Voices com Television Commercial Success Kit


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A guide to creating powerful and persuasive television commercials

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Voices com Television Commercial Success Kit

  1. 1. TV COMMERCIAL SUCCESS KIT A guide to creating powerful and persuasive television commercials Written by David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices.com
  2. 2. CONTENTS WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THIS GUIDE Over the next several pages you’ll learn about: • Key developments of the popular invention • Pioneers and people • The impact of radio advertising campaigns • Radio ad duration • Radio ad styles • 15 sample radio commercial scripts • Tips for writing your radio commercial • Consideration when selecting your voice talent • Rates and prices for producing a radio commerial • How to hire a professional voice talent
  3. 3. KEY DEVELOPMENTS The television is one of the most important inventions in the history of the world. It has become a staple in the lives of many people and many aspects of the world’s culture are taken from TV shows. For instance, children from as far as India would learn to say “Hi-yo, Silver, away!” after watching some episodes of The Lone Ranger. Here’s a look at the history of television. Electromechanical Television Electromechanical television systems, better known as “televisors” were used to capture images and then display them. The images that they captured were sent via radio waves. Originally used from 1928 to 1939, they eventually began picking up images that were broadcasted electronically like more modern television sets. Electronic Television In 1927, Philo Farnsworth invented a special camera tube that was able to electronically transmit signals. He gave a full-on demonstration of his all-electronic system at the Franklin Institute. Later, RCA decided to integrate Farnsworth’s tube into their TV sets. These types of sets became the “standard” in the US in 1941. Color Television Color television didn’t fully come around until a bit later. Although there were some successful early experiments with color television, the actual process of converting a 2D image into a 1D radio signal was difficult as the image would often be distorted. In 1941, CBS began conducting color field tests. As these systems were not compatible with the television sets at the time, they were halted. In 1947, RCA was able to transmit live color images successfully to the FCC. The first coast-to-coast color broadcast took place on January 1, 1954, when NBC broadcasted the Tournament of Roses Parade.
  4. 4. PEOPLE AND PIONEERS Broadcast Television Broadcast television is the system of broadcasting by TV stations that are licensed by a government. These stations then air programs over assigned channels. In today’s terms, it includes the big networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, and others. Cable channels are different and are thus subject to different rules. Typically, shows played on broadcast networks are closely monitored and controlled. Television Sets The very first “generation” of television sets was sold in the U.S. from 1928 to 1934. These sets didn’t have color and received pictures through radio waves. Then, in 1934, the production of electronic sets began. At the time, they cost the equivalent of $6,000, making them too expensive for the average family. After World War II, they became cheaper and more people purchased them. Noteworthy Contributors The invention of the TV would never have been possible without a few pioneers. John Logie Baird, a British engineer, invented the world’s very first functioning television, making it possible for improvements to be made. He also helped perfect the color television system broadcast in later years. Philo Farnsworth invented the first fully electronic TV system and Vladimir K. Zworykin invented the receiving system that was used in TVs. Without them, there would be no TV.
  5. 5. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS Television advertising campaigns refer to the use of television broadcast media to advertise products and services. TV advertising has been one of the most effective ways to promote products and services, because the use of video in combination with speech tends to be more precise in passing a message. Hearing, seeing and speaking are the first senses that people exhibit during their developmental stages. These abilities of expression come before the ability to read or write, and therefore, tv advertising is a preferred medium of advertising among many advertisers and businesses. How Television Advertisements Work In tv advertising, ad agencies or tv stations receive advertisements from their clients before bilaterally deciding on the structure and modalities of the advertisements, including the financial rates. They will also decide on the television commercial scripts that will be appropriate for the advertisements, so the ads will be more appealing to the intended audiences. The advertising agency then delegates the advertising job to a voice actor and a producer for the final production of the advertisement. To capture the listeners’ attention, the advertisements may incorporate the use of music, funny voices, character voices, or even celebrity voices.
