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Youth and the fight against corruption
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Youth and the fight against corruption


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A presentation by Anna Thayenthal, Transparency International on the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum in Brussels on 27 May 2010. …

A presentation by Anna Thayenthal, Transparency International on the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum in Brussels on 27 May 2010.

Session: Governance and Anti-Corruption (GAC)

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Youth and the fight against corruption Global Youth Forum 2010: Mobilizing Youth Against Corruption
  • 2. What is Transparency International?
    • The global movement against corruption consisting of:
    • 91 National Chapters worldwide;
    • 19 more in process of accreditation;
    • International Secretariat;
    • Board of Directors & Advisory Council;
    • 30 Individual Members; and
    • Senior advisors and other volunteers.
  • 3. TI’s vision
    • TI’s vision is a world in which
    • government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption
  • 4. They are saying NO to corruption, join them … now.
  • 5. TI‘s engagement with youth
    • Integrity like corruption is learned
    • Young people are a sizeable percentage of the national population in the whole world
    • Global Corruption Barometer 2009: Youth are more exposed to corruption than older people
    • Youth play a key role in social mobilisation and change
    • TI’s various approaches: Research, education, events, networks etc.
  • 6. Building ethics and integrity in the next generation
    • Primary level: TI Thailand - Colourful teaching booklets aimed at primary school children
    • Secondary level: TI Italy - Global Programme of Ethics Education including seminars for high school students and teachers, ethics education through sports and theatre plays
    • University level: Transparencia por Colombia – Inter-university initiative providing pedagogical tools and methodologies to complement university curricula in ethics education
  • 7. Corruption from A to Z
  • 8. TI Italy: Ethics Education
    • Responsible choice is the first step for everybody’ well-being
    • Objective: To enable students to make the best choice in their social and private live
    • Tools: Contests on poetry, music, research, training workshops for teachers, public events etc.
    • Results: more than 500 students involved
    • Challenges: Bureaucracy, political changes
    • New approach: Addressing corruption in various school subjects
  • 9.  
  • 10. TI Colombia: Cátedra Programme
    • Objective: To contribute to the ethical formation of university students as future leaders of public and private organisations
    • Tools: Inter-university plenaries, case analysis seminars, values in action workshops, exchange of teachers’ experiences in teaching ethics
    • Results: 19 universities involved, reached more than 6,000 students
  • 11. TI Colombia: Recommendations
    • Working in alliance with other institutions from the very beginning of the design of the project has produced greater achievements.
    • The establishment of agreements has formalised the alliance with each of the actors, in terms of academic commitments and of the provision of resources for the development of the project.
    • The commitment and motivation of teachers using Cátedra components.
    • The participation of supportive student leaders.
    • The effective selection of interesting topics of public interest that encouraged debate in the plenaries.
  • 12. TI Lithuania: Summer School on Integrity
    • Importance of integrity and anti-corruption in the curriculum of young and up-and-coming leaders
    • Academic programme in the post-Soviet region to tackle the issue of corruption in the public and private sectors
    • Target group: Graduate students and young professionals
    • Focus on causes of corruption and the tools used in the fight against corruption
  • 13. General lessons learnt
    • Use media and sports tools to promote good governance concepts
    • Use participatory teaching methods
    • Establish link to youth’s daily lives
    • Overcome youth’s short attention span
    • Handle limits to voluntarism
    • Manage youth’s expectations
    • Include youth’s environment: Teachers, parents etc.
    • Actively involve women in anti-corruption movement
  • 14. TI PNG: Mike Manning Youth Democracy Camp
    • In 2008: 55 students 25 Schools
    • In 2009: 60 students incl. 6 from other TI Pacific chapters
    • This July: +50 students registered
    • Source of funding (US State Dept, AusAID, PNGSDP, UNDP, Oxfam International, Save the Children)
  • 15. Typical Camp Program
    • Day through night activities
    • Workshops and seminars
    • Major themes such as;
    • How elections work
    • Systems of government
    • How laws are made, mock court sessions, media workshop, etc…
  • 16.
    • Travel costs and logistical support
    • Communication with schools
    • Limitation of funding sources
    • In Conclusion
    • Youth focus in our outreach as shown by this project
    • Future success depends on educating the leaders and citizens of tomorrow
    • Our message is well received and people are keen to learn more but there are big logistical barriers
    • PNG is culturally diverse, and what works in one province won't always work in others
    • Ability to work with the resources available in provinces will guide future efforts
    YDC Challenges
  • 17. Thank you. For more information, please contact me at: [email_address]