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    David Goldberg | Script Reading Collection David Goldberg | Script Reading Collection Presentation Transcript

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    • 10. EARTHQUAKE (nature documentary) Pulled and pushed by forces deep within the planet, the Pacific plate is slidingnorthwest past North America at an average of about 2 inches a year - roughlythe same rate as fingernails grow.   But movement along the fault usually occurs in bursts.Along most of the fault,the colder, more rigid rocks near the earth s surface resist the plate motions.Eventually, enough strain develops along a segment of the fault to overcomethe resistance.Then, in geologic terms, that stretch of the fault "breaks," "fails,"or "ruptures" and a segment of the crust riding the Pacific plate surges north,creating an earthquake.   In the magnitude 7.7 San Francisco earthquake of 1906, which killed more than3000 people …
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    • 19. BLUE ANGELS (sales video) Strap yourself in for a high-altitude, history-making adventure —you‘re about to experience the thrill, precision, and aerial artistryof the Navy‘s Blue Angels.This video opens the cockpit on thislegendary squadron as they take off on their first European tourin 20 years.You‘ll soar above Russia, where MIG fighters interceptand escort the BLUE ANGELS — the first U.S. military flightdemo team ever to appear in the former enemy‘s skies.You‘lldiscover the team‘s illustrious story through archival footage andinterviews with pilots and crews. Plus...
    • 20. BILL GATES (biography) Born in Seattle,Washington, on October 28, 1955,William HenryGates III is the only son of the three children of Mary and WilliamHenry Gates, Jr.A bright and active child, Bill began cutting classesto hang out at all hours at his private school s computer center.When he was only 16, he and friend Paul Allen sold theircomputer-run system to monitor highway traffic and reportedlyearned $20,000 -- but business fell off when customers found outthat the entrepreneurs were still in high school.
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    • 23.THE CENTURY OF CHANGE (audiobook) The Century of Change is the story of Americans who combined theirnative skills with the growing torrent of new knowledge to improve thequality of life for themselves and their children. Like the sewingmachine, countless other inventions and techniques appeared to helpthis determination become a reality.The story is not a routine report ofsmooth progress toward the perfection of life.There have beenhardships, yes -- even injustice among Americans.The balance betweenlaws and social progress is the critical element in George Washington‘s―Great Experiment.‖ It is the people -- each new generation ofAmericans -- who must improve and maintain this balance within theirConstitution.
    • 24.THE LAND OF EGYPT (travelogue) Egypt has always been a land of mystery and magic — aland different from all others, difficult to understand, apartand alien, yet strangely fascinating. It was the most self-contained of all the countries of the ancient world; it livedits own life, practiced its own religion, and made up itsown government with hardly any outside interferenceeither from or upon other civilizations.The Egyptianswere...
    • 25. CITIZENS‟ COMMITTEE FOR CHILDREN (PSAradio commercial) As a parent, I know what city kids face in the streets today is badenough.And now, Mayor Guilliani wants to slash school buildingimprovements and after-school youth programs...all of which areessential to keeping youngsters off the streets. Don‘t let thishappen to our children‘s futures. Call the Mayor and your councilrepresentative.Tell them you want to put kids first, not last, whenthey plan the city budget.A message from CITIZENS‘COMMITTEE FOR CHILDREN.
    • 26. LOCKHEED SPACE STATION (documentary) For more than three decades, mankind has explored the mysteries ofthe universe from a vantage point in space. Now we‘re turning spaceinto a practical place to work. By the year 2020, NASA‘s space station isscheduled to give science a permanent platform in orbit.A place whereresearchers can examine our world from a unique perspective, andexperiment under conditions of extreme temperature andweightlessness. In zero gravity, compounds can react in ways notpossible here on Earth. Scientists can create better medicines, moredurable plastics, and stronger alloys made of metals that resist mixingunder gravity‘s pull.The Space Station will...
    • 27. DELTA AIRLINES INTERACTIVE (interactive website) Its always the right time to fly Delta.And to assure a perfect trip,Delta has prepared this program to offer you important facts andhelpful information, along with tips for travelers. Just click―start‖ for practical information. 50 years have passed sinceDelta established itself as a national carrier, and Delta has come along way since then. It has matured into an international airline,serving thousands of destinations. Since its inception, Delta hasserved as a steadfast air bridge between Asia and the world.
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