  6. 6. HOW TO WRITE A SCRIPT Since nearly everyone has heard a television commercial, you should expect that your listeners have grown accustomed to hearing ads produced in a certain way. Here is a suggested framework for mapping out a 30 second commercial. • Intro: 2.5 seconds • Key Message: 10 seconds • Reinforce Message: 10 seconds • Closing Remarks: 5 seconds • Tag Line: 2.5 seconds Your writing style should be conversational with friendly language, limiting the use of jargon or industry specific words in order to accommodate your listeners. Develop an introduction that will quickly explain and highlight the what the ad is for and how it benefits your prospective customer. Remember to leave air or space for music, transitions and tags during the beginning and end of each commercial. If required, remember to leave sufficient time for any disclaimers that might be required by law to be inserted during your commercial.
  7. 7. AD STYLES AUDIOBOOK SURVEY RESULTS Format: the radio commercial, type of “sell” is applicable to television Similar to commercials and refers to the kind of approach that the advertiser uses to promote a MP3-CD Cassette 0.01% 0.03% product or service to the audience. The effectiveness of each type of radio Download commercial “sell” depends on0.21% the kind of product or service being advertised and the personality of the target audience. The two basic “sells” for advertising are the Pre-Loaded hard sell and the soft sell. 0.03% The Hard Sell CD 0.72% The hard sell method is used to make a tv commercial more appealing to the listeners’ downloadable audiobooks increased in out to younger people or those • Sales ofemotions. It is an effective way to reach 2008, to 21 percent of sales, up who are emotionally 2007. by certain problems. Most people can be easily swayed from 17 percent in affected by emotions, and they will become more interested in a product if the commercial • Pre-loaded audiobook devices increased from 1 percent in 2007 to 3 percent in appeals to their emotional needs. The voice talent is particularly important in the 2008, while MP3 CDs stayed the same at 1 percent of sales. presentation of a hard sell commercial. The Soft Sell Sales channel: Other 0.09% If the target audience is made upConsumers or older people, the soft sell method is Direct to of educated 0.07% a better option. This method is more subtle and refined, and it appeals to the mind Retailers 0.36% and imagination of the listeners. Soft sell commercials are usually more informative Wholesalers and entertaining. 0.16% Libraries 0.32% • Measured by publisher revenue, retail is the audio industry’s strongest channel, followed closely by the library channel.
  8. 8. AD DURATION Most of the commercials aired on radio last for a duration of 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The advertiser has to make sure the intended message will be comfortably conveyed within the chosen time period. The message has to be able to grab the attention of the listener, who is usually doing something else while the radio is playing. The message has to be concise and easy to remember. 15 Seconds A 15-second radio commercial only allows the advertiser to provide very basic information about the business, such as the name of the business, its products or services, and contact details. This type of commercial is effective if the audience is already aware of the existence of the business, and they have probably even tried its products or services. 30 Seconds If the advertiser wants to include some sales flair in the commercial, the 30-second commercial is a good option. With 30 seconds, commercial scripts can be written in a more creative manner. They can be presented as monologues or conversations, and can include more details about the businesses they are promoting, such as: experience, the benefits of its products, and unique selling points. 60 Seconds Most of the traditional radio ads are 60 second long, and offer enough time to do a complete sales pitch. This type of commercial is the preferred method for promoting a new product or service. The advertiser can make the commercial more compelling by introducing an engaging headline, identifying a problem, providing a solution, and offering dramatic assurance.
  9. 9. GOOD LENGTH FOR AD COPY When writing ad copy for a radio or television commercial it's easy to get carried away. How much is enough? The short answer is enough to get the message across. OK, but how does that translate into a word count for a 30 second spot or a 60 second spot? Great question. To help give some guidance, we've created a handy chart for you to reference the next time your writing some ad copy. The 30 Second Spot Word Count Guideline 30 seconds, 65 words = lots of inflection, sincere read 30 seconds, 78 words = typical, straight read 30 seconds, 90 words = fast read 30 seconds, 100 words = hard sell, maximum speed read The 60 Second Spot Word Count Guideline 60 seconds, 130 words = lots of inflection 60 seconds, 155 words = typical, straight read 60 seconds, 180 words = fast read 60 seconds, 200 words = hard sell, maximum speed read Note that numbers (such as a phone number), symbols (@ symbol or www) , etc., count as one word each.
