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21st century Insurance 21st century Insurance Document Transcript

  • winter 2011 magazinein your day page 12away we goHalls of fameto suit everysporting fanthe job huntask yourself5 questionscar carewHat yourwHeels+really need also how to save money on your insurance PAGE 22 same great coverage for less same great coverage for less
  • CONTENTS ISSUE 1 DEPARTMENTS 4 WHAT’S NOW New year’s resolutions that your furry friend can really get behind; how to spend the $2.2 million burning a hole in your pocket. from the president We know you’re busy and that you also love a good 6 18 UNDER THE HOOD deal. After all, you chose 21st Century Insurance Five ways to treat your car right—including because we offer the Same Great Coverage for Less. signs that it’s time to call your mechanic; what This magazine is packed with useful tips and tidbits to do during a roadside emergency. to help you save money, simplify life and generally WHAT’S 26 KEY QUESTIONS The fine print of your insurance coverage, get more out of your day. Part of making life easier is finding ways to save time. Our feature “The Time Equation” on page 12 will YOUR presented in a not-so-fine-print fashion. actually free up hours in your day—and who couldn’t use an extra couple of hours right now? We’re also STORY? ALSO INSIDE 9 ON YOUR WAY saving you time in other ways with mobile applications that allow you to view your policy, pay your bill, contact roadside services and more—right at your fingertips. JOIN US ON A DRIVE DOWN Find a job with heart. And while we offer these services, it’s important to MEMORY LANE, AS WE CELEBRATE note that using your mobile device while driving is not THE UPS AND DOWNS THAT 24 HOME SENSE an option you should consider. Not only is it illegal in Sell your house faster. 30 states and counting, but it’s also dangerous. Texting CARS BRING TO OUR LIVES. and driving has become a bigger problem than accidents related to alcohol and is now the number one traffic killer of teens. Check out page 4 for more informationFEATURES on distracted driving. So what will you do with all your free time? Paint a 12 on the cover HAIL room. Donate to charity. Find the job you’ll love. Please your pet. You’ll find tips on all this and more inside.CREATE MORE TIME IN YOUR LIFE.Invest 10 minutes reading our cover story, andyou could gain 6 gloriously free hours per week. YES! Welcome to 21st Century magazine. ADMIT IT: You just can’t get enough of our hard hat–donning, jumpsuit-clad 10 22 spokesperson. We think he’s pretty great, too. Well, you can see more of him online. GOING PLACES LIVING EASIER Next time you’re on YouTube, search for “Same Great Coverage for Less” and READY, SET, RIDE! BUDGET 411 get a behind-the-scenes look at our Sporty halls of fame that will Develop a spending plan you can commercials. Or, find a link to the inspire you to pack up the car embrace—not fear. (We think video on our Website—21st.com. and hit the open road. you might even find it fun!) (Plus, you’ll find out how we SAME GREAT COVERAGE FOR LESSInsurance provided through 21st Century Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. (or in Michigan through 21st Century Insurance Agency), Wilmington, DE, agent for its affiliated personal lines insurance companies. made it rain golf ball–sized hail.)21st Century Insurance is proud to be part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®, the third largest personal lines insurer in the United States. With over 25,000 employees serving 20 million customers nationwide, Farmershas been providing outstanding value and service to families for over 82 years. It’s the same foundation on which we’ve built our relationship with you, our customer. Copyright © Farmers Insurance 2011. All rights reserved.
