Social media for the voice actor


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Create and manage your personal brand via the Internet and social media. Geared toward voice over actors, but beneficial to all independent entrepreneurs.

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Social media for the voice actor

  1. 1. Social Media for the Voice Actor Presented by Martha Valenta
  2. 2. Contents... ● Before You Socialize ● Let’s Get Social! ● Suggested Tools ● Resources ● Q&A
  3. 3. Before You Socialize
  4. 4. Know Your Brand Do you have a personal brand? ● Know your strengths ● Stay current ● Be consistent More information about building a personal brand in the Resources.
  5. 5. Your Web Site ● Your contact information ○ Name ○ Email Address ○ Phone Number ○ Your Social Media Links ■ Twitter ■ Facebook (professional, not personal) ■ YouTube ● Your areas of expertise ● Demos ● Headshot and/or Logo ● A little something more about you ● Blog
  6. 6. VO Website Example
  7. 7. VO Blog Example
  8. 8. VO Website Example
  9. 9. VO Blog Example
  10. 10. Let’s Get Social!
  11. 11. Join the Conversation! ● Facebook ● Twitter ● LinkedIn ● YouTube ● Pinterest ● More, more, more!!!
  12. 12. What Do I Share? ● If You “Get It” - Share It ○ Know something cool? Share it! ○ Love your microphone? Say so! ○ Got a great new recording that you can share? Post it! ● Be Positive ● Nothing Too Personal ● Nothing Gross ● Don’t Drink and Post ● Don’t Post While Sleepy ● Have Fun!
  13. 13. Facebook FAQ ● Personal Page or Fan Page? ● When Do I Share? ● How to Interact
  14. 14. Facebook - What to Post ● News ○ News about You ○ News about Your Clients ○ News about Voiceover ● Photos ○ Headshots ○ Cool Brand-Related Things ● Videos ○ Your Videos ○ Your Friends Videos* *Could result in friend getting that gig... ● Fun, cool thoughts that fit your brand
  15. 15. Twitter - What Is It? Twitter is like a cocktail party where everyone can see what you are saying. Twitter is a word game where you have 140 characters to convey your message. Tweeting is appropriate at any time of the day or night. But, the conversations are most interactive during the day.
  16. 16. Twitter - Basics ● Tweet. ○ You’ve got 140 characters. Every tweet is like a little language game! ● RT: ReTweet. ○ Use RT when you want to ReTweet something that someone else posted. ● Tag People. ○ Use their handle (@ThePersonYouWantToTag) in your tweet to tag someone.
  17. 17. Twitter - Expert ● MT: Modified ReTweet. ○ Use this when you want to ReTweet something someone else posted, but maybe you added a little something beforehand, and now you’re out of characters. So, you modify the original Tweet, without losing it’s message. ● OH: Overheard. ○ You heard something funny, informative, worth sharing. But, it isn’t your original thought. Use OH. If you know who said it, tag them using the @TheirHandle
  18. 18. Twitter - Auto-Tweet From Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you can set up preferences to automagically Tweet whatever you are posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. ● If you choose to do this: ○ Remember that Twitter is limited to 140 characters. ○ Remember to still check on your Twitter activity to respond to anyone who reaches out to you.
  19. 19. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great place to find and connect with potential clients and other professionals. Ensure that your LinkedIn resume is Voice- Actor Oriented. Be sure to check the feed, and add to the conversation!
  20. 20. YouTube YouTube is a great place to post your work! You can then use the YouTube link to repost your work to your website, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter... Cross-pollinate - Like a bee!
  21. 21. Pinterest At Voices For All, we use Pinterest to share ● Work by our amazing coaches & students ● Great Tips & Tricks ● Fun Voiceover-related items we find ● and much more. What will you share? ● Your demos and work. ● Your Blog Posts ● Your other interests
  22. 22. More, More, More There are hundreds of social mediums out there. If you find another one that you enjoy, by all means, jump in and swim in that pool! Just be sure that you keep up with at least one of the core 3: ● Facebook ● LinkedIn ● Twitter
  23. 23. Suggested Tools
  24. 24. Suggested Tools My on-the-go preference for managing social media is my iPhone. Any smart phone should serve you well. Download the individual apps, but don’t totally rely on them. It’s a good idea to check the websites, even if from your smart phone. Facebook is notorious for displaying different information on the app vs. the web site.
  25. 25. Resources
  26. 26. Resources Personal Branding ● james/create-your-personal- brand-8-steps.html ● http://www.wikihow. com/Build-Your-Personal-Brand ● http://www.forbes. com/sites/glennllopis/2013/04/ 08/personal-branding-is-a- leadership-requirement-not-a- self-promotion-campaign/ Building a Website ● Website Tonight (GoDaddy) http: // com/hosting/website-builder.aspx ● WordPress VO Websites/Blogs ● http://www.thatsallsheread. com/Gid-and-Toby-s-Blog.html ●
  27. 27. Resources Voices For All -
  28. 28. Q & A
  29. 29. Thank You