  10. 10. SCRIPT READING AUDIOBOOK SURVEY RESULTS THE APP STORE SPEEDS Format: Speed Reading OVERVIEW OF THE APP STORE MP3-CD Cassette • Average person reads 3 words per second (range is With4) 0.01% 0.03% 2 to both the iPhone and iPad Download can tap into the App Store and • Average person reads 88 words per half-minute (range is 60 to 120) 0.21% you’ll find applications in • Average person reads 170 words per minute (range every category, from games to Pre-Loaded is 135 to 215) 0.03% business, education to CDentertainment, finance to health 0.72% Line Count and fitness, and productivity to Sales of Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin) social networking... some are • (12 pointdownloadable audiobooks increased in 2008, to 21 percent of sales, up even free. You can download from 17 percent in 2007. • Average 21 lines per page them wirelessly and start using • Pre-loaded audiobook devices increasedspot: 7.5percent right away. 3 percent in from 1 them in 2007 to • Average number of lines per 30-second 2008, while MP3 CDs stayed the same at 1 percent of sales. Apple's newly launched App Store is going to transform the company again.  Many • Average number of lines per 60-second spot: 15 people believe the App Store will be as transformative for mobile applications as Sales channel: iTunes was to the music and entertainment industry. On Wednesday, January 27, Other 0.09% Direct to Consumers 2010 Apple (AAPL) issued a press release announcing that 3 billion apps had been Word Count 0.07% Retailers downloaded from the App Store. Apple accomplished this feat in less than 18 0.36% • (12 point Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin) months. Wholesalers 0.16% • Average words per line of text: 13 (range is 8 to 18) Recommendation: • Average words per page: 273 (range is 168 to 378) Get up to speed on the App Store and envision how your voice can be used in Libraries iPhone applications: http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/appstore.html 0.32% • Measured by publisher revenue, retail is the audio industry’s strongest channel, followed closely by the library channel.
  11. 11. REAL ESTATE SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Young families, established homeowners that want to move up Character / Narrator Neighborly, genuine sales representative Vocal Direction Jovial, permanent smile, more than happy to please Suggested Music Synthesized suburbia! Suave, moving up the ladder music Suggested Sound Effects Bicycle bell, birds, hammering in a nail, chain saws Getting that big promotion must feel good. Why not celebrate moving up by moving to Summerset Hills? The neighborhoods of Summerset Hills are now entering into their third phase of building! Choose from dozens of single-family homes on pie shaped lots tucked away on Lilies Fair Court, perfect for young families and parents who want a safe and secluded street on which to raise their kids. With homes selling quickly, you’d better act now so that you can move into your dream home before the first snowfall! Open houses are being held every Saturday and Sunday from 12 until 4. To learn more about the Summerset community, visit our website online or call 555-3125. Summerset Hills: move in today and stay for a lifetime.
  12. 12. RENTAL PROPERTY SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :60 Target Demographic Middle age, empty nesters, senior citizens Character / Narrator Trusted Nature Guide Vocal Direction Word painting, warmth, quality, exuding possibilities with your voice Suggested Music Laid-back nature music Suggested Sound Effects Loon, water birds, water burbling, birds warbling, water lapping up on the shore Located in the gated community of Shavian Lake, close to Montgomery Airport, this fantastic rental home is perfect for the outdoorsy nature lover. Features include a natural gas fireplace, tiered floor design, and a lovely all-season sun room, perfect for bird watchers or bookworms. Imagine waking up every morning in your master bedroom to a glorious Shavian Lake sunrise. Make breakfast in a kitchen complete with brand new stainless steel appliances, agate countertops, and updated parquet flooring. With a covered balcony facing the lakefront, summer paddle boat rentals, and access to a year-round nature trail, the Shavian Lake community is truly a community for all seasons (and you can bring your pets too!). For more details, contact Hinterland Rentals at 555-3489. Inquire about this rental home’s short-term leasing program, starting at $1500 per month.