  • WHAT’S NOW DISTRACTED? THE YEAR If you think “distracted driving” is just another term OF THE DOG for what teens do when they use their cell phones behind the wheel, you are, BTW, so wrong. In fact, it’s a dangerous habit that both adults Sure, it may seem like Fido’s only goals are chasing balls and lounging on your furniture, and kids are guilty of, and it takes three forms: but hes put some thought into your new year’s resolutions. In his own words (translated your hands. So, before you give those texting kids manual, cognitive and visual. Fiddling with your from Bark for easier reading), all the things Fido wants you to focus on in 2011: REDUCE, GPS, disciplining your passengers, eyeing the a hard time, think about all the ways you may be M EAT HEALTHY. You might think M WATCH LESS TV. Not to be rude, REUSE, gorgeous Austin Healey 3000 in the lane next to falling prey to this bad behavior. you—it all counts. Then, make sure your focus stays on the road. those fattening cookies and super-salty but you really are a bore when you’re RECYCLE, Distracted driving is anything that takes attention Make the pledge to drive right: Commit to chips are only bad for you, but don’t forget, zoned out in front of that glowing box. I’m the one licking up the crumbs. M VOLUNTEER FOR A CHARITY. I REGIFT away from operating the 6,000-pound vehicle in never text and drive at nophonezone.com. M EXERCISE. Have you looked at have a few pals over at the Humane Society The gift-giving season my gut lately? The only chance I have at who could use your help. sometimes leaves us getting a workout is when you take me M MAKE NEW FRIENDS. I’ve never wondering how well the for walks or, better yet, runs. been a fan of that guy who doesnt pet my CHECK US OUT: well-intended giver knows M CURB YOUR SPENDING. Every stomach. And that lady who worries about hour you spend on your shopping sprees means one hour less with yours truly. Fair? getting dog hair on her clothes? Not cool. M GET A NEW JOB. How about one you. And while Aunt Joan may again have forgotten why you WE’VE GOT OUR OWN APP don’t need ear warmers (you If you’re one of the 20 million people in America who has a phone smarter I think not. of those work-from-home gigs? This 9-to-5 live in Florida!), find comfort than the average dolphin, then you’ll want to get the 21st Century Insurance M LEARN A NEW SPORT. I hear business is really cutting into our quality in knowing that you can pass iPhone application. frisbee offers hours of entertainment. time together. them on to someone who does need them. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3: Try signing up for your local Wheel Deals chapter of Freecycle.org, an online gifting site where Go to Apple® iStore. Download the app. Accomplish all this on the go: From high-end to low-end, cost conscious to earth conscious—check donors discover firsthand that - Pay your insurance bill, out the range of vehicles available to get you where you’re going. using 21st AutoPay. one person’s trash is truly another’s treasure. Or, post - Review policy details. the perplexing gift under the - View your insurance If you have a couple For a mere $2.2 million, At the other end of the If you’re looking to save “free” section on craigslist. ID card. extra million dollars on impress your friends with spectrum—if millions on gas, don’t overlook a org. You’ll be amazed at how - Give feedback on our hand, we’ve got just the the 1,018-horsepower aren’t in your budget this high-mpg model like the quickly the responses start services and products. thing: The Bugatti Koenigsegg Trevita. year or this lifetime— Toyota Prius, which rolling in. - Check out 24-Hour Veyron is the world’s Only three were produced how about scoring your gives the average driver If you don’t want to deal Roadside Assistance fastest accelerating (thus the name Trevita, wheels for only $2,500? an annual fuel cost of with the back and forth that options. which means “three Dubbed “the people’s about $855—not to Apple is a registered street car. It can take you comes with posting online, trademark of Apple, Inc. from 0 to 60 mph in white” in Swedish), so car,” the Nano is mention the satisfaction you can always go the All rights reserved 2.5 seconds. But you’ll you’re sure to be the only currently sold in India of knowing you’re old-school route and donate need to move even faster one on your block with and stretches only doing your part to help Aunt Joan’s present to if youre interested—the the vehicle’s proprietary 10 feet from nose to tail. Mother Earth. the nearest Goodwill company only made 50 glittering silvery white Industries (locator.goodwill. DID YOU KNOW? The beginning of the year is one of the of these speedsters. carbon composite fabric. org) or Salvation Army most popular times for renewing auto insurance. If your policy’s up soon, (salvationarmyusa.org). keep it simple. Visit 21st.com or call (877) 310-5687 to make easy updates to your policy and to get set up on the 21st AutoPay bill pay program.4 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 5
