people and to support girl educationMAHESH KOHALE kazipeth, India 2013-04-13 it is basic need of any person to have home cloths food. as it is given by god to everyone so why someone should be bereft of these thingsSantram Swarnkar Durg (CG), India 2013-04-13 Malls not at the cost of uprooting the families.Karishma Jain India 2013-04-13 Demolishing somebodys house is almost equal to demolish their entire backbone..nothing can be sustainable when built on buried dreams and smile.I wouldnt be able to enjoy in such kind of mall.
    • Name Location Date CommentAnkur Jain Guwahati, India 2013-04-13 im very much distressed on hearing this news! the malls and big mnc are bridginh the gap between rich and poor!sarosh mehta mumbai, India 2013-04-13 can we send this petition to the MLA of that area also?nikhil kumar India 2013-04-13 i am an indianTilak Raj Gurgaon, India 2013-04-13 Social justice...SRI RAGUNATH Coimbatore, India 2013-04-14 I feel all children should get good educationVENKATARAMAKRISHNAN