  13. 13. REAL ESTATE AGENT SCRIPT Item Description Gender Female Length :60 Target Demographic First time home buyers, people looking to buy a home Character / Narrator Real Estate Agent Vocal Direction Authoritative, in demand, confident, expert, friendly Suggested Music Relaxed Suggested Sound Effects Heart beat, pouring a cup of tea When you’re looking for a new home, why not seek the counsel of a friend who happens to know the housing market better than the back of her hand? Jeannie Jacobsen can answer all questions related to securing a mortgage and provide valuable information that is important to your family. Jeannie’s house hunting kit includes a detailed summary of area schools, nearby amenities, and homeowner testimonials live in your neighborhood of choice. Jeannie knows this city better than anyone and can expertly consult you on property values, homeowner secrets, and will take the pulse of your prospective community for you, highlighting neighborhood activities and notable facts. Call Jeannie at 555-9875 to start looking for your new home. How’s this weekend for you?
  14. 14. ADVENTURE TRAVEL SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male Length :30 Target Demographic Young adults, risk takers, adventure travel buffs Character / Narrator Young adult planning their next vacation Vocal Direction Thoughtful, sense of humor, personality Suggested Music Upbeat electronic music Suggested Sound Effects Hiking sounds, water bubbling / splash, water dripping in a cave (Inner monologue) Back to the old to do list again. Let’s see… Climb Mount Everest… done. Snorkeling with the dolphins off the coast of Australia? Done. Sky diving in Borneo… yup, that’s checked off too. Barreling over Niagara Falls (chuckle) – Nah, too risky! How about discovering a Land of Lost Caverns in the highlands of Costa Rica? (Reading) Easily trek to view scenic wonders of beauty and mystery… ancient unexplored caverns await… (Said to another person) Hey Jeff / Alice, what do you think of this? (Announcer) Why just travel when you can ‘adventure’ travel? Call us today to book your next out-of-this-world thrill seeker vacation.
  15. 15. ROMANTIC TRAVEL SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Newlyweds, engaged couples, second honeymoon / anniversary Character / Narrator Travel Guide Vocal Direction Matter of fact, luxurious, in awe, advisor Suggested Music European, cultural Suggested Sound Effects Fireworks, champagne cork popping, clinking of glasses, and walla When you plan your honeymoon, don’t just book the first flight to Tahiti… surprise your beloved with an unforgettably romantic getaway to one of the great European capital cities. Experience the finest that Paris, Rome, Madrid, and Athens have to offer… adorn your memories with haute cuisine, signature hotels, distinct cultures, and breathtaking wonders found only in continental Europe. Treat your New wife / husband to an Old World romance. Start your married life off right by honeymooning in style across the pond.
  16. 16. SPRING BREAK TRAVEL SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Teens, college students planning a spring vacation Character / Narrator College student Vocal Direction Tantalizing, energized, hyped, direct Suggested Music Popular, Top 40 Suggested Sound Effects Skiing sound effects, hot chocolate being poured into a mug, ski lift Lazing around watching television, doing homework, painting the house… whatever (Sarcasm)! It’s Spring Break! Wouldn’t you rather be dodging moguls and coasting down ski hills in the Great White North? We've teamed up with our snow-crazed sponsors to bring you the coolest winter holiday package EVER. Qualify to win one of three Great White North prize packs for you and 20 of your closest friends. Are you king or queen of the hill? Find out this Spring Break! Enter the Great White North contest online, or call us toll-free.