  • UNDER THE HOOD SAFETY FIRST Follow these precautions if you have car troubles on the road. M Use your indicator to signal your intentions. Then slow down and pull Well-Car Care off to the side of the road. What your vehicle really wants, right now. M Turn on your emergency flashers and, Regular maintenance is like preventive medicine for your car. It keeps at night, interior light. little problems from becoming expensive repairs or safety hazards. To M Place one flare or warning device just keep your wheels humming happily along, follow these five service tips: behind the vehicle and another at least 300 feet back. Plan upkeep according to the manufacturer’s suggestions. 1 Talk with your mechanic about adapting these guidelines and M Return to your vehicle, buckle up recommendations for your climate and driving style. Consider changing and sit tight—unless you’re in a your oil a must, and plan for wheel alignments, tire rotation and particularly risky spot, like a curve or tire balancing on a routine basis. the crest of a hill. In that case, get out of the car and away from traffic.WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN M Covered vehicles on your policy are 2 If you hear, feel or smell something unusual, or if indicator lights or temperature gauges signal trouble before you’re due in theTO GOOD PEOPLE automatically protected with Security Advantage program, so this would shop for work, call for an appointment. be a good time to call 21st Century Check your tires periodically. Keep them inflated to the properCut out and save these directions for common car calamities. 3 roadside assistance, (800) 381-5407. pressure in order to optimize performance and gas mileage. Measure the tread. In most states, tires are legally worn out when theyA TIRE - Don’t slam on the brakes. have only 3/32 inches of remaining tread depth.BLOWS - Gradually release the accelerator. - Correct the steering to regain control. Keep your car clean inside and out. And washing it by hand - When the vehicle is stabilized, continue to slow down 4 provides a good chance to check for loose trim, cracked lights and pull off the road. CLAIMS and road dings that may need attention. PROCESSING 101ENGINE - Turn your heat up as high as possible. If a time comes when you need Store a notebook for maintenance and mileage history in yourOVERHEATS - Pull over and open your hood. to submit a claim, our HelpPoint 5 glove compartment, and file your receipts at home. Not only will - Think happy thoughts and practice deep breathing while Claim Services by Farmers® will following these steps help keep you safe on the road, you’ll also you wait for the engine to cool down. Then, add about make the experience as simple improve your car’s resale or trade-in value in the long run. a half cup of water to your antifreeze reservoir as a and stress-free as possible. We temporary measure. If there’s no room to add more liquid, like to think of it as the silver it may be hose trouble. lining of your dark cloud. Call (888) 244-6163 anyYOU STRIKE - If the animal remains on the highway after you strike it, time of day, any day of theAN ANIMAL report the incident to a local law enforcement agency. week to reach one of our - If your vehicle is damaged, pull over, stay in the car and 12,500 knowledgeable claims wait for assistance. - If the animal might still be alive, dont go near it. professionals. We offer: IS IT TIME TO CHANGE YOUR WIPERS? - The Farmers Direct Repair Replacing windshield wipers is an inexpensive, easy task that’s often overlooked until, well, you can no longer look out.UNINTENDED - Brake firmly, without pumping. Program, a network of 2,500 First, some perspective: Most blades lose effectiveness after about six months. Plus, according to Consumer Reports, payingACCELERATION - Shift into neutral. repair facilities nationwide. a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a longer lifespan or greater effectiveness. - Do not turn off the vehicle because it will diminish - A Mobile Claim Center that So be sure to replace your wipers in time for winter driving and before sunny-weather road trips. In between, replace wipers steering and braking ability. provides on-the-scene service if the blade arm is bent, the rubber is brittle, cracked or split, or the edge of the rubber is worn or warped. - Steer to a safe location and slow to a stop. during a catastrophe. - Shut off the engine while still in neutral. - Shift into park, set the emergency brake. 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 7
  • COMMUNITY NEWS ON YOUR WAY Innovations in Involvement CAREER 21st Century recently launched Putting COUNSELING Inside 21st4Charity™, a cause-driven campaign When it comes to job that allows individuals to raise $10 for a designated non-profit group by getting a Others searches, let both your heart Conversation Approach every interview FIRST no-obligation auto insurance quote from and mind be your guide. with the notion that you’re 21st Century Insurance. evaluating this job just as Developed jointly by the company’s much as your potential Community Relations and e-Business employer is evaluating you. teams, the innovative partnership is We’re giving back in big ways. You both need to be sure that it’s a good fit. designed to be a win-win for consumers Use these questions as and the participating non-profits: By At 21st Century Insurance, of Companies, we joined in their support of your go-to guide before clicking on a 21st Century banner ad helping customers to get the Same Great the March of Dimes.” and after the interview to on participating charities’ websites, assess if this opportunity is Coverage for Less is high on our to-do list. Employees from Farmers and 21st Century consumers receive a no-obligation worthwhile—beyond the But helping improve the lives of people in walk in the March of Dimes March for online quote that could save them up to money you’d earn. need is up there too. And that’s why we Babies® events across the country as part of $463* on their car insurance, and the support many charitable organizations this effort. 21st Century Insurance President participating charity receives $10. 1. If my situation were across the country. and CEO Anthony J. DeSantis will serve as the “We’re very excited about this different, would I be One of these organizations is the March of March for Babies chairman for the Delaware program,” said Lauren Holloway, a member thrilled about this Dimes, a charity whose mission is to improve Chapter of the March of Dimes in 2011. of the e-Business team helping to drive this possibility? the health of babies by preventing birth Farmers is entering its fifth year as a national Life Coach Julie Jansen knows a thing pull in a pay-check, whether it’s freelancing, program for 21st Century Insurance. “In or two about finding the right job, one that’s consulting or going back to a previous boss to defects, premature birth and infant mortality. sponsor of the March of Dimes March for 2. Will this job help me just a few minutes, individuals can raise fulfilling emotionally and financially. In her book, ask for hourly work. reach my long-term The foundation is the flagship charity of Babies walks and is one of the top five funds for a local charity and save on their I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not Secondly, devote time to exploring your next goal? How? If not, will 21st Century Insurance’s parent company, corporate fundraising teams. auto insurance.” SM This, Jansen outlines how to evaluate your current steps. Shadow a professional in a new industry, I still have the time and the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®. Farmers’ Be A Hero for Babies Day , * National average of annual savings developed situation and make positive steps toward a more or set aside time each week to research future energy to continue job “Farmers has been supporting the great held annually in July, demonstrates the from information provided by new policyholders from well-rounded and, ultimately, more meaningful, endeavors. Take part in volunteer work or even an searching if I accept this 7/1/08–6/30/09 that shows they saved by switching to work of the March of Dimes for over 25 commitment to community by Farmers’ position? 21st Century Insurance. Quotes not available in all states. years,” says Jaynine Warner, Manager of agents and district managers and now career. She calls individuals who’ve been hurt internship. Communications and Community Events includes 21st Century Insurance employees. somehow at work—whether they were laid off, The third piece (our favorite) is all gratification. 3. Will I fit in with the for 21st Century Insurance. “And when 21st In 2010, Be A Hero For Babies Day raised victims of a merger or unfairly fired—the “bruised Love animals? Help at your local shelter. Crazy company’s culture and Century joined the Farmers Insurance Group $2,650,000 for the March of Dimes. and gun-shy.” about cooking? Sign up as a chef of sorts at the atmosphere? “Usually, being productive and earning money neighborhood soup kitchen. 4. If I put factors like are the main reasons people want to get back to wage, commute and job work right away,” Jansen says. But rather than WHAT NOT TO DO description aside, how rushing into anything, get creative about how to And please, don’t beat yourself up. “People tend do I really feel about meet your basic economic needs. Consider starting to punish themselves when they’re unemployed,” GIVING BACK IN 2010 a part-time or consulting gig to pay the bills. Jansen says. If you start feeling negative, consider this opportunity? In addition to various 21st Century corporate sponsorships, Consciously taking time off from the daily grind is this: If your best friend was in the same situation, 5. If my best friend were 21st Century employees from across the country raised more than an empowering move that still allows you to make what would you tell him or her? looking at this job, $75,000 for organizations such as the March of Dimes, Susan G. enough money for essentials. “We’re great at giving other people advice, but would I encourage him Komen, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Community Hunger when it comes to ourselves, we don’t tend to have or her to pursue it? Why Outreach Warehouse, Special Olympics and Autism Speaks. or why not? BREAK IT DOWN a lot of creativity,” Jansen says. When you consider Employees also generously donated food, coats, toys and, more Think about dividing your time into thirds. The your situation from the outside looking in, your importantly, their time to local community organizations. first part, Jansen explains, is the money-maker. point of view might just turn from bruised and Use skills from your previous job or career to gun-shy to locked and loaded.8 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 9