  17. 17. BUSINESS TRAVEL SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male Length :30 Target Demographic Business people with high demands Character / Narrator Sales Representative Vocal Direction High-tech savvy, sales pitch, confident, hint of excitement Suggested Music Suave with a dash of danger Suggested Sound Effects Fax machine dial, helicopter, clinking of glasses Business travel at the speed of your fax machine... is that even possible?! Zip around the country in your own helicopter, complete with a licensed pilot and hors d’oeuvres to keep you on top of your game. Get from point A to point B within minutes! Visit our website online to find out more about how you can beat the traffic, on land or in the air. Need to book that flight right now? Give us a call at 555-6482. Show up in style (and on time). Start flying to your meetings today!
  18. 18. SPORTING GOODS SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Teenagers and college students Character / Narrator Sales Representative Vocal Direction Dude, valley girl, exaggerated sound Suggested Music Surfer music, upbeat, fun in the sun feel Suggested Sound Effects Waves hitting the beach, wind flapping a towel Ready for some fun in the sun? Not without our oversized beach towels! Scott’s Surf Shop has everything to cover you at the beach, including swimming apparel, sun block, scuba gear, flip flops, and oversized beach towels made with shake-away technology that makes sure you leave the beach at the beach. Before you drive to the cottage, stop by Scott’s Surf Shop to start your summer off right.
  19. 19. PERSONAL PRODUCT SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Women in their twenties and thirties Character / Narrator Youthful woman, mid twenties Vocal Direction Bubbly, confidence, energy, authoritative Suggested Music Upbeat, Top 40 Suggested Sound Effects Hair dryer, lathering shampoo, shower sounds Has your hair lost it’s lustre? Missing it’s bounce? Need some Va-va-va-voom? Let me tell you about this new shampoo I’ve been using. It’s not like your ordinary, run of the mill, “I share this with my husband” shampoo - no, this one goes beyond the call of duty to tame frizzies, banish split ends and most importantly, it gives you the confidence you need ( and a little bit of va-va-va-voooom! ). Why use your old shampoo when you can experience the power and endurance of Va-Va-Va-Voom shampoo? Call or click for your free sample today.
  20. 20. HEALTHCARE SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male narrator with Female interjection Length :30 Target Demographic Married women under 40 Character / Narrator Husband, Announcer, Wife’s interjection Vocal Direction Dreamy, soft, smoldering, slightly manipulative Suggested Music Soft jazz, saxophone, light drums Suggested Sound Effects Water boiling, clothes landing softly in a basket Maybe it’s the way the sun kisses his skin or maybe it’s the gentle should rubs before bedtime. It could be the homemade Fettuccine Alfredo he prepared last night, or perhaps it’s the load of laundry you found neatly folded on the landing. Maybe it’s just because he’s there. Those actions say so much, even when words are hard to find. Let him know how much you love and appreciate him with a double decker grill, a large plasma TV, and let him renovate the basement into a sports bar... (spoken by wife “Honey, I can hear you, and please, just take your Nocturnal Rest already!”) Announcer: For those night’s when you just can’t get to sleep, try Nocturnal Rest and get to sleep fast!
  21. 21. CAR DEALERSHIP SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Men between twenty and forty years of age Character / Narrator Announcer Vocal Direction Hard sell, anticipation, authoritative, thrilling Suggested Music Hard hitting, classic rock, electric guitars reeling Suggested Sound Effects Pedal to the metal, race track, bells Are you ready for this? Valley View Automotive’s got all of the hottest SUVs you’ve been looking for! This week only, enjoy a test drive and the opportunity to drive one of these powerful vehicles off the lot for half the price! Yes, half the price! Nows the time to get yourself to Valley View, by car, on foot, or even by air to take advantage of this outrageous sale - you’d better get here quickly, ‘cause this promotion is only going on for 24 hours and the automobiles are leaving the lot faster than you can say 4 wheel drive! Valley View Automotive, SUVs you can depend on.