  • GOING PLACES ROAD TRIP ROUND-UP Don’t ever be caught unprepared on the road l again! Take along these trip essentials. PRO FOOTBALL SAFETY KIT: No matter where you’re going, a HALL OF FAME safety kit—containing basic auto repair tools, first aid, batteries and a flash light—is essential Canton, Ohio for any trip beyond your town or city limits. This popular attraction is just four hours away from cities ONE VERY IMPORTANT NUMBER: If the such as Buffalo, N.Y., Charleston, W.Va., Cincinnati, Ohio, unexpected occurs, don’t even think of passing and Detroit, Mich. Fans can tour the museum, enjoy photo up roadside assistance because of the cost. 21st galleries and purchase special packages devoted to their Century’s Security Advantage provides 24-hour favorite team. Open every day except Christmas, the hall roadside assistance, as well as emergency travel is located close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and and medical assistance, at no extra cost. Just provides specially priced passes to both. And if you’ve been program the number, (800) 381-5407, in your there before, note that much of the museum has been phone and bring along your insurance card. READY, SET, RIDE! updated since 2008. NOURISHMENT: Skip fast food in favor of bite- Five great reasons to hit our country’s highways and byways. www.profootballhof.com sized, high-nutrition snacks like trail mix and dried fruit. And remember: Sodas will give you l l a momentary sugar rush, but the subsequent WHETHER YOU’RE PINING FOR THE OLD THE UNITED STATES THE WORLD GOLF crash will put a strain on long-distance drives, BROOKLYN DODGERS or reminiscing about BICYCLING HALL OF FAME HALL OF FAME so stick with water. GPS: An essential for any distance travel, but it’s Davis, California St. Augustine, Florida not foolproof. Read your manual from cover In 2010, this attraction moved from New Jersey to California. Open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and to cover, program your destination before you It’s now partners with the California Bicycling Museum and induction day, this hall of fame is located in the World Golf leave and don’t take its instructions as gospel. In located in downtown Davis, within Central Park. Visitors have Village, just south of Jacksonville. It relocated from Pinehurst, short, don’t toss your maps. an opportunity to see the UC Davis Pierce Miller Collection of N.C., to its current location in 1998 and boasts championship antique bicycles, along with many cycling artifacts. golf courses created by hall of fame legends. You can check www.usbhof.com out the museum or take a seat in front of the 80-foot-wide l by six-story-high screen in the IMAX theater. l NATIONAL BASEBALL www.worldgolfhalloffame.org HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM INTERNATIONAL BOWLING MUSEUM AND HALL OF FAME Cooperstown, New York Boasting 500,000 photographs, 3 million books and Arlington, Texas documents, and 38,000 artifacts, this hall takes you from This hall of fame is all about, as its site claims, “5,000 years the start of the sport in the 19th century right up to a of history and 18,000 square feet of fun.” It’s an interactive AT YOUR SERVICE, locker featuring items from the most recent baseball museum with tons of historical information and collectibles ANYWHERE: 21st’s Security Advantage season. And, for the ultimate fan, how about enjoying a devoted to one of the largest participatory sports in the provides 24-hour roadside assistance. Call (800) 381-5407 as soon as you need help. And “VIP Experience?” You’ll get behind-the-scenes, after-hours world. But, just in case this doesn’t get the kids scrambling learn more about the program at 21st.com. access to the hall and attend a private reception. to the car, it’s also on the same site as Six Flags. www.baseballhall.org www.bowlingmuseum.com10 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 11
  • time the LLLLLLLLLL LIFE IS SHORT, and you have better things to do than plan tomorrow night’s dinner or equation dig around your house for that bill you may have forgotten to pay. So why not find more time for the things you really care about? Get started with these timesaving tips for all of life’s responsibilities. Then, enjoy adding up all the extra hours you’ll have to walk the dog, play with the kids, start a new hobby, learn a second language, volunteer or just veg out watching EVERY MINUTE SAVED ADDS UP. THE 10 MINUTES reality TV. (Hey, we’re not here to judge what YOU SPEND READING THIS ARTICLE COULD SAVE you do with your free time. Really.) YOU 28 HOURS EVERY MONTH.12 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM
  • FOR YOUR FINANCES: SAVE 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES PER MONTH Change Your Ways, Day by Day Five bonus tips for realizing even more free time! ✓ JUST SAY NO to in-store credit card offers. They take time to set up when you’re in the store and give you one more account to keep up with month IN RELATIONSHIPS: after month. Plus: They may save you a few bucks plan to spend on the trip, and Mint will set at the start, but will likely cost you in interest fees SAVE UP TO 2 HOURS in the long run. 20 MINUTES PER MONTH The line between cubicle and couch continues to blur. As ✓ TACKLE YOUR LEAST FAVORITE CHORES at the professional and personal lives become more intertwined, time of day when you have the most energy, so you TIME SAVED: 20 minutes per month get them done quickly.Automate:Enroll in the 21st name it. ✓ GIVE YOURSELF A FEW HOURS at IKEA or TheCentury AutoPay Container Store to brainstorm on how you can TIME SAVED: 30 minutes per monthprogram at 21st.com organize clutter.and you’ll have acouple options forpaying your bill easily Not all companies offer the option to ✓ FOR BOTH PERSONAL AND WORK E-MAIL, SET UP AN INBOX FILING SYSTEM. Create folders thatand automatically: correspond to projects or tasks. And check for TIME SAVED: 80 minutes per monthSet up withdrawals auto-file options in your e-mail program, which canfrom your checking do much of the organizational heavy lifting for you.account or have thebill charged to a debit introduce Mint.com. ✓ SCHEDULE DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS in the morning.card or credit card. The “magic hour” for seeing your doctor tends to be 8 a.m. It’s early enough that he or she won’t be its public launch in 2007, the site has helped running behind schedule, so they’ll be less stressed and able to give you more one-on-one attention. pool with her before class starts. TIME SAVED: 40 minutes per month TIME SAVED: 60 minutes per month 14 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 21ST.COM
  • AT HOME: SAVE 11 HOURS 20 MINUTES PER MONTH TIME SAVED: 150 minutes per month Required Reading - Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook, Phyllis Pellman Good - Time Management ON THE JOB: SAVE 10 HOURS PER MONTH from the Inside Out, Julie Morgenstern - Ten Days to Faster Reading, TIME SAVED: 210 minutes per month Abby Marks-Beale - Goals! How to Get Everything You To Keep Or To Toss TIME SAVED: 200 minutes per month Want — Faster Than You Ever If you’re on the fence about keeping a document, ask yourself these Thought Possible, questions. A “yes” means it’s a keeper. All “nos” means it goes. Brian Tracy 1 . Are there tax/legal reasons to keep it? Y N Wall Street Journal, - Insurance 2 . Do I refer often to this piece of paper? Y N Information Center 3 . Does it tie in with the core activities of my job? Y N at 21st.com, 4. Will it help me make money? Y N to learn how to 5. Would my work suffer if I didn’t have it? Y N get the most from TIME SAVED: 200 minutes per month your car insurance 6. If I ever needed it again, could I easily get it Y N from someone else? LifeHacker.com TIME SAVED: 400 minutes per month TIME SAVED: 120 minutes per month be that much sweeter. schedule, but don’t stop there.16 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM
  • WHAT’SY ou r STORY? Whether the car you love is the lemon you had at 16 or the Lamborghini you’ve always lusted after, we all have a special feeling about our cars. At different life stages, there’s a different car—and a story to go along with it. others, for that matter. crunch how STAGE 1the early daysAh, sweet freedom. Remember how it felt to 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 19
  • MOST FOLKS WOULD HAVE DEEMED THE CAR A “CLUNKER.” discount.” Statistics show that married drivers IN YOUR EYES, IT WAS A “C SSIC.” - insurance rates. - STAGE 5 and automatic seat belts. next generation - - premium. q +w w q - their insurance premium. An approved driver STAGE 4 New love and marriage Addition STAGE 2 One couple, two cars. No matter how in love Need to put another the proud owner driver on your 21st Century Insurance policy? No problem. Go to 21st.com or call edmunds.com customer service at kbb.com (800) 443-3100 with this information: # Driver’s full name STAGE 3 as it appears on the a step up driver’s license. # Date of birth. # Multi-Car Family Age the driver was " IT’S EASY TO ADD A VEHICLE to your 21st Century Mint.com, “Those who are married are viewed # first licensed. Driver’s license + Insurance policy. You can make the change at 21st.com number. " or by calling (800) 443-3100. Just have these three things handy: + 1. The year, make and model of the vehicle. 2. The vehicle identification number (VIN). " 3. The name and address of the leasing or financing company if the vehicle is leased or financed.20 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM
  • LIVING EASIER HOW do YOU BUDGET 411 ADD IT UP? You’ll feel a little richer when you commit to a smart spending plan. Your budget should reflect your life and personal goals. Use this sample monthly worksheet as a solid starting point. “MOST PEOPLE CRINGE AT THE - DETERMINE YOUR DESIRES: What would - ASSESS YOUR SITUATION: First, put THOUGHT OF BUDGETING,” says Romy aside your judgment and guilt. Gather FIRST: List your monthly fixed and living expenses. situation? Consider your family, your health your bills and bank statements, and review how you’re currently spending. Use the NEXT: Fill in your income. is your goal. Or perhaps you hope to have more information to determine how you can make THEN: Subtract your expenses from your income. cash on hand for getaways and gifts? choices that support your goals. If you’re Gingras suggests a different point of view. developing a budget with your spouse, this If you wind up with a negative number, get creative about Sticking to a budget, she explains, can be seen - MAKE MANAGEABLE CHANGES: Part can be the hardest step. Practice focusing on pain-free ways to cut costs or bring in more money. as a means to an end, a path to achieving your of developing a plan that will work for you A positive balance is the amount you can deposit into a is knowing what’s realistic. For instance, and opinions. savings account or a fund for something your heart desires. you won’t be able to eliminate essential and, yes, fun. expenses like your electricity bill and - CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS: It feels prescription costs. However, within those good to have someone pat you on the back, Mortgage __________ - CONSIDER YOUR STRENGTHS: Don’t areas, you can explore ways to spend and you can be your own cheerleader. FIXED EXPENSES get pigeonholed into a budget that’s not your differently. Turn off your computer if you Be sure to praise your accomplishment when Utilities __________ style. Are you a planner? You might like a don’t plan to use it for another two hours. Cable __________ regimented monthly plan, with weekly goals. Check with your doctor about a generic, Gingras recommends making it a game Garbage __________ A spontaneous sort? Set targets a few months lower-cost version of medication. and creating prizes for yourself. Just avoid Insurance __________ rewarding yourself with items that cost you Other __________ your hard-earned savings. Think spearmint Credit card __________ latte instead of spa treatment. (ideally, paid in full each month) Groceries, toiletries __________ Medical __________ LIVING EXPENSES Beware While debit cards and ATMs Home supplies (yard and house maintenance, etc.) __________ are convenient, they also make it easy to spend more SAVE ON INSURANCE Clothes, shoes __________ than you intend. Watch for How about more affordable auto School supplies __________ disappearing dollars by insurance? There are several ways that Additional expenses __________ we offer the Same Great Coverage for (pet care, haircuts, etc.) keeping detailed records of Less. Find out more at 21st.com, in the Fun money __________ where your money is going. Insurance Information Center. (dining out, movies, club dues, etc.) Take-home income __________ BALANCE Expense total – __________ Left Over = __________22 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM
  • HOME SENSE SPRUCE TO SELL Paint Like a P ro Small, inexpensive touches make a big difference. Any room can benefit from a fresh coat of IN TODAY’S REAL ESTATE MARKET, anything like a new bedspread and decorative pillows, or paint. “All you need is an afternoon and a CHOOSE YOUR COLOR. Keep it neutral, but not boring. 1 can happen. One house sits for months while a modern headboard and billowing drapes. $20 can of paint,” says Ron Zate, a realtor another generates inquiries before it’s even listed with Keller Williams Realty in Los Angeles, for sale. One thing is certain, though: Your house LIVING AREAS “and you can completely change any room.” APPLY PAINTER’S TAPE will sell faster if it’s priced right and staged to sell, explains Ron Zate, a realtor with Keller Start by taking your home out of the house. Put away knick-knacks, personal mementos and those piles of junk we all accumulate. Follow these moves for optimal results: to protect molding, trim and floor edges. 2 Stage your home for maximum appeal. Check out decorating magazines or invite over a Fortunately, making potential buyers feel at design-savvy friend. home—in your home—doesn’t require a major “CUT IN” AROUND your home as neutral as possible. Zate explains, KITCHEN THE EDGES using a 2-inch angled brush 3 “People don’t want to live the way you do. They skip the major remodel. But consider replacement or paint pad. Work in want to live their way in the house, and a neutral knobs or handles, a fresh coat of paint or new small sections so you accessories. When tidying, don’t forget cupboards can paint the rest of Every room should look its best, but here are and drawers. (Yes, people will open them.) the wall before the four areas that tend to have more of an impact. cut-in area dries. BATHROOMS BEDROOM Put away all your toiletries and make sure it’s According to Zate, the bedroom is where you can spotless. “Nothing turns off a buyer faster than a REACH FOR THE someone can imagine going to sleep and waking transformative power of a new shower curtain ROLLER. Paint a vertical zigzag shape, 4 like a “W,” and then fill it in, working top to bottom to meet the cut-in areas. REPEAT UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED 5 THE ROOM. 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 25