  22. 22. MORTGAGE SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic First time home buyers with a good credit rating Character / Narrator Friendly sales representative Vocal Direction Dreamlike, whimsical, helpful Suggested Music Relaxed, adult contemporary Suggested Sound Effects Door opening, soft breeze, homey sounds Picture your dream house. A sprawling lakefront property with mature trees and a winding driveway through a wrought-iron gate… we’re not just talking about white picket fences! Come in and talk to one of our mortgage specialists. Tell us about your dreams. We’ll make them a reality.
  23. 23. TAX PLANNING SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male Length :30 Target Demographic Middle age Character / Narrator Hero voice / Super Tax Man Vocal Direction Take the ‘have no fear!’ approach, strong, authoritative Suggested Music Upbeat Suggested Sound Effects Scream, nail biting, teeth chattering, Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’ It’s that time of year again (yikes! Nail-biting). Tax Time (booming voice – over the top women’s scream or Homer Simpson scream)!!!! Are your statements in order? Even if you are miles behind, our certified general accounts will get you and your tax forms up to speed, increasing your tax return and giving you peace of mind. Why pull your hair out every April when you can rely on Tax Tally? Tax Tally knows your frustrations, believe me, we do. That’s why we’re here! Call us today at 555-5674 for a free estimate. Tax Tally, we crunch numbers so that you don’t have to.
  24. 24. CREDIT REPAIR SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic Students and out-of-control credit card owners Character / Narrator Town crier / announcer Vocal Direction Over the top, air of desperation with timely relief Suggested Music Upbeat, circus music transitioning to more relaxed music Suggested Sound Effects Sirens, credit card swiping sounds, dial tone and numbers being pressed Alert! Alert! Be gone maxed out credit cards, over due loans, suffocating interest rates, and relentless collections agencies! If your credit rating is making you and others around you cringe, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s to turn to the professionals at Creative Credit Solutions. Even if your credit is less than perfect, we’ll help you get back on track. You can do it, and we can help. Call today or visit our website for your free credit check report.
  25. 25. INVESTMENT SERVICES SCRIPT Item Description Gender Male or Female Length :30 Target Demographic New parents, middle-aged Character / Narrator Super woman / go getter Vocal Direction Confidence, reassuring, coy, refreshing Suggested Music Adult contemporary Suggested Sound Effects Cash register opening, cha-ching, baby cooing Still hiding money under your mattress? Contrary to popular belief, investing your financial assets in a government savings bond can help your money grow! Our team of professionals at Global Transact House and Home will raise and nurture your investments as if they were their very own. We’re very protective of our young! Trust our experts to take care of your hard-earned money and make it work for you.
  26. 26. ADVERTISING SLOGANS ON TV An advertising slogan is a concise phrase that defines an advertising campaign. The most effective and catchy slogans are imprinted in the collective mindset of the masses so that they automatically associate the phrases with the products for the longest time. Some advertising slogans have seeped so deeply into the public consciousness that they become much more than just some catchphrases to sell some products. For instance, the legendary Nike slogan “Just Do It” has emerged from its advertising shadows to become a mantra of life for many people. Some advertising slogans have such a long life that they become part of pop culture. It has been close to 30 years since Brooke Shields said “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins… nothing,” but many people still remember her in those advertisements. Since then, Calvin Klein jeans have become “sexy.” Just like other forms of pop culture, advertising slogans can be just as iconic in defining a generation. Here are some of the most memorable advertising slogans. “Don’t leave home without it.” (American Express) “M’m! M’m! Good!” (Campbell’s Soup) “It’s the real thing.” (Coca Cola) “When you care enough to send the very best.” (Hallmark) “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” (Kellogg’s Rice Frispies) “Finger lickin’ good.” (KFC) “Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat” (Kit-Kat) "I'm lovin' it." (McDonald's) “Where do you want to go today?” (Microsoft) “Good to the last drop.” (Maxwell House) “Got Milk?” (Milk) “It’s Miller time!” (Miller) “I love New York.” (New York)
  27. 27. TV COMMERCIALS EXAMPLES AdCritic Archive of commercial spots. Paid subscription required. www.adcritic.com Very Funny Ads Companion site to the TBS Very Funny ad campaign, among the world's funniest. www.veryfunnyads.com Adtunes.com Blog provides information on music from TV ads, film trailers, and more. www.adtunes.com Best Ads on TV Funny, clever, and weird ads from around the world. www.bestadsontv.com ad-awards.com International advertising awards, selecting the best on a monthly basis. www.ad-awards.com Videomercials Find TV commercials from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Ads are available on VHS and DVD and can also be downloaded in a WAV format. www.80scommercials.com USA TV Ads Includes an archive of new and vintage commercials. www.usatvads.com