  • KEY QUESTIONS Q I CAN’T TRACK DOWN MY INSURANCE ID CARD. WHAT’S THE SIMPLEST WAY TO REPLACE THEM? ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE Injury Liability coverage, Property Damage Liability coverage and Physical Damage Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who’s misplaced your insurance If you live in New Jersey or Delaware, keep in mind that we You have questions—we have answers. coverage (Comprehensive and Collision card. That’s why we offer two aren’t allowed to fax ID cards. And, coverages). simple ways to get replacements. for New York policyholders, the A match made in heaven. There are a few exceptions: The Good state of New York requires an Student Discount does not apply in California, ONE: Log into your policy at ID card listing the new vehicle— Michigan, New York or North Carolina. 21st.com. Request replacement rather than a current declarations ID cards. They will be sent to you page—for newly purchased Q MY FRIENDS AND I ARE PLANNING A SPRING Q I’M CAR SHOPPING AND WANT TO KEEP MY 21ST via postal mail or faxed to you within one business day. vehicles to verify coverage. Also in New York, the identification card Note BREAK VACATION. IF I RENT A CENTURY INSURANCE POLICY. must match the vehicle registration CAR WHILE I’M THERE, SHOULD WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW TWO: Call customer service at exactly. If the name and address If you are renting a I PURCHASE THE RENTAL CAR BEFORE I MAKE MY PURCHASE? (800) 443-3100 and request the on your policy don’t match your Q “U-Haul” or “Ryder” COMPANY INSURANCE? WITH MY SON’S COLLEGE cards via our automated telephone vehicle registration, you’ll need type truck, you must COSTS LOOMING, OUR Getting coverage for a new vehicle is simple. process, or speak with a customer to call (800) 443-3100 to request obtain insurance Not necessarily. Here’s the deal: If you have a FAMILY IS EAGER TO FIND WAYS Call customer service at (800) 443-3100 service representative. your ID card. coverage from the policy with us and at least one of the vehicles TO LOWER OUR HOUSEHOLD and one of our friendly customer service rental company. on the policy has physical damage coverage EXPENSES. TELL ME MORE representatives will get your vehicle added to This is subject to (“Comprehensive and Collision” coverage), ABOUT YOUR GOOD STUDENT your policy as soon as possible. Or, go to the state exceptions, so 21st Century will provide coverage for physical DISCOUNT. “Manage Your Auto Policy” section of double-check details damage to a rental or temporary loaned vehicle 21st.com and add the vehicle to your policy. by calling 21st up to the broadest coverage available under the Great question! You get an “A” for doing your If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to Century Insurance at policy for any one of the vehicles insured. homework on saving opportunities. If your register your policy to access it online. (800) 443-3100 or What this means is if you have a vehicle child is a full-time high school, college or When you purchase a car, the dealership will insured with us with $500 deductibles on university student who is between 16 and 24, require proof of auto insurance before you leave by visiting 21st.com. Comprehensive and Collision coverage, the you’re eligible to save some dough. the lot. In most states, you can use a current rental vehicle also would have Comprehensive Now, here’s where the “Good” part of this declarations page or ID card for another vehicle and Collision coverage subject to the same program comes in: The student must maintain as valid proof of insurance for a minimum of $500 deductibles. a “B” average or better, or be on the Dean’s 14 days until you receive your ID card in the And now for the fine print: This extension List or Honor Roll during the immediately mail. If the dealer says its office can handle of coverage under your policy applies to preceding school semester. adding the vehicle to your policy, it’s still smart automobiles, mini-vans, pick-ups, vans and The discount varies by state, but can be up to to double-check with us just in case. sport utility vehicles that weigh less than 20 percent off the Non-Good Student Discount Be sure to notify 21st Century within 10,000 pounds G.V.W. (or load capacity of less premium for the coverages rated according to 14 days after the purchase of your new vehicle. than one ton). It doesn’t cover RVs. a driver’s age. These generally include Bodily And, by the way, congratulations!26 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 2 21ST.COM 27
  • PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID 21st Century21st Century Plaza Insurance3 Beaver Valley RoadWilmington, DE 19803(800) 443-310021st.com TW© Tomas RodRiguez/CoRbis (pages 2, 18), © Laughing sToCk/CoRbis (page 8), © RaLf sChuLTheiss/CoRbis (page 18) Great customer service really does matter (at least that’s what you keep telling us) After successfully passing a detailed audit and random customer survey, we are proud to be recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for four times in a row for delivering “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” through our Call Center Certification Program. What does this mean to you? 21st century insurance’s call centers We believe it means have been recognized by J.d. power and associates for providing “an outstanding customer service experience.” you can expect the For 2010 J.d. power and associates certified call center programsm information, visit jdpower.com. same great coverage— and service—for less.