  28. 28. SELECTING A VOICE TALENT AUDIOBOOK SURVEY RESULTS Format: Do you know what kind of voice you want? Picking the right voice is of great importance as that voice will brand your company and likely be the first point of MP3-CD Cassette 0.01% 0.03% human contact for your customers. Download 0.21% Gender Pre-Loaded The majority of radio commercials are recorded by male voice talents, however, you 0.03% may find that a female voice is more suited to your industry or organization, CD especially if you represent an industry traditionally associated with women. 0.72% Age, Accent and Style • Sales of downloadable audiobooks increased in 2008, to 21 percent of sales, up Rememberpercent inabout the age, accent, style, when selecting a voice. Write down from 17 to think 2007. what you know about your customers and select a voice that best reflects their • Pre-loaded audiobook devices increased from 1 percent in 2007 to 3 percent in demographic and meets their specific needs. 2008, while MP3 CDs stayed the same at 1 percent of sales. If you are serving an older customer set, think of casting a middle aged or senior voice for your voice talent. If you serve predominantly young adults or thirty- Sales channel: somethings, select a voice geared to Other age group. Depending on what your their 0.09% Direct to Consumers company offers, you’ll want to 0.07% the voice match with your services. For instance, if Retailers your radio commercial is for a church or religious center, consider a comforting 0.36% Wholesalers voice over style with mild authoritativeness. Alternatively, if you are a ticket hub for 0.16% sports events, pick an upbeat, energetic voice style that best exudes your brand and speaks directly to the listener. Libraries 0.32% • Measured by publisher revenue, retail is the audio industry’s strongest channel, followed closely by the library channel.
  29. 29. TV COMMERCIAL AUDIOBOOK SURVEY RESULTS THE DEVELOPERS APP APP STORE RATES Format: OVERVIEW OF THE Category CONNECT WITH IPHONE AND IPOD TOUCH DEVELOPERS APP STORE Time $ MP3-CD Cassette Just Commercial: Local / Regional video0.03% TV like software developers or 0.01% :15, :30 or :60 With both the iPhone300 iPad and game developers, iPhoneChicago TV Commercial: NYC, LA, developers Download are :15, :30 tap into the App Store and can or :60 400 0.21% creating applications that are designed to you’ll find applications in TV Commercial : National Network :15, :30 or :60 2000 take advantage of iPhonePre-Loaded features such as every category, from games to TV Station Promotion / Station Imaging :05, 15 or :30 400 0.03% Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, wireless, business, education to and GPS. TheAnnouncement on TV audio Public Service iPhone also supports :15, :30 or :60 300 CDentertainment, finance to health 0.72% and video, which means there is an and fitness, and productivity to Notes excellent opportunity for voice-over social networking... some are • Sales of downloadable audiobooks increased in 2008, to 21 percent of sales, up • TV talent.rates for unlimited airings in a 13-week cycle. even free. You can download from 17 percent in 2007. them wirelessly and start using • Rates are for finished dry voice only. Any post-production required is $100/hr. Recommendation: • Pre-loaded audiobook devices increased from 1 percent right away. 3 percent in them in 2007 to All rates are for reference only. • 2008, App MP3 CDs stayed the the audio percent of sales. Visit thewhile Store and learn about same at 1 applications. Reach out and contact Apple's newly launched App Store is going to transform the company again.  Many some of the iPhone application developers and introduce yourself. Offer your • Each talent reserves Store will charge their own fees. people believe the Appthe right to be as transformative for mobile applications as services as a voice Sales channel: talent and inspire these developers to use voice-over recordings iTunes was in US music and entertainment industry. On Wednesday, January 27, to the Dollars Other • Rates applications. Explain how you can will help them make their application in their are 0.09% Direct to Consumers 2010 Apple (AAPL) issued a press release announcing that 3 billion apps had been stand out by creating a more interactive experience. 0.07% Retailers downloaded from the App Store. Apple accomplished this feat in less than 18 0.36% Here is a list of iPhone applications being reviewed, as well as links to the developer months. Wholesalers 0.16% websites: http://reviews.cnet.com/8300-13549_7-30.html Recommendation: Get up to speed on the App Store and envision how your voice can be used in Libraries iPhone applications: http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/appstore.html 0.32% • Measured by publisher revenue, retail is the audio industry’s strongest channel, followed closely by the library channel.
  30. 30. OUTSOURCING WORKING WITH A PROFESSIONAL By working with a professional voice talent you gain several advantages. First, many voice talent have recorded hundreds of tv commercials and know what works, what doesn’t and as a result, they can improve your advertising campaign as well as save you thousands of dollars. Furthermore, professionals have the artistic ability to bring your script to life by interpreting your ad copy, emphasizing certain words and adding subtle touches such as humor, sarcasm and other performance characteristics you may like in the recording. Finally, voice talent work from fully-equipped recording studios so you can be sure that you’ll be airing a broadcast-quality audio production. Recording studio equipment costs a minimum of $25,000 and well into the millions of dollars for high-end gear. Your radio commercial can have the clean, professional sound at a fraction of the cost. WHERE TO FIND VOICE TALENT Like most people, a Google search is a good place to start. By doing so, you’ll likely land on Voices.com, an online marketplace where you can search a global network of thousands of professional voice talent. POSTING YOUR JOB The best option is to post your job, which is free of charge at Voices.com. Then you can outline your tv commercial requirements and attach your script. Within a few hours, you’ll receive auditions and quotes for getting your tv commercial recorded by a pro - quickly and cost-effectively.
  31. 31. ABOUT DAVID CICCARELLI As the founder of Voices.com, David offers management experience as well as a clear vision the company's future. Currently, David oversees infrastructure maintenance, infrastructure development, and web application development. David was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Business Development Bank of Canada and has also presented Voices.com as a New Voices winner at DigiFest, an award recognizing Voices.com as an industry leader who provides digital media products and innovations that contribute to Canada's economic and cultural future. In 2000, David graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology with an Honor's Degree in Audio Technology. CONTACT INFORMATION Author: David Ciccarelli Address: 999 Collip Circle, London, ON N6G 0J3 Telephone: 519-858-5071 Email address: david@voices.com Website: http://www.voices.com
  32. 32. ABOUT VOICES.COM Voices.com was established in 2004 and is now the technology and industry leading website that connects Voices.com is a businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and very professional television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune organization with easy interface and 500 companies rely upon the Voices.com marketplace people that are to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the easy to work with. assistance of our innovative SurePay™ escrow While this is a service and our Web application. competitive The winner of several awards, including the 1to1 industry, Impact Award for Full-Suite CRM, CRM Elite Award, Voices.com gives you many great and the DigiFest New Voices Award, Voices.com has tools at your raised its profile significantly this year ranking on the fingertips to help PROFIT Hot 50 recognizing 534% growth over the you compete and past two years and just this summer was featured on succeed. Backbone Magazine’s and KPMG’s annual Pick 20 - Paul Hernandez, Customer Listing as an “innovative company”. Clients include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader's Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Firestone Tires, American Airlines, the US Army, the US Government and thousands more.